Local Stations Around The Country Ignored Network Blackout And Televised Obama Speech

local stations televise obama immigration speech
Local television stations around the country ignored the corporate networks’ attempt to blackout President Obama’s immigration speech by broadcasting the president’s remarks live on their own.

According to The Hill,

Many local television stations across the country carried President Obama’s primetime immigration address live Thursday even as major networks said they would stick with regular programming.

Reports on social media showed that Obama’s speech aired live on all or most local television stations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, Raleigh and Washington, D.C., among other cities.

Major networks including ABC, CBS and FOX confirmed that Obama’s speech would not be aired on their networks, while cable news and Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo would.

The local stations did their duty and placed informing the public ahead of November sweeps. The president’s speech was only fourteen minutes long. It would not have been a major disruption to the primetime lineup. The decision by the networks was especially hypocritical when viewed in the context that these same networks routinely delay their programming by 30-60 minutes when NFL or live sporting event telecasts run long.

It is heartening to see that some station managers still understand their duty to inform the public. The broadcast networks abandoned their responsibility to cover the news. The answer to why the American voter is uninformed can be found in the corporate owned media’s decision to de-emphasize information in their programming. Some stations still understand their civic duty, but the corporate assault on the public’s right to know will continue until the American people speak out.

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  1. Somehow, this particular blackout struck me as especially sinister. Let us see how the networks treat local affiliates who ignored them.

  2. I watched it on MSNBC, but none of my local MI stations thought remarks by our President that will be fuel for the Foxstorm for the next months were important. What was worse, was that Steve Schmidt appears to be back in the Koch fold. He ranted and raved about overreaching and how the President has no precedence for this ‘fiat’ and how the GOP was going to fight back. Moron. Chris Hayes nailed him a couple of times. I thought the President was reasonable, honest, and calm. He has thought this through, unlike the ‘leaders’ on the right, who want nothing less than his head on a platter to serve up to their hateful masses. I do not know how he gets through the day, with the hate coming from the GOP invading this nation.
    Then they dare to promise to work with him on immigration, something they prefer to let get worse and worse, just like healthcare. The GOP has nothing, and their voters are idiots.

  3. In live in Houston and our local PBS station aired the the speech. I watched it there,then switched to MSNBC. PBS had a republican rebuttal and I didn’t want to hear it.

  4. Just watched Boehners rebuttal, he looked like he would rather be back in the bar with a drink in his hand, he left abruptly,
    probably before he burst into tears.

  5. The reason they chose to not air the President’s speech was that it was ‘overtly political’? When did ABC, CBS and NBC decide they were no longer members of the Fourth Estate responsible for keeping the public informed?
    The President made an important decision that affects us all, and wanted to address the American people. We have the right to hear his own words, not the interpretation of pundits who skew things to their own agenda.
    “Overtly political” was the action of the corporatists who own and run the networks. And the Fourth Estate is dead!

  6. This is called people power. Many of these states also have large Latino audiences who wanted to hear what the President said. These Koch whores just got bitch smacked by we the people, if you think about it!
    We all know the Koch Brother’s and their whores want us to be ignorant, just like those members of those brown and black terrorists in the Middle East.

  7. Local NBC affiliate WVIT in Hartford showed it- kudos to them (and I’ll try to hold back my complaints about the doggie news they show for at least a week).

  8. It wasn’t the national stations who didn’t want to show the speech. It was the White House who decided to NOT formally request that they air it which is standard procedure for a presidential address. It’s all political spin to create a perceived bias in order get sympathy from the American people and new sites like this one.

  9. Of course, all of the networks will be broadcasting GOP reactions to the ten-minute address for the next three weeks. I’m amazed to think that the networks actually carried the address about killing Osama bin Laden. I bet if they had it to do over again, they would refuse on the grounds that it was political grandstanding and that no one cared anyway.

  10. You sir, are full of feces. Go pedal your BS somewhere else, this is not a right-wing site full of know-nothing sheeple.

  11. I would like to thank my local station WMAQ-5 for broadcasting the address. Now a days local news is only thing that`s worth a damn any more.

  12. @bennett, you’re either a fool or you’re playing the role of a fool! Obama doesn’t need to pull stupid ass backwards stunts like that to garner sympathy, your WHITE NATIONALIST party has called him EVERYTHING short of NIGGER! but of course in your FUX NEWS world, you can’t understand it but you probably think those white girl dressed up in BLACK FACE wasn’t a racial jab at A.A.’s RIGHT?

  13. I find it hilarious yet deplorable that these four major networks decided the speech to be unfit to air, and shows just how much this ingrates running those companies think of not just the president and the people of this country, but people in other countries as well. This also goes to show how much corporate control has sway over politics in this country, and it’s going to come to a point where action will be taken to keep this sort of thing from continuing to happen. Had it been anything like what the Chinese Gov’t does with their media people would probably be up in arms about it, but it’s okay because folks gotta watch that football game or the next episode of Hannibal.

  14. yes thanks to the local stations. I knew Austin, Houston and San Antonio (south texas) would carry the president but, my sister in (overly conservative north texas) Dallas, two local stations showed him too. she was very surprised.

