Bill Maher Levels Republicans: You Won, But Obama Is Still “Kicking Your Ass.”

bill maher obama kicking GOP Ass

Bill Maher dropped Republicans by slapping them with a bit of hard reality. The GOP may have won control of Congress, but Obama is still kicking their ass.


Maher said, “Now that they’ve wrestled his approval rating down to the basement, and grabbed control of both houses of Congress, Republicans must explain why this guy (Obama) keeps kicking your ass. It’s like one of those action movies where you tie the hero up, chain him to a chair, then he headbutts you unconscious, gets up, and leaves a note signed Django.”

Even Republicans privately admit that President Obama has completely taken back the national discussion, and pushed them into a corner where they have given themselves few options. Bonus points to Maher for making a reference to Django the title character in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. It does feel like the midterm election loss by his party has liberated this president.

He is no longer caught between a Republican House that is out to destroy him, and a Democratic Senate majority that was more interested in winning the battle to overcome congressional gridlock. President Obama is now the only agenda setter in the Democratic Party. He has used his freedom to attack Republicans at their weakest points. He began with the climate change deal. He followed up with a strong statement in support of net neutrality. The president took things to a completely different level with his executive actions on immigration.

Republicans thought that they would have leverage over the president if they won control of Congress, but they were wrong. There were lots of talk in Republican circles of “breaking Obama.” Instead, the exact opposite is happening. It is the fragile and divided congressional Republicans who are cracking under the pressure of having to govern.

In one key way, Obama’s domination of the Republicans should not be a surprise. The president has been outmaneuvering the GOP since Republicans took control of the House. The Republican victory has made the president stronger. To answer Bill Maher’s question, Obama continues to kick Republican ass because that is always what he has done.

The only difference is that the drubbings are front and center for all of the world to see.

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  1. When you look under the hashtag: #EmperorObama you can see the desperation to find something, ANYTHING to impeach the President over.

  2. Frankly, I’ll be glad when the 2016 elections get her. The next two years will be a nightmare! The Conservatives hatred towards Obama is so strong, they don’t see that the President and the country are one. Whatever injury they inflict on him is also inflicted on the country. Or maybr they do realize it and don’t give a damn

  3. The President can only do so much. He has shown the Democrats the way, the question is will they follow? No more my good friend from dumbfukistan USA has a point. No call these idiots out at every turn.

    You need inspiration? Look towards Jimmy Carter
    Considering that John McCain has never met a war he didn’t like, he was just asking for it when he insulted former President Jimmy Carter:

    Carter had harsh words for U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. Farrow asked Carter how he felt about McCain’s stab earlier this year at Carter’s foreign policy record. In a televised comment, McCain said, “I thought Jimmy Carter was bad. It pales in comparison to this president.’’

    But the 39th president didn’t flinch.

    “That’s a compliment to me coming from a warmonger,” he said.

    That’s how you do it.

  4. One thing Republicans have been consistent about (besides opposing everything Obama) is underestimating our President. I at first was very discouraged at the outcome on November 4th, but now I see where, if our other Democratic leaders will finally get the courage to stand behind our President, we can aid the Republicans on their mission of self-destruction.

    Only time will tell.

  5. Fake Benghazi scandal
    Fake IRS scandal
    Manufactured Ebola fearmongering
    Media’s unreliability and being totally clueless gave the GOP Senate majority. And voter’s stupidity as well…

  6. I have stood by this president since day one, never have given up on him like a lot of progressives have.
    You and all must remember, Pres. O is a –Master Politician.– I wish more people would recognize that.

    Note. Now, let’s see an article written here about how the conservatives have gone bonkers when Pres 0 inserted scripture into his speech the other evening.
    The rhetoric coming out of their mouths( Ed Henry, Bill O’Reilly, Brietbart etc. The most disgusting ever.
    They want to continue keeping their followers thinking POTUS is of the Muslim Faith and worse.

  7. Man, what a difference. Clinton kissed gop ass in his second term. Obama kicks gop ass in his. Makes me wonder… do I want another clinton in the whitehouse. Answer : hell the f@ck NO!

  8. Now, if he will go tell the Justice department to scrap Ronald Reagan’s guidelines for enforcing antitrust laws, and get back to prosecuting violators, we might make “to big to fail” a thing of the past.

  9. In other words:the Republicans are having a Pyrrhic victory meaning they won a battle but they will lose the war!

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