The GOP is Getting Hysterical Over Impending Immigration Executive Action

boehner-angry-obamaIt has been reported that President Obama is ready to use his executive authority to overhaul the immigration system in order that millions of immigrants be allowed to stay in the country. The Republicans are taking Obama’s assertion of his lawful authority as a slap in the face.

We have already seen a tearful Boehner cry he will “fight the president tooth and nail.” An unholy trinity composed of Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has also arisen, vowing a childish “oh yeah?” which means passing a budget that will bring a halt to “executive amnesty.”

C’mon man. When have Republicans passed a budget that didn’t bring a halt to something? They’ve even talked about defunding the executive branch, for crying out loud.

Cry us a river already.

This is a group of Republicans who determined, on the very day Obama took office in January 2009, to ensure that he be completely hamstrung. That he be a one-term president.

Since that day, on every day they have bothered to work (which haven’t been many), they have obstructed the president. And on every day they have had off (which outnumber the days they have worked by a wide margin), they have insisted the president not be allowed to carry on his lawful duties as the head of the executive branch of the government.

The funny thing in all this is listening to Derrick Morgan, Vice President of the ultra-right wing Heritage Foundation and former special counsel to war criminal and war profiteer, Vice President Dick Cheney, tell CNN,

“One thing is for sure. If the president does do an executive amnesty like he’s been promising, he’s going to poison the well for any kind on cooperation on immigration and probably a lot of other things.”

COOPERATION??? Seriously? When have Republicans offered the president any cooperation? They don’t even have a passing familiarity with the word “cooperation.”

They don’t think that the well was already poisoned when Republicans called for the obstruction of the president’s agenda even before he took office? When they called for making Obama a one-term president?

And after all, isn’t it Speaker Boehner who claimed that the American people don’t want a congress that passes laws? What value is there in an un-poisoned well when Republicans refuse to pass laws? That’s like insisting that it’s important to remain on good terms with a corpse. It’s just an absurdity.

That well was poisoned already – by the GOP – But CNN is more than willing to give it unrefuted airtime.

Republicans, freed by the mainstream media of any moorings to our shared reality, are so angry about the president doing his job that they are prepared to be at least as effective in suing him over immigration as they have been over Obamacare, and they even talking about looking equally foolish over impeaching the president over his completely lawful and constitutional actions.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), hobnobbing with the Religious Right crowd, said he is willing to shut down the government over the president’s plans, that immigration action would cause the country to “abruptly into an abyss that we have never seen in the history of this country.”

Like another government shutdown wouldn’t accomplish the same thing.

According to King,

Our constitution will be torn asunder if we let the president do this.”

What he’s contemplating doing is the equivalent of standing up in front of America, opening up the Constitution, taking ahold of Article 1 — all of the congressional legislative authority — tearing that out and putting it in his shirt pocket and saying, ‘I’ll do the lawmaking in this country, it’s not your business, Congress.’ If we let that happen, our constitutional republic is descending abruptly into an abyss that we have never seen in the history of this country.

This from a representative of a party that thinks Congress has the right to tell the president what to do.

Speaking of the Religious Right crowd, Rick Joyner of the Oak Initiative, pulling himself away from fantasies about being enslaved by sodomites, issued a “special bulletin” on November 14 claiming that while immigration “is a very important issue” and that “we need immigration reform,” the damage from the president taking issue “can be devastating” and “could very well lead to the impeachment of the president.”

He then proceeds to demonstrate that he does not understand what the president’s executive order means:

Executive Orders are for use with the Executive Branch of government, not for legislating the law of the land. The Constitution does not give the President the authority to legislate; this is reserved for Congress. The President can propose legislation, and he can veto it, but Congress must pass any law of the land. The kind of Executive Order he is proposing would basically change the law that we already have on the books, which he has refused to uphold and is in basic violation of his Constitutional duties. This kind of blatant disregard of the Constitution would need to be confronted or we will have discarded it.

This from a guy who says only a military coup can save the United States. Military coups, for the record, are not allowed in the Constitution. It’s simply not an option. An unlawful military coup that destroys the Constitution, is going to somehow save a country founded on the Constitution. He thinks that makes sense.

