Fox News Contributor Claims Michael Brown’s Stepfather Should Be Charged In His Death

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Fox News’ resident psychiatrist and member of the network’s ‘Medical A-Team’ Keith Ablow appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning to discuss the possibility that Michael Brown’s stepfather could be charged with inciting a riot. Louis Head, Brown’s stepfather, is being investigated by St. Louis County and Ferguson police regarding comments he made the night St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch announced the county’s grand jury would not indict Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Brown. Head, who was with Brown’s mother in Ferguson when the announcement was read, told the gathered crowd, “Burn this b*tch down!”

Ablow was brought on to discuss whether or not Head deserved to be charged with inciting a riot. To no one’s surprise, Ablow felt that Head deserved to be charged with a crime, saying Head fully intended those actions. When co-host Brian Kilmeade suggested that Head might have been grieving at that time, and that his words may have been impromptu, Ablow dismissed that notion entirely. The good doctor said that he doesn’t see grief; instead, he sees retribution.

At that point, Ablow decided to jump right into the deep-end. He went off into a tangent where he claimed Head really should be the one facing charges in Michael Brown’s death. Ablow’s reasoning is that Head’s lack of respect influenced Brown in his life choices, leading directly to his death.


“Listen, the investigation into Michael Brown’s death has ended, and now the investigation into his life should begin. And I would question whether having a stepfather like Michael Brown’s, this man who should be charged with attempting to incite a riot, influenced Michael Brown to lose his life, to have no respect for the property of others, no respect for authority. And therefore, to find himself engaged in a mortal conflict with a law officer — an officer of the law.”

After co-host Steve Doocy brought up other law enforcement officials who have said that charging Head with inciting a riot would potentially make things worse in Ferguson, Ablow stood by his assertion that Head should face those charges and charges for Brown’s death. He said the concerns of a community don’t matter. Ablow then claimed that Head’s words make him culpable for not only the riot that occurred last week, but for Michael Brown’s death.

“The fact that he is the stepfather makes him culpable potentially for more than just those words, for the life of Michael Brown.”

Below is video of the entire segment, courtesy of Raw Story:



Of course, this isn’t the first time Ablow made outlandish and inflammatory comments, especially when it comes to minorities. Talking Points Memo named him Fox’s biggest race-baiter in October. This was after Ablow made the assertion, multiple times, that President Obama wants Ebola to spread in the United States because he hates America. Prior to that, in an appearance on Fox’s Outnumbered, Ablow claimed that nobody should listen to the First Lady when she talks about healthy eating because “she needs to drop a few pounds.” He also stated in August that Ferguson residents hate white people and are psychologically suspect. And let’s not forget that this is a man who called for an “American jihad” a month ago.

As for Louis Head, CNN reported Wednesday morning that Head has apologized for his remarks last Monday night. However, he insists that he should not be singled out or solely blamed for the conditions that precipitated that night’s violence.

16 Replies to “Fox News Contributor Claims Michael Brown’s Stepfather Should Be Charged In His Death”

  1. ….”This was after Ablow made the assertion, multiple times, that President Obama wants Ebola to spread in the United States because he hates America.”

    Talk about inciting crowds and riots, this Ablow guy is doing exactly that and in a format that is pseudo-scientific and adds credibility (among white & gullible listeners). And, he is getting paid for saying that.

    Maybe he should just blame Brown for wanting his own death, and for causing all this turmoil…

  2. This type of smearing the victims family is all over social media and RW websites. Kill your son, then drag his family through the dirt for grieving! I say the business owners that were burned down should sue the DA for the procrastination and timing of the announcement leading to a buildup of anxiety and expected violence……they knew what was going to happen and planned for it!

  3. Very important information from “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell”:

    Witness #10 is apparently the one and only witness who said that Michael brown charged Darren Wilson, and it seems as this witness contradicted himself concerning Michael Brown’s body movements, and needed to change the distance that he was from the altercation between Wilson and Brown from 100 yards (as he told the police two days after the shooting) to “50 to 75” yards away when he testified six weeks alter before the grand jury. Why would prosecutor Bob McCulloch make this the one witness that he mentioned in his presser? BTW, multiple witnesses said that Michael Brown raised his hands in surrender…

  4. If you wanted to fill a database for mentally challenged those deemed a danger to society and themselves, all one would need is to compile a list of all people who watch and believe that Fox News is correct in every way. And that list would also be perfect for a database of just who can own firearms since we all know that people with mental problems should not own guns but the flipside of that is that 99.99% of Americans who own firearms are mentally incompetent in the first place for wanting to own them.

  5. Ablow and his colleagues, along with Ailes and Murdoch at Fox News are the perfect example of why the U.S. desperately needs hate laws. Free speech which costs innocent folks their reputation, their own freedom or their livelihood isn’t what the Founders had in mind, I’m fairly sure.

  6. The remedy is to make group libel a civilly cognizable cause of action, with the understanding that the group is one that is regarded as (a) “immutable” (i.e., one where membership is either hereditary, based on *past* affiliation, or protected exercise of Condtitutional rights), *and* (b), historically discriminated against, *or* involuntary, and being targeted by eliminationist rhetoric.

  7. OK, it doesn’t make sense. How can you charge the stepfather of this crime when he nothing to do with it?

  8. “OK, it doesn’t make sense.”

    Man, you forget, we are talking about Faux News. Sense has nothing to do with what Fox does. All that matters is making viewers fearful and hate filled.

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