Democrat Busts Republicans For Trying To Bury Benghazi Report That Debunks Their Lies

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Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) busted House Republicans for trying to bury their own Benghazi report by releasing on the Friday night before the Thanksgiving holiday.


Transcript via CNN:

REP. ADAM SCHIFF (D), CALIFORNIA: Well, I have great respect for Lindsey.

But it reminds me of a lawyer’s maxim that, if the law is not on your side, emphasize the facts. If the facts aren’t on your side, bang on the table. I think we heard Lindsey banging on the table quite a bit this morning.

This was a two-year exhaustive investigation. It was released by the Republican chairman of the Intelligence Committee and had the support of all the Republicans and Democrats on the committee. It’s designed to be the definitive word on what happened from the intelligence community’s point of view.

And nothing I think Lindsey said at all contradicts what is in that report. And calling it crap doesn’t change the fact that it was an exhaustive and objective review. So, I think we have had really the final word on many of these conspiracy theories, on the fact there was no stand-down order, there was no political interference, there was no effort to politically spin the talking points.

In fact, as the report points out, there were 21 intelligence assessments at the time that it began as a protest. Those turned out to be wrong, but there was no malice in getting it wrong.

BORGER: So, do you think the…

SCHIFF: And I hope that this will guide the select committee.

BORGER: Well, do you think the — the…

SCHIFF: And, you know, I think the — yes.

BORGER: … the administration is exonerated here?

SCHIFF: I think it is exonerated, certainly not the — in the sense that it shows there was adequate security at the diplomatic facility. There wasn’t. There’s been no contesting that. But in terms of whether there was an effort to cover up or spin

or illegal trafficking of arms by the CIA or any of those conspiracies…


SCHIFF: … they have been completely vindicated.

And I hope — really, the only interesting question here, but it answers itself, is, why is this report being released on the Friday before Thanksgiving? Why is it being released in between major developments on immigration and Iran?

BORGER: So, you think it was kind of a dump? So you think it was a dump, so no one would pay attention to it?

SCHIFF: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Exactly.

BORGER: We are.

SCHIFF: When you spend two years doing the definitive report, you want to trumpet it to the high heavens. You don’t want to bury it on the Friday before Thanksgiving.

BORGER: But let me…

SCHIFF: But I will tell you this. If the — yes. If the select committee comes up with a similar conclusion, it will release its report on Christmas Eve.

House Republicans tried to dump the report on a Friday night before a holiday in the attempt to bury it so that nobody would notice that their own committee did not find any evidence to prove their baseless conspiracy theories.

Rep. Schiff was correct. If the House Select Committee on Benghazi finds no evidence of wrongdoing, that report will be released sometime before hell freezes over. Benghazi has become such an ingrained myth within the Republican Party that Sen. Lindsey Graham when straight Benghazi truther when confronted with reality on CNN.

Benghazi is their great Republican hope for defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. It doesn’t matter to the GOP if 1,000 investigations find no wrong doing. Republicans will still try to smear Hillary Clinton with their Benghazi tall tales.

Republicans tried to bury their latest Benghazi black eye, but they failed. The American people have never bought into the scandal because their BS detector tells them that there is nothing to see here. Republicans don’t care that they sound crazy every time they mention Benghazi. They are convinced that they can win with a conspiracy theory, so reality be damned, and full steam ahead to a special investigation into Benghazi.

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  1. STOP: The true conspiracy regarding Benghazi is Republicans cut foreign aid to Embassies resulting in the death of an Ambassador. Is there no justice where the Republicans are held accountable for their cutting much needed funds? How many people have to die before the Republicans are held accountable for letting Americans die?

  2. All you have to do is look at the last election, and you will know that this fake scandal BS works. You haven’t heard much about ISIS or Ebola lately, but it was all you heard about right before the election. Republicans are very good at that sort of thing. They are also becoming very adept at rigging votes through gerrymandering and suppression. We have nothing less than an assault by the right-wing elite on our democracy, and they are winning.

  3. ooh wow! they just can’t handle truth. I just posted on fb a poster that says “next time the republicans tell you it’s about benghazi, ask them to name the 4 americans that died.

  4. The POTUS should appoint a special prosecutor to look into the republican embassy funding, and obviously using these investigations a.k.a witch hunts for political gain on our dime.

  5. Where is lumpy little Johnny McCain, who was CERTAIN that Hillary was responsible for the deaths of “6 brave Americans”?? He was just fine with the THOUSANDS killed in W’s wars. He has not been on the Sunday propoganda shows for a few weeks now, maybe he was aware of the results of this committee.

  6. From what I have heard this was not an embassy, it was a quite remote post that Stevens went to without approval from anyone because he felt safe there and outposts do not have the protection that an embassy does. Of course the funds had also been cut and Hillary had asked for more funding but was denied by the republicans.

  7. I would rather have seen someone’s rebuttal to DMac’s line of reasoning instead of removing his posts, it gives the appearances of an unwillingness to hear the other side – OTOH, I understand the need to monitor anyone simply trolling this site.

  8. True, it was not an embassy, it was an annex. Ambassador Stephens had been asked whether he wished to have a larger security force and personally declined. As is typical of tragedies like this, it is not black and white. There is no one person or agency to blame. There was a confluence of events, minor individually but fatal collectively that led to this. Now exhaustively vetted, only the worst demagogues and political opportunists continue bleating about it.

  9. Republicans Can’t Give Up the Benghazi Lust You can’t unfuck yourself. Once you’ve fucked, you can’t go back. You can claim you are a virgin, sure. You can even make some kind of magical pledge to your god, who has nothing better to do than wave his wand, like the Wizard of Oz, and say, “There. You’re unfucked.” But you know the truth: you’ve fucked and been fucked. So the best thing you can say is that it was a mistake and hope everyone moves on. Or you could just claim that, despite all evidence to the contrary, you remain unfucked and always have been. – See more at:

  10. And the terrorists that actually carried out this tragedy would like to graciously thank the GOP (especially McCain and Graham) for blaming Obama, Clinton and Rice etc for their dirty work.

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