And then there is right wing religious zealot Tony Perkins, singing to a choir full of liars and hypocrites, when he claims,

What the president is about to do on amnesty is essentially tell, using his authority as the chief executive, the president, to the executive branch, Homeland Security, immigration, not to enforce the law, which is a violation of his oath to uphold the law. I think there is already, but clearly with this, if he takes this approach on amnesty and immigration — if the president does not uphold the law then that’s an impeachable act. Now you don’t impeach somebody because you don’t like their policies, it’s when they fail to uphold or abide by the law.

But here is the thing: Obama will not be legislating. He has the authority, as the New York Times puts it, to “enforce the laws with discretion,” leaving King and Joyner both out in the cold jousting at windmills, and just generally looking as stupid as they are.

According to the Times, Obama’s order will “significantly refocus the activities of the government’s 12,000 immigration agents. One key piece of the order, officials said, will allow many parents of children who are American citizens or legal residents to obtain legal work documents and no longer worry about being discovered, separated from their families and sent away.”

None of this comes as a surprise. The Republican Party has made it clear from the very beginning that they will go to any lengths to destroy Barack Obama. If obstruction will not work, they will invent lies and scandals. If none of that works, they will sue him or impeach him. All of this should be transparent in its intent, if only the mainstream media did not help Republicans out by failing, at every opportunity, to mention facts.

The Republican Party declared war on President Obama even before he took office, and since Election Day 2014 they have been like sharks scenting blood in the water. They can’t wait to get back to Capitol Hill and do absolutely nothing at all. Again. Well, and hate on Obama while he soldiers on, doing the job we elected him to do.

The White House is remaining mum on all this immigration talk until the president returns from his trip to Asia on Sunday. The real frothing at the mouth will begin then. Stay tuned.

37 Replies to “The GOP is Getting Hysterical Over Impending Immigration Executive Action”

  1. With the aid, indeed, of a compliant judiciary and a complicit press,the entity that calls itself the Republican Party has long been planning its moves.

    A. Sow enough discord and inflammatory propaganda to seize one house of Congress. Done.

    B. Obstruct constantly and use the Goebbels Press to blame this Nothing Getting Done on the Black Man in the White House. Done.

    C. Paint the Senate Majority as complicit because they side with having a Black Man in the White House. Done.

    D. Get stupid white people and a few Oreos to put the obstructors in the majority in the Senate, again, with the total co-operation of justitutes and presstitutes. Done.

    D. Obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, until the President must act alone. Happening.

    E. Impeach, impeach, impeach.

  2. I really get tired of asking these mopes why it was okay when St. Ronald of Trickledown did it. I’m even more tired of the mopes never having a credible answer to the question.

  3. The actions the president must take were forced on him. And the people who forced the actions he takes are the one who will cry a river when he does take them.

    The biggest propaganda pitch in history has been used and the people fell for it

  4. “The President can propose legislation, and he can veto it, but Congress must pass any law of the land.”

    Well Boehner, you are not even bringing it up for a vote; your fail.

    When Congress is not doing their job, the President will do his.

  5. I went a major rant on my wall at FB last night when I read the toxic waste known as the GOP are thinking about shutting down the government again. What I said on my wall at FB I will say here, though it is the abridged version.
    Point blank, I blame white people for this mess. The majority of Republican voters are white. How in the world do a group of people with an approval rating that can be counted on one hand be re-lected?
    I called them ignorant jackasses, which they are! They voted not just against their own best interest, but the country at lare. They are not trying to lead this country, but destroy it!
    The GOP is the party for wealthy people, and they are not wealthy! These are the same people that consider themselves to African-Americans, when they are some of the dumbest, ignorant, red-necked bigots that was ever a part of the human race!
    The next two years will be hell on earth, because if those retards! Just watch and see

  6. If President Obama moves on immigration, they are going to oppose everything he does.

    If President Obama doesn’t move on immigration, they are going to oppose everything he does.

