Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Blame The Federal Government For Polar Vortex


An old Ohio pal of mine has one of those Internet radio shows that feature right-wingness to infinity and cuckoo guests spewing forth all manner of fed-hating paranoia. I’m included in his blast emails about his upcoming shows.

The latest such email contained quotes from a site called BioEngineering Watch (I’ll call it BEW). The major domo behind BEW seems to be Dane Wigington, a 50-something former contractor who worked in a solar plant for a time. He’s not a scientist, but plays one on the Internet. The site has been around for a few years and is now the center point of a pyramid of paranoia that has emerged as a result. My friend, the site and more than a few extreme conservatives who will bow to any theory that riddles the feds, are convinced that “Global climate engineering is forcing the climate system far past the breaking point.” At least that’s the view expressed by GeoEngineering Watch.

Other featured views or stories are captioned, Engineered Drought Catastrophe! What are they spraying? What’s REALLY going on with the weather? Then there’s “Climate Engineering is Creating Increasingly Extreme Weather Fluctuations.” Those few examples don’t even begin to tell the story.

The purpose of this and other sites like it is to call into question the universally accepted scientific fact that man is causing the earth to warm at a far greater rate than nature could possibly achieve. As a result of global warming and climate change, weather extremes are routine on both the warm and cold side of the spectrum.

Interestingly enough, the BEW bunch readily concedes that the earth is warming; they even suggest that numbers are being manipulated to the lower side, so as not to terrorize the population as to how serious the crisis really is. But it’s not man-made pollution that’s exacerbating the extreme weather changes. No sir; it’s the feds reaction to this global warming phenomenon. You see, according to the Wigington cult, the government is trying to balance the extreme heating of the globe with extreme cooling by using various tools to bring about these freezing conditions. White jets and their chemtrails have replaced black helicopters as harbingers of certain climate doom. It’s the black guy in the White House and his government running dogs doing all the harm.

“I saw at least ten white jets heading “somewhere” was an observation left on the BEW comment section. Others told of chemtrails and remnants of mysterious ‘climate sprays’ filling the skies. I especially liked this little gem: “Meteorologist Eric Holthaus is a government stooge! What he calls strange conditions are engineered weather manipulation and he knows it.” And who can ignore the alleged excess quantities of aluminum and barium abounding from all that government weather mischief? There’s a bit of misleading hyperbole here, if this debunking site is to be believed.

Wigington charges that the feds are utilizing profound jet stream manipulation with the use of ionosphere heater installations that are also a major factor in the engineered “polar vortex” events and cool-downs. It’s true; there are dozens of such heaters in virtually every corner of the world. They are purely research tools and have zero capability to modify weather or any of the other wackier mind control, disease causation and other conspiracies attributed to the technology.

Jim Lee, creator of Climate Viewer 3D, writing in HAARP, Science, The Resonation, put it best for the layman. His definition of the purpose of these installations is that scientists are trying to understand our ionosphere by “poking it” and seeing how it reacts. HAARP is a cooperative effort by the Department of Defense, the Air Force, Navy and the University of Alaska. After temporarily shutting down operations mid-year, HAARP is reportedly scheduled for permanent closure late 2014. Not sure of the current status.

So, this ‘manipulation’ nonsense amounts to little or nothing. In politics and magic, it’s called misdirection. Focus the constituents (audience) attention away from the core issue and get your legislation passed, or trick successfully completed while the crowd is focused on something else that is meaningless.

This is too pat. Wigington has but a minimal knowledge of the subject matter. He’s wrong more than he’s right. In fact, it appears to be surprising when he’s right. Visit various debunking sites in addition to the ones included here and here, and you’ll find he’s the antithesis of the expert he claims to be. This is a professional propaganda job; the facts be damned.

That leaves us with two interpretations of Wigington’s end game. Either this guy has figured out a way to make a ton of money in donations, speeches, interviews, books and other peripheral enrichment’s or, he’s being guided and well compensated by corporate propaganda hands to message a subject designed to distract from one of most critical issues of this or any other era. Given the paucity of scientific education and training in Wiginton’s background, in my opinion, it’s even doubtful he wrote all his website’s self-attributed pieces.

When the right finally comes out of the ether and realizes that this world is at natural risk, then that epiphany becomes very costly for the multi-national polluters as a mountain of corrective legislation and regulations will suddenly build up.

Finally, let me address the repeated charges of manipulation by Wigington and his followers. While there is a grain of truth to many of their concerns and conclusions, virtually all are overwrought and, yes, manipulated through misrepresentation and outright deception.

Manipulate: Right verb; wrong target.

