Ted Cruz Completely Falls Apart When Asked By Fox News How He Will Stop Obama

ted cruz on fox news sunday 11/23/14

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fell apart when pressed by Fox News today on how exactly he will stop President Obama from implementing his executive orders on immigration.


Transcript via Fox News:

WALLACE: Senator, the question then, of course, is how to respond, and there’s quite a split within your party.

As I understand it, what you’re saying is that the Republican should vote to fund the governments for all departments except one, and that is that you would attach a rider, an amendment, to funding for the Department of Homeland Security, which handles immigration, taking back or rescinding his executive action, and that the thought is if he vetoes that, he’s responsible for shutting down the department.

The problem is that’s almost exactly what you did with the government shutdown across the entire government in 2013 with Obamacare, and it backfired badly on your party.

CRUZ: Well, Chris, look, I’m going to suggest a very simple proposition. All across this country, Republicans campaigned, saying: if you elect a Republican Senate, we will stop President Obama’s illegal amnesty.

My very simple suggestion to my colleagues and friends in the Republican Party is we need to honor what we said. We need to actually do what we said two weeks ago on the campaign trail.

Now, I’ve laid out a detailed, systematic plan —


WALLACE: Sir, because we have limited time, is that what you’re saying you would do? You would attach a rider to funding for just the one Department of Homeland Security?

CRUZ: Chris, I’ve laid out a detailed, systematic plan for what Congress should do? We should use the constitutional checks and balances that we have to rein in the abuse of power of the executive.

Step number one that I have called for is the incoming majority leader should announce if the president implements this lawless amnesty, that the Senate will not confirm any executive or judicial nominees, other than vital national security positions, for the next two years, unless and until the president ends this lawless amnesty.

WALLACE: Sir, let me pick — if I may, let me pick up on that.


CRUZ: That is an explicit authority given to the Senate.

WALLACE: If I may, let me pick up right on that, because — are you saying the Senate should refuse to confirm Loretta Lynch, the president’s new nominee for attorney general and thereby leave Eric Holder, who you don’t like very much, in that position even longer?

CRUZ: Chris, what I’m saying is we should use the constitutional checks and balances we have to rein in the executive. You know, if the read the Federalist Papers, in the Federalist Papers, our Framers talked about a president who would behave like a monarch, that would rule by diktat and decree rather than following the Constitution —


WALLACE: Sir, I understand that. I’m asking a direct question, though. Would you — would you block Loretta Lynch’s confirmation as attorney general and leave Eric Holder in the job?

CRUZ: In my view, the majority leader should decline to bring to the floor of the Senate any nomination other than vital national security positions. Now, that is a serious and major step. It is a power the majority leader has, and nobody else has any ability to alter — if the majority leader announced that, it would impose real consequences on the president and the administration.

WALLACE: All right. I —

CRUZ: And the second big check we’ve got, the second constitutional power we’ve got is the power of the purse, and we should fund one at a time the critical priorities of the federal government, but also use the power of the purse to attach riders. We’ve got to demonstrate that the campaign words Republicans used on the trail were more than just talk, that we’re willing to honor our commitment.

In other words, Ted Cruz’s plan to stop President Obama is to trigger another government shutdown.

Cruz avoided Wallace’s repeated questions about what his plan was to stop the president, because the Texas senator doesn’t have a plan. His idea is to continue to do what Republicans have been doing to this president for years. He is urging Republicans to obstruct and block everything while triggering more crises.

Sen. Cruz tried to bury the fact that he’s got nothing behind a lot of unrelated babble about the constitution and the Founding Fathers. When Fox News put the tiniest bit of heat on Cruz by asking for specifics, he fell apart and went into filibuster mode. Only when repeatedly pushed, would Cruz admit that his plan is to attach riders to the funding bill that defund part of the government.

Ted Cruz is trying to shut down the government again. He won’t say it, and later in the same interview he rewrote history by claiming that it was President Obama and Harry Reid who shut down the government last year, but the nation has played this game before. The Democrats aren’t going to pass anything that isn’t a clean funding bill. President Obama won’t sign anything that isn’t a clean funding bill.

If Republicans try to attach riders to the December funding bill that would defund the Homeland Security, the Senate won’t pass it. If Republicans try their rider stunt after taking control of the Congress in January, President Obama will veto the bill.

