Ferguson Police Chief Says Darren Wilson Will Return To Active Duty If Not Indicted


In a conversation with St. Louis news station KSDK 5 on Friday evening, Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told the station that Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson will be immediately reinstated to the active duty if he is not indicted by the St. Louis County grand jury in the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Jackson did say he isn’t sure if Wilson wants to return, but if a ‘no true bill’ comes back from the grand jury, the officer can return with no problem. Wilson has been on paid administrative leave since he shot and killed the unarmed Brown on August 9th. A decision is expected from the grand jury by the end of the month.

Below is video of KSDK’s segment:



This is yet another instance of Jackson making a statement to purposely incite tensions in the area over this situation. Almost immediately after Wilson killed Brown, every public move by Jackson has pretty much made things worse in and around Ferguson. Whether it was his decision (along with St. Louis County chief Jon Belmar) to send an outsized militarized police presence into the streets of Ferguson after protests first started, or his choice to release video of Brown committing a ‘strong-armed robbery’ when providing Wilson’s name to the public, everything Jackson has done has been a transparent attempt to protect Wilson and law enforcement while simultaneously enraging protesters and activists.

Jackson’s buffoonery has continued unabated. Prior to Friday night’s statement, and after his actions immediately following Brown’s death, Jackson has made other clumsy missteps that have infuriated Michael Brown supporters and the community as a whole. More than six weeks after Brown’s death, Jackson released a video apology to Brown’s parents. The apology was seen as an empty gesture that was immediately rejected. Shortly after the video’s release, Jackson stepped in it again by showing up unannounced at a demonstration outside the police station to make a rambling statement to protesters. He was then invited to march with protesters as a sign of solidarity. No more than five seconds after he started walking, police on the scene started a scuffle and made several arrests. Many protesters at the time felt that Jackson and police intentionally incited the crowd that night.

Since then, Jackson has been mostly unseen. However, despite his staying out of the way and being kept completely out of the loop regarding security in and around Ferguson in regards to any post-decision protests, he still refuses to step down. After CNN reported Jackson was going to be asked to resign in late October and the Ferguson police department would be folded into St. Louis County’s, Jackson responded that not only has he not been asked to step down by government officials, but he intends to stay on as long he is able. It has been suggested that local government officials may use Jackson as a sacrificial lamb if Wilson is not indicted, hoping his firing will quell any unrest. However, activists have stated that Jackson’s resignation or firing won’t help matters any if Wilson is not charged.

It seems obvious to pretty much everyone that Wilson will not and cannot serve as a Ferguson police officer ever again. Even if he is completely exonerated by the grand jury and no civil rights violations are brought up against him by the feds, it would be a complete and utter disaster if he was allowed to place his uniform back on and patrol the streets of Ferguson. In all likelihood, if he is not indicted, Wilson will make the personal decision to resign from the force. However, if he doesn’t, the Ferguson police department would be insane to bring him back.

You would think Jackson would know this and realize commenting to local media about the possibility of Wilson’s return would be unwise. A simple “no comment” should have been all that came from his lips. Instead, he decides to make a statement that Wilson would be welcomed back to the force and placed on active duty. This is a direct shot to protesters, organizers and the community. It seems as if he wants to rub salt in the wounds and see what happens. During a period of incredible tension in the St. Louis area, Jackson once again went out of his way to see how much worse he can make things.

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  1. Wilson will file for disability, citing his emotional stress from receiving death threats. He’d be a fool to try and return, knowing he’d be the target of protestors trying to force him to overreact in police situations, and any chance for advancement would effectively be nil, stuck in some paper-pushing sinecure.

  2. If Wilson had any brains he’d get himself into a relocation program and disappear if not indicted…He’s never going to be forgotten by the people of Ferguson. If he’s not indicted, it’s an indictment on the justice system in Ferguson.

  3. The worst and dumbest Chief on the planet. The DOJ will remove him and shut down that dept.
    He needs to keep his mouth shut.

  4. The fact still remains that a kill first and ask questions later paradigm is still in effect. This will not be addressed here nor anyplace else. We have police that are no longer capable of diffusing situations, but have to shoot their way out of the smallest situations

  5. In Wisconsin this is all too common. Kill,severely beat or ignore obvious medical distress of a citizen and just claim you were attacked, provoked or just didn’t see or hear the victims cries for help and you Mr. Policeman will be home free. I am amazed that the spotlight doesn’t shine on Milwaukee.

  6. IMHO, this whole situation was mishandled from the very beginning. Darren Wilson should have been arrested initially – he shot a man. Isn’t that the law? I guess it is the law except for a white policeman and an African American victim.

    The prosecutor should have been immediately replaced with one without the prejudice he brought with him which obviously painted the picture to favor Wilson instead of working to bring justice!

    Wilson said he “was afraid for his life”, is a lame excuse for shooting another human being as he shot Michael Brown. If Wilson was indeed afraid, then he needs to resign as cop and find another job where he can control his “fear” and not carry a gun.

  7. It’s not easy to be a stupider and more racist cop than Joe Arpaio but somehow Tommy boy managed it.

  8. As I see it – they are simply trying to get out in front of the fact that they know this guy will be given a free pass, and this is their way of trying to get everybody prepared for that news, and also prepared for those others getting upset about what they are doing.
    It’s so obvious it makes me laugh, if not for the tragedy that is the white police force in that state.

  9. Wilson’s life is over, no matter what the outcome from the Grand Jury. Even if he’s exonerated at some point, in practical terms he can’t go back to policing or even the private sector — no matter what that idiot cop says — and his choice is only to continue hiding. At some point, that hidey-hole will get too small and he’ll end it for himself.

    His suffering and his end will be ultimate justice for the community.

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