    Republicans are going to oppose everything President Obama does and accuse him of not working with them no matter what.
    That is all

  7. A couple of week ago they were hysterical about ebola and Isis, all of a sudden they are not interested in funding them.
    Next week they will be hysterical over Keystone, that is what they do.
    Governing – Not so much.

  8. The ability of one party to adopt outrage as a reflexive tactic has been more than abetted by the diktat of mainstream media’s radical , extremist , billionaire owners .
    In an unobstructed view of inertial energies that came to rest at the oppositions rise to ascendency , the issues resolve in a sequence reminiscent of the simplest obsessions , and precious little else . Speaking of tactics , or even simpler , indications providing signs of life the mechanical effort of the Benghazi-Benghazi-BENGHAZI crowd must , in some frightening way , illustrate the conviction that aside from a Cato the elders persistent provocation “Carthage must be destroyed” we will know what tactics and policy can belong to no one else . We know this because if knowing nothing else , the nothing of what little exists of the tangible one sees it is only animus to the executive that opposition relies on . The past being chorus to the present , is as reliable as the insipid dyspeptic attitudinizing-

  9. there is very simple solution to the problem pass a bill republicans in congress .. if you will not you are playing politics with this not the president .. he acting because you will not congress

  10. Like a dog with a bone they never give up. Why the heck can’t they just work together. This country is so messed up.

  11. All Boehner has to do is bring it up for a vote. That’s it.

    He will not do that. That is obstruction pure and simple.

  12. Why does no one, especially the GOP, want to go after the corporations that hire illegals? That’s up to individual states, and most of the border states are deep red. If corporations got socked for hiring immigrants and stopped hiring them, then immigrants wouldn’t come here looking for work. Pretty basic. But the GOP won’t touch that because the corporatists make a fortune off illegal labor-low pay, no benefits, poor working conditions etc, and the immigrants have no one to complain to. This contrived fuss by the fascists in the GOP is about nothing more than trying to fend off the impending and inevitably fatal demographic shift to the Left. Voter suppression of those not even eligible to vote yet.

  13. This is going to kill republicans when polling shows Hispanics now overwhelmingly support the president’s actions. It will also greatly increase Hispanics who identify with democrats, and they won’t have the same problems registering to vote, since many live in white neighborhoods, and vote at the same polling places as white voters. Shut down the government you cowards. Please. Your threats are empty.

  14. Executive action as per the Bush administration as described on the Senate floor by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse after using his role on the senate intelligence committee to get a look at Bush documents:

    …meat of the matter starts at about 3:55

    “An executive order cannot limit a President.

    There is no constitutional requirement for a President to issue a new executive order whenever he wishes to depart from the terms of a previous executive order.

    Rather than violate an executive order, the President has instead modified or waived it.

    The President, exercising his constitutional authority under Article II, can determine whether an action is a lawful exercise of the President’s authority under Article II.

    The Department of Justice is bound by the President’s legal determinations.”

  15. Their main and only goal is to impeach Pres. Obama any phony reason will do. But lucky, so far, no law firm have wanted to be involves with the crazy treason repubs..

    So Boner is telling Latinos to F-Off & O by the way, thanks for not voting. Yet PBO continue to fight for his base as he said “Promise make, a promise kept, let’s get this done.”

    And his base didn’t vote b/c of some phony excuses: Maher said it best (start @ 2:25 mark)

    Which leave global community

  16. That’s why the President should have done this back in July or even earlier then maybe 35% of their vote wouldn’t have gone to republicans. Oh well what’s done is done. This sets up well for Hillary if she runs I just hope she recognize it

  17. The Republican leadership knows they can’t do anything, and that they are just blowing smoke, but it sure works to fire up the base. I guess now that they have started the fire, they can’t figure out how to tamp down the flames. I hope all their deviousness blows up in their faces.

