Ted Cruz Proves Al Franken Right: Texas Senator Doesn’t Know What Net Neutrality Is

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded to Sen. Al Franken’s (D-MN) claim that the Texas senator doesn’t know what net neutrality is with a video that proved Franken’s point. Cruz is utterly clueless as to what net neutrality does.

Yesterday on CNN, Sen. Franken said that Cruz is completely wrong about net neutrality, “He has it completely wrong, and he just doesn’t understand what this issue is. We’ve had net neutrality the entire history of the Internet, so when he says this is the Obamacare, Obamacare is a government program that fixed something that changed things. This is about reclassifying something so it stays the same. This would keep things exactly the same for everybody, and the pricing happens by the value of something.”

Cruz responded with a YouTube video that proved Franken right:

In the video, Cruz has his own bizarro explanation of something that definitely isn’t net neutrality.

Cruz said, “What happens when government starts regulating a service as a public utility. It calcifies everything. It freezes it in place. Let’s give a simple contrast. The Telecommunications Act of 1934 was adopted to regulate these. (Cruz holds up a rotary phone.) To put regulations in place, and what happened? It froze everything in place. This (rotary phone) is regulated by Title II. This is not (smartphone). Your smartphone, the Internet, the apps. All of this is outside of Title II. The innovation is happening without having to go to government regulators and say mother may I. We want all whole lot more of this (smartphone) and a whole lot less of this (rotary phone).

Cruz’s little song and dance had absolutely nothing to do with net neutrality. What Cruz is obscuring is the fact that an open and free Internet gives innovators a level playing field. Net neutrality is about protecting the free market, not imposing government regulations on it.

If those with the most money are allowed to create a two or more tiered Internet, innovation will become like our political system. Ideas won’t matter. Content won’t matter. The people who have the most money will control the marketplace. By opposing net neutrality, Cruz is violating the principles that he claims to stand for.

Instead of rebutting Sen. Franken’s points, Cruz’s YouTube video that he was correct. Ted Cruz is a trying to argue the issue of government regulation. Ted Cruz is a member of the Senate subcommittee that regulates communications, technology, and the Internet. Sen. Cruz was tied for the second highest amount of contributions from Comcast, Verizon, and the other Internet Service Providers, who are opposed to net neutrality.

Ted Cruz is being well paid to keep his head in the sand on this issue. Cruz is intentionally perpetuating falsehoods about net neutrality while proving Franken’s point that he is completely wrong on the issue

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  1. reminding one of Joseph McCarthy; what joe was told by a lawyer; You sir are the leader of a bunch of ignoramuses; attaining that leadership by being the most ignorant.

  2. Ted Cruz is full of doggy pooh. The telephone worked fine when it was regulated. The water, electric, gas, etc., all worked fine until they were all deregulated. Now we struggle to pay for shitty service. Without Net neutrality we will continue to be charged insane money for poor connectivity because we’re not a major corporation. Once again they want the little people to pay the premium while the corporations enjoys the service. Everyone should be sick and tired of being a corporate bitch. Regulation protects the little guys from the ravenous wolves.

  3. Ted Cruz is not stupid. He graduated from Princeton, and from Harvard Law, with high honors. He is simply a whore for Big Money, especially Koch money; any big money, actually. He’s not choosy for whom he will bend over and play dumb.

  4. If only he didn’t have so much tea party style power this would be hilarious…ACtually it still is. Love Sen. Franken

  5. That ghoul can’t possibly be THAT ignorant, so as usual, he’s trying to snow his gullible base.

  6. Yes, he IS stupid. He may have enough intelligence to graduate from a University, but that doesn’t make him a smart man. Just because one passes the Bar exam doesn’t preclude that person is a good lawyer. One may have graduated from Medical school, but that doesn’t make that person a good doctor. Lots of people graduate from Ivy League schools, but that doesn’t mean they’re smart or good at what they do.

  7. Take Yale graduate George W. Bush, or Naval Academy graduate John (Always Shot Down) McCain as examples to prove your point.

  8. He KNOWS this will work on his base, which are mainly over 65 yr. old white hillbillies who think a “smartphone” is when you can dial direct and not call “Myrtkle” the operator” to place the call for you. And he KNOWS what net neutrality means because a load of Techie rethugs let him know last week that he was an idiot on his FB page.

  9. I have no problem with the internet staying the same and Business even having a seperate 2.O or what ever. But slowing it down at will BS

  10. Well, look at it this way then. In the U.S., we have some of the highest costs in the world per unit of information traveling around, and we’re hovering around 30th in the world when it comes to the speed those bits move. If you build an elite 2.0 infrastructure for elite businesses and the wealthy, the rest of us are going to continue to be using the equivalent of Cruz’s rotary phone up there with few/none of the necessary infrastructure upgrades. If Big Money is, instead, required to use the same infrastructure and speeds as everyone else, then there’s impetus to invest in that infrastructure for the betterment of all. Most of that potential funding has been on pause for a while while the Neutrality debate has been going, because why would they fund a better net for everyone if they’re going to be using the new model shortly?