Ted Cruz has nothing, and his performance on Fox News revealed that as soon as the Texas senator is pushed in the slightest, he crumbles and his house of cards comes tumbling down.

47 Replies to “Ted Cruz Completely Falls Apart When Asked By Fox News How He Will Stop Obama”

  1. Ted Cruz is a sociopath….I’m dead serious. He does not need to be in any position of power. Shifting the blame on the government shutdown has worked in his cult following. This man is dangerous……I think his own party will be the death of him…they hate him almost as much as we do! He thinks he is a “king” and how dare The President of The United States defy him!

  2. the president is not giving them amnesty, he’s giving the immigrants a pathway to citizenship. they are two different things, and the media is so blatantly right wing now they don’t bother calling the gop out on their bias. cruz is a idiot using up oxygen. the only way to prevent obama from using the exec order would be for a repblican to be president. and the go won’t see a republican in the white house for at least 20 years.

  3. Go right ahead, you racist bastard, shut it down. You’ve got no solutions whatsoever, just like your toilet paper counterparts.

    It really must burn that President Obama outfoxes you at every turn. I can hardly wait for the ACA lawsuit and impeachment proceedings to commence. Guess who’s going to end up looking the fool? AGAIN.

  4. He can’t, he knows it and we know it- actually they can, they can pass a bill

    Since the only thing they can agree on is giving themselves a raise, I go back to my original statement, He can’t…

  5. Their is no way we are going to elect a Republican as president.They have showed they are unwilling to work with Obama .

  6. I feel the real shame is well over 50% don’t vote. I find it hard to belive if enough votes would wake up and really look ay what is happen. Logic would make you think the Repbulicans would not be a problem.

  7. Ha.. Even on FauxNewz, conservatives seem to be allergic to answering simple ‘yes or no’ questions with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

    Said allergy also seems to make them repeat themselves and yakyakyak endlessly to eat up the interview time so no more uncomfortable queries can come up.

  8. I gave up watching the Sunday political shows, but it looks to me like it is typical republican Sunday – how can anyone bear to watch these people, I cannot stomach Cruz, he gave up (according to him) his Canadian citizenship about 6 months ago and the way he struts around saying these people should not be in OUR country gets me every time, it is now his country!

  9. Hey Canadians , if you want to get rid of every idiot , send them to Texas , and for sure they will be elected to office there..

  10. Good thing is that Texans are not known for their intelligence , otherwise, none of these idiots would have been elected..

  11. What the Heck ? Senator Cruz makes absolutely NO SENSE , and Fox News Wallace tried numerous times to “Draw “‘out the answer and Cruz just kept digging himself a deeper and then a much deeper hole ! When is the Gand Ol Party going to reign in this sorry excuse for a Senator ?

  12. Perfect!
    My Momma used to say;
    “Republican’s have more nerve than a bad tooth”.

    Ain’t that the truth. They double down on their ignorance and stupidity.

  13. Mr Crud says punish American because he thinks what the president is doing is illegal. Mt Crud is not here to represent America as a senator, but represent himself as an insane clown.

    Blocking appointments doesnt hurt Obama. It hurts America. Crud doesnt seem to know that

  14. There are two people who gave a “no way” to this comment. To those two….Do yourselves a favor and look up the definition of ‘amnesty.’

    Amnesty is what St. Ronald of Reagan did for almost 3 million undocumented workers. (Translation for eighties: illegal aliens).

  15. Don’t worry guys. The crazy train the conservatives ride on will derail in a big way over the next two years. Let us just sit back and enjoy the show. Things will get back on track in 2016.

  16. I see great similarities between Senator Cruz and the former Jr. Senator from WISCONSIN Joseph Mcarthy……fear mongering, bluster, lack of concern for the national good, exceptional desire for the lime-light……and if you look closely there is even a slight physical similarity……where is Edward Murrow now that we need him?

  17. I don’t think Cruz really want to be the one to go up against the president again,it is someone else turn. Everyone who have tried have gotten knocked down thinking they could outfox the president and he have already shown he is one step ahead of them. They don’t have enough to know that they can’t defund something that is not funded by them. Now they claim they are working on bill, good then work on and get it pass and this will go awaylike the president told them. I don’t think they understand things too well. He told them to pass a bill and his EO would go away, what more can you want, seem to me they should be working hard instead of complaining and showing how they feel about immigrants. They should remember that 2016 is coming up and it mightnot be like the past election. Even though the illegals can’t vote they do have family and friends who can and that will make a bigger picture on who get vote in. A dem or rep.

