The Meltdown Begins: Boehner Responds To Immigration Action By Calling Obama a Lawless Emperor


The Republican meltdown is off and running. Speaker of the House John Boehner’s office responded to the news that President Obama will announce his executive actions on immigration by calling the president a lawless emperor.

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel responded to the news that Obama will make his immigration announcement in Dallas on Thursday night by saying, “If ‘Emperor Obama’ ignores the American people and announces an amnesty plan that he himself has said over and over again exceeds his Constitutional authority, he will cement his legacy of lawlessness and ruin the chances for Congressional action on this issue — and many others.”

Who do Republicans think they are kidding? Boehner and McConnell were never planning on cooperating with the president on anything. Mitch McConnell ran for reelection on the promise that if Republicans won a Senate majority, he would break Obama and force him to do the GOP’s bidding.

The whole idea that Republicans were ready cooperate, but Obama ruined it was a myth. Republicans thought that by winning the midterm election; they could force the president to sign off on their agenda. They have been shocked by the fact that the president has moved to the left. Instead of giving Republicans everything that they wanted, the president and Democrats have geared up for a fight.

President Obama’s speech on Thursday night will be a mushroom cloud that swallows up the Republican Party. Republicans have tried for years to avoid the immigration issues, but the party is deeply divided and being government by an incredibly unpopular position on the issue.

Obama’s executive action, which is well within his constitutional powers, is already triggering an epic meltdown. The Republican camps that are calling for a government shutdown or impeachment are reaching an uncontrollable boiling point.

John Boehner sat on the Senate passed immigration reform bill and refused to allow a vote. The gridlock and obstruction chickens are coming home to roost, and the Republican Party is going to collectively lose its mind tomorrow night.

Obama is still playing chess while congressional Republicans can’t get out their checkerboards.

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  1. Simply sour grapes. The GOP cannot stand the fact that Obama is the President of the United States, elected by a majority of voters… twice. Something the GOP hasn’t been able to do for 30 years and counting.

    (GW Bush only won once with a majority of votes, remember he actually LOST the popular vote in 2000 by over 1/2 million votes. Bush: 50,456,002, 47.87% – Gore: 50,999,897, 48.38%)

  2. Translation:



  3. Name calling? Really Boehner, how juvenile for someone who is suppose to be a high ranking “official” of the government.

    If you guys could only hear yourselves, and see yourselves and your actions from “the peoples'” perspective, even you would wonder how you were elected again.

    Threatening the POTUS is not a good stance to take, it really shows your jealousy and inability to work together as adults.

  4. Sweet!
    The pigs, finally stuck, now a chorus of squeals.

    Hallelujah, Sweet Karma.
    Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.

  5. The GOP has been calling POTUS a lawless emperor tyrant since the day he took office. They sound like a broken record. They sound like the boy who cried wolf, over and over and over again. Yet NONE of them can even name one single law on the books that POTUS has broken. They think the American people are actually going to notice that POTUS will take action on immigration. They’re fools to believe that because if the people were actually paying attention to any of the issues, they would have gotten off their asses and voted these bums out earlier this month.

  6. That is the only thing they know – name calling, I guess it makes the know nothing tea bags happy!

    Cruz stamped his feet and says he will block every single Obama appointee – so there!!!

    Wish he would take his marbles and go home to Cuba and play!

  7. Mr. President, the majority of the Country is with you. Please do what you can on immergration. The Republican party is NOT going to produce more jobs,is NOT going to help those in the middle class or the poor,sick,homeless! They are only going to HELP the MILLION and BILLION dollar CLUB! Most people want to work and provide for their families and you are always going to have those who don’t want to work. You have help lower unemployment, more people are insured through the ACA,pay rates are going up,and more people are being sent back home. I know that the Republican’s only show the faces of people that don’t look like them.

  8. Dear Speaker Boehner.. If the President were a emperor your head would be proudly displayed on a pike in the rose garden…..please proceed

  9. Agent Orange can get an immigration bill rolling in the House immediately if he feels like it. He’d rather have a hissy.

