MSNBC Viewers Rebel With Their Remotes And Send Morning Joe Ratings Plummeting


The ratings for November have been released, and they show that MSNBC viewers have had enough of Joe Scarborough. Morning Joe was has fallen to third place in the cable news ratings after being clobbered by CNN for the fifth consecutive month.

According to CNN, “New Day finished second in the mornings in cable news, beating MSNBC’s Morning Joe in both total viewers (367k vs. 358k) and the key demo rating 25-54 (125k vs. 100k) . New Day has now outperformed MSNBC for the fifth straight month (and seven of the past nine months) in the demo 25-54 and for the second consecutive month in both P2+ and adults 25-54. New Day grew vs. a year ago in total viewers (+44%) and in the demo (+51%); while Joe declined -16% in total viewers and -22% in the demo. CNN is outperforming Morning Joe for the year among viewers 25-54 and has not finished second in the morning in cable since 2008.”

Things are so bad at MSNBC that Ronan Farrow’s show drew 13,000 total viewers on Monday, December 1. Rachel Maddow’s show is being clobbered by a rotation of programming at 9 PM on CNN, but no matter how bad the ratings have gotten, MSNBC still held up Morning Joe as a program that was competitive in the ratings.

Morning Joe’s ratings are in freefall for the same reason the rest of the network is struggling. MSNBC is not listening to what their viewers want. Any conversation with MSNBC viewers will in the majority of cases eventually include an expression of distaste for Scarborough.

MSNBC viewers don’t want to spend their mornings with a talking point filled Republican cheerleader. The ratings data suggests that MSNBC viewers are voting with their remotes, and rejecting Morning Joe. Scarborough has never been a good fit for the supposed lean forward network, but it appears that viewers have finally had enough.

A network that has refused to listen to what their viewers are trying to them is now paying the price for thinking that they know best. Viewers are fleeing Morning Joe and demanding a program that fits their values.

They say actions speak louder than words. If that’s the case, viewers are sending a deafening message to MSNBC about Morning Joe.

136 Replies to “MSNBC Viewers Rebel With Their Remotes And Send Morning Joe Ratings Plummeting”

  1. I watch free speech tv with Stephanie Miller in the Am and Rt with Thom Hartmann in the afternoon. If I want rethug talking points I can watch CNN or Fox. Just like the Democratic party people want a fact based honest discourse on populism and issues they care about.

    And I don’t want to hear how rethug candidates can win in 2016 on msnbc. I turn it off now when they start giving advice to rethugs on how they can win. Ugh!!!!

  2. Comcast is trying to sink MSNBC as I’m sure it doesn’t reflect their (Fox corporate propaganda model).
    Needs to be replaced: (Patricia Fili-Krushel), chairman of the NBC Universal News Group, which includes MSNBC and CNBC.
    (Fili-Krushel, a favorite of NBC Universal Chairman (Steve Burke), a close associate of {Comcast CEO Brian Roberts}, had spent nearly decade in the 1990s as an executive at ABC Television, where she had worked under Burke’s late father, ABC President Daniel Burke.)
    “((The Comcast people are cable people, and they don’t look at the downturn in the ratings at MSNBC and CNBC, because they get 75 percent of their revenue from cable subscriptions)),” the NBC News insider continued. “But at NBC News, their first, second, and third concern is the Today show. That’s what matters to them most, just as it mattered most to the last regime…

  3. So who would be good in a am spot to replace him? Who watches TV in the morning? Start a petition on change to remove and replace!
    If only whiner Chuck Turd and weiner Joe would go away…… fox!

  4. I switch to BBC America. Joe Scarborough’s righteous indignation is boring as is Mika’s jumping between the staunch feminist to the giggling little girl.

  5. He really thinks that because the RW won this last election they are free to express themselves. I have always seen joe as a bigot ..he lives in an all white neighborhood world and makes millions so he could never ever know what its like to see white boys being shot every day for NOTHING but the color of their skin. How would you like that Joe if your son had been Michael Brown. What would you be saying today? You would be saying like everyone else that can see WILSON MURDERED MICHAEL BROWN! End of story. You can lie al you want with your white supreme self and dirty money earned for lying to the masses and making them so stupid they would actually listen to something like you. As for Mika, that is one weak hell of a woman. She does nothing to represent women in the world. Only rich ones. She’s a nothing nobody to me because she never CONFIRMS THE WAR AGAINST WOMEN BY THE GOP! Weak! Hope they both lose their jobs. WE LEARNED today that they are both rich racist white folks like the GO…

  6. The brain dead conservatives do not watch MSNBC. The tea bags do not watch MSNBC. What on earth possesses them to put a conservative on?

