Bill Maher Nails People Who Claim That Obama Didn’t Keep His Promises


Bill Maher drilled the people who bother to show up to vote, and he took down the excuses that President Obama hasn’t kept his promises.


Maher targeted the myth that President Obama hasn’t kept his promises, “To me, the most annoying excuse for not voting well, Obama didn’t deliver on his promises. You sure about that? Maybe they just didn’t cover it on TMZ? And anyway, the choice was never between the perfect Obama in your head and the real one who came to Washington. It’s between the real one and the two guys who desperately wanted to beat him so that they could stamp America in their image.”

Maher explained what the country would have been like under a president McCain or Romney then called out those who think they are above voting.

Later, the Real Time host said, “Keep telling yourself that because politics is dirty, so very dirty, that you, precious, by not voting or informing yourself or participating in any way are clean. That’s it. You’ve kept yourself pure because you haven’t gotten yourself sullied by the gutter that is American politics. Well, you can keep telling yourself that, but the truth is that if your hands aren’t dirty, it’s not because you’re pure. It’s because you’re not helping.”

The excuse about Obama not keeping his promises is one of the favorites of the uninformed. What Obama didn’t keep his promises really means is that these people are upset that the president didn’t do everything that they wanted, so they are going to throw a tantrum and not vote.

The idealists who ignore political reality in order to take the holier than thou position of being above politics only hurt themselves and their country by sitting out elections. Our system of government is a representative democracy. In order for your voice to be heard, you have to vote. Those who don’t vote are muting themselves. They are making sure that their interests won’t be part of the national discussions.

These people are only punishing themselves. They are minimizing their own value. The country moves forward whether they vote or not, but by not voting they lose their say in the charting the course for the future. The issue of not voting is different from those people who try to vote but have their voice silenced voter suppression.

People who choose not to vote aren’t superior. They aren’t better than the rest of us. Those who don’t vote are the reason Republicans control the House and Senate. They are responsible for the gridlock that they complain about, and they feed the cycle of discouragement that is dragging down voter participation rates.

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  1. It would be so nice if this segment of Bill’s show could replace Fox’s lineup for a couple of days deprogramming the cult.
    In the last week I have noticed a very slight increase in favorable coverage on Obama in the digital media. Maybe they are starting to get it…there is always hope.

  2. I like how the title of this video is “Bill Maher nails people who claim that Obama didn’t keep his promises” and only things he says are “Mitt McCain” presidency would have been worse (agree 100%) and that people who say that only apparently watch TMZ. I agree with the point about voting. You should do it while trying to improve the system in other ways also. If you don’t vote and you don’t take part in anything else then you should take no pride in yourself.

  3. Here in MI, I read that Dems DID vote, and that nearly every race won by a GOPer had fewer GOP votes than Dem votes. So this is not entirely a case of people staying home…we are cheated out of our votes, by a very well-oiled slimy GOP machine that knows how to gerrymander. NOW they plan to ram through a change to our Constitution and award Electoral votes piecemeal, ensuring that the Dem candidate for President who wins MI will not get full electoral representation. The GOP mantra: Cheat to WIN.

  4. While the above is very true it is also true that it’s the lowest voter turnout since 1942 as Bill points out, where only 2/3 elected to vote. Maybe people have somewhat given up on the house and senate.
    It would be interesting to hear from some voters who didn’t vote what their reasons were. An anonymous way perhaps.

  5. If but they pound those bastards well
    With hammers, till their ribs be stoved
    And take lead whips, and give them Hell–
    I’ll cry upon all else God’s love.–

    François Villon,”The Ballad of God’s Love” envoi

    Translated by me

  6. Typical sensationalist headline…
    The main topic of this is about people not voting. One of the things Maher mentions is of those who didn’t vote for the headline’s reason. It’s hardly the subject of the piece.

  7. Sally, is anything being done in Michigan to rectify the stealing of the election?

    I am just curious, because I think the scenario as you stated in Michigan is true probably in other states as well. However, only 36% voted, so that does not help either.

    If cheating is going on, and we know it, are we just going to let it slide? Otherwise, every other election will be the same way. The GOP has certainly had time to perfect it.

