Bernie Sanders: Republicans Are Getting Very Nervous About Obamacare’s Success

bernie sanders republican nervous aca

Sen. Bernie Sanders explained on MSNBC that Republicans are very nervous about the success of Obamacare, because the ACA proves their ideology that the government can’t help people wrong.


Sen. Sanders was asked about the new ACA sign up numbers on MSNBC’s The Ed Show.

Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said, “It tells us that you have a program that is working well. That they have overcome the problems that they initially had. It tells me that about seventy-five percent of the people on the exchanges think that the healthcare they are getting is good, and I think this is making our Republican colleagues very nervous.”

Later, Sen. Sanders explained why Republicans want to destroy the ACA. He said, “They want to destroy it not for what it is, but because it is the federal government doing something to protect ordinary people, and that is not what they like. These are the same guys who want to end Medicare as we know it. Convert it into a voucher program. Make massive cuts in Medicaid and other federal healthcare programs. Ultimately what they want at the end of the day is for all Americans to go into the private sector exclusively for their health care. If you don’t have any money and you can’t afford it, tough luck.”

Sanders summed up the entire Republican philosophy, “What these guys want to do is to tell the American people,’Hey you think government can do something for you? It can’t. Only the private sector can do things for you, and you don’t even have to come to vote because government is irrelevant to your lives. That’s what this whole thing is about ideologically.”

Sen. Sanders also pointed out that Republicans can repeal no part of the ACA because the president would veto it, and Senate Democrats would uphold his veto. Republicans are getting nervous about the success of the ACA. Every single person that signs up makes it a little bit more difficult to repeal the law.

With two more years of signups and tens of millions of people covered, it will be virtually impossible for Republicans to repeal the law. For this reason, Republicans are getting nervous. None of their dire predictions for year two are coming true. Premium costs have not skyrocketed; people are satisfied with the insurance that they purchased on the exchange, and the vast majority of those people are renewing their plans.

The media coverage and the endless drumbeat of right-wing negativity have combined to obscure the fact that the Affordable Care Act is popular with those who are signing up, and the law is proving that government can respect the marketplace and be a force for positive change. Republicans are nervous because deep down they know that the ACA is here to stay.

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  1. Excuse my French, but it’s a damn shame we have a political party that feels that success for the American people is a bad thing!Is it not ovbious that Southern male WASP run the GOP? They are as backwards as hell!

  2. Signed up for my ACA today to begin January 1, 2015. Website worked like a charm. I am self-employed so I have to purchase my own healthcare, and this plan is better than what I have ever had, and I am saving $200/month. I have a chronic health condition, so prescription coverage and outpatient labs, office visits are very important. I feel like I will be able to have a little breathing room, finally.

  3. It made my week! I jotted off a short email to POTUS and told him how much we appreciate it![WINK]

  4. Congratulations. And thanks for sending that note. I’m sure the White House welcomes and appreciates it. They need to hear from us!

  5. KARMA! And, they have no way of winning in 2016! You GOP boys and girls sold your souls to the devil..right along with ALEC Koch Bros Citizens United Carl Rove et al. Watch what you do in this life to others ..denying Americans everything because you hate PBO. They treat Americans like shit. Minorities worse! You give them nothing to look forward to. I say to myself..what do you RW constituents look foward to? When they speak nothing but vile and hate? Everything you have done will come back to bite you in the ass when you least expect it. I can wait 2 years. Matter of fact. I think you will destroy your ownselves sooner what with your upcoming: govt shutdown, opposition to immigration, no raise is min wage, no jobs, appealing ACA– knowing you can’t win-IT’S THE LAW but hey…your attys are making $$mils and your base using their hard earned taxes for such BS & cheers you!! JoeScarboro..who are the stupid ones again?

  6. Joe Scarborough called us liberals stupid on his show. This as he preaches the RW agenda.. as if we’re as ignorant as his RW audience and his party. He’s so giddy & happy these days and so darn proud of his party. Of WHAT? I don’t know. Because he thinks they won. They didn’t win anything Joe. THEY DID DENY VOTERS. Mica sits there and never says anything to support women out loud. She can’t it’s Joe’s show. Shameful Mica. And the minute you try to insert facts Joe gets red crazy mad & yells you down. He has all these rich white guys who make millions spreading the GOP distortions.. talking about us folks like they even know what its like to live on our limited salaries compared to their millions! WTH? It’s laughable that he thinks America wants the GOP to have the WH house again only to put us in another recession??? Break us like bush. Pres Obama saved us from that whether the RW likes it or not. You wouldn’t have your wealth without him and what he did! So STHU Joe …

