Contrary To GOP Promises, Keystone XL Pipeline Will Only Create 35 Permanent Jobs

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On Tuesday, ahead of a Senate vote on the Keystone XL pipeline that came up short, Krystal Ball of MSNBC’s The Cycle provided some facts in response to well-worn Republican talking points supporting the pipeline’s extension. Conservatives have long championed the a 1,200-mile extension of the pipeline, which would transport crude oil from tar sands in Canada down to refineries in the United States, which will then be delivered to the world market. Ball systematically decimated each one of the GOP’s major reasons why it is absolutely necessary for the country to have this pipeline transport Canadian oil to US refineries for international consumption.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



While Ball helpfully refuted such falsehoods, such as the pipeline will lead to lower gas prices or energy independence, the coup de grace came when she quoted a State Department report regarding the number of jobs that will be created by the project. Per the study, roughly 3,900 temporary construction jobs will be supported by the pipeline. However, those jobs are not permanent. When looking at permanent jobs, only about 35 will be created as a direct result of the pipeline. That is a far cry from the tens of thousands of sustainable jobs that conservatives have crowed about regarding Keystone.

Of course, the real reason Republicans and conservative Democrats have continuously pushed for this pipeline’s approval is due to the huge windfall it will create for oil companies, specifically the Koch Bros. A report completed last year shows that the Kochs stand to make $100 billion from the passage of the Keystone extension. That’s billion, not million. While it is possible, and perhaps even likely, that the report may have exaggerated the figures a bit, it still stands to reason that the Kochs will profit greatly from this pipeline and will make billions of dollars.

Now, Republicans can’t just go to the people and say that we need to make sure insanely rich billionaires need to be given an opportunity to become even more insanely wealthy, environmental impacts be damned. Of course not. Therefore, they need to go out and claim that the project will create tons of jobs,  help the country’s economy and fulfill its energy needs. Or, in other words, lie. Lie through their teeth.


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  1. It’s crazy that there are no serious consequences to lying like this, politicians should have to pay a steep price for outright lying to the people, especially when it is to enrich themselves and their friends at our expense.

  2. Boehner should be booted out of the House. He has holdings in these tar sands companies. He stands to personally benefit if it ever gets approved. That is illegal, and were it a Dem idea and some Democrat had stock int he companies, Fox would be for jailing the perpetrator. Since it’s Orange John, it’s all OK in GOPland. IOKIYAR.
    Thank God for Harry Reid and the people who realize the truth about this farce of a pipeline. They saved our land and water and air…for now. I wonder how much the native tribes threat to sue played into this.

  3. Straight from Progessive Change~
    “Tonight, PCCC members across the nation urgently called their Senators and told them to vote no on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Minutes ago, the Senate defeated Keystone XL — by one vote.”
    NO XL PIPELINE! NO GOP WAR against our American Indians. If they could, republicans would let these people and our earth die for the $$$ they think they would get. You people on the right..pray to God your leaders never get in the white house for your life will surely be shortened ASAP! GOP is NOT YOUR FRIEND, YOUR REPRESENTATIVE NADA! They are your CHEAP LABOR CONSERVATIVES who have no real plan for good paying jobs corporations can make more millions! They will take your healthcare and then what? Just die? Your children die? Your grandkids? I really wish there could be red states for all you people who don’t mind this. You would see how baren and poor your life would be in a week! Oh wait, you are living that life now and still voting GOP!!WTF??

  4. Boehner you are left looking like one of the KKK members in Django Unchained whose eye holes in his hood don’t match up.

  5. It’s not only those people, it’s also the corporate controlled media. Tonight on “NBC World News” Jonathon Karl stated there would be somewhere between 4,000 and 40,000 jobs created. Seriously. God, I’d love to slap the smug out of that guy.

  6. TransCanada’s 2008 KXL application states that the pipe would require 40,000 man hours to build. That’s probably where the 40,000 jobs came from. (40,000 men when will each work 1 hour?) Industry experts have consistently estimated 4-5,000 jobs for 2 years are needed. By my estimate, that should drop the unemployment rate by .001%. Meanwhile, 60,000 people, mostly in the South, will die during those 2 years because they cannot get proper medical care as their governors won’t allow them to get insurance. Guess that’s a fair trade, eh?

  7. Bonnie, this is the same company that used to market Cigarettes, now marketing the keystone to the public selling the so called jobs downplaying the health hazards.

  8. Just saw a Canadian who was pushing the pipeline saying how great it would be for jobs –
    My question is – OK then why don’t you build it in Canada, they must need jobs too!

    But then – I think the people in British Columbia rejected it too!
    They are not dumb they don’t want this filthy stuff polluting their country.

  9. While this is all true – much of the construction work that I *do* support also creates temporary jobs.

  10. Apparently those in congress that pushed the plan got 39 million dollars from the oil
    industry. Pretty good payday. No wonder the general public does not have a voice.

  11. Shouldn’t Darrel Issa be creating a new committee to “Investigate” who in his Party is pushing for this Pipeline, and getting to the bottom line: WHY?
    Seems like a perfect scandal to me. (((Wink-Wink))

  12. The numbers for temporary and permanent workers have been lowering every week until the final tally will be one guy in a small cubicle with a monitor and a On/Off switch.

  13. This jobs argument is a non-sequitur.

    Well there are the thousands of direct construction jobs and then thousands more for companies providing concrete, steel, etc. for the project, just like the other pipeline construction jobs that allow us to enjoy the benefits of natural gas to heat, cool, light etc. our homes and businesses.

    Heck, in 2009 this administration was touting shovel-ready construction jobs to get the economy going, so construction employment is clearly recognized as a catalyst for and a contributor to the economy.

    The issue critics have with Keystone is environmental. Ok, that is a valid point to discuss and debate, but please drop the phony “permanent” jobs argument. Heck, that point can by made about many construction projects.

  14. Laying pipeline goes pretty quickly. And remember that any concrete work will be local, short term and headed up by Canadian corps. Pipe will either come from Canada or the US. Any labor will be local and very short term. There are really no jobs to speak of. Trans-Canada will supply its own pipe fitters, welders and other skilled trades.

    Dont get real high on this producing any jobs that will last very long at all.

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