  8. The truth of the matter is, Democrats bought the republican lies and propaganda about the president just like the dumb republicans. Now we really do have a Nation of dumbbells being controlled by greedy,racists from the supreme court way, way down to fox news. Now, lets see how much damage and destruction they (repubs) can do to the Nation in just 2 years. Ready, set…….go!

    Seems the American people have lost the ability to discern good from evil.

  9. God don’t like ugly and republicans are about to bring the judgement of God down on this Nation like never, ever seen before…………

  10. So, if one is disappointed in the House and Senate and does’t go out to vote and lets the people who want to lift up the rich and trample on “everyone else” gain more seats and more power that’s smart and responsible??? No, that’s dumb and irresponsible. Anyone old enough to vote is neglecting the future of their children and their children’s future freedoms and rights. EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE IF FOR NO OTHER REASON!!!!!

    If they take the White House in 2016 (and with all the cheating and stealing going on it’s very possible) the Oligarchy will be complete and then fall of this Nation will come.

    “Greed is preceded by the fall of every great Nation……”

  11. If you want to see Bill nail republicans his show is more than 7 minutes and he has various guests that also help nail republicans.

  12. Voting is important but the people are not being educated about the state of the nation during the Bush administration versus how much better off we were under the Clinton and Obama Administrations. The lies are told with gusto and the media, just lets them get away with it. Why, why, WHY!??? Telling people the reality is one thing, helping them understand HOW things will affect them is the real job. Some people just do not comprehend.

  13. Wealth envy. While the 1% enjoy the gourmet dinners and fine wines and opulent surroundings and service, the wannabes stand outside the window looking in and wishing they could have a taste of the high life. So the Dems retreated and the GOP got out their meager votes and backed into Congress. The 99% will still be the 99% while the 1% still has the 99% looking in. You are only allowed the service entrance. Everyone should realize that fact.

  14. Still the extremely poor turnout is a sad, sad commentary on America. We are trained consumers; trained to believe everything we read and hear in the electronic media. At least newspapers are around for a day or two before they are discarded both physically and in the mind.

  15. “Lobbyists won’t be part of my administration” -Barack Obama

    Yet that promise was broken 10 days after he got elected. 10 days??

    … and now a lobbyist (that Obama appointed) is on the FCC trying to take on net-neutrality.

  16. Obama issued an executive order that no lobbyist who had been a lobbyist in the last 2 years would be hired. He did hire people who had been lobbyists 5 years prior

  17. “The country moves forward whether they vote or not…”
    Well, maybe. If the GOP has its way, the country will move backward, IMHO.

  18. They may be derelict in their duties as Americans for not voting but I would still like to hear from some of them…their rational for doing so. However so far I can’t find anyone that admits to it.

  19. Shouldn’t the first paragraph read:

    “Bill Maher drilled the people who ***didn’t*** bother to show up to vote, and he took down the excuses that President Obama hasn’t kept his promises.”

    The omission of one word changes the dynamic of the sentence. [WINK]

  20. Love Bill Maher’s show, but had to cancel cable because their rates were despicable.

    Hoping maybe eventually we can just get HBO as a separate channel.

  21. “GOD don’t like ugly…”- Is that biblical?
    As for the “judgment of GOD…on this nation,” the ungodly, those who do not follow CHRIST are taking care of that, Republican, Democrat, and others. If anything, the neglect of the poor, widows, old, the indifference to prison reform and not only being in favor of same-sex marriage, but promoting it are all evidence of a lack of concern, and a neglect for the things of GOD!

  22. I just got back from a cruise to AU and NZ, that left originally from Vancouver BC (we boarded in Seattle) in late September.

    The Canadians, Aussies and Kiwis on that cruise unanimously agreed that POTUS is practically a saint with all he’s had to put up with from Republicans the past 6 years — yes, they’ve been following close attention — and think that the Americans who support his critics, especially when they elect the right wing politicians, are either stupid or crazy.

    Since the Canadians, Aussies, and Kiwis had access to watching Fox News if they cared to on the cruise (balanced by the BBC and MSNBC), they saw firsthand what feeds the right wing craziness, and they were appalled.

    (remember, this was during the height of the Ebola fear and loathing on Fox News throughout October)

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