Republicans Threaten To Shut Down The Government To Stop Obama From Acting On Immigration


House Republicans are increasingly talking about shutting down the government in order to prevent President Obama from signing executives orders on immigration.

The Hill reported,

Conservative House Republicans say they’re willing to shut down the government to prevent President Obama from carrying out what they see as unconstitutional actions on immigration.

Tea Party lawmakers emboldened by the GOP’s big midterm gains say they will insist on attaching a policy rider to legislation keeping the government open that would block funding for agencies carrying out Obama’s promised executive actions limiting deportations.

If the Democratic Senate or Obama rejects the rider, the government could shut down. A current measure funding the government expires on Dec. 12.

If this sounds familiar, it should. House Republicans used the same strategy to trigger the 2013 government shutdown. The focus of the most recent government shutdown was Obamacare. This government shutdown would be caused by the Republican refusal to allow the president to use his constitutional powers.

Republicans have demonstrated that they are willing to leave unfinished business and head out of town on vacation. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if these same Republicans passed a funding that would withhold funding for the president’s immigration executive orders, declare victory, and leave town until January.

DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel blasted the idea of another government shutdown, “Just over one week after elections, Republicans are back to true form by talking about shutting down the government over an issue the vast majority of Americans support and 68 Senators already passed: a comprehensive compromise on immigration. If he doesn’t want President Obama to take action, John Boehner should bring immigration reform to the floor for a vote, not punish the middle class by shutting down the government.”

Israel was correct. Boehner could avoid causing the American people needless pain by bringing the Senate passed immigration reform bill to the House floor for a vote. The reason the Speaker won’t allow a vote on the bill is that he knows it will pass. Since Republicans refuse to do their jobs, the country is about to be plunged back into a crisis.

It looks like the American people will be getting more government shutdown hostage politics for Christmas from the Republicans this year. Republicans aren’t in control of Congress yet, and they are already causing chaos. The Republican Party’s path to 2016 destruction will begin with a government shutdown next month.

38 Replies to “Republicans Threaten To Shut Down The Government To Stop Obama From Acting On Immigration”

  1. STFU. Shut it down, we survived it before, we will continue to survive.

    This President has every right to use his power..get over it.

  2. what is with these idiots? anything to set us back because they won’t get their way. just pass the damn thing already or come up with your own. playing tit for tat because you don’t like the president affects a lot of people. McConnell said earlier no shutdown and this idiot is threatening shutdown – make up your minds and quit acting incompetent.

  3. Of course they are. I saw this coming. It worked so well less time (not), why not give it ago? Since they were re-elected by ignorant, bigoted, fix news, rush limbaugh jack asses, sob’s, and lobotomized zombies, they feel emboldened. And right before the Holidays.
    I am posting this blog on my wall and let rip. I hope the dumb f****s that voted these #=/! back into office are pleased. not to mention the ones that didn’t vote, or thought voting was all you have to do.
    I busted my back side off gotv, phone banking, donating… and now this $**t! My almost 3 year old grandson is more mature than these weasels!

  4. Everyone knows all tebaggers were elected to do nothing. They don’t want a government small enough to drown in a bathtub, they want a government which is suicidal.

    It’s their typical “I’ll take my toys and go home” reaction. Oh well, when you elect bad mannered 5-year-olds what can you really expect?

  5. These idiots are paid huge salaries but have not done a lick of work all year. If they don’t like Obama”s policies why the hell don’t they do the job they were elected to do instead of whining and crying about it and making threats. I am thinking it is going to be a long 2 years and that we will backslide about 20 years in that time.

  6. Steve Israel needs to STFU. For the past three cycles it was your incompetence that has us in this position

  7. It would really be alright with me if they sent every body home (politicians) IF they cut off their pay also… But that won’t happen… Greedy Ba$tards …. Don’t work as it is …. AND U JUST VOTED THEM INTO OFFICE..

  8. Who didn’t see this coming? Really, they get a chance to finally do SOMETHING, and they are going to waste it on the same old same old? I hope they all wind up in the public square with a hood over their face and get guillotined right in the middle of the town square. Grrrr!!!!! Stupid, stupid voters. You asked for it, and it looks like you are gonna get IT!!!!

  9. ALL of these Repubs are idiots…Let’s all go to their office’s and throw rotten eggs at the entire bunch, or follow them home and camp out on their lawn’s, lol. Obama is NOT afraid of them. Go Mr. Pres….do your thing….put all these idiots on the back burner of the stove.