  11. Make no mistake, it really does come to this: Ted Cruz is simply too stupid to function in society, much less have a career in government. Short term shilling for corporate masters will leave him, his constituents and a complacent national electorate no future at all.

  12. How can someone so stupid get elected? What does it say about the people he represents? Are they dumb enough to go along with this tripe? Surely all of Texas cant be this bad?

  13. They are all quite reprehensible for they have chosen to ignore their intelligence to promte obvious lies. And have no shame about it either.

  14. Ted Cruz wants to be president. God help us all if this travesty ever happens. He has to be the slimiest, smarmiest weasel ever sent to Washington. I think he’s even worse than McCarthy was.

  15. Shiva,

    Texas has a gerrymander problem. Its size and population give them plenty of leeway to DESTROY the Democrats in Texas; they’ve done the same here in Tennessee.

  16. The republican party is like a black hole for attracting stupid people. If they weren’t stupid they would be anything other than republican. I’m speaking of the time period from Clinton on that I have personally experienced the stupidity.

  17. Yep, he got it exactly backwards. Keeping the net open will insure that innovators are not crushed before they can ever get going.

    Remember that “throttled” is a synonym for strangled.

    It we allow high speed toll lanes for the big boys the bulk of the bandwidth will get allocated to those companies that pay.

    The little guys coming up will get the bandwidth that remains.

    Cruz, as usual, is talking out of his posterior.

    Eliminating net neutrality will stifle innovation.

    My junior senator in glorious action is a shining example of the defective product the Ivy league schools are providing it’s customers.

  18. Exactly, but the morons who worship him are…well, morons. He’s in this for the money. He knows he’s not electable, just like Palin, but thar’s money to be made from the plentiful fools who inhabit the dark, greasy places of the far right.

  19. Ted Cruz is a duppa from Texas. Can we give Texas back to the Mexicans if the price isn’t too steep?

  20. Okay, see yourself by the ocean, with a cruise line that you want to sell rides on.

    Next to you is Comcast Cruise Lines, same quality as you, who just bribed Cruz to deed the water to it so it can rent some water to people like you. With Cruz’s plan, you only get slower currents unless you pay Comcast for a fast current. The same for every other cruise line that isn’t named Comcast.

    More government, less freedom.

    Cruz is a politician bamboozling idiots into taking a ride in the Comcast boat by order of the U.S. government. Get out of that boat and choose your own current and win by being better, instead of by handing out more bribes to politicians giving government protection to the highest bidder.

    Cruz wants to give Comcast control of the internet. That means you and I can’t use it without the permission of Comcast.

    The internet is not regulated now. You don’t have to pay Comcast for a fast lane for your business. Everyone gets a fast lane now.

    That is Net Neutra…

  21. While I agree with you on your point, what Senator Franken is saying is that it has nothing to do with regulation and everything to do with keeping corporate control out of the internet. Net neutrality keeps internet service corporations from charging you different amounts by what sites you want to log on to. They already charge you different amounts for how fast your service is, but they want more profit by charging you for what they would consider “premium sites”. Cruz is being paid by those internet providers to spread lies, revealing the real person Ted Cruz is and it is evil.

  22. Sen. Franken is a good Senator in the image of another. Sen. Wellstone. Both were, are senators who cared for the well fare of the people they represent. Mn is lucky to have men of such caliber in the Senate.
    There is one caution however. When you are men of such caliber the other side can not tolerate such honesty and find ways to get rid of you. (Wellstone)is a good example.
    Take care Senator Franken, and people pray for his safety.

  23. Anything involving Obama, Cruz will intentionally oppose to ensure that his followers keep their minds full of hate and ignorance. It’s a deep seated addiction by now for many brainwashed tea-baggers. All he has to do is mention “Obama” which is the trigger word and they all get whipped up into a mindless frenzy. It’s a weird psychological process of conditioning for those with weak minds. Cruz could care less about what is true. He’s into controlling as many minds as possible using more lies that facts. He really doesn’t care about what is true.

  24. Branwen,
    The availability of online dictionaries should PRECLUDE a poster from using words with which he is not familiar. [WINK]

  25. Speaking as a Texan, Ted Cruz hasn’t been right on a single thing he’s spoken out on since he took office. I never voted for the imbecile and thus far he has proven himself to be no more than a Tea Party bobble-head and corporate shill. I’d dearly love to know what news sites you are referring to as calling him right on Net Neutrality just so I know which ones to flag for Snopes and Politifact to eviscerate.

