The GOP Poutfest Ignited: House Republicans Sue President Obama Over ACA


In case you needed a study in contrasts, today we have Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) using taxpayer money to sue President Obama over the implementation of the ACA (aka, Obamacare)- a suit that nearly every reasonable person has told them has no merit and a suit that two law firms dumped the GOP over, while just hours ago President Obama did Republicans’ jobs for them by doing something to fix our broken immigration system. One of these entities is not really doing their job. It’s the ultimate GOP poutfest.

In a press release, Speaker Boehner announced his temper tantrum is indeed going public:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) today announced that the House of Representatives – consistent with the House-passed resolution H.Res. 676 – has filed litigation over President Obama’s unilateral actions on his health care law:

“Time after time, the president has chosen to ignore the will of the American people and re-write federal law on his own without a vote of Congress. That’s not the way our system of government was designed to work. If this president can get away with making his own laws, future presidents will have the ability to as well. The House has an obligation to stand up for the Constitution, and that is exactly why we are pursuing this course of action.”

Republicans pretend that the President doesn’t have authority to tweak the implementation of a policy, but he does. But Republicans aren’t really upset over his implementation changes; they’re trying to save face with the Tea base. After all, they spent years telling you that Obama was killing everyone with Obamacare. The Death Panels, etc. And now that none of that has happened and people actually like their Obamacare, Republicans must distract with more noise.

It should come as no surprise that Republicans don’t do anything but troll Democratic presidents. They did this to Clinton and made fools of themselves and here they are again, making mountains out of hypocritical molehills and hysterically screeching and pouting constantly. There have barely been a few moments when we could celebrate a sane, rational, reasonable Republican in the last six years. They have become a party of crying babies and this lawsuit is just the beginning. After last night’s immigration action announcement, Republicans admitted the President has their balls in a vice grip. So like the children they are, they will react.

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi tried to hold in her contempt, “After scouring Washington for months, Republicans have finally found a TV lawyer to file their meritless lawsuit. While the American people want Congress to get serious about creating good-paying jobs and strengthening the middle class, House Republicans are paying $500-an-hour in taxpayer money to sue the President of the United States.”

Pelosi called Republicans out for trying to undermine the legislative process that legally passed the ACA after much vigorous, public debate, “The fact is, this lawsuit is a bald-faced attempt to achieve what Republicans have been unable to achieve through the political process. The legislative branch cannot sue simply because they disagree with the way a law passed by a different Congress has been implemented. It is clear, as one leading legal scholar put it, that this lawsuit is ‘an embarrassing loser.'”

An embarrassing loser it is, at least according to constitutional scholars. But this is what reactionaries, who don’t like that all Americans have access to affordable health insurance, do. For all of the GOP’s trolling over Obamacare, not once have they offered a viable, detailed alternative other than No Care. And that matters, because it highlights yet again that Republicans don’t really have a rational, ideological objection to Obamacare; but rather, they are simply obstructing everything this President does, because that is their on the record political strategy.

That’s a no to caring about the American people and putting aside political end games and a yes to catering to extremists and special interests out of weakness and desperation.

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  1. AaaHaaa!! Poor Poor Babies!! some one get their sour grape and Tea nummy and put it back in their mouth(s)!! But wash it off first…we are not savages..

  2. “Time after time, the president has chosen to ignore the will of the American people” – you mean the will of the American people that voted for him twice and by large margins? The ones who voted for him even after the ACA passed, those people?

    The GOP can cry us all a river and build us a bridge, I tired of their BS years ago-finally (hopefully) PO has too…

  3. Just wait. You going to have some wing nut come on here and say Jonathon Turly who is arguing this nonsense is a liberal so it has merit.

    Turly is either a fool or just another grifter chasing a welfare check

  4. ““After scouring Washington for months, Republicans have finally found a TV lawyer to file their meritless lawsuit. While the American people want Congress to get serious about creating good-paying jobs and strengthening the middle class, House Republicans are paying $500-an-hour in taxpayer money to sue the President of the United States.”

    WELL-paying jobs, dammit!!! I guess even Nancy doesn’t speak English.

  5. Please proceed, Republican fools. You’ll have to prove that his action 1) is unconstitutional (this action, by the way, is taken by a professor of Constitutional law), and 2) that you have incurred injury somehow because of it. Good luck with that, assholes.