  10. Why aren’t the media camped out on Boehner’s door step hounding him day and night for a house vote on that senate immigration bill? Are the republicans to be accountable for nothing?

  11. I agree with everything except the “hood” part. No hood. And face up. Oh – and how about a dull blade that gets stuck only halfway through the job?

  12. I sure didn’t vote them into office, Gerry. I voted a straight Democratic ticket. Where the GOP is concerned, “I’m glad I fought agin ’em.”

  13. This is all the hell we need to happen. We went through this same ‘ol, same ‘ol last year. Not at all sure our family will enjoy it again.

  14. Sometimes I would love nothing more than for the selfish, useless, overpaid, thoughtlessly obstructive teaheads taking up space in our nations’ legislative and judicial seats would die of Ebola unsavable by the big government they spend so much time screaming and whining about…. and then i wake up in the morning and the insane remnants of the GOP continue to escape electoral punishment snug in their safely gerrmandered districts.

    May their god damn them to the deepest darkest and hottest hell available anywhere.

  15. Apparently, this is a very old, old, maneuver of the rethgus. Reading a book on Presidents of the past. During the John Quincy Adams administration the same tactic was used against him. ” When the new Pres. decided to appoint Clay head of State Jackson and his crony’s cried foul and vowed to do everything in their power to make JQA’s administration impotent. Everything the Pres. attempted to accomplish. Including the building of roads bridges canals, creating one of the most ineffectual administrations in History.”(until Now)Sounds a bit like this Congress!! Same mindset.

  16. They have been bad mannered children since 1829!!! Lets just stomp our feet scream and throw a tantrum until big Daddy gives us our way.

  17. There they go again!

    These enemies of America need to be subpoenaed, tried and convicted of insurrection, treason and sedition.

    They are worthless, useless adult babies who care nothing of serving but of being served.

    If they don’t like it here in the USA, then they should leave the country to inhabit some place in outer space of their own making, so as not to pollute another planet with their lame and selfish ideas, and never to be heard of/ from again.

    Good bye and good riddance to bad rubbish!

  18. Start with your local government. Demand infrastructure, not lifestyle coaching, from your state reps. Scrutinize judges and DAs. They run the police, not the PBA or union rep. They can lock up the guns and tear gas, refuse to send police out to fire on demonstrators and refuse to charge people for trumped up charges. And they are elected by us.

  19. as they shut it down…they’ll say Obama did it. Like last time. And their constituency still says it today..that Obama shut the govt down. Not them. They said they would impeach him. Then said no…Obama said we would impeach him..we never said that. They do not take any blame for anything they say or do. And the troubling does not bother their constituency. As soon as they do it. They say Obama did it. This morning on CNN Steve Forbes told them that the dems need to give up on this trickle down!! yes he did..see? They have preached that giving tax breaks to the rich –jobs will trickle down. That hasn’t worked in over 30 they said Obama’s trickle down plan just isn’t working. Fkn incredible how they turn the tables on everything they say and do to Obama.

  20. So let me get this straight.

    President Obama will direct ICE and USCIS to not deport people, which doesn’t cost anything.

    In an effort to stop this, the GOP won’t fund ICE and USCIS from not deporting people, they won’t fund the government?

  21. Pretty funny watching everyone freakout about a possible government “shutdown”

    Over 80% of government workers still went to work & were deemed “essential” during the last “shutdown.

    There won’t be a shutdown anyway (B)itch McConnell said last week “There will be no government shutdown”
    The power of the purse is the best check for Congress to hold a president who is abusing his power. POTUS doesn’t have any power under the Constitution to do his soon to be Executive Order on Amnesty-any immigration law must be from the Congress. We’re in this mess because POTUS has refused to secure the borders, refusing to enforce federal law passed from previous Congress’ and administrations-instead of opening the gates he’s been doing.

    Since 1976 we’ve had 17 shutdowns. During NONE of them have we had a default on our debt, the military still ran, and welfare checks still went out.

    Don’t see the uproar amongst you guys over something which has happened plenty of time…

  22. You are either an idiot or a racist. All Presidents in the past has use executive orders for immigration concerning Cubans, Vietmenese , Laotians, Haitians, Russian Jews. If I left out anyone please let me know

  23. Typical liberal response.

    If someone disagrees with Obama-they immediately are considered to be a racist. I judge EVERYONE by the content of their character and for politicians-how they defend and UPHOLD the Constitution. And last time I checked in ’08 I voted for a black guy. You liberals are the racists-giving Obama free-reign on everything just because of his skin color.
    An executive order on several thousand people is one thing-but on 4.5 million is insane and totally is an abuse of the executive order! That’s more then 1% of the population.
    So how many of these illegal immigrants will receive government assistance? According to the Center for Immigration Studies 42% of Medicaid signups since ’11 have been from legal and ILLEGAL immigrants. Unfunded government liability is over $100 TRILLION-the system is going to crash-this administration is rapidly growing the welfare state as its board of trustees says it’s going to go broke.

