Top Republican Admits That Lawsuits Against Obama Are Setting Up Impeachment

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The Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX) admitted on Face The Nation that the lawsuits filed by Republicans are about setting up the impeachment of President Obama.


McCaul said, “I think the impeachment. Listen, the constitutionality issue will be determined by the courts. I know there are various lawsuits. My state, now governor, attorney general now governor is filing a lawsuit against this. The courts will decide that issue. I want to make one thing very clear. We are not going to shut the government down, but we are going to shut down this president and his actions.”

A careful reading of McCaul’s answer reveals the Republican strategy. House Republicans are going to use the lawsuits that are filed against President Obama as a path towards impeachment. If a court rules that the president acted unconstitutionally, Republicans would, in their view, be justified in pursuing impeachment. Boehner and McConnell aren’t going to do the dirty work themselves. Republicans are intentionally using the courts to try to build a guess for impeaching the president.

Boehner’s lawsuit against the president will be laughed out of court. Greg Abbott’s lawsuit against President Obama’s immigration executive orders will also be tossed out of court. Republicans are filing partisan meritless lawsuits in the hope of getting their smoking gun against Obama.

Years of House Republican investigations have failed to turn up any kind of scandal, so Republicans have moved on to wasting taxpayer money with frivolous partisan lawsuits.

The second part of McCaul’s remarks about not shutting down the government also deserve some decoding. Republicans continue to suggest that they aren’t going to shut down the government. It is clear that what they are going to try to do is defund the Department of Homeland Security. If House Republicans attach a defunding rider on the funding bill in December, the Senate will not pass it. Should the Senate not pass a funding bill, Republicans will blame President Obama and the Democrats for shutting down the government.

Republicans are using twisted logic to try to pre-blame Democrats for the next potential government shutdown. They tried this same tactic last year, and it blew up in their faces. Republicans should expect the same result if they try it again.

Congressional Republicans are trying to cover up their true motives and intentions, but occasionally, a bit of truth slips out. The lawsuits aren’t unrelated to the Republican dreams of impeaching the president. If the courts ever gave them a reason to do so, Republicans would seriously consider impeaching President Obama.

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  1. Time to turn and fight back.
    The American People have a right to Sue Republicans for doing real harm to the American People
    Republican – The Pro-Death Party – policies that increase the suicide rate. 6-23-14
    Republican Body Count by State for not providing Medicare Expansion.
    Republican – Anti Worker policies Kill: Worker and Consumer Rights Bills – voting no on minimum wage increase, getting rid of unions and pensions, no equal pay for equal work.
    Republicans -Climate Deniers – Fracking death rate increase:
    Fracking – North Dakota – the deadliest state to work in:

  2. At what point would the media call the republicans seditious? I think a foreign entity calling themselves republicans are systematically destroying our country. How does this stand with so-called patriots who actually believe in democracy?.

  3. Who do we call to ask how much in total the Bengazi investigations have cost the American tax payer?

    I am serious. John Boehner’s office?

  4. Please pardon my fingertips, but impeachment is nothing but a GOP wet dream.
    Impeachment is a slap on the wrist – ask Bill Clinton. They will never remove President Obama from office. And if all they really want is to put that little star by his name on the list of greatest Presidents ever, well, please proceed republicants.

  5. For what reason would they impeach President Obama? For doing the job of governing as he was elected to do?

    Today’s America is Opposite Day every day where we pay huge salaries to our representatives to NOT represent us while they collect millions from their lobbyist warlords to obstruct government. Republicans refuse to bring up bills let alone pass them; spend most of their time on vacation, waste billions on Government Shutdown, Bengazi and IRS while addressing nothing else like VA funding, creating jobs and improving infrastructure, and they are voted back into their jobs?!!!

    All Republicans should be impeached with some like Ted Cruz should either be put in jail or forced to pay back the taxpayer funds misappropriated by Ted Cruz, Leslie Graham and the entire Republican party!

    Republicans don’t even know why they want to impeach him except for governing while black.

  6. In order not to be impeached these days, a president has to satisfy everyone, offend no one and prostrate him- or herself to congress. And that’s not humanly possible or productive for any president to do.

  7. Those of us who didn’t sleep through American History class in High School (unlike many, or most, of the GOP) remember that our Constitution enshrines the notion of “checks and balances.”

    The Founders purposely created our form of government to provide stability; to prevent do-gooders from running from one wicket to the next, creating more chaos than achievement.

    The GOP has it in their squishy little heads that since they control Congress (at least, starting in January), the President is suddenly supposed to kowtow to their wishes. BS.

