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House Republicans Plan To Cave To Obama On Immigration Executive Orders

House Republicans have come up with a plan that caves to President Obama. Republicans plan on funding the government through September 2015, but only renewing funding for the immigration executive orders on a short term basis.

Politico reported,

The likely proposal would fund nearly the entire government through September 2015, but immigration enforcement related funding would be renewed on a short-term basis, according to several high-ranking GOP lawmakers and aides who described the plan as it stands now.

The strategy is designed to keep the government open, while satisfying the base, which is livid with President Back (sic) Obama for issuing an executive order that ends deportations for millions of undocumented immigrants.

Republican leaders have struggled to come up with a plan that would satisfy both goals — of keeping the government open, while allowing members to express their anger at Obama. GOP sources believe that keeping immigration funding on a short leash could be the answer.

In other words, Boehner’s plan is to give the president everything that he wants. The Republican hope seems to be that if they only fund the enforcement agencies in the short-term the Republican base will soon forget about it and move on to being angry about something else.

Boehner is betting on his own House Republicans being more afraid of a government shutdown than the wrath of the immigration haters in their own party. Speaker Boehner vowed that the House will act to stop the president’s executive orders on immigration.

Here’s a newsflash for the Speaker. His plan does the exact opposite. It looks like President Obama has outmaneuvered Speaker Boehner again. Boehner is putting a plan together that throws up the white flag of surrender but allows his caucus to let the country know that they are really mad about it.

It is an empty expression of anger that is designed to hide the fact that House Republicans are caving to the president again.

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