    MSNBC management is so stupid it makes me think they are on a hot tub doing coke.

    The only thing that will get me back is the firing of everyone there. That will allow Rachel to go to Al Jezeera

  7. I have had enough of morning Jo and his big mouth. He is rude to Miki when he interrupts her when and if he lets her make her point. He is obnoxious to the point I cannot continue to tune in to MSNBC in the morning. He thinks he is a know it all and always has to have the last word even if he is screaming to the high heavens..
    He is a very unpleasant person, doesn’t dress appropriately and doesn’t bother to put sox on. The show is named after him and he doesn’t respect his watchers enough to get dressed. I am over him and please what ever you do don’t put UP Chuck Todd in his place. You are losing followers left and right and when you let that man come back that called the President a jerk I started to drop you from my agenda then but until you get Rude Jo off in the morning I will not continue to be a listener.

  8. Seriously, what true Democrat/Liberal/Progressive can tolerate Scarborough and his flunkies, err, ummm, co-workers? It’s enough to curdle the cream in your morning cup of java!
    Scarborough should have shoved out the door long before now. MSNBC has forced out Keith Olbermann and other die hard left leaning anchors, except for Rachel and Keith, but keep this blowhard in the mornings. The network has bent over backwards to kiss Scarborough’s @$$, and look what it has gotten them.

  9. We listen to Morning Joe on satellite radio every morning. Joe is a bit old school, but he is not a wing nut, and actually agrees with the moderates more often than not. Mika is a voice of reason and compassion. She keeps everyone grounded. I enjoy the regulars and they have great guests. I like hearing both sides of issues, it makes me think. But then again, I am just a small town Iowa teacher. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. This morning was ridiculous. That is, Wed.
    Dec. 3, 2014, Joe was just on a rant and would not let anyone complete what they were saying. I love Mika, she is the reason I started watching this show. A lot of times, Joe is hard to take. Would hate to see the show off of the air, but if it does, I will watch CBS. I love those 3.I DVR Morning Joe and GMA.

  11. I stopped watching MSNBC after Joe’s Pow release nonsense! I watched Chris, Steve, Rachel and Melissa religiously and would watch the Cycle and Alex Wagner when I could. I stopped it all, and haven’t looked back. Phil Griffin is clueless and needs to go.

  12. Phil Griffin is at fault. He fired Martin Bashir, Phil Donohue and others for telling the truth.

    He keeps morning joke on, let Pat Buchanan spew his neo Nazi views and lets not talk about Mrs. Greenspan. The overseer Griffin is the problem.

    Do not watch that cesspool of a network till he is gone.

  13. As much as we would like to believe that viewers want someone consistent with their values, how does that explain why are Rachel Maddow’s ratings are also falling? Clearly there is some other problem.

  14. That is the reason I stop watching Morning Joe, I just can’t take his one sided issues any longer, he won’t let you get a word tramps over everyone because it’s his show and he can get away with it his views should be yours as well. Should they get rid of him I would say yes let him go to FOX, where he would fit in.

  15. Rachel doesnt have any lead in before her show. Everyone has already left. There is nothing to watch before her

  16. You’re a small town teacher in Iowa and you actually listen to a person who represents the party of no? They have turned their backs on the middle and lower class people of this country, what about that do you support? I’m confused, because it seems as if you’re supporting the same people who refuse to pay you what you’re worth to educate future generations. I’m not trying to be rude, it just boggles my mind. By the way, I also live in Iowa and am ashamed to admit it.

  17. I am also sick & tired of Joe’s rants. Sorry but I disagree with Joe & all his ranting doesn’t move me one bit! I believe the DA goofed in his preferential treatment of witnesses who agreed with Darren Wilson, and were too deferential to them while discrediting others too quickly. Darren was only 1 inch shorter, yet he felt like a 5yr. old? It does’t make sense that such a person could be a police officer. He was unfit or the job & should never have a gun ever again, at the very least!!!

  18. MSNBC spends more time apologizing to Fox and the wing nuts like Palin…They dare not say too much or they are fired..we need a good progressive station where we can fight back..Fox can lie and say anything…Phil Green has a hissy when anyone talks,about the Conservatives…I say bring Olbermann back…we have to do the fighting for the Democratic party because most of our Democratict representatives have lost their balls!!!

