Watch First Lady Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia, Bo, and Sunny Greet The White House Christmas Tree

Bo and O family tree

As Republicans continue their quest to be the Most Scroogiest Congress Ever — wrenching pennies out of the mouths of babes to give to the wealthy, the First Family keeps their eye on the true spirit of Christmas.

So it was that Friday morning, First Lady Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia, Bo, and Sunny greeted the Botek family and four Clydesdale horses wearing jingle bells as they arrived at the North Portico to deliver the official White House Christmas tree.

Watch the arrival of the horse-drawn wagon carrying the official White House Christmas tree here:

The history of the Blue Room White House Christmas tree tradition dates back to President Kennedy, “The history of the current tradition of displaying a White House Christmas in the Blue Room tree dates back to 1961 with President and First Lady Kennedy. Since then, the theme of the White House Christmas tree has been chosen by the First Lady. Trees are selected from all of the country to be the official White House Christmas tree.”

According to the White House blog, this year’s tree comes from the Botek family’s Crystal Spring Tree Farm in Leighton, Pennsylvania:

American tree farmers from around the country have been presenting the White House with an official Christmas tree since 1966. And for Chris Botek, the White House tree is becoming a bit of a family tradition. His parents, Francis and Margaret, won the White House Christmas Tree competition in 2006.

The tree will be decorated and ready for viewing in the Blue Room on December 3, when the First Lady will welcome military families to the White House to get a first look at the holiday decorations. As in years past, many of this year’s decorations will honor military families for their service to our country.

Honoring traditions and celebrating others’ service. Huh. The Obama girls are so tall! Santa is probably working overtime to keep with the gorgeous Obama family, who have been oh-so-nice this year, as Obamacare kicked in for Americans throughout the land.


Not even the rotten stench of Republican hate can dampen the Christmas spirit at the White House. Though an elf under the heavy burden of a monstrous bag of coal has already been spotted heading toward the lower chamber.

8 Replies to “Watch First Lady Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia, Bo, and Sunny Greet The White House Christmas Tree”

  1. That is a gorgeous American family and we are quite fortunate to have such decency and good will living in the White House and representing our nation.

  2. Meanwhile, Fox is already ramping up the “War on Christmas” LOL.

    Interesting fact: In recent years the First Lady who repeatedly referred to the White House Tree as a “Holiday Tree” was Laura Bush. She had a “theme tree” every year that had nothing to do with Christmas. For instance, 2007’s tree was “Holidays In Our National Parks”. She invited artists and celebrities to create ornaments with that theme for the tree.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not criticizing Laura Bush, and I think that having such a theme as PART of the overall holiday celebration is a very nice thing to do.

    All of our Presidents respect the Christmas holidays. If one of them says “Happy Holidays” it is NOT an attack on Christmas.

  3. I’ve seen several of the “War on Christmas” posts for saying Happy Holidays or whatever. I just can’t understand it…..anyone can say “Merry Christmas” all they want. Because someone chooses to say something else does NOT constitute a War on Christmas, no matter how hard they try to make it so.

  4. I am so proud of our 1st family. Classy, intelligent, and very respectful. We have been privileged twice.

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