Anonymous Responds To KKK’s ‘Lethal Force’ Ferguson Threat By Hacking Twitter Account


The ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous responded to threats by a Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan to use lethal force against Ferguson protesters by hacking the organization’s national Twitter account on Sunday. Throughout the weekend, Anonymous had gradually revealed the identities of KKK members that lived in the St. Louis area. They had also warned the KKK that additional action would be taken against them. That action occurred Sunday afternoon when Anonymous took over the racist organization’s Twitter account and sent out the following tweet.


Prior to Anonymous hacking the Twitter account, the KKK sent out a number of tweets taunting the loose-knit organization of hackers, claiming that Anonymous was nothing but all talk and no action.  


Obviously, Anonymous showed the Klan that they weren’t all talk by eventually taking control of their Twitter account. As of Sunday evening, the last tweet sent by Anonymous for the KKK’s account was still up on the timeline and had been retweeted out more than 2,000 times.

This is all in response to a flier that was passed out by a Missouri chapter of the Ku Klux Klan last week stating that they will protect people and property from Ferguson protesters by using lethal force. Frank Ancona, the grand wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights, first spoke with the Riverfront Times, a local St. Louis newspaper, about the fliers and his intentions. He told the RFT that the Ferguson protests, which arose in the wake of Michael Brown’s death at the hands of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, have been great for recruiting new members to the KKK.

The story went national and Ancona even made an appearance on MSNBC’s ALL In with Chris Hayes on Wednesday. While on with Hayes, Ancona told the host that the Ferguson protests have “awakened a sleeping giant.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Due to Ancona’s statements in his interviews and his insistence that the Klan was seeing a huge spike in its membership and would be a major factor during protests if Wilson is not indicted for Brown’s murder, Anonymous told the organization that they would “take off the hoods” of local KKK members and reveal their names accompanied with photos.

Starting Friday afternoon and continuing through Saturday, Anonymous used its main Twitter account to post personal information of Klan members that either live in the St. Louis area or have local ties. More than twenty individuals were revealed in the action by the group. After the mass reveal, Anonymous told the Klan that further action would be taken. It appears that the acquisition of the KKK’s Twitter account may not the end of the line for Anonymous, based on statements from its members.



It is debatable if Ancona and his chapter ever posed a meaningful threat to protesters and activists and if Ancona’s boasts that his organization is seeing a huge upsurge in membership are accurate. Per the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Klan is a shell of what is used to be, and there might be 5-6,000 members nationwide. Don Terry of the SPLC told the Daily Beast that the Klan is shrinking and they have zero influence as a group. However, they still should be watched as they can appeal to lone wolves who value the organization’s brand of old school racism.

The St. Louis American, a newspaper that caters to St. Louis’ black community, interviewed the three police leaders that will serve as the unified command of law enforcement providing security in Ferguson and other areas in the St. Louis metro region that protesters may gather in the wake of the grand jury decision. The three commanders all agreed that the KKK does not pose a serious threat and they aren’t concerned with them causing any additional problems during demonstrations.

“Let me handle this one,” [St. Louis County police chief Jon] Belmar said, when asked about those threats. “The only problem we’ll have if the KKK comes in is the hotels changing the bed sheets. They’re the biggest bunch of bed-wetters. Those guys are a bunch of punks.”

Whether or not the Klan should have ever be taken seriously in Ferguson, even after Ancona’s threat, is up for debate. However, one thing we know for certain is their online presence has been seriously compromised by Anonymous. On top of that, any hope of anonymity by St. Louis area Klan members has been destroyed by the hacktivist group.

19 Replies to “Anonymous Responds To KKK’s ‘Lethal Force’ Ferguson Threat By Hacking Twitter Account”

  1. Damn I love Anonymous. These Klan Billies are cowards, hiding behind hoods and bold talk, they won’t even show up if the protests begin. Anonymous will toy with them in ways they don’t even understand. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if there are a few Ferguson cops whose names show up as Anon reveals the KKK roster.

  2. Hooded punks, the whole lot of ’em! This is 2014, not 1914. African-Americans are gun owners, too. They are too cowardly to do anything.

  3. I wish Anon would send out a list of all the KKK’s sitting in our congress. Ferguson P.D. is the KKK with badges,guns & a license to kill Black ppl.

  4. I wish I was good enough with a computer that I could join in the fight along side ANON. These KKKreeps and KKKristians have done screwed up by upsetting ANON.

  5. In fact, Ancona indicated he is in direct communication with members of the local police. Then, confronted by the interviewers, he said, well, he knew people who were.

  6. It’s about time somebody did something about these people. Besides, with so many identities out there now, it looks like they won’t be doing anything at all in the area for a very long time. I wonder how many of those members have moved already…

    Bravo, Anonymous.

  7. This is true.

    However the black shooters will be arrested, tried and given life or death sentences. The Police, and KKK ilk, will be wing-nut HEROES. Using their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.

    This is the reality of justice in our “God fearing” countrymen/women.

  8. “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt”

    ― Mark Twain

    the KKK thought they were cool, threatening the Ferguson protesters with physical violence and calling out Anonymous. Look at what it got them.

    You go Anonymous!

  9. It would be nice if anon. unhooded all members of the KKK. Let a little light shine in on their faces. If they aren’t cowards, there’s no need for the hoods. After all, they say they aren’t doing anything illegal, right? Oh, that’s right, their employers might be a little embarrassed to learn that they have clansmen working for them. Out them all Anonymous!

  10. That threat by the KKK was ignored on FOX by O’Reilly. Yet he said HIS investigators dug up groups that threatned to be vigilant and boisterous during the Ferguson’s demonstrations (No threat of violence there though). Fox and O’reilly are on the KKK’s side, no surprise there.

  11. The KKK becomes the monkey on a stick for other violent groups.

    (‘Monkey on a stick’ derives from the Asian farm custom of placing a monkey’s body as a scarecrow.)

    Anon cuts its teeth on how to kneecap web dependent hate groups. Public exposure.

  12. What makes you think Anonymous would give a damn if republicans are exposed or not? The fact is they don’t. Claiming they won’t because too many republicans will be exposed is just plain naive.

  13. I love that they are listing names of the KKK. The only scary thing about all of this is that we need to know names of police, teachers, judges, HR directors, bankers and ect. KKK is always bragging that they have influential members.

  14. Keep up the good work Anon. All haters do there best to avoid truth and light. This little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine……on all racist haters.

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