  19. I have always disliked Joe. I don’t like the way he disrespects Mika or how he laps after Eugene Robinson. He thinks he is ALWAYS right and gives little care on how he is perceived. I think he needs to go where all has been Repubs end up FOXX NEWS.

  20. I bet you supported Joni Ernst because she likes to chop ball off of pigs? Well guess what being a teacher as you claim your balls are next.

  21. I used to watch in spite of the fact that the show was boring, with the exception of the one bright spot. Pat Buchanan, with his incredible knowledge and stellar communication skills made the show tolerable. Without him the show has no substance, only political B-team blather.

  22. In my humble opinion MSNBC has failed miserably in the NEWS department. I think America wants a real news outlet and Meet the Press and others just don’t cut the mustard. I think we want people who grasp the fact that there should be honest and informative programming and not a lot of supposition. We are tired of listening to opinions without real facts. We have been watching Al Jazeera America and it is great. Lots of fact full news across the US and world with documentaries like Edge of Eighteen and Borderland. I guess we miss Walter Cronkite.

  23. I am a moderate lifetime D and OBama supporter. MSNBC is my usual exclusive choice for TV from 5-11Pm.
    I enjoy Morning Joe like I enjoy scratching a mosquito bite…pain and pleasure . I rarely agree with Joe who clearly , to me, uses his position to talk over those who disagree with him…and they are usually in a supplicant position knowing who calls the shots and their reappearance.

    HOWEVER I agree with him on Ferguson and his most recent statements and I fear the D’s and all the MSNBC PROGRAMS will do irreparable harm to Democrats and themselves by jumping on the Michael Brown cause.

    And Al Sharpton should be history. (See Ny Times and Michael Smerconish).His phony self aggrandizing actions and those like him will hurt African American advancement in the US.

  24. I live in NW Florida..just down the road from Joe’s old stomping grounds..he’s just another typical redneck Republican..we’re surrounded by them here. I’ve been watching Morning Joe for 6 years..I’m growing very weary…he’s a big blowhard.

  25. It’s not just Scarvy Joe is a GOP mouthpiece, it’s how rude he is to Mika and his insistence on shouting over everyone. He should be embarrassed by his fact free Ferguson rant this week.
    Too bad about Ronan Farrow’s ratings-he covers issues that you wouldn’t see anywhere else and he’s a bit better as a host since his debut.

  26. Did anyone see the first segment on Morning Joe this morning? Joe Scarborough is delusional. He really believes his own press! How can there be a conversation on race with JS when he attempts to dominate; when he bullies; when he talks over the individual; when he insists that the person respond in the manner in which he thinks that they should; when he constantly changes the premise of his own argument and cares only about hearing his own voice? Did you also hear his dig at Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Chris Hayes and the rest of the “primetime” MSNBC anchors? If I didn’t miss it, neither did they! Joe Scarborough does believe that he is a racist. Okay, then he’s just ignorant, arrogant, self-absorbed and believes in white supremacy – even if tangentially!

  27. I’m a long time Morning Joe viewer, and, for starters, here are a few reasons I’ve lost interest in the show:
    -Joe and Mika both take so many days off, often on alternating days, and it makes the viewer wonder if the two can get along professionally
    -MSNBC long ago dropped regulars like Pat Buchanan who provided articulate opposing views making for more substantial and interesting discussions
    -Joe can’t be bothered to put on a dress shirt, tie, or coat. Mika jokes about his poor clothing choices, but he really does look as if he doesn’t care about his audience
    -Can I say it again? Poor work attendance on the part of Joe and Mika. Is anyone at MSNBC listening?

  28. First time I’ve ever disagreed with so many people from my own party. I like the show I like hearing debate from moderates in both parties, if I agree with them or not. I’m not interested in listening to a partisan talk show I get nothing new out of that. And rating are the last thing I look for in a news show. They have good guest, but sometime let them off to easy with softball questions. I like and respect Rachel , Chris, and Lawrence but they tend to be too partisan. Joe does tend to rub people the wrong way and Mika is a bit of an elitist, but I like their format.

  29. With an average age of over 68 for Fox News viewers and about six years younger for CNN and MSNBC, cable news isn’t getting it done for ad agencies looking to deliver the 25-54 crowd. We’re talking about a very limited slice of the pie here with any of these news and views channels. Daily newspapers and talk radio aren’t exactly the youth movement either these days… and they’re skewing older by the day.

