Boehner Threatens To Ruin The Holidays For Millions With A New Government Shutdown


John Boehner may hurt millions of Americans over the holidays with a new government shutdown because he is still angry over President Obama’s action on immigration.

The Hill report that the House could act on immigration next week included and interesting tidbit,

Boehner has not ruled out the possibility of a government shutdown though he wants to avoid taking the political hit his party suffered in 2013 after a 16-day shutdown provoked by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

He said earlier this month that “our goal here is to stop the president from violating his oath of office and violating the Constitution.”

The media keep saying that Boehner won’t shutdown the government again, but if the Speaker is considering another shutdown, then it is possible. Boehner’s options are extremely limited. The Speaker can’t defund the executive orders. He could file another lawsuit and be laughed out of court. He could pass a meaningless resolution criticizing the executive orders, but his fellow Republicans want action, so it seems that his only real option is to shut down the government.

Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans don’t want another government shutdown, so the nation could be facing a situation where the Senate gets bypassed as Obama and House Republicans square off before Christmas. The odds are that House Republicans will pass a bill that involves some sort of defunding gimmick. The president will veto the bill, and the American people will be held hostage until House Republicans blink and give Obama what he wants.

House Republicans learned nothing from last year because they are considering shutting down the government again. If Republicans thought that the negative publicity from the last government shutdown was bad, wait until the impact millions of people right before Christmas.

Obama has Boehner pinned down, and the fact that he is considering an act of political suicide reveals the depths of his desperation.

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37 Replies to “Boehner Threatens To Ruin The Holidays For Millions With A New Government Shutdown”

  1. It seems another government shut-down is exactly what the American electorate wants. Otherwise, why would they keep electing the same Koch suckers time after time?

  2. The dumbasses that voted/didn’t vote for the GOP love government shutdowns. They also love the GOP sending jobs to China/India/abroad,shrinking buying power, low wages, fascism, no social networks, subsidies for the rich, tax cts/breaks for the wealthy, underground mortgages, recessions, corporations as people…because that’s what they wanted, that’s what they may get.
    If I hear any of the buffoons who voted/didn’t vote whine, bitch, and complain about the antics of the GOP, they should all be bitched smacked, and the idiots catapulted to chop suey China!

  3. You can never underestimate the personal hatred that John Boehner and McConnell have for the President.
    They can’t fathom that our President has done as well as he can despite the obstructions from the House Speaker and the rest of the Tea Party. Filibusters, Ted Cruz’s government shut down, lack of passing any legislation for the millions of Americans in the middle class or living in poverty.

    I am sure that a great deal of it is racist in nature with all of the evidence to support that theory.

    The Republicans like to blame it all on the President and can’t understand why all of their requests for repeal of the ACA, request for impeachment or being sued – none without real cause- are only going to backfire in days to come. The face of my beautiful America has become so ugly that it is very painful to see.

  4. I am going to handle the next 2 years the same way I got through 8 years of the idiot Bush regime…Ignore as much as possible and do my best to screw them up and vote them out… Republicans suck…there is not a decent person in that whole bunch.

  5. My problem is that I don’t see where they suffered any backlash form their last shutdown, and it is so far from the next election that no one but folks like us will even remember what they did. Maybe if they did this right before an election, it would make a difference, but I’m not even sure of that. The idiocracy is here.

  6. this man is not a leader. this man is a sad sack. this man will do anything to this country because of the success of everything that the president has done – with no help from the other side. that’s what we really need – a shutdown – thanks bonehead.

  7. John Boehner is evil incarnate. His boozing has literally destroyed his brain cells. His hatred for our President has turned him into something worse than ISIS. Think about it, he would rather destroy this great country because of his racist, bigoted mindset. ISIS has nothing on the terrorist inside the walls of the United State Congress. Our apathy is what these crooked politician rely on. It’s time for us to give them something to think about.

  8. WOW!Other countries are looking at us and wondering how in the world did we get to this point?But on the other hand :the voters made this choice..

  9. L’Orange merely has to do HIS job and pass a bill. Not gonna happen. The only thing he passes is gas.

    The President was well within his Constitutional duties and responsibilities.

  10. One of the main reasons why these guys got elected is because not enough people voted. Lowest turn out in 70 years and only 35% actually took part in voting.

  11. And there’s more of the bastids in Congress now than ever before. If we don’t get the Senate back next election we’ll be even more screwed. The Repukes want a hundred year majority and they just might get it.

  12. This was always on the agenda, and really has little to do with immigration. That’s merely an excuse.

    TerryLF is exactly right. There was no damage from the last shutdown, and with the election over, two years till the next one, everyone will have forgotten.

    Next up: impeachment. That’s always been on the agenda too.

  13. The UN from Geneva, Switzerland, has recently criticized the US for torture and cruel and inhuman treatment and punishment, for not closing Guantanamo, and keeping prisoners without a trial. Well, instead of making the Obama administration accountable for these facts, the UN should indicate clearly that no progress on these issue is made because of Republican filibustering. The republicans are preventing any progress in the civil liberties. And the world must know who the republicans really are!

