Boehner Has To Beg Democrats As His Plan To Avoid Government Shutdown Lacks Votes To Pass


John Boehner’s plan to avoid a government shutdown in eight days doesn’t have enough Republican votes to pass, so the Speaker will have to beg Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats to bail him out.

Politico reported,

At the beginning of the day, GOP leadership thought they had it all figured out. They’d give conservatives a separate bill to direct their anger at President Barack Obama over his executive action on immigration, then vote separately to fund most of the government for a year.

But as key leadership aides and lawmakers circled the House floor Tuesday afternoon, they encountered unexpected “headwinds,” several sources said. Hardline conservatives who have caused problems for leaders for years were not falling in line. These conservatives estimate their ranks are 30 to 40, enough to derail a vote.

That swelling Republican opposition gives Pelosi and her down-in-the-dumps House Democrats some unexpected power: the ability to rescue Boehner’s Republican Conference as Democrats have again and again in the big fights of the past three years.

What this means is that Boehner can’t pass his bill to keep the government open unless Democrats help him. If Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats refuse to bail out Speaker Boehner, the Republicans will be forced to pass a short-term funding bill that will set up a government shutdown showdown with President Obama early next year.

Speaker Boehner and incoming Majority Leader McConnell wanted the government to funded through September 2015 so that they could focus on their legislative agenda after the Republicans takeover the Senate. Instead, Republicans appear to be heading for a months long potential government shutdown quagmire.

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi has not said that she will support Boehner’s bill. Many expect her to oppose it, and force Boehner to find his way out of the mess that he created. Democrats learned long ago to stop throwing John Boehner lifelines.

House Republicans are imploding, and sooner or later their behavior will result in another government shutdown.

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  1. Shut it down. Repubs will be blamed. Why help them? They won’t do a thing to help “we the people”.

  2. Pelosi is right, Boehner created this mess, let him fix it. Meanwhile, just sit back and enjoy the movie!

  3. There is something of Greek Tragedy in all of this. Let Boehner burn rich hecatombs to Zeus. Perhaps He’ll send thunderbolts to light a fire under the rumps of GOPs most faithful servants. That should help.

    Oh… Wait…
    Zeus isn’t a Christian.

  4. The Republican congress and their base is in a non-stop hissy fit, afraid their free-ride in the stock market might come to a halt because of actions on immigration and the environment by our Democratic president. Its all about greed. They are short sighted to say the least. Sorry this is so polite. Its just the way I am.

  5. John Boehner find his own way out of the mess he created? That’s a laugh. Republicans can only create messes, not clean them up. The only time a Republican mess gets cleaned up is when Democrats take the reins, but, hopefully that won’t happen this time, at least not until 2016.

  6. Someone should tell Boehner that he can’t assume getting Democratic vote to bail him out of a jam he created. If he wants Democratic votes he should offer something in return. or starters he should promise to bring the Senate bill on immigration to the floor of the House for a vote. He should also stop this nonsense about repeal The Affordable Care Act.

  7. Keith:
    You are right on target. These treasonous seditious spoiled brats have disgraced the labors of 1787 while all the while calling it “patriotism”. As a nation, we are poorer for this. As a people, the American Dream is rich for the history books alone.

    We may well be doomed,
    Unless the Dems make a sharp turn to The Left…

  8. Boehner, you made your bed, now lie in it.

    If you can’t control your caucus, then you should not be speaker. Talk about “not leading” as Boehner loves to say about POTUS.

    DEMS don’t bail him out, let him suffer the consequences.

  9. Pelosi needs to extract concessions from Boehner if the Democrats help him. What do they get in return? Yep, it’s extortion, but ya know, you reap what you sow

  10. Why should the Democrats help him? Has he done anything in the past 6 years to help Obama out? NO! So why come crying now?
    Let him shovel his own $#it back into their barrel. Let the recalcitrant obstructionist Tea-Partiers deal with it some other way, or NO way (their way).
    Now he knows how it feels.

  11. When Pelosi’s confronted by a begging Boehner the answer is as simple as shampooing one’s hair… Apply to hair, lather thoroughly, rinse, repeat as needed becomes Grasp gonads, squeeze firmly, issue demands, repeat as needed.


    The first demand should be the banishment of the imaginary Hastert “majority of the majority” Rule.