  7. Of course. That’s been the name of the game since it came out. Tell your people its bad bad lose jobs death panels…and like good little RW base they do not read or even look the other way to make sure…they just do as their told and jump right in and deny themselves affordable healthcare. They call us lefties extreme. We’re extreme because we want basic things like affordable healthcare? Higher min wage? Jobs? I tell you what democrats. Get out there. Don’t let them carry the message again.they’re still repeating the lies on Fox. Its incredible where they find these people. All caught in lies. How can they lie to people like that? So not one RW character has any kind of medical needs? They don’t mind paying $2000 a month and still get charged for an office visit? Are you fkn serious? Are you hearing yourself denying yourself affordable healthcare because why?? You would let your kids die? WTH??? Joe Scarborough? Who the hell are the stupid ones???????

  8. Looking Forward, Great job! Let’s hope McConnell and Rand get their phone lines jammed with people calling against Keystone. Climate change needs to be addressed ASAP!

  9. Supergreen, In our area, there were more choices of insurance companies to choose from on the ACA website than there were in October when I checked it.

    One of the insurance companies locally added 90 employees a few months ago, and are now opening another office to hire 200 more employees!

    I might add that for the past 2 years, I have also received a rebate check from my present insurance company because of the 80/20 rule!

  10. Bullshit. If you dont make any money you are subsidized. Where did you pick up this lie? You dont have to make money to get the ACA

  11. Thanks so much for posting your personal experience with ACA. It is much more meaningful to hear from a real person as opposed to polls, or the anti ACA propaganda ministry.

  12. I’m also seeing a lot of dishonesty in certain polls that “prove” most Americans don’t want the ACA.

    That dishonesty shows up primarily in one way: Republican news sites, blogs, and shows will say something like “Only 31% of Americans are in favor of Obamacare”, but if you look at the poll itself you will see that the 31% are people in favor of it as is, while another third or more want to change certain aspects of it but not scrap it altogether.

    Putting those numbers together would in fact give the ACA around a 75% “Keep it!” rating, which Republicans have gone to a great deal of effort to hide.

  13. Maxie, you got that right? The big Republican mid-term win of 2014 will be the GOP’s last after the ACA goes into full swing and every American in the country is covered (95%) and will leave plenty of egg on Republican’s faces which then the GOP will find it almost impossible to get elected or re-elected in future elections with a grateful public now saved from the ravenges of heavy medical debt? In essence this will spell the end to the GOP as a national or state influence?

  14. FYI, Fox makes up their own poll numbers. That was made clear during the Presidential election…”shows Romney win in a landslide”. The numbers fox reports are numbers made up by Ailes, Rove, Norquist. Fox will tell their uneducated or too old to understand viewers anything they can get away with. This practice renders fox voters the most gullible and stupid of all. In addition, the gop healthcare policy IS a death panel. As a disabled person, they wanted me to die so I wouldnt need assistance (food&healthcare) in the future. GFY GOP.All republicans are lying pieces of dung. Never met a smart one.

  15. I am a small business owner,who up until eight years ago provided health care for al my employees,and their families,at no cost to them. But the costs got so high,I had to ask my people to pitch in. Even with me still paying half,many of my workers,especially those with families,could not afford the premiums,even though I gave them all substantial raises to help.
    Now,under the ACA,I have again been able to be the sole payer for my workers,and those raises I gave actually mean something.
    My workers are the best in the business. Without them,I would have no customers,and without customers there is no business. They deserve and have earned everything they get,and it is their hard work that made me well off.
    I only wish more employers realized the real value of their workers.

  16. REpubs those xtian right wingers who claim to support life hate the ACA

    First – I asked a catholic deacon why there are hate speech laws in Canada

    his answer – the hate of french vs brits is just under the surface

    In America its the southern baptist / evangelicals/ most indepenendent xtian churches whose racism has been awakenedd by the election of a first black president

    His most important accomplishment — the ACA is still under attack to satify the worst of the worst of America. Better for God only knows how many wll die or suffer terribly etc re health so the repubs can create a christan theoocracy

    Unrepentant fools who still think its time for a new INquisition.

    sold out to the southern baptist / evangelists who see our first black president as their nightmare come true

  17. So what are you and others like you going to do when the Supreme Court guts the ACA? Do you plan to do something to stop them. I am surprised that people have not been organizing to get and keep their healthcare, we should be marching to DC…

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