Republicans Who Cry As Obama Acts Alone Must Explain Why They’ve Done Nothing for 509 Days

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Sure, they haven’t done anything for 509 days, but Republicans suddenly claim to have secret plans for immigration reform, crafted specifically to make Obama look bad.

Republicans have done nothing on immigration reform, which is why President Obama has been threatening to finally take executive action. Republicans now claim that if Obama even talks about taking action, it’s going to ruin all of their plans. And they have plans! If only Obama doesn’t mess things up for them by acting like a President, thereby initiating another round of rebellious tea teens gone wild in the House.

Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer at Politico reported Tuesday on the Republicans previously secret plans to have plans. Specifically, Republicans have plans because if only they can finally pass something, they can make Obama look like the bad guy. Passing some kind of immigration reform would “make Obama seem like he’s overreaching by changing policy without a Congress that’s suddenly willing to act on long-stalled immigration reform.”

So, hatred of Obama might propel the GOP to action. This is not a surprise to the nation, or to this President who may have finally figured out how to use the Republicans’ Obama Derangement Syndrome to force them to actually legislate. Or at least think about legislating.

Sherman and Palmer write that GOP leaders have been privately discussing “introducing targeted immigration reform bills in the coming months, according to multiple sources in both chambers. The discussions, which were secret until now, are aimed at trying to separate the immigration debate from the government-funding discussion.”

Translation: Some Republicans were trying to get something done before the tea babies caught on. But the gig is up now.

Their big ideas are thus, but don’t get excited, because now that Obama has ideas too, the tea babies are thinking that funding the government is a bad idea, because spite: “The talks come as President Barack Obama prepares to change immigration laws through executive action. Those plans have angered Republicans and have complicated Congress’s plans to keep the government funded past Dec. 11.”

Politico was dubious as to the odds of this strategy succeeding, given that “The House has dragged its feet on immigration reform for months, and it’s not clear how a Senate Republican majority will react to any immigration legislation.”

Justin Goodman pointed out that Republicans have actually been dragging their feet on immigration for 509 days:

For 509 days Republicans did nothing, which is akin to 5 years in GOP House schedule “working days”.

Then, only when it seemed likely that President Obama would take executive action, Republicans geared up in SECRET to try to pass something JUST SO THEY COULD MAKE OBAMA LOOK BAD. But even this juvenile hope might be dashed, as it remains to be seen whether or not Boehner can even get something passed in the House.

While Boehner et al try to blame Obama for their failure to act, it is pretty obvious who is pulling the strings right now. President Obama has put Republicans between a tea bag and the wall of his own will.

Republicans have been forced to try to come up with a way to appear to be working, but they are not even sure they can pull that off because their members hate the President so much that his mere suggestion of acting like a president is enough to kick them into defund the government cries, and this is not good for the GOP’s 2016 hopes.

President Obama never has to run for office again, but these people do. And right now, they look like fools.

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  1. The Republicans could drag their feet for 1,000 days, it still doesn’t give the President the authority to sign an act into law without their approval.

  2. I don’t know whether or not the GOP counts it as “high-skill” —

    But right about now I’ll trust the woman who changes the sheets in my San Antonio motel room a lot sooner than I’ll trust any GOP Congressman to do anything equally useful.

    About the only thing the GOP is interested in doing to my bed sheets is getting them filthy.

  3. The next two years are going to be an absolute nightmare! Instead of meeting to discus how they can help the fools that elected them back into office, they are trying to sabatoge immigration reform.

  4. Wrong.
    Did you know freeing the slaves was an Executive order? Lincoln used that. The EO’s are not laws. Why dont you guys ever get an education at Fox or Breithbart U??

  5. Just like McCain’s secret plan to kill Bin Laden. Like orange Julius jobs plan which was so secret they forgot to write it down on that piece of paper he kept waving.

    Its so secret our liberal media wont even ask about all these secret plans. I guess loose lips sinks ships

  6. The presidential proclamation Lincoln created was during wartime. It did not include any northern states, but only states in the south that had slaves. As commander in chief during war, a president is allowed such power. But it actually took the passing of an amendment to make it legal after the war.

