Black Friday Fox Follies

Black Friday Fox Follies


During a Friday document dump (after last week’s FFF was published) GOP-Led Report Debunks Right-Wing Media’s Benghazi Hoax. It’s only “Fair and Balanced” to point out that After Thousands of Hours of Spewing Benghazi Lies, Fox News Gives 30 Seconds to House Report Clearing the Obama Administration. How few words is 30 seconds? When I was a Big Deal Tee Vee News Writer the rule of thumb was 3 words per second [one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand]. This paragraph is just about thirty seconds long when read aloud by an experienced news anchor.

It was glaring how Fox Largely Ignores GOP Report Debunking Benghazi. Even Fox News Sunday Ignored Congressional Report Debunking Benghazi Myths. The most prescient was CNN Media Critic: Fox News Kept Its Audience “Largely In The Dark” About New Report That Undermines Benghazi Hoax; noted Brian Stelter: Fox Will “Probably Not” Stop Pushing Benghazi Myths. That’s exactly what happened:

Fox Hosts Call Benghazi Report ‘Woefully Inadequate,’ Full of Holes

Fox Hosts Refuse To Accept Findings Of GOP Report Debunking Right-Wing Media’s Benghazi Hoax

Fox Clings To Benghazi “Stand Down” Hoax After GOP Report Finds No Such Order Was Given

Fox Keeps Benghazi Alive

If Fox “News” had its druthers no one would have noticed.

That’s why Fox “News” was happy to change the topic, something Ferguson provided in spades, pun intended. Days before the Grand Jury decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson was announced, Race Baiter Hannity Blames Obama For Any Riots In Ferguson and Fox Distorts Obama’s Comments To Pre-Blame Him (Again) For Any Violence In Ferguson. FFF has written previously about Obama Derangement Syndrome. Blaming POTUS is normal on the Fox “News” Channel:

Hannity Asks How Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Reflects on ObamaFox Accuses Obama Administration Of Endangering Ferguson PoliceFox Guest Attacks Obama For Calling For Calm In FergusonFerguson Is Really About Obama On Fox News’ OutnumberedFox Guest Accuses Obama Of Encouraging Violence In FergusonFox Guest: Ferguson a ‘Get Out the Vote Effort’ for 2016

Dr. Keith Ablow went in another direction as Fox Shrink Blames Ferguson Unrest On… Low Self-Esteem:

Well, listen, I think as to the violence, you have to wonder whether among the explanations could be a kind of self-loathing, because people project their feelings outside of themselves. And if you think of kids, right, who feel like “Man, I did the wrong thing and I’ve been sent to my room,” and then they bust the room up, they throw everything, that’s a kind of analogy here, that the community, filled with a kind of feeling that they’re not effective, that they wish that they could be doing better in life, maybe because they haven’t been given enough full-time jobs, for example, are primed by leaders, the wrong leaders, to say, “You have justifiable rage.” And it feels better to burn things down than to do any amount of introspection, like saying, “Hey, what’s going on with our young men? Why is there a high rate of violence with our community? Why don’t we have the kinds of jobs that we wish we did? Is it our leadership? Even our leadership in Washington. Is there leadership in the state house? Where is it?”

Even a hack like Ablow recognizes Fox Nation [find your own link] as the ugly id of the Fox “News” Channel. Choose a comment thread and it will be filled with the absolute worst of human hate. Stories about race even more so: Fox Nation Readers Want To Kill Ferguson Protesters “These People …Want a Lynching.”

Meanwhile, Fox “News” admits riots are GREAT for blockbuster ratings: O’Reilly Tells Kelly the Ferguson Decision Will Come During Her Show: ‘Lucky You, for Ratings’. This was worse than her blockbuster exposé of Santa Claus. She was a lawyer before she started lying for a living [errr], yet Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Grand Jury And A Trial. Showing no self-awareness Megyn Kelly: Sharpton ‘Stoked the Fires,’ Gave ‘Misinformation’ to Ferguson Protestors and Megyn Kelly Teams Up With Mark Fuhrman To Attack Ferguson Protesters.

See? It’s all about the all-important demo. So segment after segment of journalistic malpractice by its anchors and guests pre-screened to give the Fox “News” Meme Du Jour is just a means to an end.

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Compares Ferguson to The PurgeHannity Tries To Smear A Ferguson Official As A Black Troublemaker, Then Cuts Her Off When She Answers BackJuan Williams Grills NAACP Exec: Where Was NAACP in Ferguson?Juan Williams: ‘Insulting to Black People’ That White House Elevates SharptonFox’s Tantaros Wants CNN to ‘Apologize to the Country’Fox News’ Favorite Black Republican: We Don’t Have A Cop ProblemFox Contributor: Don’t Make ‘Bad Guy’ Michael Brown into ‘Civil Rights Martyr’

As Michael Brown was smeared, his killer was not only defended, but pitied and lionized:

Fox Hosts Defend Darren Wilson: ‘His Life Is Ruined’
Elisabeth Hasselbeck Provides Fox Rehab For Darren Wilson?
On America’s Newsroom: Mark Fuhrman Says Darren Wilson Victim Of ‘Aggressor’ Michael Brown
Darren Wilson’s Lack Of Remorse For Killing Michael Brown Makes Him Even More Loveable To Fox News

‘Merka’s Mayor, as Fox “News” likes to former-NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, found himself in a bit of hot water during the week: GOP Minority Outreach: Rudy Giuliani Continues Racist Tirade Over Michael Brown Killing. Since the lovable scamp Giuliani Triples Down On Racist Tirade Over Brown Killing, Wants Witnesses Prosecuted For Perjury, it follows that The Five Defends Giuliani: Black NYers ‘Should Be Thrilled’ with Him.

The award for ugly? Mike Huckabee compares Ferguson protesters to Medgar Evers’ killers in grotesquely bigoted blog., which characterizes the rage in Ferguson as a lynching, pretending to be unaware of the dog whistles he’s blowing.

Speaking of Huckleberry Hound: He’s well past his “sell by” date. Last week FFF exposed petulant squawking when POTUS had the temerity to quote the Bible. Then former-pastor Huckabee Blasts Obama for Quoting Scripture in Immigration Speech. That’s not the only reason to put this hypocrite out to pasture. He’s from another century: Mike Huckabee On Holocaust Tour Warns Gay Marriage Will Destroy Foundation Of Civilization. Former-Arkansas Governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s Latest Fox Appearances Confirm He Needs To Go,  as per Media Matters:

On his November 22 program, Huckabee hosted former Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR), who is now a lobbyist for casino magnate Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands corporation and a national co-chair for The Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG), which Adelson formed and bankrollsThe Washington Post recently described a ban on Internet gambling as “the item on top of Adelson’s wish list.”

RealClearPolitics reported in October that Adelson is perhaps “the most coveted man in Republican presidential politics” because of his large donations to Republican causes. Adelson is reportedly “weighing which Republican contender to patronize in 2016, and there is reason to believe he will consider Huckabee. The two men are friends and speak occasionally by phone.”

Conflict of interest much?

Fox Bytes: Happy Thanksgiving… It’s Time To Start The War On Christmas!Megyn Kelly Admits Fox News Uses ‘Amnesty’ To Fire Up HatersTrump Thinks Executive Action On Immigration Will Let In “The ISIS”Fox Interrupts Obama’s Immigration Speech For Extremist Sheriff Arpaio ■ Fox News Hosts: Immigrants Kids Are Getting School Lunches So ‘Your Kids Are Getting Shafted’

See you next week! Once again FFF has run out of internet and this Friday Fox Follies will already take an anchor 7 minutes to read.

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