Morning Joe Explains Ferguson To Black People and Calls Michael Brown A Thug

morning joe michael brown

At the beginning of Monday morning’s episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough said that he was sick and tired of the Ferguson protests because they are based on “lies” and that it is sad that slain teenager Michael Brown has become the face of black oppression because he was a “thug.” In front of a panel exclusively of middle-aged white people (eventually they interviewed an African-American man via video after Joe’s tirade), Scarborough ranted about how he was speaking for 95% of Americans out there who feel exactly the same way he does about the protests. In his typically smug way, Scarborough put himself up on a pedestal and made it seem as if he is the only truth-teller in all of media.

Scarborough started the show by loudly complaining about the St. Louis Rams players coming out of the stadium tunnel before Sunday’s game with their hands up, an obvious show of support to the Ferguson protesters. Joe said that police officers have every right to be “pissed off” at the Rams and their players. This then started a minutes-long spiel where Scarborough called Michael Brown a “thug,” said white people are also mistreated by the police and that the protests are centered on a lie regarding Brown’s hands being raised when he was shot.

Of course, Scarborough was saying this in front of three other rich, white people, so he was met with agreement and approval. Donnie Deutsch, the supposed ‘liberal’ on the panel, jumped right on board with the Scarborough express. Deutsch said that while he is “left of center,” he sees things exactly the way Scarborough does, and he doesn’t understand why these protests have continued. He gleefully tossed around the word thug numerous times. It should also be noted that Deutsch grew up in wealth and took over his father’s business, so he’s never had any experience dealing with anything but extreme white privilege.

Below is video of the entire segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Eventually, political pundit Mark Halperin added his two cents to the conversation, because he obviously brings a lot of real-world experience to the conversation. The all-white discussion about race relations wrapped up with Scarborough stating that there might be some disparity in the black community, but it isn’t nearly as bad as the protesters, and essentially black people, are making it out to be. Finally, Scarborough ended the conversation by saying people shouldn’t be offended “because 95% of America thinks just like me.” When Wes Moore, a black author, was patched in via video, Deutsch added to the tone-deafness of the show by immediately talking about looting and rioting by thugs in relation to the protests.

Overall, this was just a disgusting display of racial insensitivity, as Scarborough felt it was his job to whitesplain to black people how they should act and feel. From his comfy perch in the MSNBC studio, he spoke down to not only those protesting in the streets, but to the entirety of the black community. He also had the gall to arrogantly declare that nearly everyone in this country thinks just like him but just doesn’t have the guts to speak their mind as he does.

Now and then, Scarborough may seem reasonable and say something contrary to the right-wing narrative. However, in the end, his true colors always shine through.

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  1. Scarbrough…you and the rest of your ALL white insensitive panel can carry your rants back where they came from!!! I tell you what, if you think this racist cop was justified, why don’t all of you live in Mike Brown’s shoes and all the other Blacks that walk in these same shoes daily!!! Mike Brown was an unarmed teen that this racist cop “supposedly” did not know anything about!!! Have you really seen the pics of this KKK dude that was “supposedly” strong-armed by Mike Brown??? You all are a bunch of BS Crap!!!

  2. It must be hard for White people to understand racism because they never feel it directed at them. They are clueless. If they were all blind they could not relate to a “beautiful, sunny day.” Michael Brown does seem like he was a bit thuggish, but he was a child and the point of the demonstrations is that he did not deserve to be shot dead. He was unarmed with his hands in the air. Why is that hard to believe. Some people are grumpy, some are cheap, some people are rude and inconsiderate, some are selfish. Do any of them deserve to be shot dead while unarmed with their hands in the air. ENOUGH Jim Crow law enforcement. It was and always will be wrong.

  3. Thug is the new N-word we all know it, they need to stop trying to hide what they’re really trying to say

    He doesn’t know the first thing about Brown, but he knows all about him apparently…

  4. I can see it now: The moment he called Brown a ‘thug’, every right winger within 100 miles of Ferguson started to… well, you get the idea.

    We will never know the whole story here because Wilson is going to get the hell out of dodge and Brown is dead. Still, there’s no need to call Brown a ‘thug’ if he wasn’t a criminal.

  5. Disappointing to see the narrow mindedness of this group.Racial intolerance and plain bigotry was quite clear this morning .Sad to see Mika join in. AlkaSeltzer material

  6. Joe has a right to say what he wants. I don’t have to agree with him. Not that it matters but i’m latin and i am tired of the coverage of Ferguson and the looting. I don’t see orientals, latins, native americans, Indians, etc. being so catered to. It is ridiculous. Why don’t we care about anyone else? There is a black president, singers, ballplayers, actors who are black and make a lot of money. Whites voted for Obama. So now we won’t allow folks to say what we may be thinking because a black may be hurt? While i can feel terrible for the family that lost a son, I can also be tired of the coverage.