    Sooner or later they will discover the art of compromise. “Log-rolling” is a phrase I recall. If they don’t, then in due course, and soon, the GOP will find itself on the trash heap of history.

  8. I sure wish we could throw the Republicans out of office as all they do is think up ways to destroy the government. Lets all get together and impeach them as what good are they to the America people.

  9. I clicked like this article because I agree with 99% of it. The one thing that is starting to irk me wherever I read it though, is the notion that Republicans paid a price for their last round of idiocy in shutting down the government, they did not pay a price, and very likely won’t this time either. We can’t count on Rs doing themselves in, we are going to have to figure out how to take them down.

  10. So basically they are saying there is no terrorism and that we dont need the Homeland security dept.

    Everything they do is against America. Not Obama. Obama had every republican back to Eisenhower as precedent.

  11. “we’re going to have to figure out how to take them down.” Exactly! It’s called VOTING EVERY SINGLE ELECTION! The batshit crazy people ALWAYS vote (against their best interests)but Dems didn’t “feel” like they needed to in the midterms…or something.Such smart people we claim to be, yet we let the 38% of batshit crazy make the rules for the rest of us. When THAT changes, we win.

  12. Where O where are the Democrats, they could stur up a pot of sh#t over the repigs, but all I hear are crickets as usual, the democrats could be screeching for republican impeachments, win or lose at least you’re making some noise, and you can’t win a election if you don’t start somewhere

  13. I have been a voter since Reagan and Carter were running. I know a huge part of our problem is the people who can’t be bothered to vote, or like here in Illinois, people voted to raise the minimum wage, and then voted in Republican Bruce Rauner who said he doesn’t believe there should be a minimum wage at all.

    We also have some even bigger problems such as voter suppression. Just Google Greg Palast and Crosscheck and that will show how we should not have lost the Senate. If voters don’t get off their butts and vote them out, we may get to a point where we can’t.

  14. The problem is that a good number of our Democratic “leaders” are scared sh*tless of the right and their big money backers, they are more concerned with keeping their jobs than they are with standing up for our principles. I will still always vote, and I will always vote Democrat, but if we don’t stand on principle, we will lose again.

  15. Don’t count on the MSM for reporting “real” news. They are repub owned and repub corp board run. One of the cleverest lies pushed for the last 30+ years is that the media is liberal. It’s all a lie.

  16. The Dems need a massive media machine like the repubs have been using for the last 30+ years. The repubs own old media. The repubs use talk radio and MSM to bash Dems evey day. We have no way to fight back. Where are the rich left leaners? What are they waiting for? If they don’t see the need now, they never will.

  17. This is sedition and treason upon the parts of the Repugnant party. They should all be arrested and tried for such. Upon conviction, we do to them what we do to all treasonous jackoffs, we execute them by firing squad….

  18. The republicans know that have to get the president out the way before the next election especially if Hillary run to keep her from winning. They know if she runs and he backs her, she will win hands down and they will lose big time. But the rest of the democrats need to wake and learn something, the things he taught them how to get voters, how to organize, not being afraid to get out their and speak what you believe in as loud as you can. If all those who lost their races hadn’t turn against him and had him at their rallies they would have won, because he is a cheerleader for his causes and he knows how to shout it out louder and louder than the republicans can. That is why they try to invent scandals to keep him from going on the road so much, because they know if he is on the road he is going to get the people fired up to vote. The republicans are afraid of the president no matter what they say, they are when he is on the roll he can go and there is no stop him.

  19. Fortunately President Obama is a Constitutional scholar and most republicans are simple talking heads for corporate donors.

    I’m not worried.

    If a president isn’t impeached for illegally invading/occupying a sovereign nation using lies and fabricated evidence, I’m not worried. Also: 9-11.

    If outing an active CIA agent as a means to shut up truth-tellers, resulting in the “burning” of other agents and assets and loss of lives doesn’t get a president impeached, I’m not worried.

    If war crimes against hundreds of thousands of civilians, known in part as “shock and awe” AND knowingly allowing entire arsenals to fall into the hands of the enemy while our forces are ORDERED to guard the OIL MINISTRY instead (remember Rummy’s “Boys will be boys.” comment?) doesn’t get a president impeached and/or SENT TO THE HAGUE, I’m NOT worried…at all.

    After all that the GOP wants to impeach Obama for being too humane.

    It just figures.

  20. I wonder if my time in the Army moves me up at all in the long list of volunteers to serve on that firing squad? I qualified as Expert and I guarantee you with one of those hogs in front of me there’s no way I’d miss.

