With One Move Obama Has Completely Shattered The Republican Agenda

The consequence of President Obama turning the tables and using the Republican just say no strategy against them is that the president has completely shattered Boehner and McConnell’s agenda.

Jonathan Chait explained how the Republican model of obstruct and blame worked for Republicans,

The GOP has withheld cooperation from every major element of President Obama’s agenda, beginning with the stimulus, through health-care reform, financial regulation, the environment, long-term debt reduction, and so on. That stance has worked extremely well as a political strategy. Most people pay little attention to politics and tend to hold the president responsible for outcomes. If Republicans turn every issue into an intractable partisan scrum, people get frustrated with the status quo and take out their frustration on the president’s party. It’s a formula, but it works.

The formula only fails to work if the president happens to have an easy and legal way to act on the issue in question without Congress. Obama can’t do that on infrastructure, or the grand bargain, and he couldn’t do it on health care. But he could do it on immigration. So Republicans were stuck carrying out a strategy whose endgame would normally be “bill fails, public blames Obama” that instead wound up “Obama acts unilaterally, claims credit, forces Republicans to take poisonous stance in opposition.” They had grown so accustomed to holding all the legislative leverage, they couldn’t adapt to a circumstance where they had none.

Obama knew that Republicans wouldn’t act on immigration no matter what he said, so the president used this knowledge against them. The problem with only having one strategy is that eventually opponents figure out how to defeat it. President Obama took one step beyond defeating it, and used the only game that Republicans know how to play to his advantage.

The simple fact is that Republicans don’t act on anything the president proposes. Having seen this behavior for years, the White House knew that they could threaten immigration action for months and Republicans would respond by doing nothing. After the president had acted, Republicans were placed in a new dynamic that they weren’t built for.

Republicans have no counter immigration bill to offer. They have no legal leg to stand on to oppose the president’s action. Their position on the issue is unpopular and costing them support with Latinos. They have so conditioned themselves to view inaction as action that when they are forced to act, they can’t.

The new dynamic that Obama forced on Boehner and McConnell has devastated the Republican agenda, and it signals the beginning of a new era in congressional/presidential relations. Republicans aren’t going to be able to leverage Obama vetoes to their advantage, and they are going to be faced

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  1. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating. It’s not Democrats versus Republicans anymore, It IS AMERICANS versus Republicans.

  2. These last two years of the President’s presidency is going to be fun after all! I will sit back with my popcorn and soda and watch Obama do what others in the Democratic party seem incapable of doing: kick GOP @$$!!
    God knows they have it coming, and I will enjoy it immensely as the Republicans receive the bitch slapping that whores deserve!

  3. Things are going to be much different come 2016. Republicans better enjoy their short time in control of Congress because it will come to an end.

  4. I am loving this!! Our President is just too intelligent for the republicans to deal with. They thought that once they gained control President Obama would be a “lame duck” and they could do whatever they wanted. Surprise!! President Obama was way ahead of their game now it’s time for some payback! Ain’t it a bitch? LOL!!

  5. Rather a sour note on which to commence the next two years of Republican hegemony in the legislative branch, no? I get the feeling nothing’s gonna go right for them in ’15 and ’16.

    It’s gonna be loads of fun!

  6. “They have so conditioned themselves to view inaction as action that when they are forced to act, they can’t.”
    How backwards can you get?
    ” Republicans aren’t going to be able to leverage Obama vetoes to their advantage.”
    Yep, the next two years are going to a major headache for both McConnell and Boehner. Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it applies here.

  7. You’re being a little rough on whores, aren’t you? Prostitution is a time honored profession. Being a Republican does not rise to that standard.

  8. And at least prostitutes do something to earn their money. What have the Republicans/tea baggers done to earn theirs?

  9. The President will out-wit the Republicans. The GOP only alternative to say “NO” to President Obama, without any constructive proposals to the immigration issue will clear to the people the real face of the Republican party. President Obama is a man of peace and justice. Not only at home, but also for world politics. Even if he has to deal with a racist party, HE IS still the President of the whole United States of America. The GOP has to come to terms with him.

  10. The GOP has become so predictable, Obama plays them like puppets. Unfortunately for the GOP, he manipulates them and their media followers to his liking. They are really too cumbersome and crude in their talking points thinking to react. Very interesting politics, however, it is no contest for Obama. He is the most intelligent President we may see for quite some time. Enjoy!!

  11. They forgot that the President used to teach Constitutional Law. And the post of editor of the Harvard Law Review is not a consolation prize.

  12. Yes!
    I’m hoping in the next two years that we will get to indulge in many bouts of schadenfreude!!!!!
    We deserve it!!