  8. Sorry, Joe…you’re entitled to your own opinion, but don’t include 95% of Americans with you,…it just proves what a childish boor you are. My belief of your rant is; you’ve over-stayed your welcome, and you’re part of the problem, and no how part of any solution.

  9. wait, you do understand that joe and his icky ilk want no part of you or your offspring, or your ancestors, and want all of you to self-deport,…right???? you understand what white privilege sounds like coming out of their mouths,…right? and you do know what the spanish american war was fought over,…RIGHT???

  10. Sadly Joe’s stats are, as usual, extremely exaggerated. He claims 95% of Americans agree with him… well, 95% of the Americans I know DO NOT AGREE with him, however all 95% KNOW Joe is a tool. Bah!

  11. Who left you in charge to speak for 95% of Americans? The Rams are entitled to the first amendment just like you. For you to even suggest that the Rams should be spoken to shows that you’re using your white power to disrespect and demean black people.


  12. Just ran across this article out of St Louis. It’s a clear indication of how the prosecutors pushed their agenda by asking irrevevant questions they knew had no answers.

    “Throughout months of prosecutors questioning witnesses, marijuana use, which may have involved waxing, was frequently presented as a potential explanation for why an unarmed 18-year-old attacked a police officer and then charged head first into a barrage of bullets, as Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson has testified.

    “But investigators did not present a single witness to the grand jury who said they saw Brown wax or saw him use marijuana the day of the shooting.

    “Even expert witnesses told jurors it was impossible to say how marijuana would have affected Brown. […]

    “In the coming weeks, jurors would hear 44 other references to waxing, from prosecutors and other expert witnesses”

  13. WoW WoW,
    I’m Repug but you just made take a dodo!
    Thank’s for being an ASSHOLE JOE and making me put a paper bag over my head.

  14. What crude sounds like sir/madam is coming from your mouth. I am 3rd generation american so i guess i can’t be deported. However, i believe the man has a point and your response did not illuminate me much. You want to have a real conversation then reply to my comment as to why we don’t seem to give a damn about other ethnic plights? We are all human beings and i don’t believe that everyone is as racist as you seem to be. I do come from a multi-racial family including whites so i take offense at your narrowmindedness. Martin Luther King,the Ram football players are not. I admire and respect Mr. King. The world would be a better place if he were here, he might calm things down. Either way, there is no excuse for the looting and other hurtful things these people are doing to the poor store owners who by the way are also black in some cases. And i am tired of the media coverage.

  15. Too bad Meeka the meek couldn’t stand up to the thug seated next to her but lately she’s equally worthless as Scarborough. It’s obvious that she’s afraid of her co-host and his temperament. When it comes to free baseball tickets from the Braves, she’s all over it. Anything else and she might as well stay home. How sad.

  16. Didn’t we ALL watch the video of a tall black kid and his friend leave the convience store that was burned to the ground? Wasn’t it stated that the person was Brown and his friend AND didn’t Brown have a packet of smokes in his hand that the clerk was trying to get him to pay for? AND didn’t Brown grab the clerks face and shove him backwards into a rack of chips (or something of that nature).??? Isn’t that what the first two hours of that conversation was about.. I know I seen it and a whole bunch of other people did too because I ask them.. However it seems that whole scenario seems to have been forgotten… So, my idea, after hearing Brown had been shot was, well, he had just robbed a store and now he had paid his debt.. AND he was NO kid…

  17. Ms. Wilkinson,
    you don’t see Latino’s out there, because they are not showing their pictures, but they are out there, just like they were when the Rodney King verdict came down. Rioting and looting right beside the I quote “the black folk”. I like you am tired of the mess in Ferguson myself. SO! I do not watch the news coverage. The violence in Ferguson is counter productive, and serves no propose except to destroy the fragile relationship between the different ethnic groups. Michael Brown’s last act on this earth was of aggression true, I will not justify his behavior. Police officer’s are trained on how to respond to acts of aggression, call backup, wait for fellow officers to cover you. NO! police officer ever approaches a Black/Latino male with the words that officer Wilson claims he voiced, This country is afraid of Blacks/Latino’s joining forces what a political power that
    would be! It is however interesting to see the real side of people being exposed for whom they rea…

  18. Ms. Ross, I watched Rodney King many times on TV and thought he was a very kind good man. My heart did hurt for the inhumanity of it all. I still remember when he said “why can’t we all get along”. I agree with him. The police brutality that he endured was so wrong!! I am not siding with the police as they have a duty to protect us and so many times do not. They abuse their power. I respect your comments and yes there was latino looting and that was wrong too, and i do not condone what the latinos did out there at all. It annoys me actually. I agree with you that it is counterproductive. I just for once would like the Media to focus on what could be done constructively and quit the garbage they spin for news. I like you mostly don’t turn the news on most of the time. Thank you for your insight.

