Editorial Cartoon: Scales of Justice

Pam Bondi is Florida’s Attorney General who is a Rick Scott crony. She opposes the ACA, medicaid expansion, gay marriage, and takes money from lobbyists. Now she’s the new Chairperson for the Republican Attorneys General Association. Bondi became famous in Florida as the FOX News and CNN legal analyst.spb141117

3 Replies to “Editorial Cartoon: Scales of Justice”

  1. Anyone else here heard about the woman republican in either Washington State or Oregon (I’m not sure) who was running for
    office during the mid terms, she was running against the ACA, well she did not get elected and now is asking the state to give her a job helping to administer the ACA, that really takes some bottle!

  2. Joan, she wants to try and destroy it from the inside, that’s how these Nazi’s do it they infiltrate and cause problems until they destroy whatever they enter. Keep Conservatives and Christians OUT of School boards!!!!

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