    The mud they wallow in is made wet with the blood of the people sacrificed for the all mighty dollar on a daily basis and about whom they have no conscience whatever.

    I’d consider it a service to women, my brother and sister veterans and those still in the military, the working poor, the disabled, children, the elderly and the PLANET…just to name a few.

    *No of course I have no actual desire or intent to cause physical harm to anyone. This is all rhetorical…and I said hog.

  21. Too bad we can’t sue Congress…but they can be recalled. Unfortunately, most voters like their own representatives (some exceptions). The problem that stands before us that can be working on is Voter IDs. We have two years to get to work helping every voter w/o the required ID cards and make sure that the “Texas-two-step” doesn’t take place. Texans had an easy job disenfranchising women because the Texas Driver’s License shows: a woman’s first name is her given name, with her “maiden” name as the middle name, follow by her married name. The Voter’s ID had the First, Middle, and Last name on it. That makes those presenting these two ID incompatible. The best you can do is ask for a provisional ballot.

  22. If these ass wipes think that The President don’t have a cache of Constitutional lawyers at his back, they’re more stupid and empty headed than I thought. I hope they don’t get it in their stupid heads that he acted alone on the paperwork. Oh I forgot, they can’t read. Bring it on boys…LOL

  23. Rauner bought this election, from broke blacks and stupid white people he will have a hard time of it. Lisa Madigan has launched an investigation into our voting rights, and a lot Repubs jumped ship from Rauner, when she started the investigation. A lot of our voting places were closed and the machines didn’t work, Madigan had to get the fire department to open some of the doors to polling places, and some didn’t get through voting until the wee hours of the night. This has never happened in the history of Chicago. Rauner did this, and God help him he is in a den of wolves, the Dems here have the majority and they do not like him. I never did. He promised people money if they would vote for him, I saw it. Black churches my a*ss, now they are paying. Then the robo calls threatening the judges, only a low life Repig would do that.

  24. Unfortunately, that would be at no point. The media are a party to this since they are now all owned by corporations. Why else would they not call out the Republicans on their lies and deceit? Remember Chuck Todd’s statement of it not being his job to call them on their lies? If he were a journalist, it would definitely be his job, but he’s not a journalist, he’s a corporate lacky.

  25. This is how the baggers intend to lynch the President of the United States. They can’t drag him to a tree in the night, but they can impeach him. This is racism run amuck. The Republican Party is imploding.

  26. It’s not just the money. We will never get back the squandered opportunities that have been lost. The obstruction and the blatant racism has marked this Congress for history.

  27. The repubs. all get their talking points, then go on TV, all singing the same song. The dems. should do what they all did with W, get behind their President, agree with all he does (in public). The dems. should have been bragging about how much this President has accomplished while the repubs. were mostly on vacation. Since they only work part time, they should not get health insurance. We the People should DEMAND answers, their salaries are certainly not being earned, they do nothing as “representatives” When will they get to work? Boehner needs to take a breathalizer test the few days he shows up to “work” Pathetic that a drunken, weeping idiot is preventing votes on bills that are supposed to help working people. Maybe the cowards are keeping him in his position because the sober among them are too afraid that it is SO obvious they do not have the guts to do what he does. He needs REHAB in the worst way.

  28. This country has always had 3 political parties. The third one is the news media. They have the power to make or break. When will “we the people
    finally awaken to this fact,? Nothing will be done for the people of this nation until this question is acted upon. Can one imagine the rating boost and spotlights gained by repubnuts if impeachment were put on the table. Ignoring the fact that he would be the first president that has faced impeachment for legally doing his job under our constitutional laws. Even with law on his side, the media and these repubnuts is willing to twist and break the law to get their white way. For those that can see the forest rather than one stupid tree, truly understands that racism is the only driving force behind the new media and repubnuts motives. Their blatantly open bias behavior can only be comparable to the news media in certain part of the south during the Civil Rights era.

  29. OMG!! can “WE” stop talking about boehners nonsensical lawsuit??? boehner is proof positive that the GOP is NOTHING but BULL$HIT and noise!! boehner has taken this crap to several law firms and EVERY last one has declined!!!! PERIOD!! the GOP isn’t going to impeach Obama!! it’s just another idiotic stunt to sucker it’s racist base into giving multimillions of dollars!! the GOP whips up their MORONS to get money from them, just like Benghazi, just like anti marriage equally, AND ABSOLUTELY like abortion rights!! The republican party doesn’t want abortion rights to disappear!!! they make MILLIONS acting like they care , it typical GOP, all smoke and NO fire!!