  6. GOP should use Koch money for this fool’s errand of a lawsuit, instead of taxpayers’ money.

    I wonder if there is any way we can do anything to prevent use of taxpayer money for this bs.

  7. Republican logic says if you can’t nail the President for doing something you didn’t want, sue him for doing exactly what you wanted on another issue.
    How do you rationally deal with people like this?

  8. Do they ever stop with the drama? All of them lies..just to make the base react. They are inciting white on brown killings..that’s what they’re doing. They’re riling up the white supremes to get their guns..on CNN they said the immigrants are going to rape our women and kill our children..are you fricken ready for that? WTH have they ever done but clean you house, raise your kids, pick your fruits and vegetables..Oh yeah. Those are the jobs they took from you. Yeah, cause you guys want to work for slave wages like they do the latino immigrants, in the sun with no protection, no benefits, no nothing. You people on the right are barbaric as hell. You belong in seem to have the same mindset. Short of you killing us all like their leader..your mighty close DENYING US THE RIGHT TO VOTE SO YOU CAN HAVE THE HOUSE…you WON NOTHING! Thieves that you are GOP! Cowards..cry babies..little men. Racist bigoted party of NO!

  9. Yes, there was. At the beginning of this month, we had an opportunity to change this idiot parade. Most Non-Republicans didn’t feel it was worth turning off Survivor long enough to go out and vote. Go look at the numbers and realize that H.L. Menkin was right :

    The problem with Democracy is it assumes the other guy knows what he wants.

  10. I am of the mind that the American citizens need to do their obligations.

    We need to have Physical and Psychological evaluations of the Idiots in Congress, to certify if they are fit to serve.

    Not by MD that are of their ilk, but by Qualified Board Certified Doctors and scientists.

  11. Instead of suing Obama, why isn’t Boehner demanding that states heavily fine corporations that hire illegals? Why isn’t he screaming “Let’s stop the reason for them to come. If companies won’t hire them because of certain and severe penalties, they won’t come.” Could it be because the GOP’s REAL constituents, Big Corp, would scream bloody murder? During the recession, illegal immigration was at a net zero. As many were leaving as were trying to enter. Why? No jobs. Smack down companies that hire illegals, and the border secures itself.
    Things that make you go Hmmm…

  12. Boehner must have been drunk during the announcement last night cuz he seems to have missed it.
    Democrats.. after Thanksgiving please look into the fact that YOU are the one who should be suing! Don’t you think refusing to pass any Obama appointments based on the grounds of revenge, is an abuse of power of the highest degree? Doesn’t the recent Ebola situation remind you that being without a surgeon general at a time like that endangered public safety? The public needed education and direction from that office, not from a ‘czar’ that the gop demanded but from a person duly recommended for that position. Since this is the ONLY threat the gop are likely to carry out, I demand that you address this egregious abuse of senate power.

  13. They know it is without merit, but they have to do something to pacify the tea-babies. Boehner and others are backed into a corner by their own actions, and they are desperate to find a way out of it.

  14. you shouldn’ should have to. But being that our First African American president is black..everything is on the table according to the can call him racist names but they’re not being racist..watermelons in front of the white many disrespectful things. They remind me of how the white man hated the blacks when there was slavery. The GOP hate Americans and especially latinos the same exact way. If they could today..they would gas us all. Trust me. They are that hungry for their power. Hold on cause January is coming..wait till you see the draconian shit they try to help me the Dems better be on their game and stop them. We can’t. They have never done what the people asked for 6 years. And now try to say the President didn’t listen tot the people. You mean he didn’t listen to the GOP! THAT WAS THE BEST THING HE DID. Ignore you the racist cheap labor conservative party of NO.

  15. The Authority for Mandate Delay Act (H.R. 2667; 113th Congress) was introduced on July 11,2013 by Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR)which would of ”Delayed The Employer Mandate by One-Year”. The vote on The Employer Mandate Delay Legislation passed 264-161. So, The Republicans want to ”sue” President Obama over The Employer Mandate Delay that they themselves wanted him to do in the first place?

  16. Jonathan Turley is a grifter who comes on MSNBC pretty regularly to bad mouth President Obama. He’s an emoprog and an extremist. Fools often share the same bed. And he’s now in bed with the GOP.