  19. This white Gran would like to give Joey the Lorenna Bobbit treatment. And Donnie & Mark etc too. Mika’s face to look like a Mac truck hit her might knock some sense into her but doubt it!!

    Mika sounded like she was totally high on drugs today but then it’s been brought up in conversations on the show that she ‘pops pills’. I forget what prescribed pills it is but it clearly showed again this morning. Her words weren’t clear, stumbled reading etc. I can’t understand why any organization or seminar and the White House ever invites her to speak as she is no roll model. She’s a door mat and allows it to happen. No respect for her.

  20. Part of the problem here, and I see it in Joe’s comments and in some of the posted comments here, is that some people think this is just about Mike Brown.

    It’s not.

    When the football players walked on the field with their arms raised, some took it as them not agreeing with the grand jury decision & for “siding” with Mike Brown.

    They miss the point. The players weren’t siding with any one individual. They were siding with all of those who have been victims of overzealous, militarized police forces that seem to have little to no regard for black people and other minorities.

    There is only one “side” to be on in all of this and that is on the side of those who are mistreated for no other reason than the color of their skin or the neighborhood they live in or the country they came from.

    THAT is what the protesting is about and that is why Joe’s comments are so offensive & off the mark.

    He doesn’t get it, nor does he want to – and sadly there are too many like him.

  21. Chris Rock tells some hard truths about race
    In his interview with Frank Rich for New York Magazine, Chris Rock hit upon some very hard truths about America and race.
    One of those truths is that whites have made progress in dealing with race:

    Here’s the thing. When we talk about race relations in America or racial progress, it’s all nonsense. There are no race relations. White people were crazy. Now they’re not as crazy. To say that black people have made progress would be to say they deserve what happened to them before.

    Black people haven’t changed, they continue to be the same as they ever were, some good, some bad, and some downright brilliant. What has changed is the way they are viewed by the dominant, white culture, and the way that that culture has begrudgingly, on occasion, extended opportunities to the black community.
    Read More

  22. He allegedly stole something from a convenience store and for that he should have paid for it with his life?

    I’m sorry, but that’s just ridiculous. If your son or daughter stole something from a convenience store, would you expect them to pay for it with their lives?

    More to the point, you miss the whole point with the protests and the outcry about this whole situation.

    It’s about more than the death of one black 18 year old. Way more.

    It would help this country a lot if people would just stop and think about WHAT people are protesting about.

    Mike Brown’s death might have galvanized the public into protesting, but he is not the sole reason for it.

  23. It isn’t hard for this white person to understand racism. I’ve seen it first hand.

    White people CAN understand racism and the harm it has caused and is still causing if they just stop and think about it.

  24. You’re tired of the coverage. In other words, you’d say you’ve had enough.

    Well, that’s what the protesters are saying. They’ve had enough.

    This is about more than Mike Brown, Ms. Wilkinson. Take the time to understand the underlying issues – maybe you’ll see that the coverage you’re so tired of is completely justified.

    By the way, Joe can say whatever he wants – he has that right. But he is a public figure speaking on a “news” program, therefore he can expect to draw criticism for his remarks from those who don’t agree with him and think he’s a total idiot.

    THAT, you see, is our right.

    Good day, Ms. Wilkinson.

  25. Dear Paws, I respect your right also to voice your opinion. Mr. Brown was a young man who did not deserve to die. It would be great if we could see more productive mentoring of these young men, be they brown, black, white, korean, native american, etc. I have young boys in my family and it has taken a lot of time and mentoring to save them from themselves. But the White/Black/Brown hate and hate talk will not end until people communicate with each other as humans and the media and others groups quit fanning the flames of hate. It is a complex issue and very layered. I grew up in a predominately black neighborhood and there were pastors, families and friends there for me. Even though i am hispanic, the hispanics around there were basically the scary ones for me as i barely escaped rape and more at a young age. So, i understand rough neighborhoods and their plights. I listen to people and always learn from others. I appreciate your comments.