  12. However unlikely it may seem, if anything happened to the President, or the Vice-President, John Boehner stands third in line to become the President of the United States.

    He can’t even control his emotions let alone the members of his own party. How he was elected to be the Speaker of the House is completely beyond my comprehension.

    While I realise that it would probably be a disaster, Pelosi should let him sink or swim. He wanted the power of the Speaker, then let him exercise it.

  13. the problem with making deals with Boehner is that he probably can’t deliver, even if he was sincere, he is not the leader of the House, he is just a figurehead.

  14. Plus, at some point these g*dd@amned monstrous children need to stop being enabled, and they need to be taught a very severe lesson.

  15. if anything happened to the President, or the Vice-President, John Boehner stands third in line to become the President of the United States

    One slight correction, it’s if anything happened to the President, and the Vice-President. There is no direct succession for the office of Vice President in the constitution.

    Vice Presidential Succession:
    Section 2 of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution: Whenever there is vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both houses of Congress.

  16. As a Greek-American, I would suggest that the modern Greek approach be taken to them – yelling insults, rioting, and Molotov cocktails.

  17. Remember the Repubs. voters chose to have a majority in House and Senate. The do nothings but criticize Congressional caucus.

    Now they have to perform. DO NOT bail them out, and we should play by the rules of obstructionism they created and perfected. I watched the House Homeland Security comm. rake Secretary Jeh Johnson yesterday(12/2/14)over the coals.

    I am so ashamed of what this Country has come to. The “dumbing down of America”,is alive and well.

  18. Pelosi is DAMN right, hope she just grins away as Boner tries to wiggle out of this…HAHAHAHA.
    He is the WORST SOTH in history and proves again and again that the tea bags and repubs can’t govern worth a sh*t.

  19. Let them shut it down, let the idiots that voted republican in the mid terms see what they have created and let them suffer!

  20. True, the extremist listen to Cruz, but it depends on what the Democrats ask for. Pelosi is intelligent, I’m sure she can work out something

  21. I can tell you one thing docker, if democrats completely had their way we would be A LOT poorer than if Republicans do what they have done. All your damned entitlement programs and good intentions /facepalm

  22. Would it be tacky at this point to just laugh out loud? Either way – just hand me another cold brew. Thank you. Loooove this!!!

  23. He also won’t keep his word. If Pelosi and the Democrats agree to protect his ass, the moment he gets what he wants, he’ll renege on the deal.

  24. Which explains why the country has prospered more under Dem administrations than GOP ones. Also, I am assuming you mean earned benefit programs.

  25. What world do you live in?
    The tea bags and repubs are the most fiscally irresponsable ones.
    The national debt ALWAYS increases under them.

  26. Well…
    “A sharp turn to the left” is to be distinguished from “Dems completely having their way”.

  27. Let’s give the people who did not vote a taste of the GOP leadership they allowed.

    I have no sympathy for Boehner. I hope the Dems don’t help him out. While my attitude is contentious, the GOP needs to learn that now that they have “won”..(I use the term loosely) there are responsibilities attached, and that does not mean just saying no.

  28. wow. the tables have certainly turned. the GOP and their whacko bird base are against the wall. no dem votes for you Boehner. the GOP will now reap what they have sown for the last 6 years.

  29. All those old white fuckers who watch Fox and listen to right wing media are going to be screaming bloody murder when they don’t get their social security checks and can’t go to the doctor because the Government won’t be paying their doctors. A lot of people will suffer over the rethugs refusing to fund the popcorn.

    Don’t spend anymore money this season and save it for the hard times we will be facing when the rethugs shut down the government. Their fantasies will come back and bite them in the ass. I am nit going to spend anymore money except for food and going to a flea market and buying from real people. [wink]

  30. AND what entitlement programs would YOU be talking about? IF your talking Social Security you idiot, the Social Security that I paid into for YEARS, your just barking up the wrong tree.. I and every other working American paid money into that program and now your damn republie-cons have stolen every thing they can get their hands on from that fund to pay for their crap. So now it is taken out of the general fund so it MUST be paid. I hope you die in a paupers grave.

  31. Considering this is Boehner we’re talking about, wouldn’t he more likely perform the sacrifice to Bacchus?

  32. The Republicans aren’t Christians, either. They profess it, but they are FAKE Christians…CINO’s.

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