Mitt Romney Accuses President Obama Of Violating The Principles Of The Constitution


mitt romney obama violated constitution

Mitt Romney is accusing President Obama of violating the Constitution in order to cover up for the fact that Republicans are refusing to do their jobs.



Earlier in the same interview Romney accused Obama of poking Republicans in the eye on immigration, but the topper came when he claimed that the president is violating the principles of the Constitution.

Romney said, “The president has got to learn that he lost this last election round. The American people spoke loud and clear. Let those people who were elected come together with a piece of legislation on this and other topics then he has a chance to veto them if he doesn’t like them. But the idea of violating the principles of our constitution, which is a balance of power, checks and balances. That is something which is wrong, and I think would not be to the president’s benefit.”

The question for Romney and other Republicans is was it also a violation of the Constitution when Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush used executive orders on immigration? Reagan and Bush 41 both acted without the approval of Congress to shield immigrants from deportation with executive orders.

Routine actions like executive orders on immigration are only unconstitutional in Republican eyes when they are undertaken by President Obama. The real reason Republicans are upset about the president’s immigration executive orders is that they were planning on doing nothing with the immigration issue. Republicans are upset because Obama is doing something. Congressional Republicans believed that if they won a majority in the Senate, they could prevent Obama from doing anything.

This assumption is being proven false before they take control of Congress. If anything, losing the Senate has emboldened Obama. The president has been freed from the burdens of a split congress. It is now Obama vs. the Republicans.

The president is only asking for Republicans to do their jobs by passing an immigration bill. The constitutional crisis excuse has become the standard way for congressional Republicans to justify their inaction. Mitt Romney was selling more lies. Obama’s immigration action is constitutional. House Republicans have refused to vote on the immigration bill that the Senate passed earlier this year.

Romney’s attack on Obama sounded a lot like whining. Not even two weeks after winning the midterm elections, Obama is making Republicans sound like total losers.

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  1. Willard…still a racist Mormon, and a filthy liar. He knows that both man-god Reagan, and HW Bush “violated principles of the Constitution” with executive orders on immigration. So did every president since Eisenhower (1952). It’s only a violation in his eyes because the African American that stomped his Mormon-racist ass is acting. Racist piece of filth.

  2. I like Boris Johnson’s name for him ‘ Mitt the Twit’
    Have kinda liked Boris since then because
    he can tell a phony right away (he is in the states right now) watch him if you get a chance.

  3. “The president has got to learn that he lost this last election round. The American people spoke loud and clear.” ~ George Romney

    b*llsh*t! barely ⅓ of the American Electorate voted, the lowest in something like 60-70 years. who spoke ‘loud & clear’ were the wing nuts who hate Obama because he is an African-American, and they have been screaming since the day he was elected & Mitch McConnell declared the repugs were going to ‘defeat’ Obama.

  4. Lord in Heaven, we beseech thee. Save us from the Morons and the Mormons.. (same difference!) We thank you in the name of Jesus Christ – whose words were stolen and twisted by the Mormon Prophet… who was also a pedophile, adulterer, murderer and con man!

  5. If violating the principles of the Constitution is punishable as a crime, the entire Republican cohort in Congress would be indictable!

  6. Mitt the Twit is full of Sh*t…… No credibility at all, just like Boehner and McConnell and the rest of the GOP morons!

  7. Poor Mitt. Still stumping for the WH, because his wife ‘deserves’ to be First Lady, and their Most High Leader told them that Mittens is the ONE they have been waiting for to lead the Mormons in their takeover of the American economy.
    Hey Mitt. YOU lost! the big one. Twice now. Third time will noir be the charm after your bigoted hateful party spends the next two years taking vacations on our dime, and passing nothing but bills trying to gut all the good things that government does, including infrastructure and healthcare. But please proceed. No one is watching Sunday morning GOP propaganda any longer except those few who already drink your contaminated koolaid.