  18. You are absolutely correct! Do you see the physical resemblance between Joe McCarthy and Ted Cruz and in their words?

  19. A person can usually tell how educated a person is as soon as they speak! Should the Republicans be talking at all? They remind me of Ducks farting in foggy weather! If anything Obama should be charging the Republicans for violating the fresh air act! For the Republicans that don’t know what this Act is? It’s call Air pollution!!!

  20. not sure how Ted Cruz thinks he can run for and be elected POTUS. He is first generation American. But he wasn’t born here. He wasn’t even born in a U.S. Military hospital in Canada. His mom mane American but his dad is Cuban. He held dual citizenship till not too long ago.

    It clearly states in the Constitution that one has to be born in the US (or in a U.S. Military hospital overseas like Germany–for instance). It’s the ONLY public office you have to be born in this country to run for.

    His intolerance of others should scare the bleepers outta all of us. Beware of fox in sheep’s clothing…

  21. Cruz seems to be the male equivalent to $carah PayMe. Lots of babble, makes no sense, does not understand. Meanwhile his father is spouting religious dribble, acting as though HIS son will be the next President. Cruz is very unlikeable.

  22. Although the many lies he told were infuriating, I really enjoyed this because it was a FOX inquisitor who made him look foolish. If I were Harvard, I would take back my law degree. The only way he could have matriculated is through affirmative action.

  23. Wow. What a mess. He wasn’t able to answer a single question. But people elect the government they deserve. The country has given the republicans their stamp of approval, regardless of how irrational that was. Democrats refused to run against them on a progressive and successful track record of accomplishments. So be it. The next 2 years will be a constant reminder of why the country shafted the party of corporate servitude in ’06 and ’08, and to some extent in ’12. If the democrats don’t use this time to regroup and solidify their resolve to stand for a progressive agenda, then they deserve to lose again in 2016.

  24. You aint seen nothing yet. The Zombie eye granny starver Paul Ryan is now head of the Ways and Means Committee so he is now in position to really wreck the country with his tax cuts
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The United States will soon be like Kansas

  25. The President is not even giving them a ‘pathway to citizenship’; the President is saying, we’re not coming after you for at least 3 years; we’ve got these other 6.5M folks in front of you that we’re going after first.

  26. Shiva, I think he knows. It is the plan of the Domionist, working to perfection (They think) If the American public ever wakes up the plan will fail. That will happen when every Dem votes in every election. I am hopeful that with a few years of complete control by the thugs in the House and Senate the voters will revolt. Perhaps then, we will see the rethugs fall to the way side, into the mud from which they came.

  27. Carlos—-not ALL Texans are stupid although it may seem so because we seem to find them hiding behind many rocks and making appearances that embarrass those of us who actually DO have some common sense and some brain cells functioning!! It’s not easy living here among all of these good ol’ boys and their mentality! The nonsense that they spew and the number of people that believe all of it is simply amazing to me. I don’t know that they can get much worse than Ted Cruz–well–there is Greg Abbott and Rick Perry that are right up there with him though.

  28. Your mama was so right. Can’t wait until the people who voted these idiots in do not get what they should get. Then all of a sudden the scenario will change on their end. Also was a disgrace that the Dems did not get out the mid term vote. I can only hope they will know better in the future. These people are being paid a fortune currently and will be paid a fortune when they retire for doing nothing.

  29. He doesn’t want to shut down the government, except as a tactic to help achieve his real objective: lots and lots of publicity for himself. He knows the only way to get the nomination is by means of a grassroots stampede, so he tells the Teabaggers what they want to hear. Evidence, coherence and logic are liabilities, not assets, in this kind of strategy.

  30. Senator Rafeal Edgordo Cruz Junior. Totally took full Credit for the 2013 Government Shutdown and went on the very same Fox News Sunday show , Chris Wallace should have shown Sen. Cruz the clip of that! But then Canada Cruz wouldn’t come back on Fox News. The Full Senate voted and passed the $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill without his rider. So it wasn’t that important. They also confirmed Dr Vivek Murthy as Surgeon General too!

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