  15. Training their audience to ignore them. By refusing to air the President’s speech, they have made themselves obsolete. Boomers were trained to turn to TV for news.

    Now, we turn to the web to cut the crap and toadying. TV is a wasteland.

  16. “We all know the Koch Brother’s and their whores want us to be ignorant,”

    Well it seems to be working for almost half of the country.

  17. I watched it on msnbc. Sense I heard Fox wasn’t carrying it! I then caught a little unfair debate on Bill O’Reilly who I usually respect, but not much this time. I like what he had to say an how the President said it. I then looked up Presidential Executive orders on past Immigration an by God he was right Sense way back in the Eisenhower years Republican Presidents have been giving Executive Orders on Immigration Fix’s————-because it is LEGAl for them to do so an because the program needs to be fixed every so many years when it breaks down an our Nation goes through changes! Wow, learned some thing new this time!

  18. We must be careful or we will be N. Korea an not America! How dare those Net work make those choice’s for the American people an start filtering what we see/hear on National T.V from our Government! I will never tune into not one of their channels again! MSNBC has my attention from now on an any other station who was brave enough to televise the presidential speech! Those who want to senser us can go do so in Commmunist china an N. Korea an good riddance to bad trash!

  19. There is a change in the air….more and more we are come to realize how the American people are manipulated. Social media has been a big help keeping people in contact with one another on stories. And many people can decipher the difference from truth and BS…Many…not all. I believe our president has exposed the racism that still exists in this country as well as many of the political games and tricks played on us. When he was elected people said he would not do good in politics because he was too new. I figured he would make more of an impact because he had not been in politics long enough to become corrupt as the lifetime politicians. Boehner’s Youtube post was nothing less than a continued campaign to demonize anything that our President has done. Boenher is a traitor to the American people…perhaps he will shut down more jobs to get what he wants? He is a tyrant and traitor to our great country and needs to be removed from his power.

  20. I really respect you for saying that and I would urge you to continue thinking outside the box and letting other voices into the debate; self educating on the issue like you did, well needless to say I wish more Americans were like you.

  21. Apparently if rumors are true, Steve has signed onto the Perry 2016 campaign. He just lost his ability to be reasonable. He also apparently lost every ounce of good sense. Perry?????

  22. Seriously? Bitch smacked? Latino activists pumped – as LGBT and single payer fans had in 2010 – for people to ‘send a message’ to the president and NOT VOTE. And they did NOT VOTE.

    When you don’t vote because you didn’t immediately get what you want, you immediately get what you DON’T want.

    Good luck with the slavering RED Congress and state legislatures. Bitch slap? Yeah – our OWN faces.

  23. I didn’t check PBS or my local stations. I watched it once on MSNBC then again on Fox News. Fox aired it a little different. They aired it in ten second sound bites, then had a panel of dropouts and otherwise disgraced pundits like Hannity tell their uninformed rubes how it was un-constitutional. It was worth the good November belly laugh to get me out of the depression I feel this time of year since my son was murdered. The only line most of them left off, and I think Kelly or Van Systern aired was the line ” don’t like it, pass a bill”. I had to turn to Fox immediately and see the shitstorm of stupidity I knew was coming as this site and Media Matters are the only ones that will call out Fox’s stupidity.

  24. Stop the presses and pass the smelling salts. She said what???!!!!
    Fox News’ Megyn Kelly admits that the right uses ‘amnesty’ to ‘sort of get people upset’
    On the November 19 edition of The Kelly File, Kelly acknowledged that the president is not actually pursuing “amnesty,” because “amnesty is citizenship and that’s not what [Obama] is talking about.” Kelly also explained how conservatives purposely misuse the word “amnesty” for political gain: “That’s a hot-button term that the right uses to sort of get people upset.”

    Megyn Kelly’s Startling Immigration Admission Subverts Months Of Fox Fearmongering, Including Her Own

    Kelly Called Executive Action “Amnesty” In July, Now Admits It’s A Loaded Term Exploited By Conservatives

  25. Perhaps it’s time to reclaim our airwaves from owners who do not honor their agreement with the FCC!

  26. I do have to admit though, that I kind of get a kick out of righties who come on her and get their butts handed to them, it’s amusing.

  27. yeah, amnesty is a part of their talking points, another one is bailout. I don’t remember where I read it several years ago, but those terms plus a few others were spread to Rs and they were told to use them whenever possible, just like their dog whistles. They are masters of propaganda for sure.

  28. Grateful there are pockets of resistance in Panem.

    Strongly suggest you file an FCC complaint on your local station if it did not carry the speech, and against the networks, for breach of their broadcasting license – which mandates programming “in the public interest.” (If this speech didn’t meet that criteria, how does “The Biggest Loser”??) It’s very quick to do, FCC.gov… 15 minutes and you’re done.

    Easy peasy and guess what? No bloodshed.

  29. I watch MSNBC; they carried it, and also discussed it afterward. They show more respect to the office of President than the rest of the media. Guess that is why I watch them and ignore the other stations.


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