Al Franken Slams Ted Cruz By Strongly Calling Out His Idiocy and False Information


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Sen. Al Franken was having none of Ted Cruz’s intentional idiocy and propaganda. On CNN’s State Of The Union, Franken took down Cruz by explaining that the Texas Senator was completely wrong and didn’t know what he was talking about on net neutrality.



CNN’s Candy Crowley read a quote from Sen. Cruz on net neutrality, “In short, net neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet. It would put the government in charge of determining Internet pricing, terms of service and what types of products and services can be delivered, leading to fewer choices, fewer opportunities and higher prices.”

Sen. Franken (D-MN) responded to Cruz, “He has it completely wrong, and he just doesn’t understand what this issue is. We’ve had net neutrality the entire history of the Internet, so when he says this is the Obamacare, Obamacare is a government program that fixed something that changed things. This is about reclassifying something so it stays the same. This would keep things exactly the same for everybody, and the pricing happens by the value of something.”

Franken stuck to Senate decorum, but in senator terms this was as close to slam of a colleague as it gets. Ted Cruz is an intelligent guy. His is not an idiot, but Cruz is making a national political career out of spreading idiocy and false information. Sen. Cruz was trying to accomplish two goals with his misleading attack on net neutrality. Cruz wants to boost his likely 2016 presidential campaign by linking EVERYTHING to Obamacare, and he was carrying water for the Internet Service Providers who want to create a tiered Internet that will destroy the equality of availability of information.

Democrats aren’t going to sit back and allow a willful propagandist like Ted Cruz distort the issue. The Republican position on net neutrality is another in a consistent line of attacks against equality. If Republicans truly supported the free market, they would stop trying to interfere Internet access, which is one of the purest forms of free market principles. Republicans are attacking equality and the free market by claiming to defend the very concepts that they are attempting to destroy.

Sen. Franken set the record straight and broke down the lies behind Ted Cruz’s pro-corporation propaganda.

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  1. good for you Mr Franken to stand up to that lying cruz. we need more dems like you to stand up to the lies these republicans like to pass around.

  2. It is indeed plausible that Ted Cruz really does not understand what Net Neutrality is all about. But isn’t it also plausible that Ted does understand it and intends to destroy it to the benefit of his corporate owners? And that he is engaged in a campaign of disinformation for the eternal confusion of his ignorant constituency?

  3. Internet access is the new key to knowledge. Limiting access to knowledge has always been the principle weapon of the slavers.

  4. I am going to make a more generalized statement about the Tea Party or even some that do not describe themselves as Tea Party but as ‘conservative.’ I am sure many conservatives wince at this. They seem to think that self-interest is the magic bullet that makes our country run. Think only about MY money and My investments and MY house and others can worry about themselves.

  5. Dick Durbin and Al Franken were billiant on CNN this am.
    Jon Stewart on Fareed when asked if his opinion on CNN is changing replied ” well it’s a lot like the Daily Show….sometimes there’s a good Chucky but you really gotta watch out for bad Chucky”.

  6. Yes it’s good that individual senators speak up like Sen. Franken, but we on the left need way more than that. We need a massive message machine to fight the repubs 24/7 denigration of left/progressive views. We have no way to fight back. Repubs own old media (MSM & talk radio). The Dems need to use new media (internet & all its ramifications). I don’t have the tech expertise or the money it would take to do it, but I sure can see what is lacking. We have many left leaners with the tech know how. All we need now is the rich left leaners who believe that it is beyond needed for our views to be known.

  7. If Cruz is as intelligent as we are told, the last suggestion is way more likely.

    Love our Dem Senator Franken!!! YES, we do need more Like him more MEN and WOMEN WHO ARE NOT AFRAID TO TAKE THESE LIARS ON.

    The rethugs have managed to take two elections they say with a mandate, but really are nothing more then rethug smoke screens.

  8. So true Keith. I have a very right leaning brother that goes back to Reagan. One time in the 80s he told me all he cared about was his family (wife & 3 kids at the time). I wasn’t married and it was only me and my parakeet at the time (now husband, parakeet & me). I told him then, well I hope you mean me too. I believe that a lot of folks are what I call inner directed which you described. There is a lot of selfishness & the hell with the rest of us mentality. I was single for a long time and since married feel like I have both views down. I am outer directed (for the common good) as were many of our founders. Repubs will not come from who we are as a country (many types of families, some married, gay, straight, many singles & many non-marrieds). The 1950s & early 1960s were not ideal for all like repubs think. These two views are what is being fought out politically. The last election means another wasted 2 years with issues ignored.

  9. Remember, Crus has accepted almost $50,000 from the large communication corporations. Cruz is simply putting the wishes of his corporate donors over the needs of the public.

  10. Well Ted, you’re completely off base with that, but you know that. You’re a smart guy just pandering to the lowest common denominator, the GOP base. However, given yesterday’s terrific numbers for Obamacare sign up, you may want to re-think the analogy. Like maybe “It’s Benghazi for the internet!” They’ll understand that because…ummm…well, they just will.

  11. Ted Crus is not stupid – he deliberately lies to appeal to the brain damaged GOP extremist base for his own advancement. In fact, I believe he has a serious personality disorder, as bad as his father’s.

  12. Too bad Al can’t write a book like he did about Rush. Not that it brought any of that ilk to the “light.” But it was fun saying the title.

  13. He is securing the dextrospheric propaganda machine. Watch out if he becomes president pro tem. of the Senate.

  14. I hate to bother Tedly with this, but if he thinks he can make a run for the presidency, the one thing he will accomplish is to actually galvanized democrats and progressives. So run, Tedly, we need to get our voters out there.

