GOP Fail: Almost Half a Million People Sign Up for Obamacare in First Week


Almost half a million people signed up in a week. It’s the close of week one of the open enrollment period for Obamacare, aka, “the glitch” that killed American’s desire for affordable health insurance, according to your media and Republicans last year.

In week one (November 15 -November 21) of open enrollment on year two, 462,125 people selected plans for Marketplace coverage and 1 million plus people spoke with call center representatives, according to numbers released by Health and Human Services on Wednesday. The Obama administration says that of those who selected plans, 48% were new.

Conservatives will point and gloat because the administration released inaccurate information earlier this fall, but that is also why they are doing a weekly release. Neither the website glitch nor the enrollment number inaccuracy invalidate the need for affordable healthcare. And yet still, for all of the trolling, Republicans have yet to offer a viable, specific alternative.

The report also showed over 1.6 million reviewed prices for coverage, 1 million people surfed the site shopping for coverage with wait times of over three minutes to speak to someone on the phone.

Things are going so well for Obamacare that the countdown clock to Republicans taking credit for it and renaming it has begun. Soon, they’ll try to disappear “Obamacare”, and they’ll issue stern looks to anyone who uses the term, as if it is shameful to credit the President for his legacy policy.

The thing is, President Obama and the Democrats passed Obamacare because they knew people were dying from lack of access to affordable healthcare. They did something about it. Yeah, there were some glitches when it rolled out, and they were exacerbated by the Republican refusal to play along with how the law was written, forcing extra burden onto the system, but just like Social Security, people love their Obamacare.

8 Replies to “GOP Fail: Almost Half a Million People Sign Up for Obamacare in First Week”

  1. The baggers will never admit they were wrong and will use every trick in the book and then if that don’t work make up some BS to take away peoples healthcare.

    And being the stupid people that Americans are they will reward them at the polls and blame the black guy.

    All eyes should be on the SCOTUS right. Justice Ginsburg who is 81 just had a stent put in her heart. If she cant go on, then cancel Christmas.

  2. I signed up on 11-15, the first day of 2015’s open enrollment, with absolutely NO GLITCHES! (except they didn’t open enrollment until about noon ET) and the ACA definitely work a lot better than the Republican members of congress who claim it’s all broken.

  3. People need health insurance, period. Even Republican voters like The AHA. Governor Beshear is grateful for it. Kentucky had over 600,000 uninsured citizens, that has dropped to around 100,000, a decrease of 20.9% is what I have read.
    Corporations should be championing the AHA as well. Sick employees cost them $$$. Healthy employees are more productive. The Koch Brother’s are not recognizing the positive aspects of this. Sick employees stay home, and productivity falls. I don’t understand them or the Republicans.
    The AHA is s win win for everybody, except the GOP and their pimps.

  4. Right now apparently the infantile bratty republicans are considering banning the president from the state of the union, they are so mad at him for his immigration policy.

    How is it that some latinos even vote republican?

  5. Pretty soon the Republicans are going to refer to this as A.C.A., instead of Obamacare, because they don’t want anything positive to be connected to the Pres ……..

  6. Of course in the Fox News/Conservative alternate universe the success is proof of failure because in their warped minds no one has ever paid any premiums and the “hard working Conservatives” are paying the entire bill with “THEIR” tax dollars. And yes the Reich Wing WILL claim the credit for the success because they made it so and it will be known as the A.C.A. Revisionist conservative historians will re write the history and leave Obama completely out of it.

  7. the president just keeps on ticking and making the other side look stupid. I hope he has more tricks up his sleeve for the “stupid”.

  8. Was away for the weekend and saw quite a few public places and malls having kiosks where you could sign up for ACA right there. Came home and saw signs with arrows on street corners directing people to the areas. I loved it. It was nice to see the presence of this so needed benefits.

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