Activists Immediately Call For Eric Holder To Indict Darren Wilson On Federal Charges

activists call on eric holder to file federal charges against darren wilson

Immediately after the announcement that the killer of teenager Michael Brown would not be indicted, activists are calling for Attorney General Eric Holder to file federal charges against Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Rashard Robinson the Executive Director of ColorofChange released a statement calling on Attorney General Holder to indict Darren Wilson on federal charges.

Robinson said,

We all lose when the justice system fails the way Missouri Governor Nixon and Prosecutor Robert McCulloch have failed Mike Brown’s family. This non indictment charge stems not from a lack of evidence but from a coordinated effort to stack the deck, to keep justice for Mike Brown out of reach. Now, justice for Mike Brown lays in the hands of President Obama and US Attorney General Holder who have the responsibility and power to ensure Officer Wilson is prosecuted to the fullest extent of federal law.

What we see here today is a breakdown in Missouri’s justice system. With Governor Nixon’s shameless endorsement, Prosecutor Robert McCulloch did everything in his power to avoid securing justice for Mike Brown’s death. The grand jury was set up to fail.

Due to Governor Nixon’s failed leadership and deep corruption in law enforcement, a dangerous police officer who brutally killed an unarmed teenager will remain on the Ferguson payroll–unless our national leaders act. This type of two tiered justice system that treats police as above the law is morally outrageous, deeply inhumane, and puts Black Missourians in danger of further police violence and human rights abuse.

We are in a historic time and what Pres. Obama and his administration do in this moment will have a major impact on the future of racial profiling and policing in America. The status quo, business as usual, cannot continue. Ferguson is everywhere. According to FBI statistics, law enforcement kill Black Americans at nearly the same rate as Jim Crow era lynchings. The American people have lost faith in the justice system and law enforcement’s ability to operate fairly. This is President Obama’s opportunity to restore that faith by implementing concrete structural reforms to Missouri police and law enforcement policy at the federal level that will allow police departments to do their job while prioritizing the civil and human rights of all communities.

Prosecutor McCulloch’s very defensive statement when the decision not to indict was announced lent credibility to claims that the process was rigged from the beginning and justice was not going to be done. Other activists called for justice system that protects everyone.

“In preparation of exercising the right to air our grievances, we have trained hundreds of people in non-violent direct action,” said artist and St. Louis community organizer Damon Davis. “We have organized people around the country to stand up to this injustice that was, sadly, so predictable. This grand jury decision will not deter us. It is a start, not an end. We are all Mike Brown, and Ferguson is everywhere. We need a justice system that protects us all, and we will direct our moral outrage into nonstop, nonviolent action to win meaningful change.”

The grand jury decision was predictable. The federal government should investigate whether federal charges are justified. There are major problems are across the country. Ferguson is just the latest symptom of a disease that results for injustice for most.

The Justice Department needs to take a fresh look at the events in Ferguson immediately.

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  1. The evidence is clear – the DA changed the facts. How it got done is NOT clear, but the story has ignored the tapes, it has ignored witnesses who were steadfast from the first, it has ignored its own report that there was NO theft reported to which Wilson was responding.

    This is a travesty and a license to kill. To protect one bad apple, the DA has rotted the entire barrel. There are almost NO protesters, but the response to them is despicable in its militarized action.

    We are back to Bull Conner and the fire hoses. Life will never again be the same. This time, we who stand with our brothers and sisters of color will be out in full force as well. We will NOT go back. We will NOT let them be murdered. We will NOT let the forces of lies and repression win.

  2. You speak as if you had access to the information that was presented to the jury. Would it change your mind if the vote were unanamous for no bill? If you want to see a travisty have a black AG prefer charges when the grand jury in the competent jusidiction took sufficient time to review all evidence before stating no bill. You didnt like their decision and you want it your way thats not how our system works.

  3. This is a prime example of what kind of country the right-wing would love to have. Dog help us all if they get their way.

