Lindsey Graham Calls Reality ‘Crap’ After Benghazi Report Proves There Was No Cover Up


CNN host Gloria Borger confronted Benghazi conspiracy artist Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) with the report that debunks all Republican Benghazi conspiracies during Sunday’s State of the Union. He chose to ignore reality and say the report was “crap”.

Watch here:

First Borger went down the list of Republican accusations that were debunked by the report:

Benghazi debunked

The mistake made here was instead of asking Graham to defend the two years of tin foil screeching, CNN host Gloria Borger asked if the report exonerated the administration. Yes, ask a Republican professional Obama-hater if a report that everyone else in the free world interprets to not only exonerate the administration but call into question Republican conspiracy selling, if he thinks the report exonerates the man he hates.

Graham knows how to get around reality. A simple disclaimer started it all off with “In my view, uh….” In other words, reality won’t be playing on CNN during this segment. Thanks so much world. Graham nattered on until Borger interrupted, “Yes or no, Senator Graham to which he scrunched up his angry face to petulantly declare, “No! No! I think the report is full of crap! Quite frankly.”

And there is the extent of the Republican argument against reality. Republicans think reality is full of crap.

We were then treated to a tour of desperation on the talking points. An accusation that has already been debunked many times. But Graham isn’t a lettin’ go of his toy. No sir. He’s got a hand full of taxpayer dollars and by George the Republican from South Carolina will blame the first black President for a tragedy if it’s the last thing he does, because tragedies never happen under Republican presidents. No double standard here.

Also, when pressed, Graham wants y’all to know that he knows more than the House Intelligence Committee. See, he knows Benghazi. Sure he wasn’t there, but he knows.

Gloria Borger got exasperated after Graham wouldn’t let go of his “talking points” blankie, and finally said to him, “This report says no one lied, period.”

Oh, sweet Jesus, the cruelty. No worries, Graham denounced the Republican-led report as “a bunch of garbage.” Borger couldn’t stop the mirth, as she quizzically asked, “So why is the Republican head of the House Intelligence Committee buying a bunch of ‘garbage’?”

Graham put his hand up in defense as if to shield himself from reality.

“Good question,” Graham responded, sounding like Alex Jones.

“Answer it,” Borger replied, to which we got a bunch of tin foil topped off with calling Benghazi a “death trap”, proving that Graham doesn’t give a crap that families of those slain in the attack have asked Republicans to stop using the attack to advance their political agendas.

Yet another House investigation has found there is no there there in the Republican Benghazi faux scandal, two long years of Republican screeching and much wasted taxpayer money later. CNN, along with the AP and the majority of the world, interpret the report as “Republican-led report debunks Benghazi theories and accusations.”

Even with the Nut Circus egging them on, Republicans came up empty handed yet again on Benghazi. This hasn’t stopped them from mining their fantasies.

This is your Benghazi conspiracy revealed as the naked, craven, political falsehood it was from the moment Mitt Romney appeared smirking in front of cameras just hours after the attack. Republicans just can’t handle the truth, let alone apologize for not only getting it wrong but claiming their imagination was reality, and saying repeatedly that the administration was guilty, without any evidence to back that up. So it is they are reduced to calling reality “crap” and “garbage”.

Your move, reality.

41 Replies to “Lindsey Graham Calls Reality ‘Crap’ After Benghazi Report Proves There Was No Cover Up”

  1. …he’s a *piece of CRAP!*… I’m absolutely disgusted and fed up with the god damned fucking, ignorant and evil, obstructionist *R*epugnants!…

  2. Yeah, I watched that this morning and I do believe Ms Borger pissed him off. I don’t think he was expecting her to press him the way she did. I wonder what would have happened if Candy Crowley hadn’t taken the morning off. Now they moved on from Lindsey to Santorum. I’ve only seen one Democrat so far this morning, I guess they’re only interested in Republican delusional thinking.

  3. Anything that does fit the TPGOP parties mind set is CRAP. Somewhere along the line common sense has gone by the wayside. Sadly, many people fall into the group that has not one iota of common sense.

  4. Fk them! is all I can think to say to every one of their blathering stupid non responses .. They make me sick.
    Hate Obama ..hate Obama ..hate Obama.. is all they’ve been saying and all they’ve offered their constituents and Americans for 6 years!!! Who are the stupid ones joe scarborough? RWers distort everything with hate. Bunch of worthless racist bigoted lazy koch sucking AH’s!

  5. Benghazi, repealing ACA, the republicans keep running through the same processes and getting the same results every time. And still they refuse to accept those results. Can we have them removed from office due to insanity?

  6. Yes we can. Its called voting. To bad 64% had better things to do that was more important, so not trying to sound harsh but deal with it

  7. when confronted with reality the gop can’t handle it. the democrats should put the gop on defense for a change and call them out, f the media would give them a chance. it appears that ever sunday the guest on these sunday shows are male wasp from the right

  8. You are right to be harsh. There`s no excuse for not vetoing. I bet a lot of these nonvoters will be in line all night to save $2 bucks on black Friday.

  9. Graham seems to think another whack at the intelligence community tree will yield a delicious Scandalnut, after the House has already picked it clean. Two more years of vague innuendo, chasing down blind alleys, and artificial outrage will still result in a big fat zero, but it’s better than actually doing anything for the paycheck, I guess. At this point Graham most resembles a street corner panhandler walking around with a fake limp, so he can grift enough for another bottle of hootch.

