The Crazy Burns: Rand Paul Compares Obama’s Executive Actions to Internment Camps

Rand Paul

Now that Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has announced that he is the biggest defender of minority rights in the Senate (against all facts to the contrary including his own hiring of a neo-confederate pro-secessionist), he thought it would be clever to compare President Obama taking executive action on immigration to FDR putting Japanese-Americans in internment camps.

Watch here, courtesy of American Bridge:

Speaking in Lexington Kentucky the day after Obama’s announcement, Paul said (transcript courtesy of TPM), “I care that too much power gets in one place. Why? Because there are instances in our history where we allow power to gravitate toward one person and that one person then makes decisions that really are egregious. Think of what happened in World War II where they made the decision. The president issued an executive order. He said to Japanese people ‘we’re going to put you in a camp. We’re going to take away all your rights and liberties and we’re going to intern you in a camp. We shouldn’t allow that much power to gravitate to one individual. We need to separate the power.”

This is a huge, Beckian fallacy.

Let’s reverse it. “I care that too much power gets in one place. There are instances in our history were we allow power to gravitate to one person and that one person makes decisions, like hiring secessionists who advocates for the secession of the South as chairman of the “implicitly racist group” League of the South and supports the assassination of President Lincoln, that are really egregious. Think of what happened in World War II, when Hitler hated on certain segments of the population. He said, you’re Jewish so you need to go to this camp, which is the same as saying you’re black so you need to be a slave. Like being against the Civil Rights Movement. We’re going to take away all of your liberties and lock you up in slave camps and put you in gas ovens. We shouldn’t allow that much power to gravitate to one individual.”

Paul’s hiring of the racist Hunter was troubling to even the Daily Caller (the place where they yell at the President in the middle of his speech). Media Matters noted at the time:

Matt Lewis wrote a post after the publication of the Free Beacon story criticizing Paul’s association with Hunter, writing: “It’s one thing to have an aide with baggage (even very bad baggage), but the larger problem here is that this also speaks to credibility and honesty — to Paul’s fundamental character.” Lewis did not mention that Hunter has written for his site.

I observed a pattern at the time:

Rand Paul’s Senate campaign employee Tim Profitt stomped on a liberal woman’s head at a Paul rally. That could have been an anomaly, but then we also have his own son being arrested for aggressive physical force against a female flight attendant. Add in this new associate who is fringey and you have a pattern.

But none of that makes Paul guilty of being just like someone who put people in internment camps. Just comparing someone’s actions to internment camps doesn’t mean they have any relationship whatsoever to internment camps. It would be ridiculous to accuse Paul of being like Hitler, and it is also ridiculous to accuse Obama of putting anyone in an internment camp.

In actuality, President Obama did the opposite of putting people in an interment camp, and this is what makes Paul’s comments so troubling. Is it that he doesn’t understand what being an internment camp really is, or he doesn’t understand the realities regarding Congress not providing enough funding to deport everyone, or he doesn’t understand the need to act with compassion but also respect for the law?

Speaking of abuse of power, it was Rand Paul who told a group of Tea Partiers, “I think the first executive order that I would issue would be to repeal all previous executive orders.” Oh, so that’s totally not a dictator move. He’s just going to erase everyone else’s input from the beginning of our country. That’s over 10,00 executive orders that Rand Paul thinks should be just wiped out. As in, he is planning to put tons of power in his own hands should he get elected. He thinks he should have more power collectively than these other presidents each had. This is what makes Rand Paul an empty suit. Some of the things he says make sense, until you look under the hood and see how craven and unprincipled his stands really are.

This isn’t freedom or liberty speaking, it’s ignorance. This is what ignorance sounds like. Play it again. Yup. Just another teenager trying to sound smart. But this one is going to run for President.

h/t TPM

40 Replies to “The Crazy Burns: Rand Paul Compares Obama’s Executive Actions to Internment Camps”

  1. I believe we have the most Disfunctional Government in the countries history, and the republicans share one brain. How can anyone believe their crap ?

  2. Ignorance is nothing new to Rand Paul! The GOP thrives on taking a fact and reversing it to make an accusation. Since there is virtually no mainstream media to counteract their “con” artistry, many people eat up whatever misrepresentations or outright lies they spew forth.