  30. Mrs Greenspan is pretty right wing too. The thing I find the most annoying about MSNBC are the commercials. They have more than any other network. It’s become unwatchable at all times of the day.

  31. I hate mika. How she ever got an on air job is beyond me. She’s the most annoying person on TV, including Flo, from the progressive commercials.

  32. The worst thing about MSNBC are the amount of commercials, and Mika. I can’t even watch it anymore. Seems like they have 25% more commercials than any other station.

  33. Joe hates the president. He’s very rude to anyone who disagrees with him. I would love to see Keith Oberman in his spot. He (joe) went to far this week. His personal attacks on the football players and the black caucus members for their protest was disrespectful. He has no right to tell people how they should express themselves, he is not blsck and has no clue of what a black man in this country has to deal with. No one is killing his son and letting him lye in the street for hours.. Just Shut up

  34. This is why people who want true news and want Right Wing talking points debunked watch The Young Turks online. They get 70million unique views a month.

    They debunk b.s. they don’t repeat it or give it a platform like MSNBC.

  35. The chick on his right certainly does not help his format at all. He needs REAL citizen input…..She irritates the heck out of me.. Joe is from Pensacola but he needs to listen more than he needs to talk.. He needs to listen to the people….Pick up some chat from FB and see where we stand on issues.

  36. Months ago I suggested that Griffin be replaced. In my humble opinion he has been a disaster for the network. I stopped watching Morning Joe over a year ago when I could no longer tolerate RUDE, OBNOXIOUS and ) ARROGENT Joe. How about “Morning Mike (Barnacle)& Mika” or” Mika & Mike”. Bring back Ed Schultz & Keith Olberman and resurrect MSNBC. Joy would return to the hearts of many.

  37. They act like this is some big surprise. I stopped watching MoJoe 2 years ago and at that time, **plenty** of people were complaining about Joe, people going elsewhere in droves.

    Really, msnbc should start listening to its viewers, as the article said.

  38. You are right, and I think another thing going on is that we are not in a presidential election season just yet. Watch and see. Once we get into ’16, boom, tons of people start avidly watching msnbc’s liberal folks to keep up with election stuff.

    Not Joe though. He needs to be canned asap.

  39. Joe Schmo is the WORST. He is clueless and not interested in anyone’s opinion but his own. Mika is an elitist and her silly giggling really tweaks my nerves. Joe is just a loud obnoxious rude SOB. THIS is what you give us in the morning. I just can’t watch it anymore. Everyone on the show is uncomfortable around Joe and seem to be afraid to disagree with him. Any dissension in the ranks and he has a screaming tantrum. That gets old. Saying that the grand jury “findings” were the be all end all last word and that everyone was basing their protests on a lie was reprehensible. Never even considered that maybe the jerk cop trying to save his own ass with the prosecutor’s help, was the one lying. The boy is DEAD and he was unarmed. Joe had a rant over the football players putting their hands up??? He has dug his hole too deep…just can’t watch anymore. He is an idiot and repulsive to me.

  40. I agree with most about Morning Joe. Joe has just ruined it for me. It started when he complained that his buddy in Pensacola couldn’t find brick layers willing to work for $12.00 per hour… SERIOUSLY! How delusional is he? Then it was continual ramping up GOP talking points…then it was his constant “…talking to people behind the scenes…” who are those people? Lobbyist? Aides? Legislators? White House? Then I just watched for music…. Now I just avoid it…who wants to start their day pissed off by a blowhard like Joe.

  41. Still, I don’t get why Ronan Farrow’s show does so poorly–and I am totally surprised about Rachel Maddow. Anyone can enlighten me?

  42. I’m with you Kim, up until a week before the elections I couldn’t take it anymore, I was getting so sick and tired of all the “Right Wing Ass Kissing” and that RV trip with Chuck Todd was making me want to throw-up! I’ve been listening to Progressive Radio on Sirius for a long time in my car and decided to check out Free Speech TV at home, now I’m HOOKED! Both Stephanie Miller and Tom Hartman are so SMART and so well informed and keep me up to date on the things I want to know the TRUTH about. The Way To Go! FREE SPEECH TV!

  43. Please, swap Rachel & Hardball and let Joe & Mila go find another place to rot. The Network would thrive!

  44. I stopped watching that mess a couple years ago.
    I just couldn’t take hearing Joe say, every two seconds, “Back when I was in congress…” BARF!!!

