Democrats Demand To Know How Much Boehner Is Paying Jonathan Turley To Sue Obama

The Committee on House Administration’s Ranking Democratic Member Robert A. Brady sent a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner demanding clarification on the cost of the House Republican lawsuit against President Obama.

In a press release, Brady detailed his letter to Boehner,

“We certainly believe that the committee should have considered this contract in open session, which would have allowed us to debate the proposal in regular order,” states Brady in the letter addressed to Committee Chairman Candice Miller. “Since we had no opportunity to be heard before the committee approved the contract, we are posing the following questions…”

The letter proceeds to ask for clarification on the expenses and hourly rates, ambiguous subcontracting provisions, the use of uncompensated George Washington University law students and the potential for expanding this contract to include threatened lawsuits targeting the Administration’s recent Executive Action on immigration.

In his letter, Brady wrote that under the terms of Turley’s contract it is possible that the attorney will earn as much as three million taxpayer dollars for suing President Obama. The contract is vague, and Democrats want to know exactly how much the lawsuit is going to cost the taxpayers.

House Republicans have refused to tell the American people how much this partisan misuse of the judicial system is going to cost taxpayers. Boehner refuses to answer questions about the cost of the lawsuit and Democrats bring up a valid point. House Republican have not allowed debate on the contract.

Democrats will keep up the pressure as Boehner has admitted in the past that he is not trying to win the lawsuit. It was not a coincidence that Boehner tried to move the discussion back to suing the president the morning after Obama announced his executive orders on immigration. The lawsuit is a gimmick that is designed to distract, but Boehner’s gimmick is also continually coming back to haunt the Republican Party.

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  1. “Fiscal Conservatives” my ass.

    Sorry for repeating myself so often. It seems to apply to most everything they do.

  2. I used to have a great deal of respect for Jonathan Turley. It is sad to see him get involved in this partisan witch hunt.

  3. It’s time for the people to start putting the pressure on John Boehner and all his flim-flam GOP cohorts. They fight like hell to stay away from minimum wage for the poor , but don’t mind spending up to $3,000,000 for a bogus lawsuit against the President. A lawsuit that he doesn’t care if he wins or not. Come people how much more are we expected to take from this joker. This man is not just taking Ohio money but all of our money to use for his evil deeds.

  4. Is John Böhner’s skin tone not darker than Obama’s in that photo? Where are all the racist emails and signs???

  5. You know, Olbermann used to have Turley on his show while he was at MSNBC and at the time he gave some interesting insights to a number of questions. I kind of had some respect for him.

    Then a few of years ago I read that he was attempting to get the polygamy law reinstated for that “family” on TLC called My Five Wives. Exactly who was paying him, I don’t know, however I had a sneaking suspicion that It might have been TLC.

    He must have gone through all the money he earned there and needs some more to support his lifestyle and to keep his name in the news. I wouldn’t trust that guy with a loose quarter in my house.

  6. Well?? 10% of the voting electorate. 90% of Democratic for GOP votes. Imagine is an understatement, what can we expect from Roaches in the house?

  7. I as a tax payer does not want to sue the president so Boehner should pay for it out of his own pocket. after all – he is saving money with Obamacare. the way Boehner looks at the president in the picture is scary.

  8. Somebody at the Feds should add up all the costs of the Republicans witch hunts since the Clinton era until present day shenanigans. They don’t make a single effort to do something constructive. It’s getting very old; and, extremely expensive for their tantrums.

  9. Boehner already hired some lawyers, who finally turned down the job. How much did WE the taxpayers pay them? Benghazi turned out to be a waste of time and taxpayer money, yet they STILL have an investigation ongoing. Money is no problem, as long as it comes out of taxpayer pockets.

  10. Bohner’s law suit is justifiable after all he’s really suing President O’bama for being a black president. guilty as charged.

  11. This was never debated on the House floor, or brought to a vote. I guess the GOP is dispensing with the facade of a democracy and showing their true colors as tyrants.

  12. This amounts to nothing more than personal vendetta against the POTUS by the un American kock loyalist, a country divided will fall, aren’t we lucky to have the honor to pay for this do nothing political theater.

  13. Accountability and transparency Republicans, accountability and transparency; or do those concepts just apply to the Black man in the White House?

  14. Dems. should have been demanding account from Repubs. expenditures along time ago. ex.: fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, solyndra, F&F, IRS, ACA, s/d & yes, Benghazi. But not just this BS. But the cost of doing nothing. & wasted endless $$ paid vacations..

    Everytime a Dem. appear on TV they should be saying show me the numbers (money).

  15. 0_0

    $3 million dollars to pursue this bogus as all hell charade?!?

    No. Just no. I want my money back, man! All of us Americans should be asking for their money back. Not just from this, no no. I mean every goddamn penny from every damn stunt they’ve pulled in the last six years. All because a black man is in charge and they cannot accept it.

  16. why is it all theses folks have nazi links in there back ground and friends who are neonazies boner the kochs ilse and karl koch whats with theses german american nazies ganging up on mr obama ,and they are in places of prominences in american politics why do we tolerate this white supremacist crap

  17. I ask who decided NOT to vote in this last election? Those are the people that I have a problem with. Those are the people who failed America in 2010 and again in 2014.

  18. THAT, Rick is a question all who did vote, should ask every person when they start to complain. DID YOU VOTE?

  19. So what’s your point about this bullshit that he signed on for where everyone said it has no standing?

  20. The Repulshricans are losing their sanity. when they follow Boner’s actions. He even stated he didn’t care about winning. Every constituent should call their Congressman to stop this illegal spending on a witch hunt to satisfy Boner’s ego!!!!!!

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