Editorial Cartoon: Vladimir Schwarzenegger

Putin’s war against Ukraine, sanctions, and falling oil prices are heading Russia into a recession, leading macho man into a reverse Schwarzenegger muscle man pose.


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  • Never take people like Putin lightly. One has to remember it is one thing to make a nation hunger (recessions). It is quickly becomes another to burn down the roads to prevent starvation (sanctions). Comparing Putin to the repubthugs has no logical meaning since not one has their fingers on nuclear weapons. If one is to believe that there are comparisons, then one has to throw our entire constitution out that "proverbial window" with the dish water. Putin only constitution is the survival of his Empire of Putin that he is truly trying to build. It has been said by some of his own, him using tactical nukes to do that is not beyond this social psychopath, especially when sanctions (food and money) are taken out of his empire's economy. Rather deal with a hungry social psychopath than a starving psychopath. Both are truly dangerous on any common sense level. But, a fed social psychopath decreases in danger, but a psychopath will kill irrespective of whether belly is filled or not. .

  • Damn good! There are few people in the world more deserving the contempt of his fellows than Vlad the Impaler Puto.

  • Where are all the Putin Arse kissers? FOX and Friends? Guilliani? The whole Republican Party. They punished Obama with raw contempt when Putin was invading the Ukraine and taking over the Crimea. Oh, they loved that, and raised Putin high above their own President. And gloated over Obama's rhetoric and actions, which has now paid off, seeing the straits Putin and his country is in. Who won the chess game people? Need I say more. and you will not hear a peep outta the mouths of those so called patriots in the Republican Party who kissed Putin's ring and shoes the whole time. Ashamed now? You bet. Obama's strategy worked and is continuing to work until Putin taps out.

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