  45. “Any conversation with MSNBC viewers will in the majority of cases eventually include an expression of distaste for Scarborough.”
    Boy, that’s sure the case with me. Scarborough comes across…to me…as pompous and a bully. I watched the show for about a year because of the other personalities and guests, but then finally couldn’t take any more. Joe’s probably a fine human, in person, but I’m not interested in watching him on tv.

  46. I can barely stand Chris Matthews. He asks his guests questions and then interrupts them repeatedly and they can’t reply. I want to hear what the replies of his guests are. I think he is very rude.

  47. Keith Olberman must be laughing somewhere over how MSNBC has sunk like a stone ever since he was stupidly forced out. Olberman got the boot and his rock solid one million plus viewers every show left and never came back, and that has hurt Maddows ratings big time. Bring Olberman back and MSNBC ratings double in the nightly primetime hours instantly.

  48. I’ve been a loyal fan of the MJ show for years but I too am now looking for something else. Up until recently I have had no problem with Joe; it’s important to have at least one show on cable where both democrat and republican view are aired and MJ was such a show. Recently however, Joe’s over-aggressiveness and haranguing of guests has become concerning and frankly un-settling.

    I’m not going to join in the ad hominum attacks and juvenile name calling of the current MSNBC line-up. I want there to be diverse opinion on MSNBC – I don’t want another block of democrat echo-chamber self-congratulation which can be found with Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton. Joe Scarborough, however makes me uncomfortable and fear one day soon he’s going to lose control on air during one of his rages.

    Without diverse opinion MSNBC becomes the FoxNews of the left. Is that really what you want?

  49. Been saying it for a long time now… “the third political party, and the most powerful, in this nation is the news media. Joe is just one of this “party of lairs” mouth pieces at this present time in the historical time capsule. If one thinks that these types of nuts are not programmed to say what they say then one is part of the foolish. Truth journalism don’t sell. And one has to understands that in this ratings (money) race. Yea, greedy people will tolerate anything, including murder, when it comes to their money. Why can’t one believe that when it comes to this so called truth of the press, it is all about the greedy money and giving the truth don’t make money. The only truth noted when discussing the press are the depths of their willingness to push the “proverbial envelope of falsehoods” to increase their ratings (money). Fox News surely validates this line of reasoning. They don’t give a d** about the collateral damage that their twisted falsehoods will have on “we th…

  50. Hoe Scarborough sits up there as if his the head honcho and better than anyone up there.

    Stopped watching him years ago.

  51. Shirley George, Mika puts up with his shit and that is her fault know one else. I can not in good conscious watch morning turd anymore he is a loud mouth who blames everyone but the republicans even though they are the ones that have caused so many of our problems. Bring back Keith and Martin and lets not forget Phil Donahue.

  52. poor joe. He has to spend the rest of his life spouting hateful nonsense because the GOP got him off the hook for the dead intern in his office. They hired a disgraced, lying coroner to cover it up for him. Now he is theirs forever. Seems fair.

  53. Sometimes Mika looks like she wants to bitch-slap Scarborough but I’m getting tired of waiting for that.[WINK]
    If I want to watch an opinionated blowhard, I’ll pick O’Reilly.
    No more Scarborough for me.

  54. I have to say, you might be sick of hearing “rethug” talk but when you look at the results of the November races, It would appear that Mr. Scarborough was pretty close to right on. [WINK]

  55. Stopped watching Joe over a month ago. Barnicle was one of the few reasons I stayed with him as long as I did.

  56. 36% voted. 19% for rethugs. 18% of all Americans have some form of mental illness and you’re happy? The stupid , it just hurts

  57. Anyone who would watch AlJazeera is questionable themselves. So, check yourself – look inside and think about how you could spend time on a network connected to those who were connected to 9/11. Think!

  58. I stopped watching a long time ago. This man isn’t a journalist in the first place. He needs to go back where he fits well and of course that is Fox. I’m tired of watching a station that isn’t interested in my views because am a democrat. I’ve kind of moved away from watching the news because we are all getting one view and that is the right wing view. There is no liberal news anymore. The only news show I’ll watch now is Rachel Maddow but even then if she keeps hitting the same issue day in and out I’ll turn the channel. Heck I find ID channel and the History channel more interesting. Enough is enough. I have written MSNBC but never got a response. Unless they change I’ll stop watching.

