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Fox “News” is never so patriotic as when it puts on its phony camo to engage in phony warfare. Fox “News” is always in a perpetual state of war against something, someone, or some other. However, during Veterans Day week, they went all out: It’s War On Christmas Time Again! proves the Phony War on Christmas starts earlier every year; in fighting the Phony War on Religion Steve Doocy’s [sic] Blames Muslims And ‘PC’ For Removal Of Religious Labels From School Holiday List; and O’Reilly: Obama Is ‘Declaring War on the Republican Party’.

Tee vee war is hell. Yet aside from the totally discredited Oliver North, I can’t think of a single Foxite who has ever worn a uniform, unless it was to dish out ice cream. Playing soldier is no substitute for the real thing, which is why every Veterans Day Fox “News” wraps itself in the reflected glory of soldiers past, present and, sadly, in the future wars Fox “News” promotes. However this week Fox “News” outdid itself.

Peter Doocy, proof that nepotism is alive and well — and that anyone can be trained to be a field reporter* — scored an exclusive, 2-part interview with self-aggrandizing Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill who said on CBS, “I’m not trying to make this about me.” That contradicts the interview in which he said, ‘I was the last person he saw’: Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill tells how Osama Bin Laden looked him straight in the eyes before he shot him dead and ‘ended the war.’  No matter. Doocy’s is incredulously sticking with his source despite headlines like Another Ex-Commando Says He Shot Bin Laden, and the much more discrediting US Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill backs off claim that he was bin Laden ‘shooter’.

As Fox “News” turned O’Neill into a hero, you’d be hard pressed to find any critics there. To her credit no-longer preggy Leggy Meggy, surprisingly, but almost apologetically, devoted more than 4 minutes to Ex-Navy SEAL Criticizes bin Laden Shooter for Divulging Classified Information. Not surprisingly, it turned into an attack on President Obama. Watch:

More proof the War on POTUS is never-ending:

Fox Host Prods SEAL O’Neill To Smear Obama Over Bin Laden Killing
Fox Blames Osama Bin Laden SEAL Controversy On Obama
Fox Guests Can’t Stop Blaming Obama for Navy SEAL’s Decision to Reveal Himself
Megyn Kelly Hosts Two More SEALs To Blame Obama For O’Neill’s Disclosures About Killing Bin Laden

The most idiotic War Fox “News” has ever started was this week’s War against Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty. No one disses Bruce and comes away unscathed! Yet, Bully Boy Bolling Scolds Springsteen: ‘Fortunate Son’ ‘Derogatory’ to Military even though Conservatives Outraged Over ‘Fortunate Son’ Show Their Ignorance Of Song’s Meaning:

Meanwhile, over at Fox & Friends, the hosts decided to weigh in on the ‘controversy.’ As one would expect, Doocy and Co. weren’t quite knowledgeable about the actual lyrics of the song. Co-host Anna Kooiman, filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, claimed the song was “a slap in the face” to veterans. After another fill-in co-host, Clayton Morris, sort of pointed out that the lyrics really aren’t against the troops and more about class struggles, Doocy chimed in that they should have added “historical context” instead of just playing a song that everyone knows to be anti-war.

Courtesy Raw Story

The song’s not anti-war. The song is anti-chickenhawk, which you’d think Fox “News” would know something about because every one of those crazy MoFos is a chicken– OH! WAIT! No wonder they were so upset. They realized Springsteen was singing directly to them. Meanwhile, actual veteran John Fogerty Addresses ‘Fortunate Son’ Concert for Valor Controversy. From Rolling Stone:

“‘Fortunate Son’ is a song I wrote during the Vietnam War over 45 years ago,” Fogerty said in a statement. “As an American and a songwriter, I am proud that the song still has resonance. I do believe that its meaning gets misinterpreted and even usurped by various factions wishing to make their own case. What a great country we have that a song like this can be performed in a setting like Concert for Valor.

“Years ago, an ultraconservative administration tried to paint anyone who questioned its policies as ‘un-American,'” he continues. “That same administration shamefully ignored and mistreated the soldiers returning from Vietnam. As a man who was drafted and served his country during those times, I have ultimate respect for the men and women who protect us today and demand that they receive the respect that they deserve.”

Well, whaddaya know? The First Amendment protects songs as well as news networks that falsley use “fair and balanced” as a slogan. If Fox “News” were really “fair and balanced” it would have criticized the following as a crime against music, as opposed to airing it:

There is no truth to the rumour this was part of the country’s enhanced interrogation techniques

[Alleged] War Criminal President George W. Bush Tells Hannity Why He Refuses to Criticize Obama. Not taking the [alleged] journalist’s bait, Bush made it clear he was only doing the talk circuit to hawk his book about his [alleged] war criminal father, Bush 41. Hannity gushed anyway.

Sadly, Bush didn’t turn the tables on Hannity and asked him why he still hasn’t been waterboarded for charity like he promised, and where all the money went for those self-aggrandizing Freedom Concerts. Hell, while I had his attention, I would have asked about Hal Turner.

Speaking of Hapless Hannity: Jon Stewart gave an interview to Rolling Stone’s Andy Greene to promote his movie and it was inevitable that Fox “News” came up:

Do you think O’Reilly believes everything he says, or does he sometimes just say what he thinks his viewers want to hear?

I think he comes by his views honestly. I can’t say I find him to be disingenuous. I just think that, in general, the right has moved so far out in that direction that O’Reilly appears to be almost a Kennedy Democrat by this point. Sean Hannity is probably the most loathsome dude over there. That’s just pure cynicism, and it’s horrible. Everything is presented in as devious a manner as it could be possibly be presented.

Notoriously thin-skinned Hannity responded in an email that Politico characterized as Jon Stewart, Sean Hannity trade barbs:

“Jon’s problem is he has his head so far up Obama’s ass he cannot see clearly, he is obviously better suited to reading his joke writers material, and making his clapping seal audience happy,” Hannity continued.

“I await another Rally to Restore Sanity with Fatwah supporter Cat Stevens!!” he said, referring to the event that Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted in Washington, D.C., in 2010.

Pass the popcorn.

GAFFE WATCH BEGINS ANEW: Hasselbeck Returns to Fox & Friends, Explains Mysterious Medical Absence

Thank goodness for Obamacare!

* During the decade he worked as a CityPulse News Writer, Headly Westerfield watched many people plucked out of nowhere and trained to be a general field reporter. Some flourished. Some sank. Of his own audition as a Morning Media Critic, a slot that eventually went to Robert Hunter, he is brutally honest. “I looked furtive. I just don’t have that tee vee charisma.”

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  1. The Foxing idiots; un ashamed of their sycophantic rear kissing and propagandizing lies; it takes a certain type of deeply hypocritical individual to do the things they do for money day in and day out ;ruining the family name.

  2. On the daily mail online I have been reading about Obama in Australia, they absolutely adore him and stood in line to hear him speak, his speech was wonderful, he told them to get their act together on
    climate change and that he wanted his grandchildren in 50 years to be able to see the great barrier reef It sounded like he was a great hit and it warmed my heart to see him treated as he should be – an inspiration!

  3. Proof that white people who have never been subjected to the corrosive influence of FOX news are actually more intelligent than those who have. Racism and ignorance are so pervasive here in the States that Bubba and Billy Bob down south would rather vote to destroy their own world than ever support a black president.

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