Lindsey Graham Calls Reality ‘Crap’ After Benghazi Report Proves There Was No Cover Up


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CNN host Gloria Borger confronted Benghazi conspiracy artist Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) with the report that debunks all Republican Benghazi conspiracies during Sunday’s State of the Union. He chose to ignore reality and say the report was “crap”.

Watch here:

First Borger went down the list of Republican accusations that were debunked by the report:

Benghazi debunked

The mistake made here was instead of asking Graham to defend the two years of tin foil screeching, CNN host Gloria Borger asked if the report exonerated the administration. Yes, ask a Republican professional Obama-hater if a report that everyone else in the free world interprets to not only exonerate the administration but call into question Republican conspiracy selling, if he thinks the report exonerates the man he hates.

Graham knows how to get around reality. A simple disclaimer started it all off with “In my view, uh….” In other words, reality won’t be playing on CNN during this segment. Thanks so much world. Graham nattered on until Borger interrupted, “Yes or no, Senator Graham to which he scrunched up his angry face to petulantly declare, “No! No! I think the report is full of crap! Quite frankly.”

And there is the extent of the Republican argument against reality. Republicans think reality is full of crap.

We were then treated to a tour of desperation on the talking points. An accusation that has already been debunked many times. But Graham isn’t a lettin’ go of his toy. No sir. He’s got a hand full of taxpayer dollars and by George the Republican from South Carolina will blame the first black President for a tragedy if it’s the last thing he does, because tragedies never happen under Republican presidents. No double standard here.

Also, when pressed, Graham wants y’all to know that he knows more than the House Intelligence Committee. See, he knows Benghazi. Sure he wasn’t there, but he knows.

Gloria Borger got exasperated after Graham wouldn’t let go of his “talking points” blankie, and finally said to him, “This report says no one lied, period.”

Oh, sweet Jesus, the cruelty. No worries, Graham denounced the Republican-led report as “a bunch of garbage.” Borger couldn’t stop the mirth, as she quizzically asked, “So why is the Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee buying a bunch of ‘garbage’?”

Graham put his hand up in defense as if to shield himself from reality.

“Good question,” Graham responded, sounding like Alex Jones.

“Answer it,” Borger replied, to which we got a bunch of tin foil topped off with calling Benghazi a “death trap”, proving that Graham doesn’t give a crap that families of those slain in the attack have asked Republicans to stop using the attack to advance their political agendas.

Yet another House investigation has found there is no there there in the Republican Benghazi faux scandal, two long years of Republican screeching and much wasted taxpayer money later. CNN, along with the AP and the majority of the world, interpret the report as “Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories and accusations.”

Even with the Nut Circus egging them on, Republicans came up empty handed yet again on Benghazi. This hasn’t stopped them from mining their fantasies.

This is your Benghazi conspiracy revealed as the naked, craven, political falsehood it was from the moment Mitt Romney appeared smirking in front of cameras just hours after the attack. Republicans just can’t handle the truth, let alone apologize for not only getting it wrong but claiming their imagination was reality, and saying repeatedly that the administration was guilty, without any evidence to back that up. So it is they are reduced to calling reality “crap” and “garbage”.

Your move, reality.

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