  59. Joe Scarborough, and crew went for the, it was a demon and the hulk and he bulked up to run past the bullets bullshit. A first year law student could tell that this is all crap. Except for Joe and crew, or mabey they did and they thought no one would notice. So happy people are waking up and turning this sad excuse for a news show off.

  60. You big dummy. The network which is founded and funded by the House of Thani, the ruling family of Qatar had nothing to do with 911. But dumbass you know who were responsible for 911. Your friends the Saudis. You got some nerve telling someone to think when you are so full of ignorance its a wonder you can wipe your ass

  61. *Joe’s crude interruption’s aside, I’ve began my day with this show based on its panel members as much as the renowned host(ess) of the show. The show seems to strive
    for some bi-partisan balance appreciated by this viewer. The guests are often a mix and blend of ‘both sides of the aisle’ when its a political topic, and then the guest which promote movies, books, etc.
    are a nice side bar to the evil doers of
    the times. While I tolerate Joe, and Mika, if indeed the suits decided to change up the ‘lead desk’ personnel, I’d have not problem with that either.

    “Hey Joe…where’d a go, with that gun in
    your hand…”

  62. I have not watched the msnbc political shows in over a month and a half after they deliberately sabotaged democrats in the midterms. that is unforgivable. thank god more and more folks are realizing that nbc, msnbc and their shows have all been shifting to the right and are garbage. it was only a matter of time. nbc and msnbc are owned by republican millionaires and billionaires. dems and liberals truly have no refuge anymore with the mainstream media. keep changing the channel folks. don’t watch them at all.

  63. I weaned myself off of morning joe by saving a good show from the night before,and viewing that in the a.m., so far it’s been effective,John Stewart, and or the Colbert report, in the a.m….give it a try, your coffee will taste better!

  64. Honestly, I had no idea Morning Joe was ever that high (3rd) in the ratings. Wow… that’s a whole lotta knuckleheads watching. But MSNBC does have a problem, and even Joe Scarbutt isn’t it, not really. It’s Phil Griffin who runs the network. He’s had opportunities to really make it a stand out, in the way that Fox is (only with facts) but he’s soft balled it all the way. He’s a loser, in my opinion…and is taking everyone else down with him.

  65. MSNBC should never have “named” the show after Joe… he’s the kind that had let that go straight to his head, and never looked back! Too bad they didn’t keep him on an ‘even footing’ with Mika, right from the start! Joe was always too self-absorbed, when he was on “Scarborough Country” (they made the same mistake back then, putting his name in the title)! When a network has someone in their line-up as arrogant and self-possessed as Joe; it should never ‘feed into that’! They should have known better from the ‘Scarborough Country’ days! That just makes him think that “they” think as highly of him as he thinks of himself! They should have known better! I say that “Mornings With Mika” would have been a better choice! :-D

  66. I do not mind having a conservative and a Liberal at the same table, but I do mind when the Conservative is a close minded, overbearing, loud, rude dummy………

  67. The Republicans should have gotten their @$$es kicked la
    st month, missy! The Democrats blew the election, BIG TIME!!! They believed the GOP talking points and threw Obama under the bus! Then, they had the gall to expect Latinos and African-Americans to vote for them! The Democrats forgot who their base is, and they stayed home. It’s not that the voter favored the GOP, but given the choice between GOP Lite, and the Regular GOP, they chose the Regular GOP. Can you blame them?
    This much I do know, no Republican will be in the White House for the next 20 years, and the Democrats will retake the Senate in 2016.
    You control both houses, but the GOP is too fractured to lead shit, literally, let alone a country.

  68. I pretty much like Morning Joe except for JOE. Have been turning it off because of him. He is out of control.

  69. At this point I’ll take the Daily Show and anything else liberal and funny. Still watching Rachel and Andrea, though. Give me smart and mature women. I used to listen to Chuck Todd, but he got old very quickly. I don’t watch CNN at all, fwiw.

  70. I was faithful to watch msnbc with Joe and Mika for awhile but got turned off by Joe ….Mika I can take..found more interest in CNN. NO MORE FOR ME .

  71. The only people I can take are Maddow, O’Donnell and a little of Hayes.

    JS is a sanctimonious stuff shirt a hole. I detest smug idiots. I used to watch Hardball but Matthews has taken to repeating GOP talking points in the last year. I stopped watching. As a young proud Dem, I do not want to hear the ravings of a scared old man. Instead of calming viewers down, he’s blasting away at the WH during the ebola “crisis”; instead of blasting away at those who used ebola as a scare tactic for votes.