  8. Republicans didn’t pay attention to the voters in 2009, 2010, 2012 mandate. Obama was voted in by over a 5 million voter advantage because voters wanted their SS safe from Wall Street; they wanted ACA because of taxpayers paying for the uninsured; they wanted JOB and they wanted infrastructure improvements; they wanted upward movement in education instead of education being cut and expensive.

    Voters did not ask for Republican obstruction; the majority of voters did not ask for a government shutdown; they did not ask for 55+ actions to repeal ACA; they did not ask for millions to be spent on investigating the IRS and Benjazi for the wrong reasons; they did not ask to defund VA; they did not ask for Republicans to spend their time doing nothing except taking vacations and pot shots instead of actually governing.

    Mitt – go back into your mansions and shut up.

  9. I have compiled a list of all the people in the United States less intelligent than Mitt Romney.

    _____________list complete.

  10. When Republicans get a scant plurality,it’s a mandate. When Democrats win by a clear majority, it’s “election fraud”.

  11. The power to veto is part of the Constitutional approved duties of the president. That power is what maintains the balance of power. A president is not expected to simply allow the Congress to dictate policy to him and force him to sign things he does consider good for the nation.

    There’s something very wrong with a candidate for high office (which Romney was and probably will be) who is so ignorant -or so deceptive- about the way the government works.

  12. Not to mention was married 40 times and to other men’s wives. And was eventually killed because of this.

  13. The president has got to learn that he lost this last election round. The American people spoke loud and clear.

    Funny, the last time I saw Obama’s name on a ballot (2012) it was Rmoney who lost in a landslide.

  14. Mitt is all for “Representation WITHOUT TAxation” He will never reveal his tax records because he KNOWS he avoids paying his fair share. He also thinks the US should invade Iraq and Syria. None of HIS family members would be in danger, of course. He said all his sons were “serving the country by trying to get HIM elected President” Lofty goals. He comes across as smarmy, unintelligent and a frat boy (overgrown)

  15. And so is tax evasion, Mitt. Show us the tax returns so everyone can see how you were given amnesty by the IRS to bring your illegally stashed money back from Switzerland. Until you do that, Mitt, you have no moral imperative to lecture anyone about anything.

  16. Who were the “losers”, in what respect, and by what source does Mr. Dvork claim the power to question that the voices of whomever he may define as “losers” have no value? No value to whom, and what does he presume to mean by the term “why is it?”

  17. hey mitt – the president may have lost mid term election but he is still president and I am sure he doesn’t care what you have to say.

  18. Wait a minute. I thought that Cruz was the ordained massiah Didn’t his father say so? Damn now we have two a$$holes contending for the job of King of America.

  19. Mitt suffers from many of the seven deadly sins, envy is obvious. His blind ambitions knows no boundary. Cause his ego got ground down to a fine powder, he should snort some of that drug money he laundered at Bain.

  20. How nice of Mittens to come out from under the pillar of salt to remind us how glad we are that he is not the leader of the free world.
    I would also like to thank Mr. Iron Cheeks McCain for the same timely reminder.

  21. First of all nobody but the nobodies gives a crap what Romney says. It getting to be old that media keeps bring up what Romney, Palin, McCain and all the other losers have to say. The media is the only thing keeping them in the limelight. Romney got all this money and it’s a damn shame that he can’t buy a damn brain. Far as I’m concern, he is on his way to hell along with the Koch scum. Of course Romney is not going to say something positive about the man that kicked his rear. And the reason why he and others try to overlook what Reagan and Bush did was the live under the creed, “Don’t do what we do, do what we say.” I have news for them, pay back is a bi**h and it’s coming.

  22. Proving once and for all that Obama is as good a Republican as Reagan or Bush ever pretended to be.

  23. I guess you didn’t get the memo. It’s totally fine and forgivable if you’re a rich white republican. Not so much for anyone else.

  24. When all is said and done, Barack Obama has been elected twice as POTUS.


  25. Mitt,

    What about all the money you stash offshore, without paying taxes on?

    Is that constitutional?

