Religious Purity Movement By Right-Wing Fanatics Threatens Faith in America


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Purity is the condition of being free from anything that debases, contaminates, or pollutes, and a certain segment of the American population are obsessed with their deluded concept of what is purely American. In the conservative movement, particularly the racist religious right segment of the movement, there is a tendency toward demanding conservative purity, racial purity, and increasingly religious purity that all define their distorted vision of an American Utopia. Much to their despair, and due to the makeup of America’s population, there will never be anything remotely pure in this nation, whether it is in politics, race, or religion. What is curious, is that although America is not, was not, and never will be a Christian nation, there are signs that a religious purity crusade is gaining traction.

As it turns out, just the mention of any religion that does not adhere to American Neo-Christianity’s hate-filled tenets is enough to drive “the faithful” into a violent rage. In Arkansas recently, a local Unitarian Universalist church reached out to the community in a letter alerting the residents that their “church” was all inclusive and welcomed all people regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference; like Jesus Christ preached. The letter incited typically religious right intolerance and hatred that drove some vile human being to shoot out the church’s windows and leave a hate-filled, racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic rant threatening the church’s leader.


In Maryland this past week, in response to several requests for the school board to recognize an Islamic holy day like every Christian holy day, the board voted to strike all references to all religious holidays, including Christian holidays, from the scholastic calendar rather than recognize the Muslim holiday. The Montgomery County Board of Education voted 7 to 1 to eliminate all religious holidays from its 2015-2016 calendar, which previously recognized only Christian and Jewish celebrations. The local Muslim community just wanted recognition of the “Feast of the Sacrifice” as a demonstration of religious equality this country has abandoned with extreme religious prejudice.

The co-chair of the Equality for Eid Coalition, Zainab Chaudry, said, “They would remove the Christian holidays and they would remove the Jewish holidays from the calendar before they would even consider adding the Muslim holiday to the calendar.” According to the school board, recognizing religious holidays on the school calendar was purely symbolic, but they still could not bring themselves to make even a nominal gesture to Muslims in a demonstration of equality. A former Maryland state delegate, Saqib Ali, complained that “By stripping the names Christmas, Easter, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, they have alienated other communities now, and we are no closer to equality.  It’s a pretty drastic step, and they did it without any public notification.”

Members of the school board lied and insisted that the vote was not meant to single out the Muslim community, but with a visible increase in anti-Muslim hatred across the nation, board members certainly singled out Islam. The danger is that now Christian devotees can blame Muslims for having Christmas and Easter stricken from the school calendar; as if Christians need more incitement to hate Muslims.  Just two months ago in New York City, an anti-Muslim hate group took out “incendiary advertisements” on city buses using images of ISIS extremists to portray Islam as an inherently violent religion. Last month, some “pure Christian” threw a Molotov cocktail at a Mosque in New Mexico, and two weeks ago in California, a gun-zealot fired several shots at a mosque; fortunately, no-one in either incident was harmed. As a prime example of the deep-seated hatred of Islam, law enforcement officials in both incidents are “exploring the possibility of investigating” the California attack as a hate crime.

Throughout the nation, there is a concerted effort to portray any faith other than  Christianity as impure. It was reported here a couple of weeks ago that there is a very well-organized movement to incite Christian parents to assail local teachers, schools, and parent-approved history curriculum because it “portrays Islam in a light” members of the Christian religion cannot countenance. In a fairly large California city, every year when religious leaders gather to plan how to help feed and clothe the poor and homeless, clergy from the Christian community refuse to  participate because Muslims, Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, and Jews are involved.

It is revealing that the religious right’s devout hatred for any faith outside of their distorted interpretation of Christianity has effectively  debased, contaminated, and polluted the teachings of their namesake Jesus Christ under the guise of Christian purity. However, that is the Americanized version of Christianity, and like every hate group since the election of an African American man as President, the Christian purity crowd is rising and persecuting other faiths. It can only mean there are dark days ahead for a nation that was not founded on any religion; especially this new evangelical version of impure Christianity.

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41 Replies to “Religious Purity Movement By Right-Wing Fanatics Threatens Faith in America”

  1. You know, weren’t Christians taught that Jesus loves all and he cared about everyone.

    Seeing this crap like the letter (BTW, to the idiot who wrote that letter: Learn. To. Spell.) and the fact that a school board wiped out Christmas because Muslims wanted to be treated on equal grounds further proves why I don’t trust religion at all. Why is it that the craziest of the crazies are always religious followers?

    Why can’t we accept all for who they are as a person and not because they aren’t what Jerky McJackass on ‘Fox News’ says they should be. Hell, if I met someone who was Muslim, I’d be more curious then afraid… why? Well, remember: Not everyone who is a Muslim is what we see on TV. Most of them are peaceful, you know.