  10. Go ahead, Lindsey (BTW, who names a guy with a girl’s name? It makes me wonder if he was bullied as a kid… would explain why he’s lashing out now). Keep beating that dead horse.

    In fact, it’s not just beating the dead horse now. What you want to do to said dead horse is, in fact, along the lines of bestiality.

  11. Tiger, I get just as upset as you do. When my adult kids and I talked about this BS from the GOP, my blood pressure spikes, and I end up in a rotten mood for the rest of the day!

    I don’t know how much of this we can endure. Our country will be a train wreck by them in another 2 years.

  12. I NEVER watch that program but for some reason this morning as I passed over CNN I heard that Ms. Groully was absent and Gloria Borger was filling in. Ms. Borger is kinda feisty and forward in her interviews and I wondered how she would do with that s. carolina icky foo. Well, I listened a minute and it seemed she grilled him very well.. If she was running that program all the time I would watch it. I wonder what Candy Krowley has on the prez of the network that helps her keep that job… They need to use Gloria more often and see if their ratings go up when she’s on.

  13. These republicans are just awful. Everything they touch turns to shit very quickly. It is disappointing people would elect these individuals into positions of authority. This party represents a real social and economic threat to this country

  14. Do The Huckleberry Split

    Posted by Zandar

    So that House GOP Benghazi report issued Friday evening that found no wrongdoing by the White House and in fact proved that the last two years was a massive waste of taxpayer dollars in a witch hunt against President Obama and Hillary Clinton?

    Of course it was a Democratic party conspiracy! Huckleberry Graham says so!
    Read More

  15. This idiot’s girdle must be too tight. The ‘crap’ around here is between his ears. Miss Graham needs to go dancin’ and break in his (?) new high heels.

  16. On Graham’s website, the first paragraph of his bio reads: “In the United States Senate, South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham has earned a reputation as a conservative, a problem-solver, and a leader who gets things done.”

    Problem-solver? Gets things done? Like WHAT?!

    Can the University of South Carolina revoke his degrees and replace them with a Masters in Impunity and a Doctorate in Brainlessness?

  17. And what does that mean. How many more investigations does this idiot want. They will not rest until they can pin one scandal on the guy since all the others are turning out to be fake. Oh and if you were being sarcastic accept my apologies in advance.

  18. They need to be told NO, just like 2 year olds. They are wasting time, our money, and are not working for the people. If you think about it, they have spent the last 6 years on THEIR interests, being paid by the taxpayers, and doing nothing except making our lives harder by the month. Did not extend UE, they fought against veteran benefits. I think we the people are going to have to get together through some kind of petition or whatever and start demanding they tend to our business. They are impossible.

  19. Actually only 36.3% of eligible voters voted. I’d say that many of those who didn’t vote were intimidated out of voting by republican intimidation tactics. I pray one of you try that one on me someday and you’ll rue the day you were born. By the time republicans get through with this country in the next two years, it’s you that’s going to have to DEAL WITH IT.

  20. To say republicans/conservatives are NUTS is not a cliche by any means. It’s a cold, hard fact. And sane people have to stand by and watch them in their lunacy and insanity wondering what in the world is wrong with those who don’t see their insanity. Even the media is caught up in their insanity. I guarantee nothing good can come out of it.

  21. No matter what their skin color, some people just have black souls and Lindsey Graham is one of many republicans who has one.

  22. Lindsey Graham and John McCain the war mongering twins should be dropped down a well head first followed by a truck load of cement.

  23. Actually, Candy Crowley acts like she’s running scared of the right wing ever since she got on the wrong side of Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential election. Any host that sits there and allows republicans to tell one lie after another and does not challenge them on their lies isn’t worth their salt or airtime. You can’t be blubbering “yes” people and lead a program like that.

  24. Can’t say I ever respected him (Lindsey Graham) but there seems to have been a time when he was less insane.

  25. Republicans have no common sense and no sense of decency. The families of those killed in Benghazi have asked these republican idiots to stop using their loved ones for a political argument. They deserve to have their wishes heeded but these republicans are using the dead bodies of their loved ones as a platform to stand on and lie and lie and lie and that sheds a very bad light on the dead and shows a huge disrespect for them and their sacrifice.

  26. You may be sure republicans are going to continue their Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi mantra throughout the 2016 presidential campaign and election cycle and when Hillary wins, they’ll continue it another 4 years. Eventually they get to the place where they believe their own lies and they’re at that place right now. When we have people sitting in the House or Senate as representatives of the people who can’t separate fact from fiction, this country is doomed.

  27. This comedy of errors cast of republicans needs to be made to understand that the U. S. is a real country that has real problems to solve by real people living in the real world. Their alternate universe just won’t do.

  28. There was always something about Lindsey Graham that just wasn’t right. I always said he probably looked just like his mother because he looks just like an old sagged jawed woman, and maybe he is.

  29. Male white WASPS from the right provides the right wing media with unending fodder for future broadcasts so it’s likely pure laziness as to why these white wasps make up the great majority of their guests. The right wing media likes to think that they shape the country and its direction with all their misinformation, lies and lying guests. If only people would be intelligent enough to take anything they hear from right wing media with a grain of salt until they can do their own research from less biased sources. But alas, those who listen to right wing media aren’t know for being that smart.

  30. Any political group that opposes teaching “critical thinking skills” to children in public schools (see the 2012 Texas Republican Party Platform)…should forever be banned from participating in the political process in the same way nazis and neo-nazis are banned in Germany. Political speech should never be free…from reality…or the truth!

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