  18. The question then becomes “What CAN the base do, once their congressional leaders punt on impeachment proceedings?” A symbolic shutdown will then look like a tasty chew-toy for the rabid dogs of the right, and they will craft it so that it seems like a principled stance – but they can’t deliver on that threat for more than a few days, and even with Cruz whipping up a frenzy, it will fizzle. The smart money would be on allowing Cruz and Co. to run their mouths as much as they want, then averting another credit downgrade at the last minute, leaving the Cruz faction nothing but a sawed-off tree-branch. For the GOP leadership in the House and Senate, that might be the larger prize. The teabaggers will then eat their own, and destroy their chances for any meaningful influence in either house.

  19. Did you happen to read the article yesterday re: Trey Gowdy and what he said.

    TG said “We are not going to impeach the president. Have you seen Joe Biden? He would become president.” Then Gowdy went on to say very nasty comments about Biden. So Biden is now going to be their target?
    The Nasties are going one step further into their cesspool of hate.

  20. I posted a link about that earlier and the take away is that is the Reich’s talking point in their media rags.

  21. Let those children get hysterical. President Obama has demonstrated time and time again he will not be bullied by these thugs. He will play them, use them, then cast them aside. The republicans have no clue on how to deal with a Democrat who stands up to them.

  22. I think its a great they are freaking out. what happened to all the GOP talk about working together, compromise, and bipartisanship? these righty clowns never change. still lying, still plotting, still obstructing and still sabotaging. the republicans have the house and senate HOWEVER, they wont be able to push their despicable agenda on americans. I hope the GOP does shutdown the govt and I hope they try to impeach. it would be a Christmas gift for dems.

  23. We must eliminate boards all together they are inherently racist, because they were contrived by white people

  24. I realize ‘baggers are stupid, but I think they’re actually so stupid they believe that if Obama is impeached they get to elect a new president, and that Biden would not become president and pursue pretty much the same policies as his predecessor.

  25. Yes but Biden is white and has a real ‘Merican sounding name like “Joe”. *sighs & smdh* Sad but true.

  26. I so agree with you! The GOP has morphed into the party of the Lunatic Party. They know nothing about running this country, only hate and bigotry and lies and more lies and stopping any progress for us and our country. I think that by the time this next Congress ends, the Rs will be the most hated political party in the world. They want nothing good for us, only to destroy us and the country along with us. They are trying to turn our government into a kingdom. We certainly don’t need a King Koch! Geez, Dems, get out and VOTE in EVERY election, vote BLUE all the time, in order to prevent this takeover of our country. Stop these self-serving maniacs!


  27. Nothing new dj just the same ole same ole from the thugs. Their plan, said and executed.
    My one hope, it this is the complete destruction of the thugs by their own hands.

  28. but…but…. isn’t Gowdy a lovely guy …so white and clean looking…so everything he says must be ok…?
    We all know that nice white conservative men look much more presidential than those browner people, we must stand up for what is right(er white!) ! [wink]

  29. Temporary stay all emotions aside that’s all this is no action should be Congresses action don’t let President goad them into a real law. Let his temporary reprieve die on 1/20/2016. New Republican President please send me that huge pile of EO’s President Obama signed thank you.- 8pm 1/20/2016

  30. That’s not going to happen. He can only win if Republican do as you say they will do and here is the kicker what you really want them to do- hehe that is you hope. What’s really new about this action? Andrew Jackson the father of the Democratic party- how so fitting invented this stuff way back in the 1830’s. Let the Supreme Court make all the decisions they please I have no intention of enforcing their decisions and they have no method to enforce them themselves. So yes your right President’s can do just what he did on Thursday and yes nothing can be done. The key is don’t overreact. Let him sign orders, let him ignore laws, he has roughly 850 days left in office. Nothing he signs via EO today can’t be rescinded 850 days from now.

  31. Doug give me a break pass a bill that’s it lol. Doug its pass the bill I want not pass a bill. So if Republicans send a bill and it cuts half those according to EO allowed he’ll sign it? If Republicans tenfold spending on border enforcement he’ll sign it? Doug its not pass a bill its pass the bill that pretty much says the same thing the Senate Bill stated which was long on Amnesty and short on border enforcement with no guarantees that any future president couldn’t ignore the whole thing all over again. So yes answer no answer. Let his temporary stay end on 1/20/2016

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