  30. impeach Obama! for what? being BLACK? for taking their racist taunts?? mitch mcconnell want to call Obama a NIGGER so badly, he’s damn near bit off what’s left of his bottom lip!! IMPEACH Obama!? for doing the same damn thing on immigration that SAINT reagan, and “COKE BOY!” bush jr did?? listen, Obama is a centrist democrat!! PERIOD! PROOF?? NO liberal would have accepted the ACA as a victory!! the ACA is a plot cooked up by the RIGHT WING think tank, heritage foundation!!! yep, the same insurance giveaway, RICHEY RICH, ”willard rommey” was running in Massachusetts!! GET REAL! using presidents Obama’s OWN words, ”In the 1960’s, I’d be considered a REPUBLICAN, and he’s ABSOLUTELY correct.

  31. They can be expelled by the chamber in which they serve. The Constitution doesn’t provide for a recall of Congress-critters though.

  32. As a foreign, non-US citizen I can only look with utter disbelieve at what happens in the US. You have the most decent, intelligent, effective leader a nation could possibly wish for. Actions speak louder than words. If you people really want change you’ll have to demand for it and vote, and keep voting. You can’t possibly expect this President to clean up the mess left by his predecessor in just a few years, certainly not with the 2008-2012 global economic recession after the 2007 liquidity crisis that hit the world economy. Are you really letting the Republican party which clearly shows their main interest is to gain power instead of governing, rebuilding a nation together with the Democrats, get away with that attitude? Suing a President because he did his job when others didn’t? Only in America. This is not just about President Obama, it’s about the power of the people against the power of money. This Administration has given back instead of taking. So how do you vote next time…

  33. The problem is, that we have two nations within one. We have the pleasure of the former Confederate States to contend with..These are mostly poorly educated ,social barbarians that have set this country back at least four decades, and vote as one solid right wing block for the Republicans that hope to bring the nation back into the nineteenth century.
    ..Another problem is public apathy.

  34. In the History books of the future, this Republican House will not be seen as attractive. The next? There is no hope at all! They will be seen as the obstructionist they are. None of their relatives of the future will be able to talk with pride about “My Grandfather” My Uncle” My Father”. All will be, or should be,
    very ashamed to even mention the history of their family.
    That is unless, Texas writes the history book. Where many of the books used in schools today are written and sent out and if, there even any schools left after all are turned into Charter schools, private or Christian.

  35. Bob Dvorak, I would love to believe your rosy future, dearly love too. But, these immoral, sleezy, rethugs will be in control
    until 2022. They already have control over redistricting and are ready for more. EVEN WITH a Dem pres. in 2016 these immoral cheats will stop any and all means he or she may have to control anything.. The only control will be the veto and the 2/3thrds needed to over ride them. You can bet your bottom dollar these rethugs are working on that… I truly believe our Democratic form of Gov is in grave danger.

  36. To be expelled don’t they have to be expelled by their own? Can you really see a rethug expelling a member of their own?
    Any member of the rethugship even thinking, of such an action would be run out on a rail. They always follow the leader, the loudest leader.

  37. LOL it’s hilarious, when I tell the truth about the shortcomings of the democratic party, the vast majority of my liberal friends go mysteriously SILENT, telling the truth always gets you in trouble. Obama is a centrist democrat, accept it, it’s just a fact. now ignore this post too, my liberal bretheren.

  38. Then as An American an voter, I demand this be exposed to the people RIGHT NOW! Start talking about how the Republicans plans to fill the next two years up with DO nothing an spend our money on go “NOW WHERE” law suits! I’ve had enough of this Grid lock as so has this country! Were disgusted with it all! 5 states send a sound message we want to forge a head an get some thing done when they voted them selves in the Min. Wage on the state Ballets in 5 Republican States! The smacked down personhood bills, an yelled for tougher back ground checks in local/state ballets! But the Republicans was NOT listening! We did NOT give them a message of full steam a head to waste our Tax payers money! We did NOT give them a message that we wanted them to sit on their hands an do crazy law suits/Impeachment shit! We want JOB bills, an a workable Immigration Reform an we want Senate/Congress to do some thing to EARN their pay!

  39. There is a good side, Alberta. Repubs want to privatize Medicare and turn Social Security over to their wall street buddies. By overreaching with impeachment, the repubs will be too preoccupied to hurt us more. I’m rooting for overreach big time. They really only have a year to do it and then it’s the 2016 election mode all the way.