  10. Even Federalist Society Members Say Obama Action On Deportation Is Legal

    “I think the roots of prosecutorial discretion are extremely deep,” said Christopher Schroeder, the Charles S. Murphy Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies at Duke Law School. “The practice is long and robust. The case law is robust. Let me put it this way: Suppose some president came to me and asked me in the office of legal counsel, ‘Is it okay for me to go ahead an defer the deportation proceedings of childhood arrival?’ Under the present state of the law, I think that would be an easy opinion to write. Yes.”

    “I don’t know where in the Constitution there is a rule that if the president’s enactment affects too many people, he’s violating the Constitution,” Schroeder said. “There is a difference between executing the law and making the law.

  11. I read a tweet that all the major networks will not carry the live announcement, abc, nbc, cbs……chicken shits, listening to the corporate profiters, money, money, money, instead of our president and an important announcement.

    I Hope the tweet was wrong.

  12. If they don’t broadcast it I bet you my last dollar they will have every wingnut on denouncing it with lies. Turn them off. All of them

    Just wanted to add Telemundo will broadcast it

  13. “…you are always going to have those who don’t want to work.”

    That would be every Republican in Congress.

  14. doesn’t crybaby know that Obama is still president and he has the last word. instead of wasting time bashing the president why can’t they put the effort into passing bills instead of letting the president beat them down.

  15. Bush did not win even once. He was appointed in 2001 and then got in in 2004 by proven voter fraud in Ohio and Florida.

  16. It’s almost amusing to see the Republican Party just go into total meltdown mode. Between the antics of Bohener, Cruz, McConnell and everyone who sides with them, you have the makings of a total freak show.

    Except you can’t call it that. Real freak shows would be given a bad rap then.

  17. Ho, hum…
    Just another day in Fascist gaslighting propaganda from the Fascist GOP…
    His Orangeness is just spewing the Fascist Con GOP psychopath rhetoric

  18. @LookingForward:

    ABC,CBS,Fox,and NBC aren’t covering it, but the cable networks (MSNBC,CNN,and Univision) are covering it. PBS, and maybe C-Span (not cable) will probably cover it, too. I don’t know if Fake News will cover it, though.

  19. @abermarle:

    Rasmussen are known right-wing pollsters. So, I guess you also agree with Rasmussen that President Obama’s job-approval rating is near 50%, then? Or, are you just cherry-picking the Rasmussen polls you like?

    The majority of the country supports immigration reform. Go over to, and look up the new USA Today poll, and the most recent CBS/NYT, and Washington Post polls. These polls say the public is either split (USA Today poll), on immigration executive action, or the majority of the public supports it (CBS/NYT, WaPo polls).

    The majority of polls say the majority of the public supports a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. Wednesday’s NBC/WSJ poll showed less support for President Obama acting unilaterally, but the poll said the majority of the American public does support a pathway to citizenship for immigrants. Support jumps even higher if there are conditions (paying a fine, etc.) are included.

    It wasn’t hard to school your dumb-a**!

  20. @Butch:

    Since when do republicans hate fascism? I doubt your kind even knows the meaning of the word “fascist.” Your kind won’t stop until there’s a race-war!

    P.S., you’re mother!

  21. Because it says right there on page one of “Dictatorship and Tyranny for Dummies”:Allow free and open elections, taking the chance of losing all your power. They’ll never see that one coming”. You know, right under the passage that says “let your enemies live so they can frustrate you at every turn”. What a bunch of wankers.

  22. Sorry, but my comment was with respect to immigration reform taken unilaterally by executive order. ALL polls say the majority of Americans are against. Even when you break the numbers down while Democrats are in generally in favor, there are a significant percentage of their numbers 30% that oppose him doing it as well. I like the way you phrase “less support” yeah considerably less Spencer.

    Thanks for the lesson.

  23. The thugs will never be happy until they have absolute power. The most fervent wish is one where THEY, are the ONLY people who have ANY say in this country.
    The thugs accuse the Pres. of being a tyrant, an emperor, a dictator when in actual reality, THEY are the one who are capable of all these actions.