    President Obama’s Thursday night speech, which aired on too few media outlets, was a beautiful and brilliant expose of what the president is intending to do. No danger of internment camps, no mass deportations, nothing scary, just the opportunity for many people who have lived in the shadows and in fear of being separated from their families to live normal lives. What could anyone, even a Republican, even Rand Paul for heaven’s sake, have against that?

  3. Paul the cartoon character.

    Anyways, the GOP are very ill people. They will take gold and make it rubbish.

    They are so dark and inhuman, and empty.

    They cannot appreciate anything good, they just will take it and make it mud. I don’t know how people get like this, but I think they really need to do psychiatric evaluations on politicians before they run for office. Sick bunch.

  4. Rand Paul is the greatest warrior for civil rights until he is against the civil right act.

    Rand Paul is the hero to all EMOS, libertarians and the young people because of his stance against the surveillance state till when it was time to vote against the NSA and he said never mind and voted for continued metadata and other things the NSA does.

    Rand Paul was against kowtowing to Israel till he was for giving Israel everything they want.

    Hell can someone tell me exactly what does Rand Paul stand for?

  5. Ever since the first white student complained about the mythical “reverse discrimination,” we have had conservatives who desperately try to weaponize imaginary victimhood. They wrap themselves in Christian dogma so tightly they can’t move, and then blame their inability to function on their perceived tormentors, yet Jesus would say that believers in his words must never view themselves as victims, but individual saviors, of themselves. That’s what “turn the other cheek” means. It’s a spiritual call to reject anyone’s attempt to victimize them, simply by allowing themselves to be tortured and killed in the name of God, with the knowledge that this denial of victimhood will be rewarded with a seat in Heaven. That’s the real reason these current “Christians” are fakes. They take every slight, and use it to attack, instead of enlighten.

  6. I actually did find one issue on which he and I agree on: the over militarization of the police and excessive force. Mind you I am not sure he is actually for a police force lol.

  7. The stupidity of his comments tells you he is an idiot who is not qualified to be Senator or Potus.

    The USA is the laughing stock of the world with these ignoramous in our congress. I am so ashamed of that republicans controlled 2 branches of our government.
    They stole another election and the media is covering up for them. Greg Palast has the details. They did a 2004 on us again and unless we call them out this idiot rand Paul could be our president.

  8. But Randbo what about Benghaziii? Oh they didn’t tell you! In an ongoing two year investigation that the Republican controlled House Intelligence Committee was conducting, found no wrongdoing by the CIA, Military or Obama administration appointees responding to the 2012 attack on the Benghazi compound.

    The Report was released today by the GOP Committee, with as little fanfare as possible, Debunked many of the Dark Republican Conspiracy Theories that have been swirling around the Benghazi Attack. It debunked theories of massive intelligence failure, delays in sending rescue teams in , to Military issuing stand down order and covert arms shipments to Libya to Syria ,all proved to be false.

    So 2 years of this BS, Over 50 votes to repeal the ACA and now internment camps? The crazy just burns and baggers fall for it.

    Still no jobs. Americans are stupid

  9. Thank you for the name, I Googled Palast and read the article about Crosscheck, I’d heard of it before, but had no idea how bad it was. This should be highly illegal, Republican heads should roll.

  10. Yeah dj, you know we won’t see that report broadcast 24/7 for the next two years like the fake scandal was. I’m really becoming angry with these right-wing a**holes trying to steal this country. something seriously needs to be done only I don’t know what that is. How do we battle them when they have managed to grab so much power.

  11. They are not the problem. Idiots will believe in chemtrails, ancient aliens, fluoride take away their precious bodily fluids or whatever nonsense they dream up. The problem is the so called MSM that run with this BS without stopping and scratching their wrinkled asses and saying “HOLD UP!!! GTFOH WITH THAT NONSENSE”

  12. This is off topic but I just had to post. Right now on AL JAZEERA AMERICA I am watching The Day Israel Attacked America. Its about when in 1967 the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli forces.

    It is a very well researched Doc and I must say it is very scary on how a foreign government have their fingers wrapped around our government that they could get away with anything including attacking a US navel vessel.

    Maybe its time we start holding all of our Politian’s, Where do your loyalties lie? With our country or whoever is lining your pocket to advanced their agenda and not America’s.

