Obama Won’t Back Down and Dares Republicans To Shut Down The Government Over Immigration


obama speaks in australia on immigration

While in Australia, President Obama held firm in the face of Republican government shutdown threats by telling congressional Republicans to pass an immigration reform bill, or he will act alone.




The president was asked by ABC News about immigration, and he answered, “There is a very simple solution to this perception that somehow I’m exercising too much executive authority: pass a bill I can sign on this issue. If Congress passes a law that solves our border problems, improves our legal immigration system, and provides a pathway for the 11 million who are here working in our kitchens, working on farms, making beds in hotels. Everybody knows they’re there. We’re not going to deport all of them. We’d like to see them being able out in the open to pay their taxes, pay a penalty, get right with the law. Give me a bill that addresses those issues. I’ll be the first one to sign it, and metaphorically, I’ll crumple up whatever executive actions that we take and we’ll toss them in the wastebasket because we will now have a law that addresses these issues.”

President Obama knows that he has Republicans dead in the water. If he issues his executive orders, the Republican Party is going to meltdown and the division over shutting down the government is going to move to the front and center of our politics for the rest of the year. If the president acts alone on immigration, he sets up the Democratic Party to continue to be an attractive option for Hispanic voters.

Obama and the Democrats can’t lose on this issue. Republicans are too fractured on immigration to pass a bill, and they are deeply divided on what their response should be if Obama issues his executive orders. The president’s party lost the midterm election, but Obama is causing chaos in the new Republican majority before they take office.

The president has learned to play Republicans against each other while not giving them anything. Boehner and McConnell need a lifeline to silence the growing calls in their caucuses for a government shutdown, but Obama isn’t going to give them a thing. Republicans will eventually crack and yield to the president’s will.

The smart thing for congressional Republicans to do would be to urge Speaker Boehner to bring the Senate passed immigration reform bill to the House floor for a vote before the end of the year. Since Boehner is afraid that the bill would pass with Democratic support, he is refusing to allow a vote.

Instead, congressional Republicans are defaulting back to their standard behavior of fighting with each other while blaming Obama. The president’s refusal to back down is a dare. Obama is daring Republicans to either pass an immigration reform bill or shut the government down. The president’s behavior should serve as a warning to Boehner and McConnell. They won’t win any government shutdown’s because Obama won’t stop until the Republican Party breaks.

16 Replies to “Obama Won’t Back Down and Dares Republicans To Shut Down The Government Over Immigration”

  1. While the Republicans act like tyrannical dictators Obama will lead our nation, and out maneuver them at every turn. The GOP will continue to demonstrate they are incapable of governing, and will fail miserably. The down side is they take the nation down with them.

  2. jus another example of how the gop don’t give a damn about the people who voted for them. this will hurt them and the economy

  3. Best way to think of this situation:

    Obama is like Bugs Bunny and the Republicans are like Yosemite Sam.

    ‘I dare you to step over this line’
    *steps over the line, falls off cliff*

  4. GO MR. PRESIDENT! Screw these Republicans that want to shut down OUR Government. I bet they all have a severe case of diarrhea right about now…GOOD! Time for that bunch of retards to retire!

  5. Hang in there Mr. president. We stand behind you! Those Republicans are full of crap quickly to point fingers when they are the worst of the worst. Money and power drives them to evil wickedness greed. They lie n cheat about votes and everything else. One day their true colours will come out and I bet you their own back bite about each other. One day,They will reap what they sow.. That’s a Guarantee and Gods Promise and Word. Bless you and your Family Mr. Obama, My President!

  6. It is amazing how they seem to have forgotten about everything else, like debating funds to fight ISIL and Ebola, they were in a frenzy about both of these
    before the elections.

  7. 1st, there IS no amnesty. Fox and Lou the dick dobbs have told you there is, but there isnt. Its a pathway to citizenship and a pathway to a great amount of taxes being paid so yours dont go up. They didnt tell you that did they?

  8. The president has tried the carrot for years. He is now I believe going to use a big stick repeatedly. And why not? He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. But the GOP has everything to lose.Being the party in control of congress they will bare the blame. Turnabout for their obstruction is now fair play. And Reid can play that game as well as McConnell can. Breakout the pop corn. This is going to be interesting.

  9. As long as this floundering President “out-maneuvers” the GOP, then all will be fine. Right? That’s all this President cares about – pushing his own slanted agenda and demoralizing the GOP with no regard for the American tax-payer. We can’t afford Obamacare now, add 11 million more to the mix and we’ll all be broke by 2025. But who really cares? So long as those Democratic votes for the next election are locked up! It’s sickening.

    This country has completely lost sight of what’s important to the greater good and spends WAY too much time focused on who’s party is holding the leverage.

    Obama is intent on shoving Amnesty down our throats (just like Obamacare) no matter what the consequences, like it or not. What a great leader!

  10. You are a effing idiot. First Obamacare is bringing down the deficit. Repeal it you add to the deficit but seeing you failed in summer school your dumbass cant see shit other that your own stupidity. Second immigration reform helps the economy idiot try reading sometimes
    Illegal immigrants benefit the U.S. economy

    Go sleep at a Holiday inn maybe that will cure you from having shit for brains

  11. You cant be real right? Obama is doing nothing that the great traitor Reagan and the Bush dudes did yet all of a sudden its criminal. Is that your slanted agenda?

    First of all, you have to be a citizen to get the ACA. Not on a pathway. Why have you said nothing about the total lack of gop effort on jobs so it is affordable?

    Lastly the gop cant repeal the ACA, it will add over 110 billion to the deficit. That have bills that say they cant do that.

    Hpw can the gop have an agenda of making the president a one term president on the first day of his term and thats not an agenda? Sadly for you, you have no idea what the republicans have been doing. Dumb

    You are fucked up little dude. The president isnt floundering. The only thing floundering is the source you get your news from.

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