  17. I’m not angry with John Boehner anymore. Not since I realized the stuff that comes out of his mouth is not coming from him. You can read it on his face that he hates what they make him say. He apparently sold his soul to the corporate devil (Kock brothers and similar types) never realizing what the devil would expect from him in return. Realizing this, I can see it’s no wonder the poor man always looks like he’s about to cry. Boehner be like: “Help Mr. Wizard”.

  18. I also think we need to remember that many House Republicans come from little back-wood districts in States where people are very ill-informed with little education. These representatives, themselves, don’t have to have college degrees or even have common sense. Hell, they probably don’t have to read above a six grade level. I once knew a college president who was paid by a few Congresscritters to write speeches for them.

    Senators are a little different. They have to represent an entire state. But a Congressperson only represents their district. They do not have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Come to think of it Senators from Red states where education levels are low just need to be good liars.

  19. They need to know, that if they use my money to pay lawyers and such I’ll be wanting my money paid back, and with interest.

  20. Because Republicans are the party dedicated to ending frivolous spending in any way possible, no matter how much it costs.[wink]


  21. Oh, so Boehner thinks Bush didn’t circumvent laws with all his use of signing statements? Can he even see to the end of his orange nose?

  22. Look at the facts folks. Reagan did it when we were in recession, as did the shrub boys. They are aware that these people are already working, just not paying tax. Why? Because big agri needs them to work the fields and others need their lawns and gardens taken care of as no white or black or asian Americans will do those menial tasks for very little money. If they keep them in the shadows, they keep wages suppressed and their base, the Chamber of Commerce and others are fine, if they bring too much out of the shadows and taxes start coming in, they can’t call for cuts to SS and Medicare. So Boehner chooses to listen to his paymasters over the people. You will never get a teatard to see the truth, as a lot of the “illegals” are not Messicans, but are from each country around like Afghanistan, Ireland, etc. They never notice the ones that aren’t dark skinned to keep their base riled up.

  23. I forgot to add that Reagan and the shrubs knew that it boosts the gdp and economy, therefore they gave amnesty to nearly 8 million people while Reagan hired 1 million public sector employees and Bush lite hired over 1.5 million. Otherwise known as the Keyensian multiplier that they say the Democrats use.

  24. Sheriff Joe Arpaio now suing Obama too.
    Maybe Donald Trump can get on board in the case of dumbasses vs Obamagration.

  25. Seriously folks…this “lawsuit to nowhere” is costing we the taxpayer how much? Please keep us posted.

  26. I think that capped the legal fees at half a million but in republican math count on it will cost millions

  27. White House names new executive pastry chef. Republicans immediately threaten to sue, saying it is beyond Obama’s constitutional authority

    White House Announces New Executive Pastry Chef, Susan Morrison
    The White House is pleased to announce that Susan E. “Susie” Morrison will serve as the next White House Executive Pastry Chef. Morrison is the seventh person and first woman to serve in this role. She begins just in time to spearhead the always highly anticipated Holiday Gingerbread House. The position was most recently held by William Yosses, who departed earlier this year to create the “Kitchen Garden Laboratory,” a wellness through cooking advocacy group.

  28. And just imagine the uproar from the citizenry across this country when they find out that taking away their Obamacare means they no longer have that health insurance they were so happy and relieved to have. There will be no more requirement to cover existing conditions, no more first time coverage for millions of people and no continuing coverage for young people on their parent’s policy. Image that. There are millions of people who love having this coverage under the ACA but who hate “Obamacare”. It’s going to be a rude awakening.

  29. If its one thing I have learned about the Reich its never their fault and even if the evidence came from Jesus himself they will deny it ever happen. As a added bonus they will blame the black guy and they will get away with it because our media will never ever question a conservatives integrity or lack of it

  30. Great post!

    The World Court declared GW Bush, Cheney & Company war criminals. BTW, I understand that both are banned from visiting other countries, including Canada.

  31. Great post!

    Here are some more:
    ”The cornerstone of democracy rests on an informed electorate.” Thomas Jefferson;

    “…Teach Democracy”… was Alexis de Toqueville’s advice after visiting the U.S.

    Both used wisdom.

  32. A march on Washington by Americans into the halls of Congress is long overdo! Perhaps seeing the large representation, thousands…converging in to their ivory towers will scare them into submission to the will of the people not the
    “trumped up” ones made up by their love of money.

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