Republicans Threaten To Shut Down The Government To Stop Obama From Acting On Immigration


House Republicans are increasingly talking about shutting down the government in order to prevent President Obama from signing executives orders on immigration.

The Hill reported,

Conservative House Republicans say they’re willing to shut down the government to prevent President Obama from carrying out what they see as unconstitutional actions on immigration.

Tea Party lawmakers emboldened by the GOP’s big midterm gains say they will insist on attaching a policy rider to legislation keeping the government open that would block funding for agencies carrying out Obama’s promised executive actions limiting deportations.

If the Democratic Senate or Obama rejects the rider, the government could shut down. A current measure funding the government expires on Dec. 12.

If this sounds familiar, it should. House Republicans used the same strategy to trigger the 2013 government shutdown. The focus of the most recent government shutdown was Obamacare. This government shutdown would be caused by the Republican refusal to allow the president to use his constitutional powers.

Republicans have demonstrated that they are willing to leave unfinished business and head out of town on vacation. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if these same Republicans passed a funding that would withhold funding for the president’s immigration executive orders, declare victory, and leave town until January.

DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel blasted the idea of another government shutdown, “Just over one week after elections, Republicans are back to true form by talking about shutting down the government over an issue the vast majority of Americans support and 68 Senators already passed: a comprehensive compromise on immigration. If he doesn’t want President Obama to take action, John Boehner should bring immigration reform to the floor for a vote, not punish the middle class by shutting down the government.”

Israel was correct. Boehner could avoid causing the American people needless pain by bringing the Senate passed immigration reform bill to the House floor for a vote. The reason the Speaker won’t allow a vote on the bill is that he knows it will pass. Since Republicans refuse to do their jobs, the country is about to be plunged back into a crisis.

It looks like the American people will be getting more government shutdown hostage politics for Christmas from the Republicans this year. Republicans aren’t in control of Congress yet, and they are already causing chaos. The Republican Party’s path to 2016 destruction will begin with a government shutdown next month.

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