Police Describe Austin Shooter As Homegrown Terrorist With “Hate In His Heart”


Larry McQuilliams, the man who fired off over one hundred rounds of ammunition in downtown Austin on Friday, held racist views and was a homegrown extremist. McQuilliams terrorized the city on Friday when he fired on the Mexican Consulate, a Federal Courthouse and the Austin Police Headquarters during the afternoon. McQuilliams was eventually brought down by a police bullet after he fired upon the police station.

Today, police released information about McQuilliams. Austin Police Chief Art Acevado stated that McQuilliams had “hate in his heart” and described him as ”just an American terrorist trying to terrorize our people.” Although police remain uncertain about the exact motives for the shooting, they do know that McQuilliams held extreme racist views and that he was apparently upset about US immigration policy.

Furthermore, McQuilliams had ties to the Phineas Priesthood, a violent Christian Identity group that opposes “race mixing,” gay marriage, abortion and taxes. The group is also rabidly anti-Semitic. In the 1990s, persons who identified as members of the Priesthood, committed a string of bank robberies and bombings, including a bombing attempt at a Planned Parenthood office in Spokane, Washington.

McQuilliams had a criminal record including serving time in prison for a bank robbery. He was also arrested in 1992, in Austin, for aggravated robbery, but that charge was ultimately dismissed. His Facebook page included  favorable references to Ron Paul, but overall he did not post much political content.

Chillingly, police discovered a map in his home identifying nearly three dozen potential targets that he may have intended to attack. He was also allegedly attempting to make homemade bombs, but apparently without much success. While no motive has yet been officially declared, McQuilliams was clearly a disturbed individual who held extreme right-wing and White Supremacist views. Police are continuing the investigation into the case and hopefully more about his motives will be uncovered. In the meantime, the city of Austin can breathe a sigh of relief that McQuilliams’ desire to inflict terror was hampered by his incompetence in carrying out his plans.

19 Replies to “Police Describe Austin Shooter As Homegrown Terrorist With “Hate In His Heart””

  1. Thanks for the update on this guy. Its funny the MSM have said next to nothing about this. But if it where a Black guy “Thug” they would be all over it.

  2. Thanks for the NEWS! Didn’t even know these happened watching the MSM! Another RW extremist full of anger and hate!

  3. The presence of a police officer was fortuitous. The officer in question was mounted police, and he was devanning two horses at the time. Not releasing their lead reins, he nonetheless took aim at the perp and dispatched him with a single shot.

    Somehow, only in Texas…

  4. Not dissimilar to the hate you obviously have towards “Teabaggers.”

    You too have been brainwashed into reacting towards what other people have programmed you to think.

  5. Wow this story is no where, the first I’ve seen this. Guess I’m working to much, that damn Obama!

  6. He comes from the Lee Atwater School of hate mongering to win elections. Congratulations, Karl Rove’s babies have grown up. And guess what? They hate people and some of them kill people.

  7. Now now! we all know that to the Reich Wing there is no such person as a “homegrown terrorist”!!!…that is UNLESS they are Black, Muslim, Black Muslim, brown skin of any race, Liberals and Atheists!…Oh wait..did I mention black people?..The Reich Wing will ignore these terrorists until someone they love so well get’s snuffed then they will raise hell and admit that they do exist…and that they will claim that they ONLY come from my afore mentioned list…

  8. First of “Truth Speaker” Change your screen name because it’s obvious that you wouldn’t know the “Truth” if it slammed you in your cranium with a 16lb. sledge hammer and introduced it self when you woke up. A far as this alleged “hate” we have for this idiot and his ilk that you defend, we do not hate the person we hate his actions that have manifested it’ self by festering ignorance fed by the Reich Wing media and religion. We pity fools like you and mr patriot there! You are really beneath any contempt. Grow up.

  9. Just one minor point of clarification, the rampage by this racist domestic terrorist took place in the early morning hours, while it was still dark, not in the afternoon.

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