Obama Surging As Second Poll Find Broad National Support For Immigration Executive Action


A poll by Hart Research on behalf of Americans United For Change has found broad popular support among Democrats (91%), Independents (57%), and 41% of Republicans for President Obama’s executive orders on immigration.

The Hart Research poll found,

Voters respond favorably by an overwhelming 39-point margin to executive action by President Obama that would focus immigration enforcement efforts on threats to national security and public safety while allowing some illegal immigrants to stay and work in the United States (67% favorable, 28% unfavorable). Support is broad, incorporating a majority of voters in every region of the country, among both men and women, and in states won by both Barack Obama (67% favorable) and Mitt Romney (65% favorable). Younger voters under age 35 express particularly strong support (72%), but more than 60% feel favorable in every age cohort.

Executive action receives support from 91% of Democrats and 67% of political independents. While a narrow 51% majority of Republicans oppose executive action (41% favor), this is driven mainly by a 34-point margin of opposition among Tea Party Republicans (30% favor, 64% oppose). Among non-Tea Party Republicans opinion is more divided, with 47% in favor and 45% opposed.

Another poll today found that 89% of Latinos support President Obama’s immigration executive orders. The Hart poll revealed that the Republican opposition is being driven by the Tea Party wing of the GOP. The whole mainstream media narrative about the 2014 election has gone up in smoke. The media presented Obama as a deeply wounded lame duck president who had no choice, but to give Republicans what they wanted. A sub-narrative of the election was how establishment Republicans had tamed the tea party and were now firmly in control.

It is turning out that neither one of these conclusions is proving to be correct. The election loss has liberated President Obama, and strengthened the support of his party around him. Obama has been bold and determined to set the agenda. Republicans have been knocked back on their heels and unable to find their footing. A moment that should have been a celebration has been ripped apart by confusion and infighting.

Establishment Republicans are in leadership, but it’s the tea party that continues to steer the agenda. Obama’s immigration executive orders have paralyzed the Republican Party. The tea partiers want a government shutdown or impeachment, while the establishment is trying to ride out the storm and get to 2015 with no major crisis.

The contrast is obvious. Obama has been soaring since the election while Republicans have taken one step and fallen flat on their faces. With each poll, the internal crisis worsens within the Republican Party.

22 Replies to “Obama Surging As Second Poll Find Broad National Support For Immigration Executive Action”

  1. It is not like we didn’t tell the media they were wrong. They just didn’t listen. When a little more than 10% of the population elects a party to Congress, you have to question their legitimacy!
    The people have not spoken. A bunch of crabby old white guys have spoken.

  2. Heads will explode.
    H.e.a.d.s … W.i.l.l … E.x.p.l.o.d.e.

    Avoid all proximity to Republicans these next several days
    lest the brains spatter get you.

    Heads will explode. FOX-fed DirtoHeaded Boortz-besotted Hannity-heads are sure to explode on release of these poll numbers.


  3. And this is why the so called moderates of the bagger party are pissed. As long as no action was taken they could hide their cowardice now they have to make a choice. Do what is right then they will get primaried by the crazies. Do nothing and go with the crazies who wants to impeach then the voters in those districts Obama won will not be so kind in 2016.

    Well played Mr. President

  4. I would like to see by what percentage the President’s overall job approval rating will increase because of this.

  5. I am a latino who was disappointed when President Obama did not make this decision on immigration prior to the election. Now I understand why it was a zillion times better to have waited until after the election. President Obama is getting a much bigger bang for his buck than he would have before the election. Hats off to President Obama.

  6. When the GOP convenes for the 2015 senate I predict that a swath of the population is going to think:

    “What the hell were we thinking.”

    But too many of them in red states would rather die than admit it.

  7. Well when that Paul Ryan budget comes to pass then they will really would know the meaning of no Vaseline for you

  8. Glad you saw the light. One thing I learned early on is that even when you don’t quite understand his reasoning, he always is three moves ahead of the GOP, running circles around them. He does nothing without calculating and considering every little crevice.

    Chess vs. Chinese Checkers.

  9. A large percentage of the people who are claiming that they don’t like President Obama don’t have even the faintest clue about the President’s and the Democrats policies or positions.

    These are not thinking people. They get their info from Fox, CNN and most of the excuses that pass for journalist in the media.

    Day after day of constant lies by the republicans and the media who broadcast those lies are why President Obama has low rating among these people.

    I have never been polled and don’t know anyone who has been polled. So who are the pollsters talking to?

  10. I’m thinking he’s stuck in the 40’s no matter as people have Obama fatigue even if they are disgusted by Republicans.

  11. In the long run, it’s less stress just to put the conservative uncle in the oven along with the turkey.

  12. Obama is the most intelligent president we have ever had. Clinton was good, but morally challenged :) I am grateful that my grandchildren have a President they can look up and respect. As for the so-called Democrat candidates that didn’t want to be seen with the Prez….you got what you deserved…we don’t need spineless politicians…enough of them in Congress already.

  13. McConnell will learn as Boehner did that it’s hard to get anything done when dealing with a room full of four year olds (Tea Partiers).

  14. just wait until Paul Ryan tries to privatize social security and Medicare.Those people in Wi.Who voted for him will wished they hadn’t.He always has fussy math, like the gov.of Wi.

  15. Yeah, but these greedy “the world revolves around me” senior citizen numbskulls will hear Eddie Munster say that he won’t touch their social security. Just those who come after them and who have paid more into Soc.Sec. than they ever have.

    And these p.o.s. senile citizens will go, “Oh, okay! Then go on ahead, Congresscritter Ryan! Take it away from those Blah and Messicuhn people, just as long as you keep your hands off of mine!”

  16. But the thing is while the zombie eyed granny starver will say I am only going against the other their benefits will get cut. It always been that way.

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