  26. Joe Scarborough really came out from behind his sheet this morning. He and Donny Deutch set out to instruct Black people on when they should be angry and what they should do with that anger. Mika, of course sat and looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

    Obviously, everyone at MSNBC is afraid of Joe Scarborough because none of his other MSNBC colleagues ever challenge his off the wall and ignorant points of view. I guess he really earned republican/tea party praise today. Guess too, he remains in his idol Bill Christal’s favor.

  27. I never agree with Joe S on anything. He typically annoys me. However I do agree MB was a punk, thug or bully whatever you can comprehend. I have a son and if her ever disrespected a store owner or stole anything from a store I would wipe the floor with him. Its not a stretch to see him eight minutes late disrespecting a police officer and assaulting him. No Police officer has to risk his life for a punk. I don’t var if he was a green martian. He is dead because he defied authority and was shot by an officer in self defense. It was legal and just under MO law. I blame the parents who for a long time were AWHAL. You have to watch your teenagers! Monitor them day and night. This poor kid was left alone to crash on a friends couch for the summer. I am sorry he is dead but this kid like countless others was heading for jail.

  28. For years I have been stunned that MSNBC keeps Joe on the air. He is a thinned-skinned bully who demeans any guest who disagrees with him, he scares Mila to death with just a share, like he did this morning and every day and this supposedly first amendment right lover espouses that the Ram players should not express their first amendment right because their feelings are different from his. I literally got sick listening to him this a.m. How long do we have to deal with this misognonistic, ill-informed “man.”

  29. I thought better about Donnie until today.
    Disappointing. And it is sad that Mila is too afraid to confront this bully. You can see she doesn’t agree with him but is too scared to say so.

  30. It may have gone unnoticed that when Joe was bellyachin’ about the crowd at his house for Thanksgiving dinner. Joe said that he had a whopping 21 people for dinner. Another guest on his show belted out I’ll bet not one was a Jew. I have an even stronger question….were any of his own guests a Jew or a Black?

  31. maybe joe scarborough would like to explain why a large portion of the ferguson protesters nationwide are white men, women, and children. there was a huge misjustice. and it goes across the color barrier. Michael brown did not have to die. officer wilson was wrong. we all must stop watching msnbc and nbc. they are republican owned and the rightwing infestation has overtaken these last few liberal friendly sites… the righty billionaires are buying and stealing and lying and cheating their way to owning this country.

  32. You might not think you are a racist, but read your own crap there. Especially the last line about he was headed for jail anyway. Actually, the next week, this kid was headed to college. And it is fair to say with his size could have had a lucrative NFL career. I will let you fight your own racism, as studies show a lot of racism is sub-conscious.

  33. Yes, while we ALL watched that video, apparently YOU decided to focus your attention on the act of a teenager allegedly stealing cigarillos. What YOU choose to ignore is that the store owner or clerk did not call the police; it was a customer. When the officer initiated contact with the kid, he (officer),was unaware of what happened at that store. Even his Captain admitted that.

    What’s most disturbing, (sick, actually), is saying that the kid got what was coming to him. So, if you, a family member or friend ever did something wrong, you deserved to be shot at?

  34. There are 2 points that need to be considered…..The “convenience” of there not being a dash cam in Wilson’s car to “prove” his story for one thing, but the main thing to me that makes me think Michael Brown did NOT attack Wilson especially going at him through his window, is the fact that in the supposed” robbery video when the small store owner confronted Brown, he barely gave HIM a shove, and then the guy obviously says something to make Brown turn around and head back towards him, and “balked” at him, but NEVER actually swung his fists at him or used ANY really aggressive action at all towards the man….Now it doesn’t make sense that the same guy who they’re trying to say is such a “thug”, would only “balk” or “flinch” at an UNARMED very small store owner and NEVER take a swing at him, but would then go right out and attack a police officer in his car KNOWING he was armed?? I’m sorry, but that just doesn’t make any kind of sense to me.

