Boehner and McConnell’s Big Plan To Avoid A Government Shutdown Is To Blame Obama

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John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are being pushed towards the brink of another government shutdown disaster, and their only solution is to blame President Obama.

Politico reported,

Republican leaders have intensified their planning to prevent a government funding showdown, weighing legislative options that would redirect GOP anger at Barack Obama’s expected action on immigration and stave off a political disaster, according to sources involved with the sessions.

Speaker John Boehner, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and their top aides and deputies are mulling several options that would give Capitol Hill Republicans the opportunity to vent their frustration with what they view as an unconstitutional power grab by the White House — without jeopardizing the government financing bill.

The House’s constant vacation schedule is another complication that is coming back to bite Boehner on the backside. The House will only have ten weekdays in session before the government shutdown deadline. The Republicans currently have no options that they are certain would pass. It is interesting to note that Republicans are so angry that President Obama might do something that they have triggered a crisis all on their own.

No one knows what the president is going to do, but the Republican motto is that if Obama is going to be doing it, it is bad and must be stopped. I suspect that there is no gesture that will make Republicans happy. Immigration is a big red button that causes congressional Republicans go insane with rage and turn into a circular firing squad.

If Boehner and McConnell do a series of short term funding bills, they will only be putting off the inevitable shutdown confrontation until they are in the majority. With no solutions on the table Republicans have retreated back to what their default position, which is to blame Obama. The Republicans have no plan, and even though they keep telling the media that there will be no government shutdown, it is looking more and more like the country is heading towards the brink of another Republican self-created crisis.

15 Replies to “Boehner and McConnell’s Big Plan To Avoid A Government Shutdown Is To Blame Obama”

  1. Who cares? Not the American public.

    (In just one instance of wasting taxpayer time and money …) Last year the Republicans wasted $25 BILLION on a government shutdown and somehow they were voted back in. I wish I could blow $25 Billion of somebody else’s money and be able to come back to my job and expect no consequences for my actions.

    So why should President Obama care if the Republicans do it again and for this one instance cost taxpayers another $25 Billion. Based on that logic, Ted Cruz should be the next Republican nominee for President.

  2. What else is new? The GOP blames the President for everything anyways.

    POTUS has broad shoulders, he can handle it.

  3. Why should they change now? They have no plan, no ideas and no intention of doing any good for our country…and evidently they have millions of fucking idiots who are happy with that…We should deport all the republicans…we would be a much better place.

  4. No big plan at all, lying and blaming the president happen with every breath that the Reich Wing takes.

  5. P.J. O’Rourke said it perfectly.
    “Republicans say that government won’t work, then go out and get themselves elected and prove it.”

  6. The President has repeatedly said that there is reform legislation, passed in the Senate, sitting on Boehner’s desk, all they have to do is bring it up, in the House, for a vote. Boehner has refused to do so, then accuses Obama of a power grab for saying if the Republicans don’t act, he will.

    The comments coming from the right are the same comments they used to disparage and denigrate the President during the mid-term elections. They shot off their mouths, telling their base that only they know how to govern.

    Is this the way they govern? We have gone through 61/2 years of the Republicans doing nothing, are we to have two more years of this crap? When are they going to grow up and start acting like responsible adults?

  7. Exactly. Occasionally I force myself to watch Faux News to see what flavor of Kool-Aid they’re serving up that day. In just five minutes (about all I can stomach) Obama is characterized as an ineffective wimp AND a tyrannical dictator. I’ve begun to think that if Obama personally resurrected Jesus the right would find something wrong with it.

  8. Blaming Obama for a future shutdown is already the Luntzian catchphrase — as recently used by that idjut Jindal in an interview with Chuckie Toad. Even Chuckie called him on it but Jindal kept on using it. You can expect all the GOP talking heads to use it now, and the only folks who will bring the lie to anyone’s attention will be Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
    Sad….very sad…..

  9. There will be a shutdown. Cruz wants to show that he now controls the Senate as well as the House. Thanks to the non-voters who brought this on.

  10. Of course it’s Obama’s fault, he won’t let the Republicans sell what is left of America to the Koch Brothers and the Corporations.

  11. ‘This plan isn’t fool proof… said a fool.’

    What I just said sums up what those two blockheads are trying to do.

  12. Elections have consequences……it’s up to us to expose these people through social media since corporate media seems to be bought and paid for.

  13. The Real Issue: The GOP just made the President the most powerful president in U.S. within the last 50 years. He can write Executive Acts. He can veto any act without a super majority overturn of his veto. Regarding impeachment, the House can impeach with a simple majority then the Senate holds a trial which requires 2/3 vote to remove from office…..Removal Won’t happen.The guy who the GOP had too much power will have all the say.

  14. I’m so sick of the do not a thing Republicans just because they can. They are a tired bunch of idiots that changed the voting areas so they could win and then the people who didn’t vote because they think both parties are the same. I’m sick of it all.
    I say make them work through all the holidays coming up until they can work out budget. What a job these people have. It’s crazy that we put up with this kind of work ethic.

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