Darren Wilson Threatened And Arrested Ferguson Man For Recording Video Of Him

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A man who was arrested last year by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson uploaded video of the incident to YouTube on Friday. Per the incident report filed at the time, Wilson arrested Ferguson resident Mike Arman for failing to comply with orders. Wilson, who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown in August, approached Arman’s residence to deliver a summons for derelict vehicles on the property. Arman began to shoot video of the encounter with his cellphone.

Apparently, Wilson did not like that Arman was using his phone to record the encounter or take photos of him. In the video, you can hear Wilson telling Arman, “If you wanna take a picture of me one more time, I’m going to lock your ass up.” Arman responded that he wasn’t taking a picture of Wilson but was instead recording the officer. At that point, Wilson walks to Arman and the video cuts off. Arman told The Guardian that is when Wilson arrested him.

Below is the video clip from Arman:



In his interview with The Guardian, Arman points out that charges were dropped after he informed his lawyer that he had a video recording of the incident. An additional charge of keeping pit bulls outside of city regulations was also dropped after Arman confirmed that that dog was actually a bulldog and not a pit bull. The Guardian did confirm that Arman had been arrested in the past for resisting arrest.

When the magazine called the Ferguson police department to confirm whether or not Wilson was the officer seen on the tape, the department responded by saying they did not believe it was video of Wilson. However, a police incident report shows that Wilson was the officer who arrested Arman on October 28th, 2013. Per the incident report, Wilson claims he only arrested Arman only after Arman refused to cooperate and demanded that Wilson give his name for a video recording. Wilson also claims in the report that he told Arman that an audio recording would be acceptable.

However, the video clip and Arman’s statements to The Guardian tell a different story altogether. Arman claims that Wilson only told him an audio recording would have been sufficient only after he arrested him. Also, while the report that Wilson filed states that Arman had the camera directly in Wilson’s face, the clip shows that Wilson was on the other side of the front yard when Arman recorded the video.

The main takeaway from this video and incident report is that it shows Wilson may have a tendency to exaggerate or just outright lie in order to justify his actions. In this instance, we can see he made several false claims surrounding the arrest of Arman. It appears that Wilson was upset with Arman recording or taking pictures of him while there to serve a summons and he overreacted. To make it seem he didn’t act out of emotion, he made demonstrably false statements in his report and seemingly added an additional charge regarding pit bulls to potentially give the arrest more credibility.

Arman’s story is vitally important when taken in the context of Wilson’s encounter with Brown. If Wilson is not indicted for Brown’s murder, it is likely due to the fact that the grand jury members believed his story surrounding the events that led to him shooting Brown at least six times. However, the incident with Arman shows that Wilson has no qualms with making something up to cover up his own mistakes or overreactions.

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  1. Hmmmmm…..I wonder why Wilson doesn’t want “transparency and accountability” while he “protects and serves?”

  2. It is America, where native-white Americans rules everywhere, and blacks and minority have only rights to live, not with dignity, human rights, constitution rights, fairness and justice.Unless, the ratio of rednecks in the government and police force is changed, many Wilsons will kill Many Browns, and nothing will happen. So far the police force has pocketed more than 8 million dollars in overtime-benefits and a million dollar in pay and the poor citizens have lost their customers, wages and so on. Till the fake drama of legal actions will be completed, many times more public fund will be pocketed by the police force, and many times more income will be lost by the public. OH! Yes, many lawyers, attorneys and media companies will also enjoy the bumper crop.

  3. He’s Zimmerman with power! A sociopath who doesn’t want to be recorded is a dirty cop! It is perfectly legal to film a cop. What’s going to happen is this individual will hire an attorney and file a lawsuit, and win. It makes me wonder how many lawsuits has Ferguson had to pay out because of rouge cops like Wilson. And whrn does Ferguson decide enough is enough and fire these bad cops?

  4. I tell you why, because he think he is above the law. Listen to the word out of his mouth! I he is found guilty, i hope they put him in jail immediately, where the brother can fuck him up and call him boy!

  5. Unfortunately the grand jury will never get to hear about the above story or about the cases where he failed to appear. Such a shame.

  6. Indict or not, this clown is going to get his. He has an attitude that he’s all that and a bag of donuts. I have news for him, being an ex-police Officer, that kind of attitude will get him hurt and unfortunately any decent officer with him. Don’t worry about his time is coming.

  7. so many police offiers force confessions and of course don’t want to be recorded in case they didn’t handle the situation correctly which most of the time they sure like to add their own opinions on things with no fact. They need to reduce the police forces in this country and stop giving them so much power or at least make them record every interaction so people have recourse for they way they are treated.

  8. While I agree in principal with your statement, about the cops, over all here in American, its an issue we all face, but was it necessary to bash whites in general, to make your point ? Re Rednecks.. why is the term used pejoratively here? ( I know it often means some ultra conservative bigot, but that is a generalization and therefore, often untrue, as is the case with most generalizations, so it makes a poor argument. ) I am also one of the so called “native” white people that you speak of, with another, generalization, I disprove the statement.. I am a target too, and many of the “old white guys” like Wilson, that are in current authority, hate me, for things I cannot change, as I am a woman, old and disabled and poor, and bigots in power would just as soon I hurry up and die. Bigotry is not just a persons of colors issue .. with the whites being the bad guy, a bigot is a bigot, no matter what color they are.

  9. This incident has absolutely nothing to do with the Brown shooting incident.
    And before you idiots start posting that it DOES because it shows what kind of cop Wilson was – then Michael Brown was a THUG who disrespected authority, was violent and aggressive and used his body as a weapon as was shown in the video footage of him in the convenience store committing a strong arm robbery.

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