Editorial Cartoon: FSU Shooting

My deepest sorrow.


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  • Shiva, it's not we can't kill enough people. It's the NRA ammosexuals that cannot kill enough people. I'm waiting for the usual drek from Fox News ginning up the fear because he was black. The NRA will never admit that guns kill people! They deny the very existence of the firearm in the process of propelling bullets at high rates of speed. According to the NRA's logic humans are able to propel bullets at supersonic speeds with deadly accuracy. The NRA has blood on it's hands Money in it's pockets and no responsibility in the death that they cause daily. The NRA must GO along with the 2nd Amendment. It's time to start destroying firearms factories and death dealing gun shops. Time for Americans to grow past childhood and put down the childish things like guns. I used to play with guns when I was a CHILD!!! I stopped at the age of 10.

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