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  1. These poor morons are too stupid to see that the Aluminum, Barium, Mercury and other heavy metals and poisons are coming from chemicals used in big agri and fracking. But as long as a shiny object like immigration reform, Benghazi, IRS, fast and furious and KXL are dangled like the proverbial carrot, they will never wise up watching Fox and reading Stormfront, Drudge, Townhall, The Daily Caller and other extreme sites.

  2. It amazes me since they are so stupid that they manage to make this stuff up with the few brain cells they have.

  3. It’s like watching a science fiction disaster movie. You have the big corporations owned and run by the evil billionaires. The bought politicians turning a blind eye to what’s going on. You sometimes scream at the TV screen to the morons who don’t see the obvious of what is going on, but to no avail. They can’t hear you. It’s a movie. You know it’s going to end badly, but there’s nothing you can do but watch and see what transpires. This is reality though and the morons can hear you. They just choose not to listen to the facts and instead listen to the rich billionaires ads and bought politicians. This global disaster is coming and the morons decide to bury their heads in the sand and say they don’t see any problem. Where’s the hero of the movie when you need them?

  4. Charlie Pierce book “IDIOT AMERICA” simply sums up america perfectly!! as a strong liberal who doesn’t take crap from ANY right winger, I must admit I’m getting tired!! I’m tired of debating, reasoning with, arguing with, today’s republicans!! the raw stupidity is beyond annoying, the covert racism and OVERT racism since 2008, the WHITE nationalism is draining me!! FUX NEWS and conservative media has made this once promising great country, a laughing stock!! the world doesn’t respect us, they either fear us or HATE us!! this empire is nearing it’s end!! and destroying the rest of the world with it!! heaven help us

  5. The most dangerous people in our nation at present are those that refuse to accept the fact that cognitive reasoning (knowledge) begins between one’s ears. There was a saying from C. 610 that well describes the lack of knowledge these nuts deals from….. ” (paraphrased) don’t tell me how much you have read; tell me how much you have travelled, and I can tell you how much you have understand what you read”.

  6. They want you drained! The are creepy cretins with a social/conduct disorder who would argue with you about taking out the trash for four hours and never relents. They never stop or shut up, and, will “mud wrestle” down until you “give up”…that’s how they win.

    Getting dirty is what the do; they have no decency, no boundaries, no scruples or consciousness; lie, cheat, steal is all they know, so why let them win by draining you?

  7. These guys aren’t as stupid as they sound. Not to say that there is any credibility to their claims-there isn’t. Pure paranoid nonsense. But, there is money to be made fleecing morons who actually do believe it. And it’s a perfect scam. The deeper you dig looking for proof, the less you find (because it doesn’t exist), but to them that’s just proof that the conspiracy goes higher and runs deeper. Being a right wing scam artist is the fast track to wealth, right Ted and Sarah?

  8. These aren’t the first, nor will they be the last. The Oregon Project started a petition some time in the 90s. While I haven’t heard much out of them for several years, they still exist. While they aren’t much on conspiracy theory, I believe they have had an influence on the NJs.




  9. I stopped debating my brothers friend Bob Russell because his conservative mindset keeps him from debating fairly and logically. He thinks he has won and tells people that but everyday he is being told quite the opposite. One of his childhood friends told him that Joe is doing you a favor Bob, he’s taking the high road. Bob is not stupid he’s college educated but does not use that intelligence to think critically he just watches FoX News and goes to the local bar the Dog House for a drink after work and joins the “debates” at this liberal hating echo chamber. He even goes so far as to claim that Kennedy was in fact a Staunch card carrying Conservative..I laughed so hard sand it pissed him off..poor poor Bob!

  10. wow. not even sure what to say. is our failing public education system to blame for this ignorance? mental illness?

  11. Roger Ailes was asked why he picked the Conservative model for Fox News. When he worked for Nixon he said that the conservative movement needed a dedicated news outlet. But the REAL reason is something Roger only hinted at but it was all to clear. Roger knew that Conservatives and Republicans have more money, are more religious and dogmatic and the real clincher here!… More Gullible lower IQ’s AND white and bigoted! The money comes from the stupid and goes right back to it.

  12. smelly, I’m here to tell you that it is in fact Mental Illness!! It is the mental illness of Conservative Christians.

  13. NASA has released an amazing new video: A Year in the Life of Earth’s CO2. It brilliantly illustrates how carbon dioxide travels around the world. The mesmerizing computer model makes it crystal clear that all countries of the world will have to act together to combat climate change:

  14. The author is completely uninformed and has the name of the Wigington group wrong. It’s GEOengineering watch.

    I am one of many activists opposing covert geoengineering (chemtrails). We are mostly liberal environmentalists… not conservatives. I support the Sierra Club and Bernie Sanders, for example.

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