  15. It’s called the Dark Tetrad: narcissism, Machiavellianism, sadism, and psychopathy.

    This same personality was discussed at length by Dr. Robert Altemeyer, though under a different rubric. Inevitably, sheeple authoritarian followers gravitate to them and refuse to notice their wrongdoing. Go to Bob Altemeyer’s website (connected with the University of Manitoba) and download his free PDF’s. His works predicted we’d be in a boatload of trouble… as we are.

  16. the gop hypocrisy knows no end. they receive FREE health insurance via the tax payer, and that is ok with them. everybody uses the internet: rich, poor, black,cwhite, red, brown, yellow, american, non american, abled, disabled, men,women, dems, repubs, independents…. it’s a non issue, really, but because obama is for it, they are against it. they would be against oxygen were it not for the fact they need oxygen. mores the pity.

  17. Actually what we need is more Republicans and GOP/Fox Pundits correcting Cruz.. Al Franken saying it only makes the people that believe the nonsense – believe it even MORE.

  18. Ted Cruz knows exactly what “Net Neutrality” is and it has nothing to do with a neutral internet anymore than the “Affordable Care Act” had anything to do with “affordable” health care.

    We have a neutral internet now and there is no evidence anywhere that anything will change soon. It’s you people who Jonathan Gruber relied on who doesn’t know what “Net Neutrality” is… It’s a set of obtrusive government regulations designed to take over the internet and ruin it. “Net neutrality” will wreck the internet just like Obamacare wrecked our healthcare system and the comparison is perfect.

  19. The idiocy of this post knows no bounds. This right here why stupid white people shouldn’t have a voice..But don’t worry when the tele coms get their way his stupid ass teabagging nonsense wont see the light of day because it wont be profitable to his kochsucking BFF

  20. Poor DavidB you really naive little man. Your listening to the very folks who will help you go down…only make you appear sound and be UNINFORMED living in lies because it feels better and makes you not have to admit your GOP party is thee only party that has destroyed so many millions of lives with their pathetic obstruction that you seem to be so proud of. They’ve done nothing for you. What do you make an hour? $7.25? the GOP has managed to convince you that you can live off need no more…if you do..then your like those lefties who take welfare…all because you want a decent hourly salary to survive. They manage to convince you that everything good is bad for you and me. I’m so glad I’m not republican. That would make me a miserable, greedy, racist, bigoted, gun totin fool ..I’m so glad I’m not one of you. I have never contributed to the suffering of others even tho I myself have a decent salary. You RW folks are just plain awful!

  21. remember when Dumya Bush said “those internets” meaning there are multiples of them. It’s the polluted aquifer under Texas that causes the brain to slowly die.

  22. They’re the party of ME, ME, ME.
    If it’s not happening to ME, it isn’t happening.
    They’re selfish.

  23. David B. I’d like to echo the comments by djchefron and TigerWondering. My God, how gullible and willfully ignorant your ilk is.

    Your inability to understand a concept is not an argument against it. Do tell us, with facts, just how the ACA has wrecked the health care system. You can’t. All you have are debunked right wing talking points. I have some facts for you which I’ll post in a seperate reply.

  24. Here are some facts for you, David B.

    Aside from the millions who now have health insurance, health costs are rising at their lowest rate in many years. Profits for major health insurance companies have increased up to 34% since the ACA took effect. (Yea, free markets). For 2015, the number of health insurance companies offering ACA-compliant plans will increase by 25%. (Yea, free markets. Again).

    Costs are coming down. The Congressional Budget Office found the health care law is making significant contributions to fiscal responsibility. The CBO’s most recent estimates show that repealing the law would actually increase deficits by $1.7 trillion over the next 20 years. Moreover, average premiums for coverage through the marketplaces are about 15 percent lower than the CBO previously projected.

    And haters and deniers like you also benefit, because from now on you can’t be denied coverage for a preexisting condition. Yearly and lifetime caps on coverage by insurance companie…

  25. In 2006 a book came out titled “Conservatives Without Conscience” written by John Dean. (Yes, that John Dean). Dr. Altemeyer is cited as extensively by Dean. I highly recommend it for anyone here. I wish Dean would do a much-needed follow up.

    We do however have another terrific book, “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism.” The authors are long time highly-respected Congressional scholars Norm Ornstein and Thomas Mann. I highly recommend this as well. It’s outstanding IMHO.

  26. The republicans has shown the world that the only thing they are good at is lying and deceiving the American people. At some point their lies will no longer work and the eyes of the people will be opened. Can’t wait for that day. Just imagine a world where repubs are denied the opportunity to govern and before THEY can vote, THEY, have to kiss 100 minorities smack on the lips. Hooray!!!

  27. Ted Cruz is side-stepping the issue in order to protect the larger ISPs that fund him. They want a change to take place and the rest of us want to maintain the status quo on this matter. Remember the protests in Hungary, where they wanted to simply tax ionternet activity? America needs to wake up to this BS being spouted by the G.O. frickin’ P.

  28. We need to use what we can to speak up as well. There are a couple of petitions over on “We The People” I signed, one about our “Democratic Principles” and another against KXL.
    The Republican establishment have decided they would rather have the baby cut in half if they can’t have their way… so I look for hope where I can!

  29. Also, “The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer. Is an excellent book on why today’s conservatives are like lemmings.

  30. read the book when it first came out. Agree it should be read by many others. Especially the teabaggers. Might make them think, (IF) that is even possible.

  31. Ted Cruz is perhaps the most dishonest and dangerous propagandist in America. He totally LIED about net neutrality, he totally LIED about Obama’s deferment of deportations (which is exactly the same as Reagan’s and Bush’s), he totally LIED about Obamacare, he totally LIED about the refugees coming across the border, etc., etc., etc. He is a disciple of Joseph Goebbels.

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