Rush Limbaugh Claims President Obama Is Looking To Frame A Cop For “Racial Assassination”

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During Tuesday’s episode of The Rush Limbaugh Show, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh devoted the majority of his broadcast on Ferguson and the actions taken by Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama on Monday. The president met with Ferguson protest leaders Monday and announced an initiative to outfit more police officers with body cameras over the next three years. Meanwhile, Holder was in Atlanta, where he spoke with community leaders and discussed the Justice Department’s intent to end racial profiling.

Well, as you would probably guess, Limbaugh saw ulterior motives at work from the Obama Administration. In Limbaugh’s mind. Obama, Holder and all the other race hustlers feel that they didn’t “get a win” with the Michael Brown case. Since the St. Louis County grand jury decided to let former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson walk, Obama and his minions have to reorganize and strategize. Therefore, they are going to make sure that they find a way to bring up charges against another cop and frame him for “racial assassination.”

Prior to bringing up this idea that Obama and Holder are on the lookout for another Michael Brown situation to exploit, Limbaugh tossed around the notion that everyone but white Christians are getting handouts from the Obama Administration. Per El Rushbo, in relation to the freebies, blacks are now being allowed to do whatever they want and call it “civil disobedience.”

Below is from the transcript of the show, courtesy of the show’s website:

Gays got gay marriage, Hispanics got amnesty for illegals, and African-Americans apparently are gonna be able to riot without anybody stopping them if they want to. Apparently they’re gonna be able to engage in civil disobedience and the excuse is gonna be offered, “Well, it’s just their feelings. The president said they don’t feel right, they don’t feel welcomed. They don’t feel like they’re part of the community.”

We all got screwed with Obamacare, so everybody’s getting something from this Regime. The problems of Ferguson Missouri are radical leftists in the government and the media distracting from the destruction of free market separation of powers. So, yes, problems exposed by Ferguson do threaten the entire nation, but not in the way Obama and Holder are discussing.

Of course, this was just part of the setup for Limbaugh. Later on in the broadcast, he decided to reveal to his audience Obama’s real plan as it relates to the aftermath of Ferguson.

Just a reminder to every police officer in this country, you are being watched, and I’m very serious about this. Rich Lowry had it right in his column today. You cops had better keep a sharp eye, because the powers that be are looking to find another cop they can accuse of racial assassination and railroad indict, and convict. They lost on this one.

Police officers in this country are in dangerous jobs at great risk right now because they have a target on them. They have a bull’s-eye that is being painted, that’s being drawn by the highest positions of power in this country. It’s a very dangerous circumstance, very dangerous situation taking place here, folks. And the cops right now are in the crosshairs of the most powerful forces in this country.

They failed to get what they wanted in Ferguson. They’re gonna find a way. They didn’t really get what they wanted out of Florida and the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman and all that. They didn’t get what they wanted in the Duke lacrosse case. They really want a win. And the cops are the focus, the target for that next win.

There you have it. According to Rush Limbaugh, voice of the Republican Party, police officers need to be aware that President Obama has targeted each and every one of you to be a potential patsy in his attempt to appease the black community. Obviously, the president is setting up police officers so blacks can “get a win.”

20 Replies to “Rush Limbaugh Claims President Obama Is Looking To Frame A Cop For “Racial Assassination””

  1. What Rush is doing, is announcing his belief that ALL cops, not just white ones, are now targets in a new racial struggle. No matter that the frame is bent at absurd angles, and held together with the glue of racial fear. It’s a new kind of war led by administration race hustlers, willing to toss any cop onto the pyre of political correctness. This rhetorical bonfire will only serve to pit cops against each other, and force black cops to remain silent about white-cop abuses, lest they themselves be targeted as being more loyal to their race than the concept of law enforcement.