  13. Robyn Ryan, not only does it not matter that Obama IS a Constitutional Law Prof. and held the post of Editor of the Harvard Law Review, it is particular that ONLY when it’s Obama who has those bona fides that they do not matter. They ONLY matter when a White Conservative Christian has them. In their warped minds they think that Mr. Obama got those hard earned bona fides in a box of cereal as a prize.

  14. Last time there was a Republican wave like this one, I believe in 2010, almost every Democrat who lost was a “blue dog” corporate hack. Those are the people who needed, and still need, to be voted out. I wish there was a way to pass a Constitutional amendment, stating CLEARLY, that any politician, charged with the duty to protect the American People from harm by corporate pollution, financial ruin, personal discrimination, etc., who sells us out, for profit or personal gain for themselves or anyone who supports them on their campaign, shall be immediately dismissed from office and never be allowed to serve in any government OR corporate job again, and any CEO or other “person in charge of any business or entity that may affect the public health” whose practices harms even one person, shall have their business permanently closed down, and be jailed.

  15. Let’s see how folks feel after the repubs try and defund ObamaCare. It will hurt millions of Americans. Of course we all know repubs don’t give a damn. I just don’t get how anyone but the rich can support them.

  16. It is obvious that the Dems need a massive message machine using new technology. The repubs own old technology and use it 24/7 to denigrate the Dems. We have no way of answering them. Just to say the Dems don’t fight hard enough ignores what the problem really is. Where are the rich left leaners who could give the seed money to get the ball rolling? If we aren’t being heard, many folks just don’t know what we stand for.

  17. Joyce, the repubs aren’t totally in charge yet. Wait until January. That is when their reign of terror begins.

  18. YEAH !!!! But just remember that the out going Democratic party left something behind for the GOP. It’s called the nuclear option. You are right. What comes around goes around. The last two years of Obama’s reign will be remembered by one word. VETO.

  19. I am also concerned with the Presidential Turkey Pardoning. I am a bit puzzled. If “Cheese” is now America’s Number One Turkey, does Boehner still have a job? [wink]

  20. I have been saying it all along Mr. pres. is been playing chess while those fools are playing checkers.I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for them, i got my popcorn ready lol

  21. ” The Gop has to come to terms with him” This was never even close to an option. The aim and success was always to stop this Pres. Which they have done. BUT…. to their peril, for History will not be kind, to this Congress. These rethugs will go down as possibly the worst of any Congress ever, elected to office. Their names will be (remembered) but not with any fondness or respect.

  22. It might be too late to mention this. But this article is not complete. You ended it with:

    **** Republicans aren’t going to be able to leverage Obama vetoes to their advantage, and they are going to be faced******

    Faced with what?

  23. Refugees are caused by war. We created over 2,000,000 refugees when we invaded Iraq. Their neighbors/country’s did not meet them with guns, rocks, words. They reached out to them , gave them a place to stay, food to eat, clothes to wear.
    Some of these immigrants, refugees were forced to come to our country because of war.Was it their fault? All the President is asking of Congress, Republicans, Boehner, is to “Vote.” Do your job for which the American people sent you to do. Don’t be obstructionist,take responsibility, put your name on the Vote.Send these people back or don’t. You don’t want to get the blame if its wrong…only take credit when it works.Thats not legislating. If you don’t want refugees..don’t start wars!
    Former Presidents have done the same, in fact responsible for the laws laid down in this bill, that President Obama wants to do, if you don’t, VOTE, Don’t blame it on the President its your job to “legislate” ,so “legislate” ,Vote, Sign the…

  24. Laura:

    It seems to me the answer is simple: once January arrives and the Republicans take over the Senate and they begin their obstructionism, the Democrats could and should institute recall petitions to recall them. Give as the reason for the petition is that the several Senators are not representing the desires of their constituents, the citizens of the states.

    likewise for the House Republicans.

  25. The Republicans are like school yard bullies. The best way to deal with the is to carry the fight to them every day until you knock them out

  26. Nancy Pelosi should bring suit against baenor or orange man for giving aid to our enemy’s by telling lies about our president by the way i am one of the peoples he refers to.

  27. You are trying to give whores a bad name here! I don’t like whores at all (Being very nice about it) but I’d much rather deal with all the whores in the world rather than deal with one Republicunt!! This Republicunt Party is a few ladders (Not rungs on the ladder but the ladders themselves) below sewer scum!! People that make less than $250,000.00 per year or Women, Blacks, Hispanic, Asian, etc. that vote Republicunt needs massive counseling and education!!

  28. You may want to conclude your final sentence. Don’t you have editors? None the less, great story!

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