House Republicans Want To Cancel President Obama’s State Of The Union Address

obama and boehner state of the union
House Republicans hit a new level of petty as a group of hardcore Obama haters want to cancel the president’s State Of The Union address.

Politico reported,

One scheme has emerged as a favorite. The leadership would like to craft two bills to fund the government: one that would keep most of the government open through September 2015, and another that would fund immigration enforcement agencies through the first few months of the year. There’s also the potential for stand-alone legislation to try to target Obama’s executive action.

GOP hard-liners have ideas of their own. Some have floated censuring Obama or canceling his State of the Union address, although neither will happen, senior aides say. Legislation is unlikely to come to the floor until next week.

To the group of diehard critics who want nothing less than impeachment, canceling the president’s annual State Of The Union address might seem like a slap on the wrist, but it would sink political dysfunction to a new low. There would be a national backlash if House Republicans refused to invite the president to address the country on the state of our union.

Even the thought of canceling the State Of The Union demonstrates that congressional Republicans never had any intention of working with the president. Republicans thought that they would take over Congress, and the president would be forced to bend to their will.

The exact opposite has happened. The president has moved to left and joined with a newly empowered group of congressional liberals to put Boehner and McConnell on the defensive. Boehner and McConnell wanted to get off to a fast start in January, but it looks like they will have the black cloud of another government funding battle hanging over their heads.

It may seem totally normal to some House Republicans to demand that the president be censured, or the State Of The Union canceled, but this is a party on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Republican dysfunction is about to veer off into a whole new crazy direction.

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  1. Jeezus H., do the Repubs have contests to see who can come up with ideas on how to be bigger a-holes than they already are?

  2. I find it funny joe Wilson *you lie* & ted cruz * shut down government wasn’t censured how are they going to do to Obama what they refuse to themselves their jobs shameless

  3. Maybe instead of Capitol Hill, he can have it at the Kennedy Center and any of those apposing congress people don’t have to be there. Which also means their constituents will see that they’re obstructionist. Also on the bright side, we won’t have to look at the idiot duck caller and Ted Nugent.

  4. No way the country could have voted for these childish idiots, I am convinced that the republicans stole the election in various ways.

  5. I, and many others have said this before, how do these people actually claim to know and respect the Constitution?

    Clause 1: State of the Union

    The President must give the Congress information on the “State of the Union” “from time to time.”

    until Woodrow Wilson this was usually a written message from the President that was read on the floor of the Congress..

    the President has to be invited to enter the Legislative Chamber but he doesn’t have to give his State of the Union there…

    if the Republican crybabies don’t want him on the floor he should just send them a link to his Facebook page with the State of the Union message posted there…

  6. Let’s sum the Rodent party up, let’s see. Uhh, they love complaining, are very knowlegable as to what the American people want and need. I can’t help but ask myself, do these smart-asses ever do anything positive? Besides being great at not using mirrors when backing up to s##t.

  7. My hope is the rush to out “conservative” each other causes Republicans to get crazier, where they ultimately become so ridiculous they become laughing stocks of the world.

    Like McCarthyism, it lasted years then finally became so ridiculous it became a joke.

    Nothing lasts forever, and the “disagree with a Democrat no matter what” has to end somehow, someday.

    One can hope.

  8. I think it would be a great idea.

    President Obama can just send them a written report for some clerk to read, as many presidents have done before.

    “He shall from time to time give to Congress information of the State of the Union and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.

    —Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution”

    Nothing in there says he has to do it verbally, or wait for an invitation, and I’d just as soon not give those inclined to show their immaturity while in the audience the national platform from which to do so.

  9. If they send the President an invitation to come to the chambers to deliver the SOU, then he should just decline. I like the above idea about having the speech at the Kennedy Center only inviting Congress memberss that want to attend!!..

  10. The bottom feeders in the Dysfunctional Republican Party have no shame. They will suggest anything to derail the president, disrespect him in all manner of ways and call their sorry Ar$$es patriots. Patriots who deny the President due respect of office. Who malign his name, personality and qualifications. These men are not worthy of calling themselves American politicians (Legislators). I can imagine what these cayotees do and say about the President behind closed doors in drunken stupors. No wonder they come up with the most asinine plots. Hungover, I suppose. They stink. They give a bad name to the Congress of the United States of America!

  11. While at it, cancel their salaries, the won’t be doing a damn thing to deserve one! I hope the idiots who voted for/ stayed homr, are happy! Cuz I sure am displeased!

  12. Know why they won’t do this? Because then their chosen ninnies of the night can’t give rebuttals on national TV. No Cruz. No Walker. No Susanna Martinez slamming the President for executive action, not playing nice, or whatever the meme is by January. No, they won’t give up their free airtime.