  4. AG Eric Holden released a statement:
    Their investigation is on going regardless of what was announced tonight.

    This decision was no surprise. Ferguson police & state atty. lied & cover-up from the start. Now that the state have finish their miscarriages of justice. The Feds can complete their investigation w/o the state interference.

    This what happen when ppl disengage from our political/gov’t system.

  5. Looks like a few White Sheets found their way to this blog. They’ve been voting down your post because much like education, they don’t like facts, churchlady.

  6. Thanks for sharing Tani…He will move shift on this, by the end of the year. The DA, Chief of police, and office Wilson should all be worried! It’s a federal civil rights murder case! Brown’s parents can also sue Wilson under the same Federal civil rights law in a civil court.

  7. This whole thing was a travesty of justice, every civil rights organization should come out on this and hammer the people on the grand jury, it amazes me that they apparently had to have 9 votes on the jury to do anything to Wilson, 9 of those on the jury were white, only 3 were black, and this in a town where most of the residents are black. You only have to read the world reaction to this to know it is not just the majority of people in the US who are angry.Here racism is alive and well and it oozes every day from FOX.

  8. I pray that Holder acts this time. He said he would act during the sad time of Trayvon Martin but that fell by the wayside.
    Ferguson is such an in your face case of racism that if the DOJ doesn’t act now the status quo will only get worse.

    It amounts to a license to kill people of color for ANY reason.

  9. This Officer got away with murder, for now.
    Believe he will walk with a cross a hair on his back for the rest of his life. This grand jury was in effect really, a trial, with out any cross examination. Soooo glad I do not live in Ferguson. Hope the family
    takes this further in civil court. Maybe then, there will be some justice. Until. someone does take these police men to court and wins, there will be no true justice for, anyone.

  10. Darren Wilson will never be a free man. He may not go to jail for this killing, but he will never be free. I hope the feds prosecute this man and I hope the feds come down hard on the entire policing apparatus in this community. Get Israel out of our local policing. Get the KK back in their caves. We are seeing the consequences of the unleashing of generic ugly racism unleashed by the Republicans over the election of Barack Obama. It’s not a long way, you know, from watermelon and fried chicken jokes and traveling lynching shows in the back of a wagon to what we are seeing in the policing of the black community.

  11. This just gives racist cops a green light to do whatever they want knowing there won’t be any consequences.

  12. If I were this cop I’d change my name and move to another State. Probably waited until 9PM to make the announcement so that they could get the cop out of town and the Grand Jury out of the back of the building. The whole US is in an uproar over this and this happens? Not just Black, White, Hispanics. Why not bring the Nazi’s back also. Sad world.

  13. The federal government can only act if there was a civil rights violation… from what i have read the officer did not go after MB because he was black, he went after him because he fit the description of the man they were looking for assault and robbery.

  14. From what you read you are wrong. At first he was stopped before the executioner even knew about the lie of a robbery because Michael Brown paid for the cigars. And even if you trying to excuse your racism Mike Brown was killed 148 feet away from Darren Wilson’s SUV

    So there was no imminent danger to the klan member. But you keep being you and I see you for what you are

  15. Went there Gramiam those two faces (Cruz Palin)on the same page made me very Ill..Next time warn us first!!

  16. “This type of two tiered justice system that treats police as above the law is morally outrageous, deeply inhumane, and puts Black Missourians in danger of further police violence and human rights abuse.”


    “and puts *ALL AMERICANS* in danger of further police violence and human rights abuse.””

  17. No President Obama did not file charges against Wilson, nor does he have the authority to do so.

    “National News” is a fake news site and even they admit their stories are not real.

    Snopes is reporting this but indicate that National News previously had this disclaimer up then removed it.

    See also:

    The President has no authority to file Federal charges against anyone. That is up to the DOJ and all Obama can do is push him to do so which he has. We should all also push to have the DOJ bring charges of Federal Civil Rights violations against Wilson.


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