  14. Yeah, it almost seems as if they threw the election. It was very frustrating to watch them let Republicans say whatever they wanted with hardly no challenge whatsoever.

  15. catmando, you didn’t think their agenda through. What the rethugs really want is.. not a Democracy, but a theocratic Gov.!! Where the Gov controls all, everything you do say and think, What women wear, children are not their Mothers, only the fathers!. Think Taliban, and others like them.

  16. Annette Bonehead has only ONE thing on his mind. That being to become a multi millionaire while serving(The People)????
    The keystone pipeline is his big chance. (the People ) be damned!!

  17. There he is crying again! I wish he were crying because he feels bad for us regular working Americans, but of course he’s not. Selfish, greedy prick.

  18. I’m ready with a big “don’t blame me ” and “I told you so” when all those T party and GOP puppets start screaming and crying about how the Congress is cutting services and social security to pay favors to their millionaire and billionaire buddies

  19. Also there was the gerrymandering, and the dirty tricks of not allowing certain people to vote for stupid reasons, when they had been voting for decades. Millions more votes were cast for Dems than for Rs, but their cheating did a lot of damage. The worst is yet to come. Will be a miserable 2 years for Americans, and I think the GOP will end up being the most hated party in the world. They are only there at the behest of their wealthy benefactors, nothing good will come from congress for the rest of us.


  20. WTG!
    Those Voters who stayed home,
    shame on YOU!
    Those Voters who voted for
    the party who will do the
    exact opposite of what you
    SAY you’re FOR!
    Shame on YOU too!
    It totally reminds me of how
    I felt when Dubya won his second
    term. Look at the damage he did
    to Our Country! Republicans don’t
    care about Americans, not 1 bit.
    Apparently Americans don’t either
    because if you haven’t learned that
    lesson by now, you never will.

  21. Terry, Every commercial made by Dems, was outplayed by the moneyed Teathuglikkkans. They had the money for the attack ads. There just are not enough Dem billionaires to combat that kind of airway pollution that went on. Most R’s are wealthy, except for the few that have no brains, but there was a whole lot of grassroots Dems that did donate. I was among them. Just wasn’t enough, I guess.

  22. The Democratic Party didn’t do anything to highlight what they had accomplished. All any of them ran on was, “look I’m not Obama” and it backfired big time, because while Obama DID polarize enough people to convince them to get out and vote, not being Obama only encouraged the Rethuglicans to insist that being Obama was somehow a bad thing.

  23. Maxie, you and gsb have made excellent points. What I feel is that we need to keep putting the impact of their inaction in front of people make them aware. I too was disappointed by the apathy and lack of turnout. Hopefully, people will stay motivated to continue registering voters and helping those who need to acquire necessary ID. We know that the GOP are going to go all out to win in 2016. Let’s use our time wisely. Whatever your interest…get involved.

  24. You’re exactly right Taymee, the Democrats running from President Obama just made it look like the Republicans were right.

  25. You are so right Barbara.The GOP cheats and no one calls them out on it. And it is a shame that virtually only 1/3 of the voters turned out. I don’t know your age but we need the protests in Washington like we had back in the 60’s against the draft and the Viet-Nam war. Hundreds of thousands of people. It’s time we started holding these corrupt frauds accountable and stop re-electing the same old useless pieces of shit.

  26. Barbara K, I do not believe that millions more votes were cast for Democrats than Republicans this time. That was certainly true in 2012… and the Repubs still hung onto the House! But this time… No, people simply did not vote Democratic, and many who might consider themselves Dems simply didn’t bother to vote. Part of it was the usual midterm apathy, but part of it was also disaffection… They really felt that the Dems had nothing “better” to offer than the Repubs. Much of that is the result of propaganda, which is so, so disturbing, so damaging.

  27. Just did some quick checking. Overall, about 52% of the votes went to Republicans and only about 46% went to Democrats. That’s actually a big difference.

  28. Could it be that so many Americans believe that there officials are the greatest while everyone else’s are the problem. Add that to the idea that the poorest among us refuse to identify as poor and I think that we can well see why this is happening.

  29. I hope their are no Democrats responding to this article. We could have stopped this hole thing dead in its tracks by just turning out to vote but no we would rather sit home and then complain about how stupid the GOP is instead of getting off our butts and voting. Democrats have no right to complain about anything that happens to them and not even about any voter ID laws that are put in place for 2016.

  30. Actually Barbara, I don’t think that the worst is yet to come over the next couple of years. Nothing has been done for the past 6 years so even if they don’t do anything over the next couple won’t be that bad. The president has them and he has them over a barrel whether they like it or not. So I would just say leave it up to them let them do their own thing and let them kill themselves that’s the only way to fight these idiots. And for goodness sake, stand up for our president, he’s doing what is right and everyone bloody well knows it.

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