  24. “That would be every Republican in congress”
    YES. Think about that. These men and Women are employed by (US) The People! (We) pay their wages, (WE) are their employers!)
    YET, WE( the employers) have no say as to when they work, when they don’t, if they get a vacation.
    Only employees(in the whole world) who have the complete say as to the amount paid to them, the time they have off, the retirement they get, the Medical they get.
    Talk about a scam!!!
    The only control We have is the vote. This does not seem to matter any more. The very rich make sure of that.

  25. Christopher Schroeder, the Charles S. Murphy Professor of Law and Public Policy Studies at Duke Law School.
    Duke Law School was the hint.

    Schroeder is a liberal and an Obama appointee who worked in the DOJ. Quelle surprise. (The Federalist Society is non-partisan, and libertarian or conservative viewpoints are not required.)

    Stein is quoting a liberal, speaking in the abstract, in an attempt to prove what a not-so-conservative think-tank… thinks?


  26. (The Federalist Society is non-partisan, and libertarian or conservative viewpoints are not required.)
    •The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is a group of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order.

    Don’t be afraid to use that Google sometimes before you sound foolish

  27. I hope they do a close up on Boehner after the President annoucement, watch him start crying. Lol. McConnell wrinkles are going to fold over.

  28. Funny how you call the GOD “thugs”. Obama cannot legalize illegal citizens. Only congress can do that. It’s not a left vs right thing but a constitution thing. He himself admitted as much not so long ago. Just remember what comes around goes around. The Democratic party will regret doing this and in a big time way. Thanks Obama for making us a banana republic.

  29. Obama is not legalizing anyone. He simply protected the ones already here that have children born here from deportation. The same as Reagan did. Learn the issues before you call names and act stupid

  30. Yes Joan and Shiva you are correct. He is not legalizing these people but it will have the same effect over a period of time and Obama knows this. BTW. Reagan did offer amnesty except his plan was approved by Congress – the way it’s supposed to be. Be careful what you wish for ladies.

  31. Shiva that’s right “when the bill was passed”. So yes Reagan worked with congress and offered amnesty to a limited number of people. He didn’t say ” to hell with congress I’m making up my own rules. Obama is making this decision for the country – that will effect the whole country – by himself with no input from any other human being. A bold decision yes but believe it when I say there will be a huge price to pay. Neither party should unilaterally act like this.

  32. Reagan didnt offer Amnesty in his executive order. Obama is doing exactly what Reagan, Eisenhower and Bush senor did. Exactly. Either you cant comprehend this ir you are being silly on purpose.

    You are wrong about Reagan. The congress would not go along with what he wanted to do, so he used executive order to do it. Exactly as Obama is.

    Now bugger off, this is way too deep for you

  33. Shiva you are the one in way too deep. Reagan did not do what Obama is doing now. You can believe that fairy tale if you want. I will post Obama’s own words from 2011. If this doesn’t convince you nothing will:

    With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case. Because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed. And I know that everybody here at Bell is studying hard so you know that we’ve got three branches of government. Congress passes the law. The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws. There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply, through executive order, to ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president. 

  34. And you dont know your history. Reagan did exactly as Obama is doing today. No quotes from 2011 can change that. The congress passed Reagans bill, then refused to complete what was left out of the bill. Reagan did an executive order to do it. Obama has a congress that refuses to pass a simp[ly bill. There fore Obama is completely within his rights to do what he is doing.

    Reagan, Eisenhower, Obama and Bush. All did exactly the same thing. Deal with it. Learn your history.

  35. Shiva you’re casually disregarding Obama speech where he clearly states that he does not have the power as president to suspend deportations. The reason the House didn’t pass a bill is the Republicans knew Obama would veto anything that didn’t include suspensions amnesty or both. I feel for these people as well but there are so many immigrants doing it the right way and waiting years in the process. We’re it that our nation could take care of the world but we cant. Shiva were almost 20 trillion dollars in debt. You explain to me how we as a nation will ever pay that down?

  36. Pay it down? By adding new people to the tax roles. None of these people get federal benefits. They are aplus to the system

    Obama did exactly what Reagan did. Over and out.

