obama and boehner state of the union

House Republicans Want To Cancel President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

Last updated on April 19th, 2018 at 03:10 pm

obama and boehner state of the union
House Republicans hit a new level of petty as a group of hardcore Obama haters want to cancel the president’s State Of The Union address.

Politico reported,

One scheme has emerged as a favorite. The leadership would like to craft two bills to fund the government: one that would keep most of the government open through September 2015, and another that would fund immigration enforcement agencies through the first few months of the year. There’s also the potential for stand-alone legislation to try to target Obama’s executive action.

GOP hard-liners have ideas of their own. Some have floated censuring Obama or canceling his State of the Union address, although neither will happen, senior aides say. Legislation is unlikely to come to the floor until next week.

To the group of diehard critics who want nothing less than impeachment, canceling the president’s annual State Of The Union address might seem like a slap on the wrist, but it would sink political dysfunction to a new low. There would be a national backlash if House Republicans refused to invite the president to address the country on the state of our union.

Even the thought of canceling the State Of The Union demonstrates that congressional Republicans never had any intention of working with the president. Republicans thought that they would take over Congress, and the president would be forced to bend to their will.

The exact opposite has happened. The president has moved to left and joined with a newly empowered group of congressional liberals to put Boehner and McConnell on the defensive. Boehner and McConnell wanted to get off to a fast start in January, but it looks like they will have the black cloud of another government funding battle hanging over their heads.

It may seem totally normal to some House Republicans to demand that the president be censured, or the State Of The Union canceled, but this is a party on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Republican dysfunction is about to veer off into a whole new crazy direction.

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