Pelosi Slams Republican Failure While Praising Obama for Strong Leadership

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In a statement put out from Leader Pelosi’s office, the Democratic House Minority Leader praised the President for taking action where Republicans failed to act, referring to President Obama’s Thursday evening announcement on executive action he’s going to take on immigration reform.

Leader Pelosi went through the shameful threats Republicans have been making against President Obama for doing what all modern presidents before him have done, and then urged people not to listen to Republicans on immigration reform, saying we “welcome President Obama’s meaningful, courageous and imminent action.”

The statement from the Democratic Leader’s office:

Tonight, the President will outline his plan to help fix our broken immigration system and secure our future – showing strong leadership where Republicans have failed to act.  But all House Republicans know is distraction, obstruction and dysfunction, so their reaction to the President’s immigration actions shouldn’t come as a surprise:

They’re threatening to shut down the government - again.

They’re talking about impeaching the President – and sending him to jail.

Their own leaders aren’t taking any action off the table - no matter how extreme.

The radical, anti-immigrant voices in their Conference are once again the loudest – and this time, they’re calling undocumented immigrants “illiterate.”

Even worse, House Republicans now have the nerve to suggest that, if only the President would hold off on taking action, they’ll finally come to the table and work with Democrats to fix our immigration system.  It’s as if they expect the American people to totally forget their obstructive record.


On immigration reform, don’t listen to House Republicans.  Because they’re certainly not listening to the American people.  It’s time to act, and we welcome President Obama’s meaningful, courageous and imminent action.


As the nation listens to President Obama give his announcement tonight (and they won’t be doing it on major network TV since all the networks refused to carry his address), consider that the President has waited 511 days for House Republicans to act on the bipartisan immigration reform bill sent to them by the Senate.

Republicans have always had the power to stop the President from taking executive action, as the President prefers to see the law actually changed via Congress. But something must be done, and it’s become clear that Republicans won’t do it.

Instead, Republicans call the President names like they’re in preschool. They threaten him with impeachment and prison and generally make fools of themselves. This is a sad display of a party that can’t or won’t govern. Instead of solutions, all Republicans have are more witch hunts, lawsuits, and nasty names. These are the actions of a party without ideas.

Meanwhile, the nation welcomes someone finally doing something about our immigration problem, and if it has to be the President, so be it. If it was good enough for Reagan to do, it should be good enough for Obama in Republican eyes.

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16 Replies to “Pelosi Slams Republican Failure While Praising Obama for Strong Leadership”

  1. Good. It’s time Democrats started speaking out, however, the media won’t carry it. Maybe if they all spoke up it might be hard to ignore.

  2. I wouldn’t worry about the major networks not carrying it. The number we should focus on are the 10 million who will watch it on Univision at the start of the Latin Grammy awards.

    On the topic at hand maybe the Democrats have finally woken up to the fact that we will hang together or they, the teahadist will hang us separately. The mid terms prove that.

  3. Bonnie..don’t lose hope. The runaway train that was McCarthyism was derailed and this will be too. We don’t see the mechanisms yet, perhaps they are still being engineered, but they will come.

  4. May 15, 2006, ABC, CBS, NBC News aired Pres George W. Bush’s primetime speech on
    immigration. Showing right-wing bias by ignoring speech by Pres Obama. Wonder why?

  5. Some may be worried that they’ll be able to work and that may not be good for Americans. The problem is that THEY ARE already working – without paying all the taxes as we do. Once they get permits, this comes to an ending. Some don’t like this exec action despite of agree that immigrants should have a path for citizenship. They really expect Congress to act on it? This is crazy! Heritage Foundation (from the Koch Bros) believe Hispanic people have low IQ!These people have paid to Reps put THEIR policies in place, and won’t allow them to pass any legislation that would benefit those people!

  6. Republican Rep. Steve King is already melting down over the immigration speech Obama hasn’t given yet. He considers even the timing of the speech to be an outrage.

    In a speech to an empty House chamber after the last votes of the week, King said President Obama and his “minions” must have checked the congressional calendar before deciding on the Thursday prime-time announcement. King noted that “95 percent” of lawmakers would be out of town by the 8 p.m. address to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday.
    “We shouldn’t think it’s timed that way by accident,” King said. “It’s strategically timed so that members of Congress have just left town anxious to embrace our families and celebrate Thanksgiving.”

    Hey idiot you are going home a week before Thanksgiving while millions of us has been told don’t show up for work you are fired.

  7. It is beyond disrespectful that the PRESIDENT wants to speak to the American people and these networks are refusing to air it. How dare they? Seriously, love him or hate him, he’s our President and what he has to say is important!

    Not to mention the fact that they are acting like toddlers who think if they cover their eyes, they become invisible and you can’t see them. Putting your fingers in your ears and going “lalalalalala” doesn’t change the validity of his words and actions! Sweet fancy Moses! How embarrassing!

  8. If the President scheduled his actions to avoid Congressional absences, then he wouldn’t get anything done either.

  9. Did I just hear that these Republican idiots, now want to work with the President on Immigration reform, before he gives his speech?. Look if these folks are not the absolute worse bunch of fools that has ever set foot in Washington, i will eat my hat!!!! Have you heard what has been said today? (Start with Bauckmann,and King for starters) I have seen and heard quotes by our fellow right wingers that rival anything said before and during the civil rights movement. The hate is rampant, but this is simply the right thing to do. Thank you President Obama for your courage.

  10. The point I was making that was IF the Democrats start speaking up, the media wouldn’t carry it. I was not referring to the President’s speech tonight.

  11. They will not pay any taxes since they are paid under the table and or are under the poverty level instead they wil get welfare, wic and heath insurance. They will take 10 times more money from the government treasury than they will put in by paying taxes.

    The president brings up a hunky dory story about a young girl but forgets to mention the drug runners and gang bangers who flood the streets of LA and southern California or those who ravage the homes of ranchers in Texas and Arizonia.

    Obama is blowing smoke!!!

    How will you do background checks on people without ID’s?

    How do you prove the date when they entered the country?

    How will he secure the boarder?

    How are they “Patriotic” when they march through Washington holding Mexican flags?

    By giving them work permits you take more jobs from black americans who predominantly hold entry level jobs.

  12. Wrong. They have bank accounts, they own new vehicles, they pay taxes on everything they buy

    Did you miss the part about deporting criminals and border security?

    Has any president secured the “boarder”? BTW, its border.

    Stop being an idiot. You also missed the part where they dont get any federal benefits like welfare. jesus man, did someone give you a script to paste here?

  13. Wow Bryan, is it difficult being this clueless? Geez, take off those fear colored glasses and stop perpetuating debunked myths. It does make one look rather foolish. The only one blowing smoke is you and those who feed you this utter lunacy. You need a new set of friends. Really, it would be a lot healthier for you.

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