  24. DUMBASS first you cannot receive any assistance if you are here illegally. They do not receive Medicaid no matter what your racist site said. What they do get is emergency room care which your DUMBASS pay for because of your DUMBASS don’t want to provide healthcare for the nation. Again you are a DUMBASS

  25. I hate to bust your bubble, Chrisk, but the action President Obama plans to take on immigration absolutely IS within his legal and Constitutional rights. As is all the other things the Republicans have forced him to take unilateral action on. You need a better source of information.

  26. Where in Hell did you get that ridiculous number? Not from President Obama, that’s for sure! Everyone who calls you out for disinformation MUST be a flaming liberal – whatever that may be. Please get a clue already.

  27. Hey moron. I judge people by their intelligence and the veracity of their remarks. Either you are a total idiot, or a rank liar. Seriously, $100 trillion? Grow up. By the way, Reagan used an executive order to protect well over 5 million undocumented immigrants; many who helped feed your stupid sorry self. Three years later H.W. Bush did the same for 3.5 million. Where was the outrage? Oh, saved it for the Black man…typical.

    Based on the content of your character, I judge you as an imbecile.

  28. President regan did the same thing for 5 million immigrants. Oh yeah but he was a white president..soo that was okay then? Just not now because a black president wants to do it. And he’s a minority just like them. And the right has no respect for non whites as we all know and see on a daily basis. Is that it? Since day 1 you people on the right have shown such blatant racism against our first AA president. And then turn around and say he’s using the race card when you do it. YOU ARE being RACIST! Racists can’t see themselves being racist because they think they’re right and therefore not racist. Fkn sick AH’s is what they are. No matter what this pres does the RW gets all publicly racial inciting WS & gunnuts ..their base then breaks out the guns and kills innocent white folk..someone anyone..their strength and brains are in their guns. Fricken weak cry baby scared for nothing whites being fed by the scare-the-whites-machines FOX & GOP!

  29. ChrisK is just another FOX viewer..clearly. Knows no facts. He is cowardly, a scared white boy thinking all the dark ones are gonna hurt him and take his guns…so he gotta have his guns…just in case I gotta SYG..right? You people are so unjustifiable. Your kids are getting shot & killed with your own guns..but that’s okay. You need your second amendment rights! Recall that before this black president no one felt they needed their guns on them 24/7. The fear the NRA GOP APEC Citizen United KOCH BROS! yes them Joe! have instilled in beyond shameful…they own your legislatures. They give them money to OBSTRUCT everything! More people have died under NRA & GOP rules. And they will keep on dying. Watch your kids you 2nd Amend Right folks..too many of your children and young black kids have died because of YOU. Make sure its not your own–at least! Bunch of fun totin fools.

  30. Sorry Slick, we’re in this mess because the RED states on the border won’t enforce the hiring of illegals by the corporations that make huge profits off them-low pay, no benefits etc. If those states made it unprofitable to hire illegals, then how many of them would come looking for jobs? Bet even you can figure that one out. Enforcement is from the state level, not Federal. Think Perry or Jindal would ever take away illegals from the corporate masters? Not a chance. Those illegals outwork Bubba and Billy Bob 3 to 1 and never complain because they are actually grateful to have a job. Obama has deported people in record numbers, but you ignore the obvious facts. This is another manufactured crisis by the GOP lie machine. It’s all about keeping likely future D voters out as the GOP struggles in vain to hold on to power as demographics will render them increasingly irrelevant. I’d rather my taxes help out people who actually need it, are grateful and hard working. That’s not Bubba.

  31. The Republican party should stay away from any government shutdown, because unconsciously they keep sending the same dividing messages that they have been sending for years to all minority. The Republican Party has the best conservative platform, but they need to trend in a different tune to reach all minority. The Republican Party is view as the all white, all rich and all out of touch party with today issues. The liberals Democrats have done a great disservice to our nation, but the Republicans are are so stupid and keep taking the bait, like puppets on a string. I am a Latino Republica.

  32. I know you wont answer because without the Reich wing clichés you would be lost but what have liberal Democrats done that was a great disservice to our nation?

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