  35. Joe needs to get his numbers right he is not speaking for me I totally disagree with much of what comes out of that mouth Mika please speak your mind when Joe is not there she’s great when he’s there she’s so scared I thought she was against abuse on women why do you take his shit he’s such an ass all he does is talk about when he was in congress was is a big word why did he run (leave) he’s a coward and ass kisser

  36. it just goes to show how clueless these people are. anybody who knowas anything about marajuana knows that it makes people more laid back, and less belligerent.

    as for the racial aspect, maybe if people stopped using a persons race as an excuse to harass them and put them down, things would change. as long as no matter how you live your life, you are seen as one of “those people” the underlying problem will be there. you see, this protest isn’t just about michael brown. it’s also about trayvon martin, innocently walking hme from the store when he was stalked and killed for being one of “those people” it’s about every one of us, no matter the race, who has been stopped on flimsy pretext for being in the “wrong” neighbourhood. it’s about johnny gamage, suffocated in a police “dog pile” for the crime of hitting his brakes more often than the police thought he should. it’s about officers not being held accountable for their actions. it’s about all this and much, much more…

  37. Ms. Wilkinson, where have you been all these years,or better still what day last month were you born. You do see any of these awful shootings by the police of other ethnic people because it is not happening to them. However, I must say Hispanic or Latinos or whatever vernacular you would like to use, are also victims of police brutality. Your being Latin does not exempt you or other Latinos from being potential victims. You need to come down from you self imposed ivory tower and look at the real world.

  38. Nancy you and your family must be a saint. Do you mean to say that you have such great control over your children that you know how they act each minute of the day. You have been quick to rush to judgement re Michael, probably based on social media. I do not know Michael or his family, but I do believe the situation might have been handled a bit differently. How do you know his parent’s were ,what was the abbreviation you used AHWAL, what does that nonsense mean. I certainly hope your neighbors are not people of so called color, because it understood from your comment that you will certainly not like or trust them. You do sound like a true bigot.

  39. Definition, (one of many) kid; baby goat. No Michael Brown was not a kid. He was a young man. Granted robbery is a crime and assault is a crime. However, the manner in which he was killed is questionable. People have attached the word thug to describe any black person who raises his/her voice. It does not matter what age that person happens to be. Snarky from another hater.

  40. I don’t feel sorry for Mika, whether she disagrees with him or not, she’s no better than the Faux bimbos when she keeps silent hearing the lies & insults her co-host puts out day after day after day. They use her to demonstrate how a Democrat agrees with & caters to the RW. Her father is an awesome man, I’m betting she is his secret shame, she disgraces their name every day. Hope the money they pay you Mika is worth losing your soul.

  41. So, jackass Mr. Scarborough, you’re telling us that someone who jaywalks is a thug and for that, deserves the death penalty?

    I can’t wait for a cop somewhere to clock you at 66 in a 65 and open fire.

  42. Great post!

    I’ve followed this situation from the beginning and concluded that this whole Grand Jury “thing” was a setup to let Darren Wilson escape indictment — the prosecutor, the asst. d.a. who gave the jury a copy of an unconstitutional law making it sound like truth. The governor had the authority to remove the prosecutor, as the prosecutor had the opportunity to recuse himself – but didn’t.

    Wilson perjured himself on the stand. Michael Brown’s friend (eye witness) walking with Brown when he was accosted by Wilson, recounted everything opposite to what Wilson testified.

    BTW, Joe Scarborough, who always thinks he’s above everyone and everything, is a Second Degree Jerk and needs to be fired by MSNBC – but probably won’t be.

    We are all children of God… brothers and sisters.

    Thanks for your great post.


  43. I was looking at this yesterday and I just couldn’t change the channel fast enough. Everyone sits there like they are scared to go against this idiot and as for Mika I have no idea why she’s even there. He called Michael Brown a thug so I guess that means he should have been murdered the way he was. I have had it with this show.

  44. As usual,black folks are taking the brunt of the racist assult. Don’t you, Ms. Latina, person of color,realize that we have an extreme racist party at work in this nation and in our government unlike anything ever seen before. So first they come for black folks, then they’ll come for you……
    So, if you choose not to be a part of the fight, you should atleast be supporting the fight.

  45. i hate to belabor the irony, but the thrust of our favorite starbucks shill / talking head’s rant was how the media was repositioning the narrative. all the while, he’s a member of the media… repositioning the narrative.

    op-ed is not news. but as 95% of the ‘news channels’ are op-ed, it’s not difficult to see how the proletariat class becomes confused at what the concept of actual journalism is.

  46. What else can we expect from Joe? First he’s white born in privilege. sec. he loves himself, third he is, rethug, fourth he is, the biggest thug I have ever seen and fifth, he has gotten away with murder.
    Why should anyone LISSEN TO HIM?

  47. Another term that Joe Schmo used throughout his rant (in addition to ‘thug’) was ‘knocked off’ in relation to the shoplifting incident in the convenience store. Talk about using misleading or incendiary language (which he accuses the protesters of doing). I’ve always equated the term ‘knock off’ or ‘knock over’ with armed robbery.
    I’ve been watching this show for years (mostly due to lack of real news/commentary alternatives in this time slot), but I’ve had it with this blowhard narcissist. Think I’ll just listen to NPR from now on.

