Jon Stewart Brilliantly Takes Down Fox News Over Its Disgusting Coverage Of Ferguson

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Jon Stewart and The Daily Show was on break last week. Therefore, Monday night’s episode was its first since a St. Louis County grand jury decided not to indict former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Stewart started the show by discussing the protests the took place all over the nation in response to the announcement. Instead of focusing on the decision itself, Stewart spent the majority of the segment skewering Fox News over its coverage of Ferguson.

After showing footage of protesters demonstrating in response to Wilson’s non-indictment, Stewart aired clips of pundits declaring with certainty that the issues raised by the protesters aren’t racial, and that this shouldn’t be seen as a civil rights movement. Stewart responded to Bernie Goldberg’s claims that “Ferguson, Missouri,  is not Selma, Alabama” by agreeing with him, pointing out “by definition, Ferguson, Missouri is not Selma, Alabama.” Stewart then took a swipe at Fox by saying, “Of course, if Fox had been around for Selma, Alabama, the headline probably would have been, ‘Relax, Selma isn’t slavery.'”

Stewart wanted to know the reason thousands of protesters around the nation would waste their time demonstrating if there was no large-scale racial issue between police and people of color. He then showed Fox commentators claiming that “race arsonists” were actually whipping up this frenzy. The Daily Show host then eviscerated one of his favorite targets, as he showed clips of Sean Hannity blaming everything on Al Sharpton, President Obama and Eric Holder. Stewart then asked Hannity, “Are those the three people responsible, or did you just name the only three Black guys you could think of?”

However, the truly brilliant part of Stewart’s segment came when he turned the tables on Fox News. After showing video of a pundit lecturing blacks about clinging to a victim mentality, Stewart then played a video montage highlighting how Fox News has instilled fear into its audience over the past few years. The network has done its best to make old white people feel like they are the biggest victims in America. Stewart then said that what really makes Fox News angry over Ferguson isn’t “race arson — it’s race plagiarism.”

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Comedy Central:



When it comes to calling out Fox News for its hypocrisy and race-baiting, Stewart is the master. In this instance, he completely nailed the conservative network for its irresponsibly racist coverage regarding Ferguson.

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  1. The progressive movement needs people like Stewart and Colbert in order to get the message out that CNN and Faux News Channel are nothing but propaganda media outlets.

    The American people are too busy, too disinterested, and too tired to discern what real news is from the tripe corporations cleverly unleash on the American people in order to benefit themselves.

    Kudos to Stewart and Colbert for keeping it free, open, and true on Comedy Channel where the younger generation watch for comedy but get educated on the truth of the issues that will affect them even if they don’t know it.

    Jon and Steve, you two are the BEST.

  2. I’m really glad he said this. It’s horrible–Fox News and other right-wing outlets are telling their viewers that people (mostly young, mostly black) are protesting over nothing, just being whipped up by “race baiters.” As if Fox News isn’t a worse race baiter than any other media outlet. This is an audience that really wants to believe Mike Brown’s death is nothing, just an isolated incident, and Fox News dispenses balm for their aching consciences. That’s never a hard sell in this society.

  3. Hannity also wants ALL the witnesses
    for Michael Brown charged with perjury
    ‘cuz of course Darren Wilson’s account
    of what happened is 100% true & everyone
    else is just lying!
    He also wants Dorian Johnson charged
    with robbery. When the guest pointed
    out Johnson didn’t steal anything &
    had actually put the cigars back on
    the counter, Sean, of course, “didn’t
    see THAT” and would have to look at it again. It’s just like a rerun of Trayvon

  4. America has too many TVs. Demand relief. Ask waiters, bartenders, nurses and stores to turn off the idiot boxes.

    If there is a TV, people will watch it instead of each other. Force fed Fear News and competing regional sports armies. Not healthy.

    Post-Katrina New Orleans changed when returning bar/restaurant owners put television sets all over. New Orleans used to be about looking at the amazing life all around you. Now, it’s 24/7 talking heads, just like the rest of America.

    Stop complaining and take action. Demand your right not be talked at. Remember 1984? N. Korea? Soviet Union? Taliban?

    Turn it off.

  5. It’s a shame when a comedy channel puts out more truth to its viewers than most any other so called news stations, but it’s a fact. Facts matter and thanks to Stewart and Cobert our youth are hearing it. Main stream media sensationalism and right wing propaganda are what most of the older generation is being fed. At least our youth is being fed truth. Thank you Comedy Central.

  6. John Steward can make lite of a racially charged situation.
    What’s his solution? Allow black thugs to intimidate store clerks as they steal from stores.
    Continue to be deviant as the police attempt to due their jobs and arrest the thug?
    Or maybe just throw up their hands and say” gees, he is black so I’ll just let him go.
    So if I was a cop my decision would be easy.

