Incompetent John Boehner Appoints Republican To A Committee That Doesn’t Exist


John Boehner out did his usual incompetence today by appointing a Republican to a committee that doesn’t actually exist.

Yahoo News reported,

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Monday evening announced that he is reappointing Republican Trey Gowdy of South Carolina to head the Select Committee on Benghazi next Congress.

The problem, however, is that by doing so, Boehner named a chairman to a panel that does not yet exist. Because the Benghazi committee is select and not permanent, the House will have to vote again to re-create it when Congress returns for a new session in January.

.It isn’t like Boehner has that much on his plate. The House calendar is an endless vacation with a few session days scattered in for variety. Maybe, the Speaker forgot that when a new congress is sworn in select committees and legislation that hasn’t been passed by both congressional bodies doesn’t carryover. The idea that House passed legislation doesn’t carry over to the new Congress if it didn’t become law is frequently intentionally forgotten by the Speaker when he ticks off his list of Republican accomplishments.

Boehner could have been distracted by his lawsuit against President Obama, or his plan to give Obama everything he wants on the immigration executive orders and funding the government. The sort of incompetence that Boehner exhibiting by appointing Gowdy to a committee that doesn’t exist yet is on full display every day when the House is in session.

Rep. Boehner frequently has had to pull his own legislation off the floor after his fellow Republicans refused to support it. The idea that Boehner is going to be able to get the better of President Obama has always been laughable.

When ideology is combined with ineptitude, the prognosis for the next two years is more of the same. John Boehner’s inability to run a functioning House will be Mitch McConnell’s problem beginning in January. It’s fitting that Boehner appointed Gowdy to a committee that doesn’t exist, because the Benghazi scandal itself is non-existent.

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  1. Does Boehner know what he is doing? Does he have a staff to check these things out before he acts or opens his mouth? Maybe they (his staff) are underpaid and just as incompetent as he is. Yet he struts around the cameras and mics as the pompous fool he is. His obsession with suing Obama is driving him to drink MORE! And it shows. ;)

  2. Don’t be so hard one his drunkenness. He was just coming down after another bender because the President always makes him out to be the fool he is.

  3. It isn’t like the House will refuse to reauthorize a committee to investigate anything involving the President. The article is right but it is a mere formality.

  4. This is rediculous, it’s a total abuse and waste of our tax dollars. Just like the fricking lawsuits.

    We need to pound the repubs and Boehner for this, we have better things to do with our tax dollars! It is so frustrating!

  5. He has been busy testing each Bic Pen and replacing it’s cap, then sharpening each pencil, then lining it up in his pencil box, making paper clip chains, and; filling the mini bar in his office to keep track of who works when, and on what.

  6. I think you’re missing the point.

    By appointing Gowdy to chair the once and future Benghazi Committee, he’s announced that the Republicans will not accept the conclusions of the last committee, and will keep sending them back until they give the Republicans the answer they want. No matter how long it takes or how much it costs.

  7. Procedural ,process, protocol, Congress is no longer what it was. Gone are the days of intellectual pursuit, no longer is decorum a “thing”, the rules ,or lack thereof ,should reflect the new mindset and no longer mandate men must wear suit coats and ties. let these Koch Brother “buttmonkies” wear blue jeans and cammo

  8. This is reminiscent of the investigation run by Ken (the Porno) Starr against Bill Clinton. He investigated and investigated and found nothing. But by persevering, he eventually got Clinton for a “crime” that didn’t even occur till he had been investigating for three years.

  9. It would appear that the author of this article is the one that does not understand the functions of committees and has not read H. Res. 567 that established the select committee on Benghazi. If they were to look at the resolution and understood the language of the measure, they would see that the committee shall cease to exist 30 days after filing the final report. Since the final report has not been submitted, the committee still exists. Sorry for having to point out that Jason Easley is the fool and not John Boehner. Facts are just such a bear when they get in the way.

  10. So dumbass other than wasting money and not taking care of the nations business what do you expect to find that 7 other committees didn’t?

    Maybe you idiots should call Jindal, preform an exorcism raised the people who were killed and ask them what happened?

  11. Thankfully, Boehner is not in a position that requires: intelligence, organization, responsibility, cooperation, leadership, and experience. He has 435 peers equally qualified and helpful. Combine this with a justice system that doesn’t function and the result is simple: Obama gets to do everything left undone!

  12. The resolution that established the committee identifies when it will be dissolved, that being 30 days after the final report. Since the final report has not been submitted, the committee still exists and does not have to be reestablished in January.

  13. You still haven’t answered my question but I understand. Maybe with this waste of taxpayer money you baggers may find a late night phone call by Obama ordering the attack with Hillary breathing heavily in the background.

  14. The topic was that Boehner appointed Gowdy to a committee that no longer existed, yet Jason Easley showed his ignorance (along with everyone else thinking that the committee no longer exists) in his article. It appears that many here have no clue how to look for themselves what the truth is but instead just follow along blindly.

    When confronted with facts, all you could do is start with an ad hominem, and then change the topic of the conversation since you couldn’t address the statement that showed just how stupid you and those thinking that Easley knows what he was talking about.

  15. Another example of there are more horses’ asses than there are horses. The sauce has finally soaked the brain, dah?

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