  2. If you are not part of the earth is 6,000 year old crowd and man roamed with Dinosaurs you are ridiculed. Last GOP I will ever attend was in 2010 and the platform demanded the Bible be taught in public schools and asked which Bible — was told there is only one — news to me. Could take no more of the religious right — you cannot deal or reason with them. It is about control as much as religion and getting public money for their poor reigious schools and homeschooling who don’t have to meet any standards. It is like brainwashing. Could not beieve how hard right OK was when transferred here and gotten a lot worse since January 97. If didn’t live in Norman which is a progressive city, there is no way I would stay in this state but love Norman — one bright spot in OK!

  3. there is only one bible it contains both old and new testaments .. most non christian religion uses the old testament and may be more books .. like with book of mormon they accept the bible and add their own book .. i am on your side by the way

  4. Can you imagine the outcry if some group put up that picture of Jeremy Murlock with his boot on the chest of an Iraqi he shot in the back? He was holding the man’s head up like a trophy. Sorry, religious right, but the most violent religion in the world is all yours.

  5. Sounds alot like Hitler’s utopian society. These are not “real Christians”, they are phonies like poor people hater Romney. These types of “Christians” are scum.

  6. Why is it that the craziest of the crazies are always religious followers?

    Dustin, my opinion is that since “religion” is intangible, the crazies follow it because it allows them to make things up and live in their bubble of make believe.

  7. Religion plays into the narcissism and psychopathic tendencies of some humans.

    The id, or ego, the need to feel special cannot be overstated, and is as you know dangerous.

    “I am saved, I can sin and be forgiven, I am loved by God, I have dominion over the planet and all animals”.

    Republicans have mastered the art of manipulating the id of humans, religion learned it eons ago.

    Until we learn how to reach the id, the inner singular self of the human animal and teach that sharing, compassion and community are the best ways to happiness and prosperity we’ll continue to struggle and often lose elections.

    Capitalists have also mastered the art of tying ego to money, where stature is mainly measured by wealth.

    The dumbest person to the smartest all need egos stroked.

  8. Nothing like “religion” for promoting bigotry, hate, murder and genocide…that old time religion!

    I enjoy how they feel persecuted because they can’t hate whoever they want.

  9. “Good people will do good things,, Bad people will do bad things,, But to get a good person to do a really bad thing you need religion”

  10. I remember when neighborhoods were made up of people with all different religions and they went to church every Sunday and no one hated any religion and no one really said too much about what religion they were and there were not any issues, but I have noticed over the years how this has all changed I remember it starting around me with Baptists who started calling other religions cults and then their religious views started creeping in to everything and they are poisoning our country with their hate. I am sure this is not all Baptists but it is a good majority of them. Go to whatever church you want and let others do the same is my belief.

  11. The evangelicals only espouse the vengeful god of the Old Testament, and shouldn’t be called Christians, because they don’t follow the teachings of Christ.

    Big problem, as I see it, is that there are no media, nor any media personalities other than Bill Maher, who are willing to offer up criticisms of these RWNJs. They’re ruining the formerly good name of mainstream Christians. Imagine if a media outlet made fun of them, criticized their hateful outrageousness just as Faux does with Obama and the Democrats?

  12. Dark Days indeed. The southern baptists in my area are arming themselves. Ladies I used to work with that I thought were so nice now have their gun permits because their religion is under attack. It isnt, but they have been told it is. They are being fundamentalized and they dont even know it.

    Beware the christians

  13. There are Christians (mostly RW bred) who use God’s name to hide behind to justify their own hateful (they hate everything!) small minded, generally racist, unaccepting ways, & are usually miserable people. Are very insecure dictatorial controlling & as a result hate anyone that is smiling or remotely happy/ independent minded. I know good genuine Christians. I think they’re the kind God actually acknowledges and walks with. What the RW spews is pure unadulterated evil greedy hate. If anything, they represent everything God is against. It appears more like they sold their souls to the devil for $$$$/polititcal power–they do not follow or practice God’s word. At all. To follow them is equal to buying a ticket to hell. Their faith appears to line up more with the devils work. i.e..RW xtians are inprisoning women who have a miscarriage. Med condition out of their control but treating them like criminals. See? PURE unadultered IGNORANCE & EVIL!!

  14. You – all of you should see what’s in the latest “Decision”(Billy Graham Publications). It is all persecution and all of the “false religions made by satan” ANYTHING that doesn’t agree with them.

    Recently both Catholics and Mormons (again) are also on the list of non-christians, I didn’t see that in this magazine but the hate on Islam is deep.

  15. This pattern has been happening over and over.. for years, from government on down. Every-time someone wants equality, rather than just give it, they bust everybody … which just makes the parties who had their faith recognized, hate the party who wanted equal time. This has been happening to Pagans, for years.

  16. No surprise but the Palins are friends with this guy. They hang with all the scumbags, Rush, Teddy, Beck, Cruz, Hannity, and more. They have to prop each other up, because no respectable people or organizations will. The way to fame on the right is lie, and say the most vile stuff that you can think of.

  17. We can thank St. Ronnie for embracing the RW and the SCOTUS for validating them with their hobby lobby decision, and their other unconstitutional debacles,

  18. These people (republicans) know nothing about God, His love or His will. What they do know is everything about Satan, his evil and his will. With God there is eternal victory, with Satan, there is eternal damnation. Freedom of choice is a gift from God……

  19. Doug:

    First, there are two basic Bibles: the Catholic , and the Protestant. There are Old Testament books in the Catholic that are not in the Protestant.