  40. Those of us paying attention when Clinton was President, know that the House will be able to impeach PBO. Then it goes to the Senate for the trial. Just like with Clinton the repubs in the Senate will not have enough votes to try him. They need 2/3rds to do it. They do not have 67 votes in the Senate. So, just like with Clinton it will be a big waste of time to most of us and red meat thrown to their hateful ignorant base.

  41. Exactly. Repubs don’t have the 2/3rds vote in the Senate to try PBO just like with Clinton. It will just be a dog and pony show.

  42. How do you explain Goebbels to a poor, uneducated GOP voter? They resent the mere attempt.

    While browsing “Utoob” for music I ran into an “Elvis is alive documentary” alleging DNA evidence. It was a thinly veiled propaganda piece about how the democrats are working with drug lords in South America to bring Communism to ‘merica. Not socialism–COMMIES! Must be inflammatory as possible.

    Elvis isn’t really dead, they say, he’s in witness protection and/or still working WITH the DEA. How they play on simple-minded wish fulfillment fantasies is just cruel!

    Superimposed over the mourning masses at Graceland is silent (obviously) footage of a younger Obama giving an impassioned speech. How old was he when Elvis died in 1977? Fifteen! They base VOTES on this BS!

    Clumps of similar bunny droppings are insidiously sprinkled throughout country/southern rock & Gospel music vids online.

    The OK city bombing ones are sickening and feature *bows reverently* President Clinton….

  43. You are more generous than I. I tend to call him a conservative Democrat, which he is. It’s common for African American Democrats to lean that way. That’s not an indictment, just historical fact. He finds it natural to compromise with the GOP because he often agrees with them.

    Major issue: Michelle Obama is on the WRONG end of healthcare. ADMINI$TRATION is cozy with Insurance & Big Pharma. I work with HCAs. It’s the CORPORATE/INDUSTRIAL end of healthcare; patients are profit margin statistics not people.

    That Michelle Obama influences her husband is common knowledge. It is most obvious in some of the “compromises” made in ACA legislation…compromises Hillary Clinton would not have made. I sincerely hope she has the opportunity to shore it back up.

    Obama’s young, has been too concerned about perception, yet given the unconscionable mess Bush left him, he’s accomplished near miracles. People have NO clue what he’s prevented. He is worlds superior to any GOPer.

  44. No compromises no ACA.
    No working with healthcare no ACA.
    He has constantly beaten the GOP in negotiations and in compromise

  45. You are correct Susan. It’s to our everlasting shame that we are so complacent in this country–too lazy to inform ourselves on issues and vote accordingly.

    Entire swaths of the nation, mostly in the southern and plains “red” states vote GOP against their own best interests even though they benefit FAR MORE from Democrat originated and backed programs. They receive federal assistance in HUGE disproportion to the “blue” states, far more than they contribute via taxes. Then they have the AUDACITY to point fingers!

    They are, quite literally, being duped into voting themselves into nonexistence. I’d say no great loss, but these are living, breathing human beings we’re talking about.

    …and too many of the rest believe the LIE that no difference exists between the parties and are too lazy to take half an hour to look up the FACTS that disprove this notion, then VOTE!

    That “we’re getting what we deserve” is no comfort because those of us who DO act responsibly don’t …

  46. I understand your desire to believe this, Shiva.

    And I repeat, he’s accomplished truly remarkable things.

    I wasn’t beating up on “your guy”. He’s my President too. I worked on his campaigns and (obviously) voted for him.

    No need for the knee jerk reaction.

  47. I read your post. You just need to understand single payer never would have went through. There would be no ACA without the cooperation of the providers. Like it or not. Call it snuggling up with them or whatever, millions would not have had insurance without it

  48. again waste of time, when gop takes over us senate january next year they will fall atleast 12 votes short of getting rid of obama, so conclusion the courts can say what they want but the fact is gop will not be able to throw obama out of whitehouse capeshe

  49. Unfortunately, gsb, I share your concern. Only large majorities will override their attempts to control this country.

  50. Compromise is the name of the game in Washington, DC, whether or not we like it. Conservatives and liberal-leaning people beat up representatives in DC for compromising. But the country was built on checks and balances and the necessity to compromise, for better or worse. Obama realizes this, and it is interesting that many who “lean right” don’t think he has compromised ENOUGH.

    The ACA needed 60 votes to get through the Senate. The Dems had those 60 votes for all of 4 months in late 2009 and early 2010… and, even then, they were only going to get those 60 votes if they compromised with the Blue Dog Dems in the Senate! So that was the end of the public option.

    So I don’t buy the “Obama is compromising because he actually is some kind of Republican”.. He is compromising because he KNOWS that is the only way to get anything done in Washington.

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