    I guess being old means being afraid of everything; so you have to back GOP policies even as the good ol boys are trying to kill SS ,Medicare and the post offices.

  72. I turned off morning Joe a long time ago, now I watch
    Washington Journal where you can hear the REAL
    HATE dripping from the lips of the RepublicanTP Racist.

  73. This article like most articles is full of half truths. Most are turning them all off because they “just don’t report the news, anymore” They are all full of wrong, opinionated, boring so called experts that most of the time don’t know what they are talking about. When it is proven that they don’t know what they are talking about, not one admits it. Ratings would improve, if they get rid of the so called experts and just report the news!

  74. BBC is a great choice as it gives an international view to Newscasts and more stories than just local. I get tired of watching the same news items morning, noon and night so BBC is a refreshing change from the usual politically inspired broadcasting that greets us every day.

  75. Yes, Scarborough needs to go. Along with Farrow & Matthews. Farrow, because he’s not up to the task of handling a news show, IMO. Matthews, because he’s a loudmouth bore that refuses to let his guest speak! If the ratings are DROPPING, it seems to be telling management than FOX-lite or CNN clone is not the way to go! They should OWN the “lean forward” progressive label and stop apologizing for it! That’s what the viewers WANT! In the larger picture though, I NEED democrats/progressives, who are serious about running for President in 2016, to start being MORE VOCAL and with the people on issues like the Eric Garner murder. Republicans, with Presidential ambitions, seem to be ones making headlines on this right now. This will come back and bite any liberal candidate, in 2016, if he/she is not alert! If Hillary does NOT run, who else is ready (financially & infrastructure) and in tune with the people of this NEW America? Let’s not be caught flat-footed, if Hillary says NO.

  76. EIGHT MILLION a year to be exact. Half of which he actually ‘work’s!’ This past week? He’s been a RAVING LUNATIC…as if HE know’s anything about ‘black profiling!’
    I know one thing….if “I” was Mika…I’d backhand that SOB so fast when he talked down to me, that he would NEVER do it again. Plus, the PYJAMA’S he wore yesterday REALLY ‘cut it!’….and yet, he laugh’s at Walmart. lol

  77. I like the show for its interesting conversations. But Joe
    Scarbrough should not be permitted to rant on and on the way he has done this week. It’s in very poor taste to his viewers and guests.

  78. Suggestion. If you don’t know the lyrics to a Hendrix tune, please don’t screw it up like that out of respect. Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand.

  79. I am another regular MSNBC viewer who has given up on “Morning Shmoe”, if I wanted to hear right wing BS, I would watch Fox “News”. Bring back Keith Olberman.

  80. Good! Change that whole show — new hosts, new panel, new everything. I used to watch regularly but can’t stand it now. We deserve an intelligent morning show with smart and diverse guests making interesting conversation about current events and issues instead of the domineering ranting and raving of one has-been TeaGooper and his simpering sidekick. BTW, the pictures of MoJo and Mika are beyond strange. Why are they posed like a couple? I’m usually watching CNN now, but I would go back to MSNBC in the morning if the show was improved.

  81. I have been watching morning joe for too many years to remember. I liked it because every guest had an opportunity to voice there opinion. lately, joe sounds like a number of other news anchors who ask questions and DO NOT GIVE THE GUEST THE TIME TO FINISH THERE ANSWER BEFORE HE IS TALKING AGAIN. joe might be in agreement or disagreement. he is now about 60 to 75% the total voice on HIS show. why have guest? the show is starting to be a pain in the ass.
    I am 71 and concerned with what is happening in the US and hane received numerous answers from joes show. I am not so sure not and starting to surf the tv for other talk or good news show. I sincerely hope HE changes. LARRY BASKY, PLYMOUTH< WI.

  82. As a progressive advocate for Veterans and the disabled it is sad to see MSNBC allow this Fox lite program to continue. Joe has not intellectual ability to process honest data, and his shilling for the GOP and Tea Turds in Congress is simply destructive to the national dialogue. Pushing GOP talking points and his “pious indignation ” over the recent killings shows his racist underpinning as he is a “good old boy of the south”. How about replacing him with John Fuglesang who is smart on his feet, well read and intellectually superior to most. The role of the media is to bring honesty and integrity to the people regarding the news and political realities of our world… not to shill for the .01% with the endless talking heads of Ford, Donny D, and the endless Fox rejects that are called upon to provide their insight into the ” real America”…. MSNBC you can do better than this fool.

