Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Michael Brown’s Killer Darren Wilson

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A St. Louis County grand jury has decided not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Michael Brown.

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot the unarmed Brown at least six times on August 9th, killing the young man after a confrontation between the two on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri. Since then, a St. Louis County grand jury had been convened to determine if any charges should be brought up against the officer. Per McCulloch’s spokesman, Ed Magee, the grand jury had four different charges to look at in regards to Wilson: first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter.

Since Brown’s death at the hands of Wilson, Ferguson and the St. Louis area has experienced protests and demonstrations. Ferguson made national headlines in the immediate aftermath of Brown’s killing due to the militarized police presence and the images of protesters being tear gassed and confronted by officers in riot gear. While protests have been generally calmer since those early weeks, we have still seen instances of protesters being confronted by police in tactical gear and being arrested for ‘failure to disperse.’ Due to the tense relationship between law enforcement and protesters, activists composed 18 rules of engagement for local police to follow. While law enforcement didn’t agree to all the rules, they did state that they would follow a number of them.

Prior to the grand jury announcement, tension was extremely high in the St. Louis area. In an almost unprecedented move, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon preemptively announced a state of emergency in the Ferguson area in relation to the grand jury decision, allowing Nixon to mobilize the National Guard. Prior to this announcement, Nixon held a press conference revealing a contingency plan regarding security in and around Ferguson. The governor stated that 1,000 local police would be made available as well as the National Guard.

Protests since August have been almost entirely peaceful if spirited. Thousands of people made their way to St. Louis in October to take part in Ferguson October, a planned weekend event that featured marches, rallies and other actions. With knowledge that the grand jury decision was imminent, national and international media have descended upon St. Louis the past few days. At the same time, a number of activists and protesters from out-of-town have also made their way into the area. One pair of activists actually ran all the way from Atlanta to St. Louis to be in town for the decision.

It remains to be seen just how the area will react to this decision.

21 Replies to “Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Michael Brown’s Killer Darren Wilson”

  1. This was all theater all along. They knew there would be no indictment the day it happened. The bs of the past months was just to assuage the minority population in the town.

    All the violence predictions were hyped up to build more racial tension.

    My thoughts go out to Michael Brown’s parents. They have endured certainly more than their fair share.

    I think it was arrogant for the Wilson to say ahead of time he believed there would be no indictment. No shit..because it was all wrapped up to his benefit from day 1.

    I’m very disgusted, don’t want to hear any news for the rest of the week.

  2. No surprise here! Knew from day one, there would be no indictment. Agree it was all planed, all for theatre, done to look as tho it was such a long study with much thought. The more this man talks, the more I don’t trust him or anyone in Ferguson Gov.
    The one avenue open for the family? Could this be taken to a civil court? If so, do it!!

  3. Not surprised at all. You could see this coming a mile away.

    This was a procedure against Michael Brown; it wasn’t to bring about justice. They put the victim on trial and let his killer walk away.

    It’s a sad day and I feel for Mr. Brown’s parents. They have not received justice for the death of their son.

  4. The killer cops brother called-in on a talk show earlier today… was talking about the case…I could tell how he was almost laughing that killer cop would not be charged, this around 1230 today

  5. The announcement tonight was sinister, for one making it at night instead of in the morning, and two he was supposed to be out at 9 ET so the crowd is already on high alert and on he just stands back there, and comes out at 9:15.
    I was watching on some dudes live feed…let the healing begin. My heart is with the people of Missouri and all those treated unfairly. One day!

  6. It should be abundantly clear to everyone that peaceful protest does not bring change in this country. The powers that be want you to protest these atrocities the same way you would a rate hike by the power company. The PTB from the top on down have actively worked to destroy any movement(Occupy etc.) and to give strategic help to the corrupt local officials on how to maintain rigid authority and the status quo. All while making pretty words about desiring change. These are nothing but tactics to dissuade and delay in order to allow more time for spin, fabrication and demonization. One of the biggest lies being told the last several days from top officials including the POTUS was that America has a long and honored tradition of peaceful protest. Pure bullshit to anybody who lived through Vietnam, the civil rights era of the 50’s/60’s etc. This country has a long history of sustained violence by the PTB employed against protesters. All anybody need do is look it up or ask.

  7. Although I already figured there would be no indictment, I know as soon as the State’s Attorney started talking what the grand jury had decided.

    I am already seeing a lot of posts on Facebook from all the racist freaks. I will be unfriending several people tonight and tomorrow.

  8. See the brutal injuries inflicted on Darren Wilson who feared for his life.

    Clearly he had reason to believe his life was in danger.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  9. Where is the dashcam footage ? Releasing that would help. The audio would help clear things up about the supposed struggle in the squad car.

    My belated condolences to Michael Brown’s parents.

  10. Either the cowardly trolls are on here or the racist freaks, (probably are the same “people”), are here giving thumbs down to the comments (with no comments of their own). Unfreaking believable!! My heart and thoughts go out to Michael Brown’s family and all of the other families, (Trevon Martin, etc.), that have had to go through this kind of “justice”, (in other words no justice at all), and unfortunately will continue to do so with the racism and bigotry that we still have in this country to this day. So very, very sad.

  11. 1) car was turned the wrong way so everything was done behind it.
    B) Until they could get it edited it would have blown wilsons claim right out the window.
    Lastly) I’m sure the people sitting on the grand jury heard the tapes, if there were any.

  12. What happened last night with the decision of the grand jury in Ferguson has now sealed the fate of all black men and boys. Unless they assume the Uncle Tom attitude they will be targets for the police and any vigilantly with a gun. Maybe Charlie Manson was right, just a few years to early. Helter Skelter baby. The tragedies this country has wrought, and all our young people will suffer for it.
    I used to be proud to be an American but not any more.

  13. This is shameful on the part of its prosecutor. He should not have had any part in this case period. He can’t be objectionable at all. He should be prosecuted for this whole thing he set up from the beginning. This is so sad for the Brown family. I’m sick of the race baiting and hatred of blacks by Fox and the republicans in congress. The police need to be held accountable for what some of them are doing in this country.No one should be profiled for the color of their skin.

  14. I thought it was odd that the accused was able to testify at a grand jury. I thought only the prosecutor presented evidence at a grand jury.

  15. The prosecutor did present evidence. Unfortunately he forgot his role and was playing the defense attorney. You know klansman must stand together

  16. What a wouss this Cop is. My goodness the injury is sooooo bad you can hardly see it.
    My kids had worse injury then his from falling off the horse. They didn’t moan either.. Have no respect for this cop or any Cop in Ferguson….saw him on TV today Wow!! he has gained weight. looks just like a real Cop now….

  17. For the idiot who down voted this, remember when your cod piece hero was injured by a pretzel?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Now compare the two. One has injuries by a so called negro brute the other by a pretzel. You are not only a coward but a dumbass

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