  2. All cops have to do is their job- fairly and honestly- and there should be nothing to worry about.

  3. How One Woman Could Hit The Reset Button In The Case Against Darren Wilson
    There is a provision of Missouri Law — MO Rev Stat § 56.110 — that empowers “the court having criminal jurisdiction” to “appoint some other attorney to prosecute” if the prosecuting attorney “be interested.” (The term “be interested” is an awkward legal way to refer to conflict-of-interest or bias. The statute dates from the turn of the 20th century.)

    The court with jurisdiction over Darren Wilson’s case is the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of Missouri. That means the power to appoint a special prosecutor is held by Maura McShane, the Presiding Judge of the 21st Circuit.

  4. I’m not into kinkhouse stuff, but if somebody filmed a real, not simulated, scene of Rush fellating an eight-gauge shotgun, well…

  5. Does he also blame Obama for his being born. If there was ever a reason for birth control, he the reason. Any body who sits around and listens to this piece if crap, should never be allowed to vote. But as the scripture says, “He too shall pass”. Thank God!!

  6. I got to wonder at what point does he think to himself ‘My god. I can’t really believe in half the crap I spew out, don’t I?’

  7. Just cannot WAIT to read the headlines when they find this fat, bloated, pastey, meat sack dead on top of some poor young male prostitute. I think we should hang that photo in the RNC clubhouse.

  8. “Gays got gay marriage, Hispanics got amnesty for illegals, and African-Americans apparently are gonna be able to riot without anybody stopping them if they want to.” …and the whites got a “get out of jail” free, card.

  9. What is the right wing trying to do in this country? They defend the murderers of black teenagers without question. It’s like they want a race war.

    And now there’s the 12yr old kid shot to death by the Cleveland police. The officers made two critical mistakes.
    1. They pulled too close to the kid to leave room to diffuse the situation.

    2 The rookie cop jumped out of the car said he issued a command three times for the kid to raise his hands. Literally 2 seconds after jumping out of the car he had shot the boy twice in his torso.

    They call for an ambulance which arrived four minutes later while the boy laid there bleeding. They didn’t try to stop the bleeding. They just let him bleed out.
    That almost as sick as leaving Mike Brown in the street dead for 41/2 hours. I’m sure that bonded the neighborhood with the police. This world is crazier by the day, this has to stop or there will be race riots, deservedly so.The dispatcher had the info that he was a young boy and the gu…

  10. What was this hate monger saying when white right wing gun nuts were pointing assault rifles at law enforcement officers who were supposedly “protecting” a grifting rancher? Oh, that’s right those were white guys, so they were heroes. These a**hole and Faux News are what’s wrong with this country.

  11. I was wondering when this drug abusing racist parasite would inflict his special brand of noise pollution on us. As Wanda Sykes would say”Limbaugh I hope your kidneys fail!

  12. I do not know anything about the laws in Missouri but can’t the Attorney General bring charges? Here in Pennsylvania if there is a conflict of interest or other problems the state Attorney General can file charges. Since murder is a state law it would seem appropriate for the state to bring charges if the local authorizes do not.

    This could be a problem if the state Attorney General is a Republican. Is the Attorney General elected in Missouri?

  13. No you bilious bag of bilge water!!!! there is no search required just wait and it will happen daily in this nation. But you and your sick ilk will never admit it.

  14. You silly fools out there that consider yourselves educated, and modern, and intelligent, you need to listen up. If you still have deep seated feelings of some kind of racial superiority, then you’re just morons with a degree, living in fantasy land. No matter how much you think you know, or how much you may despise foreigners, people of color, etc. the facts are these: We all came from lower animals millions, not thousands of years ago, and we all evolved to our current (homo sapiens) condition through a direct genetic mitochondrial DNA link back to a single female of a very different species of (hominid) than we are today. We in turn shared a common ancestry with other hominids, as many as thirteen different species existing on the planet at the same time on the ( “AFRICAN ” ) continent, 3.5 million years ago. When the last of the (other hominid species / Neanderthal) died out 50,000> thousand years ago, that left one race, (homo sapiens / “all of us” ) stop hating yourself i…

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