  26. No, more like The Blaze, where Ted Cruz is held up as something of a Messiah of the conservative movement.

  27. Which proves my mom’s old cliche’ from my childhood, “If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous,” correct.

  28. I’m also a Texan and am ashamed of Cruz.

    He knows nothing about what net neutrality is. I do. I’m an engineer. He is not. I’ve worked with a free internet to run a successful business. Cruz has done what? Run to Comcast to ask for money?

    Killing net neutrality will only mean higher costs. It will mean limited access. ISP’s will be able to limit what site you can connect to based on “pay to play”.

    Comcast and other ISP’s want to “throttle” unless a ransom is paid. Then they will open the throttle. This means consumers and business will pay more.

    For the same service.

    That is what Cruz is selling: “Listen to me and I will make your internet experience more expensive with less access”.

    Or we could continue to have net neutrality, the gold standard since the inception of the internet.

  29. I am old enough to remember and old enough I even used rotary phones. I remember when push button phones first came on the market. I am unfortunately not old enough or perhaps wise enough to understand how you so grossly misunderstood the parable that T. Cruz was drawing up. Regulation-product doesn’t change and thus other inovators came up with a different option outside the box. I am not a fan at all of Cruz but I would never let my disdain cloud my intelligence. California deregulated part of their power grid(democrat ruled even at that time) & democrats allowed Enron to be sole heir. And well Enron being Enron did, ugly things & CA. Dems. looked the other way. Want to see Gov. Regulation at its best look and cable providers now. Our areas zoned w/ no competition. In my area like thousands of others I either take that only option or do w/o. All thanks to Gov. Regulation. Staunch believers of one party or the other are the only true haters left…hate-ists!!

  30. I wish sometimes when you people throw out terms like “deregulated part of their power grid” you should first read up on it. And I quote Industry consultant Charles Cicchetti, former chairman of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission, echoed the thoughts of many when he wrote at the time, “Two things should be obvious. First, none of this should be called deregulation. Second, it is difficult to see how any of these myriad regulatory schemes, unless altered significantly but perhaps not fundamentally, will lower prices.”

    Now since people who work in the industry , all the experts have said if you kill net neutrality then you would have a tied system where you will be force to pay more and some sites will have their traffic slowed to a crawl. Just think of what the telecom act has done to our supposedly free press

  31. Supergreen: “Still missing Wellstone”

    That’s why I worry for Elizabeth Warren.
    We’ve not had that Heart-Felt Passion…since Paul Wellstone!

    Goddess…Surround and keep EW safe!

  32. Ted Cruz and those of his ilk should be tried for treason, what they are doing is taking this country apart and if something is not done about it quickly, we will be known as the United Corporations of America…. it’s quite despicable the trash he spews

  33. Ted Cruz continues to do one thing for all Americans, and the world. He is living proof that education cannot fix stupid.

  34. As a computer/internet nerd, I KNOW what net neutrality is, and Teddy is WRONG. He has the situation exactly backward. And if anyone says differently, they are flat out lying.

  35. God, how can you RWNCs be so DUMB?? The net IS “deregulated,” and maintaining net neutrality will KEEP it that way. Is that SO hard to grasp? Or are shilling for the cable companies too?

  36. People (including the author) seem to be uneducated about what is going on, so here it is:

    Information services (broadband internet service providers (ISPs)) fall under Title I of the Communications Act, and are largely unregulated. Telecommunications services (phone companies) fall under Title II, and are subject to “common carrier” regulations.

    “Net neutrality” is about moving the ISPs from Title I to Title II of the Communications Act, because the D.C. Circuit has already said that the FCC can’t impose net neutrality regulations under Title I. The FCC can impose (all kinds) of regulations under Title II.

    So, Sen. Cruz is legally correct. The government does want to, in effect, regulate the Internet like phone companies. The practical effects, however, are debatable–regulation helping vs. hurting innovation.

    This is basically Netflix, a corporation that wants to avoid higher rates, vs. Comcast, a corporation that wants to charge higher rates.

  37. He is “smart” he is just not intelligent. In fact I would put him as one of the least intelligent living persons on the planet. His inability to understand the symbolism of Green Eggs and Ham as the opposite of his intention cements this for me. Unless he was being ironic, which is highly unlikely.
    Of course his election to office is also an indicator of the prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism in the U.S.

  38. Has anyone on here pointed out that Ted Cruz is NOT holding up a pre-1934 phone?
    Western Electric began making improvements to the user’s instrument *after* the 1934 FCA that led, later, to the one that liar/ignoramus is holding!!!

  39. Has anyone on here pointed out that Ted Cruz is NOT holding up a pre-1934 phone?
    Western Electric began making improvements to the user’s instrument *after* the 1934 FCA that led, later, to the one that liar/ignoramus is holding!!!

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