Sources Claim Darren Wilson Will Resign From Ferguson Police Force If Not Indicted

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CNN reported late Thursday evening that sources close to Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson confirm that Wilson is in the last stages of negotiating his resignation from the Ferguson police department. Wilson is currently waiting on a decision from the St. Louis County grand jury on whether or not he’ll be indicted on any charges in the shooting death of 18-year-old unarmed Michael Brown. The officer confronted and shot Brown at least six times on August 9th, sparking months of protests and demonstrations in and around Ferguson.

Anxiety grips the entire St. Louis metro area as a decision from the grand jury nears. Obviously fearing large-scale protests should Wilson not be indicted, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon announced a contingency plan last week and formally named a unified command to oversee security in relation to any protests. The plan involves 1,000 police officers as well as the National Guard. On Monday, Nixon preemptively declared a state of emergency so he could mobilize the National Guard ahead of the grand jury decision.

It is possible that Friday is the last day the grand jury will meet. If a decision is reached on Friday, it is unlikely that an announcement will come the same day. Prosecutors have agreed with local law enforcement to give them 48 hours notice before publicly releasing the decision. Therefore, police officers can be mobilized and ready to act as soon as the announcement is made. Ryan Reilly of the Huffington Post was at a neighborhood meeting in St. Ann, a town near Ferguson, where police told residents to expect a Sunday announcement.



Meanwhile, protests have grown a bit more heated the past couple of nights. Police have gathered in front of the Ferguson police station decked out in riot gear to confront demonstrators this week. Wednesday and Thursday nights saw multiple arrests of protesters. At the same time, the crowds have been relatively small in comparison to the police presence and the majority of those who have shown up appear to be press or protesters who have recently arrived from out-of-town.


Police may try to say the heavy media presence the past two nights possibly could have riled up protesters on the scene to be more vocal towards police and ignore orders to move out of the street. However, at the same time, it appears officers have done their part to antagonize and protesters in order to force a reaction.

Also, while media coverage of protests can be criticized, and will be in the weeks to follow, the one fact remains that a sizable press contingent on the ground means potential violations of protesters’ rights have a more likely chance of being captured on video. With a large number of cameras on the scene, we can see arrests take place and the events that lead up to them. Reilly, after attending the St. Ann meeting, was on hand when arrests were made last night and posted videos to Twitter.

If a ‘no true bill’ is handed down by the grand jury, protests are expected to take place in three locations: Ferguson, Shaw neighborhood (where Vonderrit Myers was shot and killed), and Clayton (where the county courthouse is located). Protest organizers, activists and community leaders have been working around the clock to ensure that the demonstrations are vocal and forceful, but also non-violent. Also, they are training those who will be protesting on proper civil disobedience tactics as well as medical training.

On Friday morning, Attorney General Eric Holder announced new guidelines for law enforcement ahead of the grand jury decision. He asked both protesters and police officers to maintain the peace and minimize confrontation during any demonstrations that should arise from the decision. Below is video of Holder’s speech:


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  1. He’ll get a nice gig on FOX, pal around with OllieNorth, party with Palin and Joe Plumber, and maybe even Dance with the Stars.

  2. Why not resign now, why wait?

    Does anyone honestly believe that he will be indicted at this point? We’ll all be shocked if he is…All this to stop one person from going to trial SMH

  3. Him making that announcement at this time makes me wonder if he hasn’t already received a ‘leak’ from the grand jury that no indictment will come.
    I thought Eric Holder’s statement was well crafted with an equal measure of warning to both sides.

  4. Resign??? Duh. He’d better hope the feds offer him a witness protection plan. Regardless the grand jury decision, he has a target about a mile across right on his forehead. It is fantasy to think that someone won’t want to make history by…

  5. So Darren Wilson is “negotiating” retirement from the police force? He should be fired, without any compensation and without any future benefits. There should be some recognition that what he did was wrong. How dare this policeman, whose actions have caused such calamity even dream that he could come out of this with change in his pocket and dollars in his future.

  6. Watching this whole thing with great disgust at the obvious intention by the white community of making sure this ‘police officer’ (pos!) gets out of this situation without scars – I really wish we could trust the law, but it is quite obvious that nobody can – I am white, but have been close to the other side of things on many occasions, so I have seen what the truth is and I know first hand that the white race(mine !) has a sizable chunk of it’s people who are morons and hate-filled and really scum ! God help us all when those who are supposed to uphold the law are the very ones we all have to be wary of !!!

  7. He still will face a massive civil lawsuit. And he will be marked for life. I notice the “rewards” of fame for George Zimmerman have not been so rewarding. I suspect Darren Wilson will face the same consequences for his lifetime.

  8. I think Wilson will be a little different. He isnt as insane as Zimmerman is. I imagine Wilson just disappearing from view

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