  48. Mike Brown Robbed a store and attacked a clerk (thats on Camera) Mike Brown wasn’t just some Guy walking down the street and got killed by a cop (like most MSM are reporting it conveniently to fit their narrative) he was a robbery Suspect who tried to murder a cop by taking his gun.

  49. I know you live in your racist bubble but how can they be fighting for the gun when Mike Brown was murdered 150 ft from the executioner vehicle?

    Oh BTW here is a picture of your beloved killer after this beatdown by Mike Brown
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    You are a lying POS JUST LIKE WILSON

  50. What Joe said yesterday should be reason for MSNBC to let him go. Imus and others have made comments on the air that were racist and so did JOE. I agree with Joan and let get a campaign slogan together with JOE HAS TO GO!!!!!! I am white and live in a small town and his ranting and raving yesterday about Michael Brown was awful. He needs to apologize to the family and take himself OFF THE AIR !!

  51. To say that you know what happened whether Michael Brown had his hands up or not. The police and prosecutor handle the incident badly! They left the body of Michael Brown on the street for four hours,why and who does that? They never took DNA evidence off Wilson’s gun,why. Officer Wilson washed his hand soon after, why? The injuries suffered by Officer Wilson were greatly exaggerated, why? Officer Wilson was a witness at the grand hearing,why? The witnesses that contradicted the Officer’s claim were aggressively cross examined,while those that supported his claim were not, why the difference ? Evidence lost why? Why was two different laws presented to the jurors explaining the policy of shooting fleeing suspects why? So to claim you know,how do you know? When from the very beginning,the whole case was tainted! The hands up symbol is a protest against police brutality nation wide, not just Ferguson. Why can’t you understand that, Joe?

  52. Just looked at a video on Democratic underground.
    Shows a man standing, because he will NOT lie down on the ground. Facing two policeman with guns drawn, pointing at him, while he tries to convince the cops he is no threat, has no gun and has done nothing. His voice shakes and he starts to cry while these two cops, still hold guns on him and another cop car arrives. He finally is taken into custody and released.
    This time with no death? I ask how many times does this happen? Usually, cops fire then try to cover each other and blame the person who is dead.

  53. This was the last straw for me too. I gave the guy a chance to redeem himself, now I can see his true colors glaringly shine through. I hope his ratings go way down from now on.

  54. I’d like to see Michael Brown’s juvenile crime record.He is dead so there is no reason not to release it.

  55. He HAD no record. The prosecutor already said that. Get off breitbart, fox and get out into the world

  56. So let me get this straight. When Clive Bundy and his army of white men with guns (AR15) were staring down the feds ready to shoot over not paying for grass rights to the tune of one million dollars they are American patriots and heroes…a black Kid yes 18 is still a kid steals 5.00 cigarettes with no guns he is a thug. Ok it makes so much more sense now.

  57. Mika is an embarrassment to all women. Joe is actually the exact definition of the word “thug.”

    Joe did the SAME thing on Tuesday morning; a repeat of yesterday. He’s nothing but a sanctimonious fool who’s obviously as ignorant as they come. Eugene Robinson was asked to speak and injected some common sense into the discussion — Joe, Mika & Donny completely ignored him.

    Just Google: Joe Scarborough – dead intern in his office. THAT is the kind of piece of excremenT he is.

  58. Deborah, yours’ are the only questions Joe Scarborough or anyone else in the media should be asking. Wilson washed his bloody hands, contrary to standard police procedure, because the blood wasn’t his. The fact that it was Michael Brown’s blood on his hands, totally blows up his story.

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  60. Joe is an idiot. A clueless idiot who believes his own BS. I have no respect for that man. Who really cares what he thinks? He does!

  61. I’m sorry you felt that way from what Joe said…but he is right. Travon Martin was totally different. Michael Brown broke the law. Did he deserve to be shot for stealing cigarettes. No. But he hit a police officer and used his size to intimidate people. He hit the cop and tried to take his gun. If he had nothing to fear he would have listened to the cop and gotten out of the street and would have been arrested for stealing and faced the justice system for law he broke. I agree with Joe that there are two justice systems and blacks and hispanics are treated differently by the police. But as a father I have told my son that if he is ever stopped by the police to be cooperative and never give the cop any reason to mis-treat you. If he does say nothing and make strong mental notes on which cop does what to you so we can take action later.