  13. And then we don’t have to listen to Christie’s ‘rebuttal’ lies, or whomever they think is worthy of national TV time to blatantly lie to the people.

  14. It doesn’t say much for the intellect of the folks these Republican pols are posturing for, the “Republican base, if said “base” believe these latest talking points.

  15. “…become so ridiculous they become laughing stocks of the world.”

    They already are, Mr. Mustard, if my conversations recently with Aussies, Canadians, and Kiwis on my cruise to Down Under is any indication.

    Unfortunately our American right wingnuts are nationalistic and isolationist, so they don’t really care what the world thinks of them.

  16. I think it would be cool if he were to be invited and then decline the invitation and send a short list of bullet points that they can’t parse. :)

  17. I think they probably do. But if they think they can outmaneuver the President, they will likely find themselves sadly mistaken. mho

  18. Brendan: You are absolutely correct. Check out this web link on the list of personal appearances by the sitting President:
    If I were President Obama, I’d just put the SOTU in a first-class envelope & mail it to Congress – when congress actually shows up for some “work,” then they can peruse it at their leisure! Of course, the H.O.R.s (House of Reps) will want to impeach the President for not showing up!

  19. Think the rethugs are already laughing stocks to the rest of the world. Trouble is: the rest of the world also believes the whole USA is a laughing stock.

  20. And this is what apathy, low voter turnout, voter suppression and gerrymandering gets us: A bunch of petulant, childish, cowardly GOP/teabaggers in charge.

  21. These FOOLS were elected within our system ; they are in the process of destroying our system of government which requires cooperation; These Fools are going to take us to a new low; its our own fault by not voting.

  22. Well, I’m all for him writing it out. It’ll be something new and exciting and different for all of us because the last written State of the Union address was in 1981 (Carter’s final year).

  23. You mean the one he’s constitutionally required to give?

    Dang, and here I thought Republicans only ignored the Constitution when a Republican was president.

  24. these republicans have hit bottom. I cannot believe they hate this president this much that they would stoop this low to try to even stop the president from his state of the union address. what are they afraid of – the president might make them look bad? sheesh enough already with these people that call themselves leaders – I say they act more like losers.

  25. “… what are they afraid of – the president might make them look bad?…”

    The TGOPs are afraid of TRUTH. They’re doing a great job of looking bad on their own and don’t need the President’s help. They are anti-Americans, enemies of State that should be indicted, black-listed from all federal offices, impeached and sent to federal prison.

    Also, we need to get rid of the $$ in politics– to get rid of Citizens United and McCutcheon.

    The John Birch Society was established by Papa Koch and the tea baggers party, established by his sons the Koch bros.

  26. They said they’d do it, and now they have — Republicans have officially filed their lawsuit against the President,
    Maybe the people have formed their own charges against the republican congress and their co-conspirators.

    “Prosecute The Conspirators Who Plotted The Government Shutdown In Violation Of 18 USC § 2384”

    Just signed this petition.
    “Prosecute The Conspirators Who Plotted The Government Shutdown In Violation Of 18 USC § 2384”

  27. This.
    Exactly this.
    And they will twist anything that is put before them.
    I consider myself an Independent, but honestly… the Republicans are pushing me more and more toward the Democrat side just to help ensure these nuts don’t get more power. So if their goal is to help the Democrats, they’ve succeeded in me.

  28. I’d use bulk mail, and send it as late as possible. Better yet, I’d put it into an extended op-ed in a newspaper along with a URL for more details.

    Then I’d ensure that all the GOP reps got a copy of the newspaper. Just the thing to start to a Republican’s day.

  29. I HAVE RIGHT ALL ALONG,,,REPULSHRICANS are the correct nom de plume!!!!!I, as an American demand to hear the State of the Union address…..The Repulshricans are like a fish out of water,,,gasping for a breath.The Kennedy Center is ideal. Let’s remember what JFK said, “ask not what your country can do for you.Ask what you can do for your country! Guess the Repulshricans don’t remember that. Maybe the public would be invited to attend.

  30. He could deliver the SOTU from Independence Hall – the place where both the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights was signed. And mail copies of it to GOP reps by 4th-class mail.

  31. have the state of the union from the whitehouse live from the oval on national telivison, and say first of all to the crying winebabies gop tp sorry u losers did not show for my state of the union address.

    PS the bs from gop tp will fail the state of the union address will they cant stop obama on that

  32. Yes, Maxie2014, lets also use their tricks and DEFUND their Cadillac health care plan,expense account,and other taxpayer subsidized perks as well as their salaries.

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