  37. Shiva you are a truly naive if you think none of these millions won’t eventually receive some sort of govt assistance. The fact of the matter is most of them will until they are able to successfully assimilate into our society. How pray tel Shiva is this nation going to be able to afford generalized welfare for millions of people. You live in a complete fantasy world where these people are legalized, they get jobs and then everyone lives happily ever after. The cold hard facts are that most of these people end up on the govt dole either short term or long term. And where Shiva are the jobs going to come from? We already have many millions of our own citizens who can’t find work.

  38. The fantasy is making something out of nothing into something. There is no legalization path for these people.

    The executive order specify s no govt assistance. All it does it save people already here with children from being deported and their kids being left here. These people for the most part are already working.

    You may have missed it from Fox News, but the unemployment is down

    Now that you have made up a story and are completely out of facts, I will say goodnight

  39. Question: When the nation saw how the GOP shut down the government the last time and polls reflected how Americans blamed the GOP were you out there touting the polling data? My guess is no!

    Question: when 92% of Americans agreed with some form of background checks being conducted on those purchasing firearms and the GOP blocked it, were you sharing the polling data then? My guess is no!

    Question: When Republican led congress had a 9% approval rating, were you out sharing that poll? My guess is no!

    Question: When Republicans blocked the minimum wage increase and the majority of Americans wanted it increased, were you out sharing that poll? My guess is NO!

    Reality Check: Government is not run by polling data and thank God THIS President does not sit by and lead by polling people first. You have him confused with somebody else.

    Question: The GOP drew a line in the sand, right? Our President crossed it. Now what are they going to do? NOTHING that can hurt him!

  40. Not able to identify a law that was broken???…I am not sure where you are getting your information from. “The Supreme Court dealt a blow to the powers of the presidency Thursday, ruling decisively that President Obama violated the Constitution by going around the Senate to name key labor relations watchdogs.”

  41. Not sure WTF you are talking about since SCOTUS was not is session and if you would take your head out of the fox bubble and stop kochsucking you know the Roberts Court has said the President has the power

    The Roberts Court Has Already Said That Obama Has The Power To Issue His Immigration Order

    Your name should be Sir dummy

  42. Everybody knows that Tardmussen is a useless and right biased pollster anyways and they are paid millions to “skew” their polls so they can cause fear, anxiety, and make things look a certain way. Everybody knows these morons do not actually conduct any types of polls and they’re sitting there looking “full of crap.”

  43. uneducated teatards like yourself should try spending less time on the internet because you post diatribes that make no sense and I do not even think you know what you’re talking about… I’m also sure morons like you cannot define the phrase, “banana republic” and it shows how stupid you are by coming on a page where 98% of the members disagree with you. You’re as dumb as your screen name sounds.

  44. Since when are “emperors” chosen by the votes of citizens of their country. Boehner throws words around very loosely-maybe hoping folks will forget their history and forget how emperors really dictated. Amazing the ignorant words that the GOP folks are speaking…insulting to those who think clearly.

  45. Of course not.

    They are like seven-year old children.

    They are not happy unless they get 100 percent of their way – 100 percent of the time.

    They are like emotionally arrested children who never learned how to share…and are stuck there.

    Why America keeps electing these idiots, I am sure I don’t know – unless, of course, most of America….wait, never mind…I retract my bewilderment…most of America never DID learn to share otherwise we wouldn’t be NUMERO UNO in income inequality…we wouldn’t have families who have enough for them and 500 generations of their progeny to live in luxury without ever having to lift a finger…while others have nothing to eat tonight.

  46. Actually, gsb, you are wrong in that regard. I am on your side, one hundred and ten percent left wing…but the facts are the facts…

    Congress can no longer vote themselves a pay raise. They get an automatic 3 percent raise every year…unless they vote to not get that raise…which they in fact did the last two years (when Democrats were in control of the Senate)

    Now that the Republicans are in control of BOTH Chambers…let’s see if they vote down the pay increase THIS time (in 2015)

    I am betting they will TAKE the pay raise this time. They are Republicans, after all.

  47. And 12 or 13 of those fourteen points look eerily like Amerikkka today.

    Just sayin’

    This sure as hell isn’t the country I grew up in or learned about in school…not anymore.

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