  62. At this point, there is still no indication he attacked the cop. It very well could have been the opposite. All we have, like in zimmermnas case, is the word of the person who is alive

  63. MSNBC has fired hosts for a lot less !! They have a real double standard. Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin, and Keith Olbermann were terminated for cause while this Florida jerk is allowed make up statistics about how so many bigots agree with HIM !!! I used to watch this show, but I’m done with this idiot and his pseudo-liberal co-host.

  64. So you went for that, it was a Demon and he bulked up to run past the bullets bullshit huh Joe. What a pompus ass you are. Thank God I stopped watching this so called New Show years ago.

  65. Man, this show has sunk so low. Used to be good, but I’d say since Joey’s divorce he has become meaner, and Mika has become meeker. I saw both of his rants yesterday and again today. I’m incredulous that Eugene Robinson even agreed to be on the show today after yesterday’s insulting rant. Yeah old JoKe has now made my Top 10 list of most hated RWNJ’s on teevee ,along with KK-Klanity, Boeller, Malkin, and Coultergeist….

  66. It is wrong to vilify someone just because he is “black” and tall and big. The eye witness accounts do not all support the info the officer gave. There are huge holes here and the fact Wilson feared for his life whenhe was allegedly hit by someone who could kill and yet he had no broken jaw, no broken bones and no real deadly looking marks on him and the fact all these things were released way after the fact makes me wonder.
    Anyhow, to tell black people about what is happening in their community, how to act, and by an all white panel is disgusting and patronizing. When we have riots by white college kids on campus who vandalize, rob and assault police for what one student said “for fun” in our college town goes on with a kid will be a kid attitude. There is a difference between outrage and fun and neither should be happening but it does and for an all white panel to sit in judgment and criticize as they are are adding fuel to the fire.
    They ought to be fired.

  67. the whole time , they said THUG many many many times as I watched the racist POS rant

    Thug is the new N Word for whites

  68. Joe S. refused to consider that there were genuine issues in dispute and that a hearing would be necessary step in continuing the investigation of whether or not a crime had been committed in the death of Michael Brown. Joe S. represents what I have had to face all my life as an African American male. Mother tried to prepare us for living in a racist world where Black males were systematically lynched and murdered by White Americans with impunity. Police like the KKK and Nazi’s and other racist paramilitary organizations are not aberrations as they represent the norms of the populace that supports their agenda. Police targeting and shootings of African Americans is as normal as was slavery, segregation and lynching and paramour rights of white men. I detest rioting and destruction of the infrastructure as in Missouri but protest is necessary for change as it gives credence to peaceful protest: One without the other has not been conducive to change.

  69. Why was he heading to jail, Nancy?

    Are you psychic? Can you predict the future? Do you have a crystal ball that can tell you where everyone in this life is headed?

    I’m just awfully curious how you can determine where Mr. Brown was headed in this life.

    My guess is that your ability to tell the future is about skin deep.

    And that, Nancy, makes you part of the problem.

    Good day.

  70. Joe is so arrogant and if no one agrees with him he disrespects them on his show. He should never have touched this topic without a balance panel of people of color. He has it wrong this movement is not about Michael Brown, it only caused the movement of all people from all backgrounds and races, mostly young people all over the world. Are these people wrong?

    It is people like him that needs to stick to reporting the news and not giving their opinion. This is the problem with the media what happen to good journalism.

    He has no respect for Mika she just sits there and says nothing what he did on the air was shameful and it looks like he is an angry man and he definitely does not speak for 95% of Americans but of his own peers and friends.

  71. I truly like the show, but today I was left numb. The Rams gesture was his last draw and the true feelings came out. No Joe, it was not about the Rams going against the police. It was about, being fed up.
    It is about, it happened again.
    It is about, having no voice.
    It is about, frustration.
    It is about, what do I tell my son.
    It is about, crying for someone Else’s son.
    It is about, empowering our sons.
    It is about, not knowing what’s next.
    It is about, a silent symbol of encouragement.

    Joe, very disappoint for you do not know nor do we know what really happened. But we do know that a young man was killed, a mother does not gave a son, and mothers are scared across the country.

  72. You good sir are an idiot! Check out the left side of the cops face. You attack a cop in any way,and you better be willing to pay for that with your life. Eve. Charles Barkley stands by the cops. I’m sure you will just call him an Uncle Tom and blame the white man for everything though. That’s much easier than actually using your mind and looking at the facts.

  73. Even if you are 150 feet away and the cop could have waited for help? What about cops that attack people?

    You look at the facts.

    And Chuck Barkley wanted to be a cop. What does he have to do with any of this? What happened to Lassie?