  13. Rand Paul = Chameleon.. The different shades of the chameleon. Give him a couple a weeks after the holidays when he realize the road to the WH is w/ minorities, women & working Americans

    Then who ever become their nominee they’re turn into a Romney & the media will sang their praise & cover-up their lies b/c Amer. can’t remember anything behind 4 wks.

    For the next 2 yrs. is going to be like the last 4 yrs. but on steroids.

  14. And this is the problem. Ballwashers for the 51st state. The Israeli government can do no wrong. Bomb civilians , they were terrorist. Attack and occupy territory, it is the bible. Spy on our government, free Pollard. Strafe US sailors in lifeboats, hey my bad. You are the worst type of American. Eff the truth I stand with a foreign government even though its against my country national interest. Its a word for people like you. QUISLING

  15. Note to GOP. Please be advised that every stupid thing the GOP says is being read & heard by everyone. It boggles the mind how you can come out and make the claims that you do then just go on vaca!! This, as you call our pres dictator & dems “lazy potheads”. When was the last time you did anything for anyone except corps? You say things that cannot be and never will be and are never factually based. You insult the average American’s intelligence. You know the law. You know you can’t repeal Obamacare. You know you can’t stop his immigration policies. Worse..use god’s name to convince your base they don’t need min wage, a good paying job, an education, healthcare! you call lefties elitists because they have degrees and are accomplished. WTH do you teach your kids? GOP is discouraging a good education. AH’s that they are can only work with ill informed uneducated FOX watching fools– the base that voted for them. Jan 2015 tax breaks for the 1% again. AMERICANS. -0- watc…

  16. Rand paul is a joke. That man can’t even think for himself. If you have to plagiarize you are nothing and know nothing. He out and out said should have the right to deny service to you know…those people. Does he think we’ll forget that? I won’t. I can’t stand this little man that has nothing but BS to say. Can’t even talk to an immigrant. Ran…what cowards the GOP are. I mean real cowards all of them. Always talking shit but doing absolutely nothing. How their constituency isn’t madder than hell is beyond!RWers are masochists. They take that crap and love it..they call it loyalty to a party that has made them suffer..not obama..the GOP has done this to you for 6 years!…all behind hating a black man. Remember that when you go to bed tonite. And pray to the God you don’t even know or align with and pray he saves your sould since your support of the GOP has helped the continuing pain/suffering in peoples lives. Families are starving because of your vote.

  17. We have a dysfunctional republican party so nothing can of the game since day 1. Hold back progress so the people get frustrated mad & blame the president. It worked! Get the voting machines ready. Election in the bag! Remember this too RWers YOU DID NOT WIN ANYTHING your party the GOP STOLE & DENIED PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO VOTE in 2014!!! Poll taxed everyone in 2014!!! We should be recalling every last one of them for this travesty. But the media has kindly buried it under the run and didn’t report all the harassment the GOP caused for people to vote. They did have henchmen out there harassing and denying people the right to vote. Why did the dems knowing this not have their people protecting us so we could vote? If you do the math..and those millions are brought back in the GOP would of lost all those states. So you did not win you just got away with STEALING the very thing accuse our immigrants of. AH’s

  18. Senator Paul, like so many, does not know American History. Not only did President Roosevelt intern Japanese Americans, but he interned thousands of German Americans and Italian Americans as well! More than 50 internment camps and detention centers were used to lock up the German Americans and Italian Americans in the U.S. during WWII.

  19. djchefron – I watched that documentary on Al Jazeera too, I was appalled, disgusted and unaware that anything like that could happen, I would like to see that on the TV 24-7 instead of the garbage smearing the president.
    As for Rand Paul, every time I see his face on TV – I have one thought, what a disgusting ignorant and pompous little twit!

  20. “We shouldn’t allow that much power to gravitate to one individual”. I guess that is unless, Paul and The Republicans in Kentucky are trying to find away around a Law ”barring” Rand Paul from running for both Senate and President.

  21. As usual, Rand Paul uses an incorrect word in his “accusation” of the President’s action: the word is “interment”, not internment. The latter has nothing to do with the former.

  22. djchefron… I think we may have a lot of common ground here. The amount of influence the Israelis have over our government is alarming. We’ve given up our national sovereignty to a foreign nation.

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