  7. I think you missed the entire purpose of Stewarts words. He isnt making lite of anything, he is pointing out Fox Lies reaction to it

  8. What’s unfortunate is that those who need most to hear Jon Stewart’s words are the least likely to hear them. Their eyes and ears are already glued to the screens that proclaim Fox “News” and spout the crap they long for, and love to hear.

    In what way does “fair and balanced” translate to “far-right racist pseudo-Christian”?

  9. Did you know that there is a trend among millennials to watch Fox for comedy? I have three of my own and many nieces and nephews and these guys look like martians to them. They are getting more and more shrill and hateful and crossing the line.

    But take heart – their days a numbered, it is already happening as their viewers die off a little every year (and Rush’s audience) and they are most certainly NOT going to be replaced by young people.

  10. Robyn.
    You hit it on the head.
    A breath of fresh air.I Don’t care if people are liberal, conservative, off the deep in etc., the worst thing we have is the 24-hour cable news cycle. I follow all three of the major cable news networks and each one of them did not do a good job from when the incident unraveled in August to the verdict before Thanksgiving. Too many misreports, quick to judgments by reporters, etc. Every single network has come under fire about rushing news to the masses before it was vetted for accuracy. Where is the objectivity from reporters? Where is the accuracy from commentators … not just one, but most! The cable news media is what gives others a black eye. Someone came up with a saying about this.Get the news on television first and pray that we got it right.

  11. I agree with John for the most part, BUT, I can’t have any feelings for Brown. He robbed a poor store clerk and roughed him up while doing so.

    Yes, there is a civil rights issue and there probably exists a strong racial issue in Ferguson. But, screw Brown and anyone like him.

    If the Black American community wants to speak up on their behalf, I suggest they select a
    different case for an example.

  12. They are demonstrating over nothing. Have you read about all the other deaths that are occurring with nothing being done, and no one cares. Why this one (besides the obvious, “you too can protest and get a big screen TV…FOR FREE!!!) Notwithstanding it is a lot of people who don’t even live there who are burning THAT city to the ground. Why can’t they burn their own city to the ground in protest? Shouldn’t we be protesting those people who seem dead set on making it so people in Fergusen can’t live there anymore. (What happens when your city has no more food because all the stores were looted and burned to the ground?) How do you feed your family when your livelihood just went up in smoke? Just in time for the holidays. Merry Christmas, we hate you and destroyed your life. We agree it is better to give then receive. (Who is worse, those who do that, or people like you who show you love it by supporting them?) Sometimes I wonder…

  13. I understand your disappointment that the police officer wasn’t shot by Brown while Brown was trying to get his gun. We can’t all get what we want. But you can always continue supporting those who would kill police officers…instead of trying to figure out how to get people to stop committing crimes that end up placing them in that position.

  14. You have no idea on how the towns of St. County treats its citizens. All you have is your racist propaganda on what you have been told by the Reich wing media has told you or in your pointy head case not told you

    Driving While Black in Ferguson

    The breaking point for Ferguson

    See while the focus has been on the execution of Michael Brown the residents have been living under a form of economic blackmail by the white government for years and till you realize that then you will never learn

  15. LOL, nice try. I can only assume you were there. Please tell us more.

    I support any cop that isnt killing young Black people around this country. In fact I support any cop that does his job. But sadly, since you are a Fox Snooze listener you wouldnt have any idea of whats happening out there

  16. Police Looking for Suspect with Stolen Assault Rifle
    The suspect is described as a white male in his early to mid 30’s, wearing a blue baseball cap, black jacket, white shirt and blue jeans. Officers say he is between 5’8″ and 5’10” and about 150 pounds. They say he may be driving a white, four-door, newer model sedan.

    Man steals an assault rifle walks away scott free. A African American who paid for his cigars gets executed in the streets. One thing is like the other. I wonder why?

  17. I think you are missing the point. Sharpton said that Wilson should die and put a bounty on his head. What happened in Ferguson should not be taken lightly, which is what Stewart is doing here. What about all the white people being killed by blacks, like the white man shot and killed by a black officer in Salt Lake City or the white soldier who was stabbed to death by blacks in the state of Washington. Where was Sharpton, Obama, and Holder in those cases? This is a problem and needs to be fixed. Nobody is better than anyone else, they are different than each other. We can learn things from everyone we meet. STOP SPREADING RACIST BULLSHIT.

  18. Where does Sharpton enter into this? I have no idea what Sharpton said and you do not provide any content to that effect.

    Stewart is discussing Fox Snooze, not sharpton, what happened in Ferguson or anything else. He is not making lite of Ferguson.

    If you want to play make up millions of scenarios I can do that too

  19. Ok….Eric Garner

    there are two clear videos from different angles showing a clear abuse of power which ultimately killed a US citizen for asking to be left alone by the discussion or warning, a chokehold….

  20. The comments by David are absurd. So he found 2 examples of a white man being killed by a black man, one of them supposedly in the state of Washington that I live in and have never heard of, and one in Salt Lake City. Would you like me to list all the black people who have been shot by cops in the past few years. There’s not enough room here. The guy is deluded.

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