  74. Hey dumbass but Wilson’s injuries don’t match up with his claims or what the prosecuter said. If Brown was throwing punches with his right hand, he would have hit Wilson On the Left side of his face, but that’s not where the impacts took place.

    Wilson’s bruise was on the Right Side…If you want to call it that
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    But there is another so called bruise
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And who gives a rats ass what Barkley said. Remember dummy he once said “I am not a role model so don’t listen to me”
    Slow thinkers – keep right

  75. Why? I’m black and sick of it too. I don’t think Mike deserved to die. But, it appears he could have made better choices that day. He didn’t respect authority and that fact caused an escalation of events that cost him his life.

    There are bad policemen and good ones. But, we burning down/destroying other people’s property is illegal. It hurt people that had ZERO to do with any of it. and you think its okay because you don’t agree with the decision. Idiot!

  76. I used to watch Joe in the morning but he just interjects his opinions without facts.

    You know, like a staunch Republican.

    I don’t know how I got to this windbags website but he is even 100 times worse than Joe.

    I guess his ratings were slipping and had to say something to rile the knuckle draggers.

  77. What he and the Brown’s don’t want us to know about their trip to the UN… THE VERDICT… (read)The Brown’s are requesting officer Wilson’s immediate arrest and calling for an end to the perceived racial profiling in America.
    “We need answers and we need action. And we have to bring it to the U.N. so they can expose it to the rest of the world, what’s going on in small town Ferguson.” said the Brown’s document which can be found here.

    The U.N., however, blasted back at the couple after only mere hours of deliberation. In a statement released early this morning, Senior chairmen of the UN’s Committee Against Torture dismissed the couple’s plea entirely.
    “The sense of entitlement these people displayed is reprehensible” said chair member, Dr. Amancio Dominguez, in an interview with National Report. “We deal with legitimate and widespread instances of human rights violations, and frankly the issues presented to us here are not even a blip on our radar. It is…

  78. There seems to be a lot of discussion on the word THUG this morning, and the last few days
    I relate this word to being a republican. BY using thug, or rethug when ever I SPEAK about any one of them. It fits so well, and speaks of the distaste, distrust and revulsion for I hold for ALL them. I have yet to find a rethug I can admire!!!

  79. Hello Ms. Wilkinson, I read your post like many others and I like yours probably the best. I like you, am tired of the protests and the media coverage. The looting and burning of the businesses angered me to no end. As a black man I ask that you give pause when you say that “I don’t see orientals, latins, native americans, Indians, etc. being so catered to.” Now what you said may be true and I don’t believe we as blacks should get anymore special attention than any other ethnic group. However take a look at all of the injustice acts that are perpetrated against blacks; it is ridiculous. Most blacks don’t want a handout we just want to be treated fairly. Yes we have a black president and yes whites voted for him. Yes there are many black successful people. Does that mean everything is ok? I agree with you; people have a right to say what ever they want and we shouldn’t get bent out of shape over it. All I have to say is that people should get the facts before they speak.

  80. Attorney General Holder called Americans “cowards” for not talking honestly about race and Al Sharpton professes to be extremely concerned about race relations and also wants to talk about it. However, if we are to discuss this issue, we have to be honest and examine the entire issue – but these men consistently only present one perspective. These men are creating a crisis where none exists. Sharpton has visited the White House over 80 times. He appears to be working on making this a crisis so that Americans will readily accept federal action on the issue. These men cannot execute their plans without help from the media and the media readily assists them by their extremely biased reporting. The reports of attacks on blacks by whites are covered constantly and intensely – but the reverse is mostly never reported and if it is, then only briefly and in no detail. We all know how much the media covered and continues to cover the Michael Brown case, but how much have you seen in th…

  81. Creating a crisis when none exist? All I got to say is how that white privilege working out for you?

    Ultimately, being optimistic about race requires being optimistic about the ability of our political coalitions to offer colorblind visions of the American dream

    And we all know just how “colorblind” America is, don’t we?

  82. The cop and the da could come clean and they would still be defended for what they said and did before that (and dismissed as cracking under pressure after) because all that matters is the vision of a country where Europeans saved this country from all sorts of non-Europeans (except for those hispanic Europeans) and most of the country was empty so what’s the bitching about and Africans sold slaves too so what’s the beef and God is white (used to be English, but now there is enlightenment) and the real Americans are made in his image.

    Facts are open to interpretation too. Opinions are of greater value, especially if they are the opinions of real Americans.

    This could end up as 10 volumes, 2000 pg each.

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