  26. Similarly, when a dozen ‘baggers gather with misspelled signs, the media is all over it and calls them “concerned citizens.” When tens of thousands of us gather, we’re called “agitators, traitors” and more.

  27. romney has 0 experience with foreign politics and has no idea how to run a country. he needs to drop off the face off politics.

    he knows NOTHING.

  28. Daddy Rich Mormon George, yes little mitt…. Is it true that the our Lds Cult will never allow a man of color in our Cult in the Quarom of twelve?? thats right son. WOW, thats so cool daddy rich Mormon!! Son its so cool that there is not a single Black in America thats appointed to an elder by our White, Whiter, & Whitest Leaders. Wow, thats wonderful daddy rich mormon.

  29. Reality Check 101, rommey is less than a failure! if his father wasn’t former gov. of michigan and made mittens the kid with the silver spoon, he would have probably ended up selling used cars at some 3rd rate lot out in the sticks. rommey is laughable! it’s obvious that he clueless! everything about him is fake and staged!! he a coward that ran away to france during the draft! he supposedly embraces a religion that’s is as pathetic and toxic as his earthly existence! rommey should thank his fairly tale ”god” that he was born into WEALTH!! because without daddy’s loot, he’d just be and POOR, misguided republican or libertarian STOOGE!!

  30. Great post!

    Each “repeal” cost us $1.45 million. At the moment I can’t remember how much the government shutdown cost us.

    It’s time (too long a wait) that the TGOP, including GW Bush, Cheney & Company (war criminals) and Mitt (tax evasion), who, IMHO, are enemies of America were charged and indicted for insurrection, sedition, treason, finally jailed in some other country.

    This list is only the beginning. There’s not enough space here to list them all!

  31. M & M is still candy objectively speaking. Figuratively, in real time it is the M & M with nuts that makes these numb nuts different. Morons and mormons are the nuts that no innocence stomach be forced to swallow. Unless one have an overwhelming desire to be infected with the same lying diarrhea of the mouth one hears from Mitt the Twit. He was, and still is, the head nut false prophet of all the morons found in the repubilican party.

  32. Anyone else notice that the two losers McCain and Romney (both gazillionaires)
    have become so bitter and twisted since they were beaten by a good black man!

  33. I’d rather be sized up for Barack Obama’s magic Mormon underwear any day than see Mitt Romney EVER occupy the White House.

  34. I hope you were writing satire because I laughed myself sick over your comment. Bless your heart & thanks for the laugh.

  35. The Secret Service has announced that 40 fence-jumping attempts have been made to get into the White House in the last five years.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if half of those attempts were people trying to get in, and the other half were President Obama trying to get out.

    How much utter crap can people come up with about him?

  36. Support of the Republican Party will stand or fall on their opposition to granting amnesty to illegal aliens. Call Washington at 1-866-220-0044 or 1-800-224-3121. Check this site that includes phone Numbers and Mailing Addresses of Members of Congress contact them at: http://www.contactingthecongress to demand an end to illegal immigration, the dismantling of the Rule of laws, sovereignty, citizen rights and even the US Constitution. Join the National Tea Party and NumbersUSA. You may also want to click on Opensecrets for an understanding of issues that Washington doesn’t want you to see.

  37. Hey Dave, why don’t I just join Alex Jones and all the other low life bastards like you? Because I got an education. I didn’t, and don’t sit and let talking heads figure out my future. I read facts and numbers, because that is what my job was when I was in the workforce. You sound like a total idiot, I hope you can recover.

  38. Republicans are the only Christian who pray to the devil….i dont believe in hell but i wish it exists to see half the idiots there.

  39. “The President has got to learn…” The whiny Mittster is talking like the POTUS is a CHILD. Such disrespect and patronizing.

  40. Shouldn’t MITT BE SOMEWHERE VISITING HIS MONEY? Rather THAN bitching and bashing the Man who beat him in the elections? Such disgraceful actions by this loser makes him look even worse. Not Statesmanlike at all. And does the media recycle this washed up Billionaire twice failed Presidential candidate? Why?

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