    Second: there are some twenty eight “versions” of the Protestant Bible. Every one is different from all of the others, in one way or the other. The version with the most translation errors is the King James Version, sponsored by King James the First of England, back in the seventeenth century.

    You need to study your religious history, and quit listening to your preacher, who apparently is more ignorant of religious history than you.

  20. They can call themselves religious or anything else they want to but these people are not christians, although I am now not a regular church goer I grew up many years ago in a truly religious family, I took religion in school and always went to church twice on Sunday, I was taught compassion for the poor, we always helped anyone who was ill, we respected other religions and our dear old vicar visited the sick on his bike,in those days vicars lived on a modest stipend in a vicarage provided by the church, these rich so called christians make me sick, I think they are actors and have found a lucrative career out of balking the poor out of money!

  21. Funny, they don’t look Jewish….

    The 3 religions of Abraham are disintegrating, like the Greek and Norse pantheons and hundreds we know nothing of. Like the Mayans, they are a death cult and as they feel power slipping, they amp of the rate of human sacrifice to swing the odds in their favor. Never works, but they keep on trying…

  22. It is amazing how so many so called “CHRISTIANS” are quick to respond with death threats.So much for the pro life scam.

  23. Well, I find this whole RW Christian coalition out of touch and misguided instigated by the one and only Karl Rove! Then exacerbated by certain religious figures driven by their hatred toward gays and abortion. The Rebublican platform make NO MISTAKE is a platform of GREED. One of the 7 deadly sins….their policies tilt the playing field toward the privileged and the rich. So when the Christian coalition vote, if they vote republican, they are voting for one of the 7 deadly sins!

  24. Thank you AnneB. I was just about to post almost the same. We can also thank St Ronnie for the National day of prayer that if any Senator or REP does not attend they are spoken of as undesirable. This organization has to do with “The Family” Have you ever read this? If not, do so.

  25. I will be encouraging my local congressman and my senators to legislate a definition of Christianity to specifally exclude those organizations that promote hatred and exclusion. It also will specifically limit the definition of Christianity to those institutions that practive what Christ preached, including but not limited to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the poor and homeless out of their condition, opposing financial institutions that prey on the poor and support governments and candidates who do not expressly practice the above.
    A test will be administered to ensure that nominal Christian congregations have not exceeded the IRS limitation on political participation. Failure to pass this test will result in automatic revocation of tax-free status.
    In addition, it will require the Department of Justice to investigate and possibly prosecute any allegation of child abuse, sexual exploitation of children and women by clerics.
    Penalties to be determined by a jury.

  26. Sharon, I assume by Norman you mean OK. I am in TX, which is as bad or worse. (Actually, I think only Louisiana is worse.) Being openly atheist is risky business in red states.

  27. When one of the main tenets of a religion is that everyone who doesn’t believe what that religion says is going to hell, it it’s high bar to get more hateful than that.

  28. Well those people in this article should NEVER EVER watch Ben Hur because there are many scenes where Muslim’s Jews Roman and the new minted “Christian” faith all got along as brothers.

  29. How very interesting that you resist – and in fact become down right apoplectic – anyone painting the Muslim faith with a broad brush as defined by actions of insidividuals but apparently have no hesitation doing exactly the same thing with Christianity. Why is that? Is it a personal issue or do you but follow sheep like with all those liberal pundits and media types who have made villifying Christianity a cause? Let us be clear here. There is no organization in Christianity that espouses the forcible conversion or murder or even descrimination against anyone who does not follow the Christian faith. In fact you are wrong. Our founders were either Christians or Deists – and much of what is in the Constitution and the Declaration of independence reflects that faith. All of them acknowledge the existence of God and our freedoms are based upon the idea that our rights derive from our creature as a natural condition of our existence as opposed to being bequeathed to us by the state.

  30. The constitution reflects no religion, but it does reflect the Magna Carta, common English laws.
    There are fundamentalists now demanding religious purity AS THEY DEFINE it. If we did not have laws in place t0 stop them, the christian fundamentalists would be exactly the same as muslim fundies.

    Further, whatever religions the founders followed has nothing to do with todays reality

  31. I believe you are misinformed on both fronts. The influences on the writers of the Constitution were many but the writings of Paul in the bible were cited most often in the later writings of the founders. But they also cite sources as diverse from English common law as Voltaire and Artistotle. But the recognition of our rights as pre-existing, and not depending upon, the constitution. That it derives from our humanity which for the deist comes from nature, and for the Christian comes from God is profound. Even the very language of the bill of rights reflects the idea that these rights were not created in the writing of the document but affirmed to be already extant. This is indeed profound as this concept was new, and had never before been reflected in any law created by man. This is the central founding idea from which everything else was derived. I believe you fail to understand the signifigence of this and how improtant it is today and forever. Or its religious origins.

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