  83. Joe Scarbrough is a bully on his program and I have stopped watching MJ because of him. He is boorish, rude and biased, and MSNBC’s pretense of having a show where co-anchors and invited guests are actually there to be heard is insulting. Joe talks over everyone, whether he agrees with them or not. The only thing that matters to Joe is the sound of his own voice. His resume leaves me cold when the person he is now is so obnoxious and a bully. At first it upset me to watch Mika bcz she appeared submissive, but when she anchors she’s balanced and intelligent and actually lets others have the spotlight. I now feel that Mika, like the other co-anchors are cowed by Joe and know that for some inexplicable reason, MSNBC will back Joe and not them. I would love to see them all walk off the show and for guests torefuse to come on and leave Joe exactly as he wants to be; alone, with no one challenging his biases and loudly listening to the sound of his own voice; talking, yelling, and singing?

  84. I used to watch MSMBC daily and I often wondered why there was only woman on the show and I often wondered why she was getting paid because she hardly ever said anything. I would like to apply for her job. Oh, no, I can’t because my father is not a big wig.

  85. I agree about Scarborough and Todd the Toady–repugnant mouthpieces for the wingnuts. But are you saying that distaste for him is a reason why Maddow is having ratings problems? That because MSNBC won’t dump him in the morning, people–especially younger people–are taking out their angst on the evening line-up? When you say MSNBC isn’t listening to its viewers, are you saying the viewers are displeased with the network’s non-responsiveness to concerns over the evening/progressive programming? I’m just unclear about these things, can you clarify? Thanks.

  86. No, they are saying that MSNBC’s programming is so bad at night that viewers have left before Rachael comes on.

    Isnt it obvious that Joe’s ratings are sinking and that the management is not listening to the ratings and making changes?

    If you are unclear, you have a 5th grade education.

  87. funny, even though I am a liberal I call them the people next door who would run in to your burning house to save your child or your dog. I call the closest republican to me the man I love and the one I am about to move in with.

  88. If you AXE me, MSNBC should have dumped REVEREND Al Sharpton from its roster long ago. He is a total blundering idiot and always sounds like he is talking through a bullhorn.

  89. Tom that giggling of hers used to drive me nuts. I don’t care about the numbers….Rachel Maddow is brilliant and I watch her every night. Mika and Joe I had to cut them loose.

  90. Isn’t it ironic, The Republican’s, like Chuck Toad (Todd), Dick Gregory and Scarborough, are bringing down MSNBC. CNN is so f—— jealous of Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell, that blogs like this one, spin daily rants on how bad MSNBC is. The Koch Bros control the media, and tried to shut Rachel up, didn’t work, she read their letter on the air. I will say, everything written here about Joe and Mika, is absolutely true. Joe seems to think he is in the center of it all. Wash D.C. checks in with him and provides him with top secret info. So sick of hearing him spew,” I have people in D.C. that tell what’s going on, but I can’t tell how I know” Please! he is so delusional. I’m also liking Al Jazeera, my second choice for news, after MSNBC in the evening.

  91. Yeah a Rethug is a Rethuglican, not to be confused with a Republican, although all rethugs claim to be Republicans, not all claiming to be Republicans are Rethuglicans.

    Rethuglicans are largely Republicans who get into an elected seat and then proceeds to change the laws so each illegal act he or she makes is now legal. Although some just break existing laws with impunity, and figure they won’t be caught (Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Rick Scott, Scooter Libby would qualify, Bob Ney R-Ohio, Duke Cunningham R-CA, Tom Delay -R Texas, Jack Abramoff -R Lobbyist, William Frist -R. Tenn, Also former President GW Bush & Veep Dick Cheney as well as Rumsfeld qualify as they were all obviously guilty of human rights abuses, though sadly they may never be brought to Justice.

  92. Totally, Vernette! Frankly, MSNBC would be smart to replace Morning Jerk with Stephanie Miller & full crew. But since far right wing nutjobs own MSNBC, I doubt they are intelligent enough to do so. I’m sure a good portion of her 2.5 million current fan base plus would at least DVR her if not straight out tune in (for those with a later work schedule).

    I’m torn though. In a WAY it would be good for her and her show (and bank account). However I don’t think she’d be as free as she is now on FSTV to speak her mind, which is everywhere from silly to profound to insightful & brutally honest. And I rather like it as it is. [WINK]

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