  7. Wrong, it freed slaves all over the US.

    “As commander in chief during war, a president is allowed such power”

    Let me fix that

    “As commander in chief, a president is allowed such power” War did nothing to give Lincoln the power to free slaves with an EO. The fact is, the instant he signed that order they were free. If not fixed by Amendment it would no longer apply AFTER he was killed. Every president has used EO’s. Sorry

  8. Then if they are not going to work for the country, they need to have their pay and benefits suspended.

    What a foolish comment you made.

  9. People with his attitude are anti-American that’s what they are. Another one that thrives on the country in crisis.

  10. Actually, Tom’s post is pretty accurate.

    The Emancipation Proclamation only freed slaves in the South. (Of which very few were freed because most of the slaves that Lincoln intended to liberate lived in areas distant from the Union troops that could enforce his proclamation.) Freeing SOUTHERN slaves weakened the Confederacy so the proclamation could be seen as a military action. As CinC, Lincoln had this authority. Yet the Constitution did not give the president the power to free slaves within the Union….and Lincoln knew it as he made no such offer of freedom in the border states.

    Eventually, the Emancipation Proclamation led to the proposal and ratification of the THIRTEENTH AMENDMENT to the Constitution, which formally abolished slavery.

  11. The GOP has a big dose of “entitlement.” They could use a good dose of humbling…furthermore, Congress needs a laxative.

  12. Stop worrying about whether Obama can veto or not and start worrying about why WE NO LONGER HAVE A DEMOCRACY.
    We have a system where if one party (republicans) are not voted in they make it impossible for the winning party to govern.
    This is not democracy.
    Obama won two decisive elections and yet republicans because of midterm victories have bullied, threatened, and carried on as if they have received a mandate to rule. This simply is beyond all tolerance. As Bernie said ” America is turning into an Oligarchy.”

  13. An executive order is not a law. It can be cancelled or modified by the next president the moment he or she takes office. As has been pointed out, other presidents have done things like this, too, on a very big scale, involving at least 1.5 million people, maybe more. If those actions were legal, as virtually all experts on the subject say, so is this.

  14. I agree. I think we have moved beyond a major turning point and are just about at Oligarchy. All this because of a President who is brown, and one who wants to help the middle class and poor.

  15. This what the baggers are fighting for and it doesn’t look good
    Of America’s 30 largest corporations, seven paid their CEOs more last year than they paid in federal income taxes, according to a new report by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government.
    The report, Fleecing Uncle Sam, also looks at the 100 highest-paid CEOs in 2013, finding that 29 received more in pay than their company paid in federal income taxes – up from 25 out of the top 100 in our 2010 and 2011 surveys. These 29 companies operate 237 subsidiaries in tax havens.

  16. Our recent Presidents all used executive action on immigration.
    Clinton did, Bush did, & Reagan did!!

    You say Obama shouldn’t why?

    If they’d give him a plan to sign it could be different but up until now nothing.

    It may not be a popular thing in the eyes of some but he is if nothing else forcing them to work.

    Bravo to him for helping the poor and the middle class. WINK

  17. If I said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times! the GOP is a homegrown terrorist organization!! forget ISIS!!, idiots like ted cruz and orin hatch SCARE ME!! BTW, for ALL you brain dead republicans TROLLS, I pray your PAID trolls, because if your posting your BULL$HIT FUX NEWS, KKK propaganda here for FREE, I really pitty you FOOLS! Last point, for you republican sheepies, you know that OBAMA CARE health insurance you bought on the DOWN LOW!?? your merry band of WHITE NATIONALIST are going to spend many more MILLIONS of YOUR tax dollars trying like hell to repeal it!! how do you like the new GOP????

  18. @tom, I ‘m assuming you’re one of the UNPAID trolls! if freeing the slaves ONLY applied to the north, then WHY did we have a civil war?? the south didn’t want to free the slaves because they enjoyed brutalizing and raping them to death! @tom, get a job and stay off liberal sites, you’re just too ignorant to be entertaining!

  19. You are absolutely correct!

    On hearing news this morning about yet another country’s electorate fighting to be a democracy, I said that it seems as if others will have a democracy while we lose ours.

    Truly sad indeed!

  20. Larry you do know how to read don’t you? Get a history book on past Pres, read what past rethug Pres. have done. Narry a word was said, or action taken…why now???? Could it be? Black hate? The fact he won? Twice? Your hatred is showing rethugs…. Get to work rethugs do the job you were elected for, show some patriotic action. You know, the kind your always accusing others of not having

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